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Posted on Mar 30, 2007 in Bento, Corn Tortillas or Masa, For Kids, Gluten Free, Meat | 10 comments

Speedy pupusa lunch

Speedy pupusa lunch


Morning prep time: 5 minutes (10 minutes for 2 lunches). Nothing fancy today, just leftover mini pupusas that I’d made for dinner (as big pupusas). For lunch, I cut them in half to eat as finger food, put spiced crema in the sauce containers for dipping, and cut a couple of kiwis and half of an orange. Kiwi chunks are easiest to eat with little picks.

I made the pupusas the night before with fresh masa (ground cornmeal for tortillas) and leftover homemade smoked pulled pork from the freezer, so they were fusion stuffed with North Carolina-style pulled pork, homemade barbeque sauce, sauteed onions and queso fresco.

Pupusa lunch

Bug’s lunch below is a little larger than usual because I packed enough to share with his little friend in playgroup. The kids devoured these, and had a good time dipping the pupusas — success!

Pupusa lunch for toddler



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  1. How do you make pupusas? And NC pulled pork is always a good choice :)

  2. This looks very delicious! I’ve never heard of Pupusa’s before but they sure look great :)

  3. Wow, I learned something new today, too! Where does Pupusa come from? Sounds like middle eastern…is it? Masa is, by the way, my very good friend’s name :p

  4. It’s from El Salvador — Wikipedia has a good entry on it here: Funny about Masa, though!

  5. There’s a good pupusa recipe at the bottom of the Wikipedia page here:

  6. Check out the Wiki entry here: I should have linked to it in my original entry; now fixed. :-)

  7. Thank you for the link, I’ll go check it out now :)

  8. I use masa to make arepas. so tasty. I make mini ones stuffed with cheese for bento. YUM!

  9. @8 from Mimi: Mmm, mini arepas stuffed with cheese — will you come make some for me too? ;-)

  10. @8 from Biggie: I always make too many! If you are ever stuck in the middle of the atlantic ocean, let me know! haha ;)