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Posted on Jun 5, 2014 in Poll | 29 comments

Poll: What bento information interests you?

Poll: What bento information interests you?


Bento bloggingI’ve been updating the  Bento & Lunch Links page, and I’m astounded at the  explosion of bento blogs, vlogs, packed lunch websites and cookbooks over the past few years (feel free to suggest additions in comments on that page). Bento was even a question on the Jeopardy game show  in December (bottom right) — reflecting more widespread awareness of this style of packed lunch.

As I rejoin the lunch conversation, I’d like to ask for guidance as to what you’d like to see on Lunch in a Box going forward. Is it more speed tips, bento news & trends, bento lunches, gear reviews, or something else? I generally try for a balance, but would like to know what you’re most interested in. Make yourself heard!

What kind of posts would you like to see on Lunch in a Box? (check up to 4)

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  1. I am so glad to see you coming back! You were one of the first bento blogs I found, and a great window into bento. I hope to see you again soon.

    • You shall see me again, Sarah!

  2. I do believe the blogposphere is seriously lacking recipes that our bento friendly, I like seeing packed lunches but, for me, a blog that is just a pic of the bento content with the list of what it is does not make the cut ;)
    And your recipes were what made you stand out for me when I found you years ago ;)

    • Yep, your how-to’s and speed tips definitely set you apart. There are a lot of cute bento blogs out there, but I haven’t found any that are quite as helpful as yours.

      • Well, cute’s not my real forte. What is that they say, that plain girls develop brains & personality out of necessity? ;-)

    • Thanks for your take, Nolwenn — I was getting overwhelmed by the sheer number of bento blogs out there now, trying to get a rough feeling for each one.

  3. i’ll take whatever you give us!
    i’d be interested to see repeats of the above-listed polls to get an idea of what’s going on four years later.

    • Excellent suggestion, terri — updated polls would be interesting as a compare/contrast.

  4. vegetarian lunches for school children

    • I do some of those without thinking much about it; I’ll put my thinking cap on next time…

  5. Other: techniques for making cute bento.

    I missed you, & your adventures in feeding Bug!

    • Thanks for the suggestion, Char!

  6. :) Love Japanese bento articles/recipes/cookbooks… but I can’t read them! Please translate some - - the ones you like and w/ingredients we can find here in the states in regular grocery stores and local Asian markets. I followed you for a long time… it’s good to see you back! :)

    • Yes, I love Japanese bento cookbooks, etc. too! So visual, with JUST the right steps shown in photos — makes them very glanceable (is that a word?).

  7. Good Morning, Biggie!! Welcome back {hugs}
    It’s so much fun to see the clever things you make for Bug’s lunch and all the adorable little tricks and bits you use!
    I have a tough time making bento for myself - a grown adult who has a tendency to eat while continuing to work.
    It would be super to learn how to bento, or adapt a child’s bento, for an adult appetite.
    Thanks Bunches!

    • Thanks LillyAnne! Kid vs. adult bento shootout is a fun idea…

  8. Biggie, I am sure you’ve seen the new English version of Cookpad? Maybe some of the recipes there would be great to highlight on this site. Would love to see your expert suggestions on which recipes from there translate well into bentos!

    • What a great site!!! I wonder when English users will be able to post their own recipes and photos to Cookpad like the Japanese users can.

  9. My favorite thing about your blog was seeing how you used your supplies to pack speedy bento lunches for both adults and children. During your sabbatical, I’ve since gotten married and had two children, and I’ve come back to your site lots of times for ideas for packing my lunch and toddler lunches! I’d love to keep seeing size variations when you post finished lunches. Other child-focused bento sites make me feel like the moms must secretly plan and prepare bentos all day but yours are practical and efficient. So glad you came back!

    • Wow, that’s a lot of life changes! I think you’ll be well prepared once your toddler hits preschool and elementary school. :-) When I read some elaborate kid bento sites (not all) I have two emotions: 1) That’s amazing and cute! and… 2) OMG, there’s no WAY I’m going to take the time to make that decorative meal. Haha, I know my niche, anyway.

  10. Speed tips and thrift tips are my top interests. There are lots of gorgeous bento boxes and supplies out there but they’re pricy and hard to find in my area. A rundown of supplies found at dollar stores or craft stores would be good.

    Another thing that would be handy? A guide to what fruits and veggies hold up well in the freezer to toss in the box and have thawed and tasty by lunch time. I have a big bag of mini bell peppers in the freezer and it’s awesome but I need more options. :)

    • I LOVE freezer tips; thanks for the idea. :-) They’re right up there with speed tips — I haven’t started taking any MORE time to pack bentos over the last few years, that’s for sure.

  11. Hey! Your site is wicked awesome! I’ve been visiting for years and years now. Thanks so much for an amazing blog! I have my own kids now and they LOVE their bento’s.


  12. I’m interested in vegan bento lunch recipes and creations. Thanks!

    • Haha, Bug has requested a natto burrito after seeing a photo I took on Saturday at the Soy & Tofu Festival: It’s vegan, but maybe not what you had in mind? ;-) LOL

  13. I’m really glad to hear that you will be posting more in the future! I have enjoyed your posts a lot. I am always interested in seeing finished bentos.

  14. YAY!!!!!! Welcome back! My main interest is in the packed lunch, speed tips and shopping resources. :)

  15. I might be a bit late here, but I want more recipes that can be frozen! Especially things with vegetables.

    I am really busy most of the year going to college, starting up my own business, and trying to squeeze in time for my family. We’ve more or less solved the “food problem” by filling up our freezer once every few months with food that is ready to go in the oven, microwave or crock pot, and doing some homemade mixes for things like quick oatmeal packets and muffins. So we have breakfast and dinner covered.

    Lunch is often a problem, though. Sometimes I expect there to be leftovers and there aren’t, or sometimes no one feels like eating the same thing for lunch that they just had for dinner. I’ve always liked the idea of bento, but previously discarded it as too time consuming. Now I’m thinking maybe next time I fill up my freezer (which will be the end of this month, before school starts again), I’ll make some small portions of things for bento - ideally things that won’t have to be reheated at school.

    The problem is that I don’t have time to go to the store and get fresh veggies every week, so I need ideas for veggie based dishes that can be frozen. Anything with fruit would be good, too, though that isn’t as big a problem, since there are fruits that will last longer in the fridge than most veggies do.

  16. There were other things I wanted to choose but I was limited to four. I would love to see more Western recipes in the Bento community, and Italian specifically for me, but also British and American and Spanish and all that. Greek etc. So many great foods that could be adapted to bento!.