Chicken sandwich lunch

Chicken sandwich lunch

Contents of my lunch: Chicken salad sandwich (with cheese and lettuce on whole wheat toast), tabbouleh, blueberries and tiny Champagne grapes.

Morning prep time: 5 minutes. The chicken salad and tabbouleh were both pre-made from Costco, so it was a quick matter to toast the bread and assemble the sandwich.

Packing: Because the collapsible sandwich case (equipment review here) isn’t secure enough to pack moist food as is, I put the tabbouleh in a separate little disposable food cup with lid (the same ones I used for the fruit jello cups — I tend to wash and reuse the cups). The little cup with lid was really handy as otherwise I wouldn’t have felt confident that the tabbouleh was well contained — it essentially widens the types of food I can pack in this type of sandwich case. To ensure that the bread didn’t get soggy before I ate it, I toasted the bread and used two moisture barriers (cheese and lettuce) to keep the moist chicken salad away from the bread itself. This worked fine, and the sandwich was still in prime condition a few hours later (protected by the hard-sided sandwich case).


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