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Frozen rice bento lunch

One of my main goals in starting this blog was to show other lunch packers ways to speed up their morning lunch prep, based on the popular speed bento movement in Japan. You know, to prove that you can still make an appealing bento lunch even if you don’t spend hours making decorative food […]

Published by Biggie on November 30th, 2007 tagged bento, glutenfree, onigiri or sushi, sandwich or wrap, fish or seafood, tofu, lactose free, for kids, tips | 12 Comments »

Triangular onigiri bento box lunch

Bento boxes come in all shapes and styles, from small and cute to big and mannish. I’ve been curious about the triangular boxes that are designed to hold triangular onigiri rice balls. I picked up a couple from local Japanese dollar stores, but so far I’ve only seen cheaper onigiri boxes without proper seals (fine […]

Published by Biggie on November 24th, 2007 tagged bento, onigiri or sushi, rice, sandwich or wrap, fish or seafood, tofu, lactose free, for kids, 17 Comments »

Make-ahead lunch tips from Japanese magazine

A recent issue of Japanese cooking magazine Orange Page (529,447 circulation) featured a cover story on make-ahead bentos with zero morning prep aside from assembly. Now when they say make-ahead, they’re assuming that you have fresh rice, but you could also make this ahead of time and freeze in rice ball form or in the […]

Published by Biggie on September 18th, 2007 tagged bento, beans, eggs, meat, potatoes, poultry, rice, fish or seafood, tofu, leftover remake, tips | 27 Comments »

Latin-Korean fried rice box lunches

This week I misjudged the heat level when making kimchi fried rice for dinner, and it wound up being too spicy for my preschooler. Although I usually serve him the same things that we eat in order to broaden his palate (and make things easier on me), this is one of the only times I’ll […]

Published by Biggie on August 25th, 2007 tagged bento, glutenfree, meat, rice, tofu, lactose free, for kids | 10 Comments »

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