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Posted on Oct 10, 2006 in Bento, Food Jar, Meat, Salad, Sandwich or Wrap, Soup or Stew, Thermal Lunch Jar | 0 comments

Pulled pork bentos x 3

Pulled pork bentos x 3


More homemade barbeque today — this is what happens when I go buy my husband six different kinds of smoking wood!

Pulled pork lunch for toddler お弁当

  • homemade pulled pork with mustard vinegar sauce (smoked 11 hours)
  • buttermilk cole slaw
  • bread and watermelon

Soup and pulled pork lunch お弁当

My lunch (above) adds homemade asparagus soup, while my husband’s (below) adds a hamburger bun.

Pulled pork sandwich lunch お弁当