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Posted on Jun 19, 2006 in Laptop Lunchbox, Meat, Potatoes, Sandwich or Wrap | 1 comment

Mini-cheeseburger Laptop Lunch

Mini-cheeseburger Laptop Lunch


Got inspired by a purple-themed Laptop Lunch I saw on Flickr last week, so I dragged out an old purple recipe for this:

Mini-cheeseburger Laptop Lunch for adult お弁当

* Peruvian purple potato salad
* apricot (and ketchup in a container for the burgers)
* imam bayeldi: Turkish eggplant and tomato appetizer
* mini-cheeseburgers on cut-out English muffins, with lettuce and onions (mayo packet stuffed behind the burgers)


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  1. Oh yum! The burgers look delish! But I’m not very sure about the purple potato and Turkish eggplant and tomato thingy, it looks kind of gross, (no offense.) but I’M SURE IT TASTES NICE. I guess you can’t judge a book by its cover, so I’d have to try it. But nice lunch. By far anything that I would totally wanna eat at skool! (YUK!)