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Posted on Feb 28, 2007 in Bento, For Kids, Potatoes, Sandwich or Wrap, Vegetarian | 3 comments

Frozen sandwich lunch for toddler

Frozen sandwich lunch for toddler


Packed in my son’s 270ml Thomas the Tank Engine box, using previously frozen sandwich strips with Nutella, leftover purple potato salad with mojito, blueberries, cheese cubes, and a blood orange (mostly cut off the peel for easier toddler eating). This took about 3 minutes to throw together this morning, and my son devoured it all. Success!

Nutella sandwich lunch for toddler お弁当



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  1. Your use of colors always leaves me in awe. I love the purple potato salad and that blood orange is just gorgeous set against that blue background. A feast for the eyes.

  2. Of course I don’t mind; I’m terribly flattered! Thank you for your kind words — I hope your kids enjoy their fun lunches!