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Posted on Jun 22, 2006 in Bento, Eggs, Meat, Potatoes, Sandwich or Wrap | 8 comments

Mini-sandwich nibbles

Mini-sandwich nibbles


So this morning I had fun with rye cocktail bread — about 2 inches across and very thin. For some reason this lunch is making me very happy! Packed in my large 940ml Dear Label box.

Mini-sandwich bento for adult お弁当

* Six mini-sandwiches, stacked two high. Fillings were: 1) salami, havarti, lettuce and cognac/pepper mustard, 2) cream cheese, green onions and pepper, 3) Marmite and cheese, and 4) Nutella and peanut butter.
* Half a Fuji apple, cut side dipped in lemon juice
* Blueberries
* Leftover Peruvian purple potato salad
* Grape tomatoes
* Hard-boiled egg, shaped with a mold, dyed light blue

I made a smaller version for my son, and packed it in a new snack container.

Mini-sandwich bento for toddler お弁当

Two mini-sandwiches: one is cream cheese, the other is havarti (can you tell he likes cheese?). More grape tomatoes.

Small 260ml side dish bento boxes (“Comment vas-tu?”). With the very Canadian French sub-title of “il fait un temps magnifique, n’est-ce pas?” No metal in the hinges!



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  1. I love the mini sandwiches, those are awesome!

  2. Friended ^_^

  3. Thanks! I thought of it as maximum fun for minimum effort (no cookie cutters required), plus you get a variety of fillings in the same space.

  4. Thanks for the “friended” thing — because of your comment, I just figured out what that means (and realized I’ve got other “friends”)!!! Yeah, I’m new to the whole blog thing…

  5. i absolutely freaking love this!

  6. @5 from Eritrea: Hooray! Glad you like it. (Reading through the archives, I see!)

  7. hello,
    Comment vas tu = How are you.

    French friend

  8. omgoodness…i started reading ur webpage last week & ever since have been hooked. i made mediterranean bento box lunches for me n my hubby 2day n i am just thrilled with the whole concept. we had taboule, stuffed grape leaves, grape tomotoes, kiwi quarters & red grapes, hummus & pita triangles. my hubby called me n said it wuz the best lunch he EVER had in his life…haha! thanks so much for bringing this to my attention. we luv-luv-luv it!