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Beaming in: sandwich bento

I’ve recently started posting my lunches (bentos, lunch jars, etc.) on Flickr.com and noticed the action over here on LiveJournal. Thought I’d give it a shot — comments on how to polish my LJ postings are welcome, as I’m a newbie to this forum. Not a newbie to bentos, though, as I lived in Japan for a number of years.

Adult bento #2

Today my husband got a Wisconsin-style bento, with Johnsonville brats, grilled onions, grilled portobello mushroom, simmered zucchini/corn/onions/tomatoes, cognac & pepper mustard in the container, and a sourdough roll.

The roll is sliced, so it’s easy to make a bratwurst sandwich with the mustard, onions and brats (mushroom if you feel like it, I suppose).


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