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Lamb stew, Hoppin’ John bentos

I got the Daisy Cooks! cookbook for Christmas and have started experimenting. Her yellow rice was really standout (but best to cut back on the salt), as was the chicken with figs (photo soon). I’ve now got homemade sofrito in the fridge/freezer and achiote oil in the pantry, so I’m due for a Puerto Rican […]

Published by Biggie on January 6th, 2007 tagged food jar, bento, beans, corn tortillas or masa, meat, pasta or noodles, rice, for kids | Comment now »

Barbequed brisket lunch

Well, my husband’s back to work (no more jury duty) but my son is sick at home — so we’re down to one adult bento today. Happily, we spent yesterday making Texas barbeque, so plenty of leftovers made with care. There was homemade potato salad as well, but putting a cold mayo dish in the […]

Published by Biggie on September 25th, 2006 tagged beans, meat, salad, thermal lunch jar, lactose free | Comment now »

Rendezvous rib bento

Yesterday my husband made pork babyback ribs in the style of Memphis’ Rendezvous restaurant — very nostalgic for him. Not a fancy bento today, but maximum flavor and happiness. Also: barbequed beans with extra bacon, onions, molasses, etc. and a sauce pig of chipotle barbeque sauce that probably won’t get opened (he loves these dry […]

Published by Biggie on August 14th, 2006 tagged bento, beans, meat | Comment now »

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