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Posted on Nov 4, 2006 in Bento, Food Jar, Sandwich or Wrap, Soup or Stew, Vegetarian | 2 comments

Pumpkin soup and bento gear

Pumpkin soup and bento gear


I turned one of our uncarved sugar pumpkins into pumpkin soup (courtesy of Alice Waters)! Soup packed in a thermal food jar to keep it hot, Branston pickle & cheese sandwich in the bottom half of a bento box with grape tomatoes and a Norman Love chocolate.

Sandwich & pumpkin soup lunch お弁当

I started taking photos of some of the loot I just got to make up for my cancelled Japan trip.

Thomas the Tank Engine gear

My son loves Thomas the Tank Engine, so he’s quite taken with the Thomas bento gear. There’s a small kinchaku originally for a cup, but the small 270ml bento box fits inside nicely.

Egg & rice molds

Some new egg and onigiri molds. I’m especially fond of the quail egg mold on the left and the Anpanman onigiri molds on the right (my son loves Anpanman) (click photo for details).

Lunch bags

$1 kinchaku lunch bags from Ichibankan, a Japanese dollar store in San Francisco Japantown. Gotta love the Engrish on the blue bag!

Urara dragonfly box & chopstick case

And I picked up the Urara dragonfly box for $1.50 at Ichibankan (plus the bento band and the chopstick case). Also picked up a variety of sauce containers, small picks and baran, but I haven’t taken photos yet.