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Posted on Aug 15, 2006 in Bento, Food Jar, For Kids, Pasta or Noodles, Poultry, Salad, Sandwich or Wrap, Soup or Stew, Thermal Lunch Jar | 3 comments

Kimchi soup x 3

Kimchi soup x 3


Zarusoba & kimchi soup lunch お弁当

  • green zarusoba with green tea and spinach flavoring (tossed with sesame oil before curling into bite-sized nests); soba tsuyu for the noodles
  • pork and kimchi soup
  • zucchini and eggplant teriyaki sautee
  • chicken and apple cocktail sausages from Aidells
  • cherry tomatoes
  • plums and peaches

Packed in my Fit & Fresh soup/salad container that keeps the soup hot and the salad cold:

Soup & salad lunch

  • salad of red lettuce, fresh mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, basil, and pecans (shiso dressing in the lid container)
  • pork and kimchi soup

My son’s lunch:

Chicken sausage lunch for toddler お弁当

My son also gets mini sandwiches with ham and cream cheese, little cheese cubes and cherries.



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  1. your kimchi jjigae looks really good. Question: do you make your own kimchi or buy it? ^^

  2. I buy it — I don’t make it on my own as I can get really good stuff here in San Francisco. Do you make kimchi?

  3. I was studying korean language and bought a korean cookbook, so my dad makes it. As far as I can tell from korean restaurants we go to it’s authentic tasting, even though he tweaks the recipe around many times (it’s flexible anyway ^^)