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Posted on Jul 18, 2006 in Bento, Eggs, Meat, Sandwich or Wrap | 3 comments

Mini-sandwiches and gold kiwi


Made these with rye cocktail bread, two sandwiches deep.

  • sandwiches: 1) ham, slivered onions, mustard, and cream cheese with caramelized onions and Creole seasoning 2) Marmite & cheese, 3) Branston pickle & cheese, 4) peanut butter & blackcurrant jam
  • plums: big one from the store, little ones I picked from a nearby tree
  • gold kiwi
  • sauteed broccolini, mushrooms & onions with Thai oyster sauce & lime juice
  • pepperoncini
  • quail eggs




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  1. marmite~ a frontier my friends tried to convince me into, but I was too afraid :D

    Looks really good though! esp the kiwi & the pepperoncini :9

  2. This is about how I usually end up making my lunches. this looks so yummy!

  3. @3 from Mimi: Thanks, Mimi! This lunch was a lot of fun to make with the little cocktail bread.