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Posted on Mar 14, 2007 in Bento, Fish or Seafood, For Kids, Gluten Free, Lactose Free, Meat, Potatoes, Rice | 13 comments

Speed Bentos: Kimchi fried rice leftovers

Speed Bentos: Kimchi fried rice leftovers


Morning prep time: 5 minutes each. I packed the leftover fried rice directly into the bento box right after last night’s dinner, and I’d previously made the frozen tuna/potato faux latke, so I just cut up fruit this morning. The box on the left also holds grape tomatoes, Asian pear (nashi) and blood orange slices. I made the fried rice with leftover brown rice, kimchi, bacon, bell peppers, onions, green peas, egg, green onions and Korean chogochujang sauce.

Kimchi fried rice lunch

Bug’s lunch was similar, with a little bear cap that your child picks up to reveal a food surprise (makes an otherwise plain lunch more interesting). This one hides cut Asian pear — I think of it like wearing a hat on a bad hair day. (click photo for larger view)

Kimchi fried rice lunch for toddler


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  1. I’ve been reading through all your past entries for the last hour or so. All of your pictures look delicious and I’ve already picked up some great tips! I do have one question though… how long can you store leftover white rice? I have a huge rice cooker and tend to make a lot at once for just my husband’s bento and have a lot left over that I never know how long to keep. >_< I’d love to be able to cook it in bulk and have it for at least a few lunches.

  2. Yum! Love kimchee fried rice. My mom usually made it with tuna or hotdogs.

  3. Sounds delicious! I admit that sometimes I make it with Spam, too…

  4. What would you like to do with the rice? If you’d like to keep it tasting the freshest to pack plain in a lunch, I’d recommend freezing or refrigerating it (see my Tutorial on freezing onigiri or freezing rice in a lunch container). Frozen properly (below 0 deg. F, not 32 deg. F), rice can technically last indefinitely, but for maximum flavor/vitamins you should eat it within a month.

    I refrigerate rice if I’m going to use it for fried rice that week. I’d use up refrigerated rice within a week.

  5. I am a wimp, can’t eat very spicy food. Is your Bug-kun able to eat spicy stuff? Also, what’s chogochujang sauce?

  6. Bug can eat mildly spicy food like this rice, but not something really spicy like my Thai curry (unless we add a lot of yogurt/rice to it). Chogochujang sauce is a sweet/spicy pepper sauce Koreans serve with their sashimi. Here’s a recipe from

    gochujang (Korean red pepper paste) 4Tbs
    vinegar 2Tbs
    sugar 2Tbs
    garlic juice 1Tbs
    ginger juice 1tsp
    sesame seeds 1tsp

  7. Thank you very much for the tips! I will have to try both of those methods. I’m actually in Tokyo now and looking to pick up lots of the cute accessories that I’ve seen on your blog. Thanks again for all the inspiration!

  8. Ooh, if you’re in Tokyo, go check out the big Tokyu Hands store in Shibuya for stylish bento gear (including a little “Push Case” for ketchup/mayo/mustard/etc. — I lust after those!!!). That, and any 100-yen store like Daiso for cheap gear.

  9. Thanks so much! There’s a Tokyu hands down from our hotel here in Ikebukuro. We went tonight and I found tons of stuff including those push cases; they’re awesome! I also got these onigiri mold/wrapper things that looked too cool to pass up. I’m wondering though if they’re something I can order again once I get home or will I have to have my friend run a shopping service for me? XD Have you ever seen them before? My husband can’t wait for us to get home again so I can cook lunch. ^_^

  10. You know, I’ve only seen the onigiri mold/wrapper things at Daiso (and the wrappers alone at Ichiban Kan), but in the States they’re a little uncommon and pricey. I’d get a little stash while you’re there anyway. If they’re pricey at Tokyu Hands they’ll have them at 100-yen shops (if they’re the ones I’m thinking of).

  11. Love all of your tips - thanks so much! Would it be possible to post a recipe for your kimchi fried rice? Had a tasty one in Honolulu and can’t wait to try it. I’m completely inspired!

  12. @11 from e: Okay, I’ll measure my ingredients next time and put together a recipe. It changes every time as I throw it together with what’s around that looks good, and don’t work from a recipe per se.

  13. Thanks so much! I’d really appreciate it… ooo, and I see from your other posts that you have a version with bacon in it?! Yum!!! Thanks again!