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Posted on Jan 17, 2008 in Gluten Free, Lactose Free, Tips, Tutorial or How-to, Vegetarian | 27 comments

How to make zig-zag kiwi fruit

How to make zig-zag kiwi fruit


Zig-zag Kiwi Fruit

My series on simple garnishes for bento lunches continues with kiwi fruit. Kiwi fruit is high in vitamin C and can be found in both green and gold (more yellow and citrus-tasting than green). I usually cut kiwi into large cubes, but a reader suggested I try slicing one in half and sending along a spoon. This is appealing because when I cut kiwi into wedges, the fruit often turns a little translucent and softens in transit — keeping it mostly whole helps it retain its original character.

A simply cut kiwi is already visually interesting, but I got a kick out of this style when I ran across it in a Japanese bento cookbook. It took about one minute to cut, which is not unreasonable in the morning if you’re looking to change things up a bit. Add it to your repertoire with apple rabbits and decorative banana wedges! (Click here for the how-to…)

How to make Zig-zag KiwiWith a small paring knife, make small zig-zag cuts along the middle of the kiwi fruit to the center. Once you’ve cut all the way around, the halves will come apart easily but the center will look a bit untidy.

Looking around for something to act as a tiny melon baller, I settled on a quarter teaspoon measuring spoon with a rounded bowl, but you could also use a small tasting spoon (or a proper little melon baller). Scoop out one or two little balls from the center of the kiwi and just turn them over so the round part is on top. You’re done!



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  1. We used to do this with tomatoes too.

  2. Looks cute! You know, my friend’s girlfriend purchased a Christmas gift for me, a book on garnishes, which employ a lot of methods you could translate to other veggies or fruits. I wonder…

  3. I’ve actually never had kiwi cut in chunks before-I always just cut it in half, but this is an interesting way to make it different!

  4. Great idea! Kids do seem to enjoy spooning the kiwi out of its fuzzy skin and I like the added decoration. I have a fluting knife perfect for this!

  5. Hi Biggie- I just have to tell you what a fabulous site you have here! I don’t have children, and had never thought about bento lunches, but have found myself reading through all your archives, drooling over your great photos and thinking that I want to be a cool mom like you someday ;-) Thanks for sharing all your great ideas and hard work.

  6. @1 from Rachel: You know, I guess I’ve seen tomatoes like that before, but it never occurred to me to use the same technique on fruits like kiwi.

  7. @2 from Yvo: A book on garnishing sounds like fun as long as the garnishes aren’t crazy complicated. I’m not up for spending lots of time on fruit carving…

  8. @3 from Helena: I cut kiwi into chunks to make it easier for little hands (especially when Bug was one or two years old), but now he’s better with utensils and can scoop out a kiwi. Woo hoo! Developing coordination good…

  9. @4 from Amber: Ah, a fluting knife would be perfect for this! Good idea.

  10. @5 from Jen: Thanks for the kind words, Jen, and welcome to the bento fold! Please feel free to ask questions and leave comments even on old posts; I try to keep up with all comments via the Recent Comments widget in the right sidebar.

  11. Biggie,
    I’ve been following your blog for a couple of weeks now. It’s very inspiring and your tips are very helpful. My husbands always talking about how his coworkers wife is always cooking for him. I’ve decided to start packing him “pretty” lunches. :P

    -Sharon J.

  12. @11 from Sharon J.: Uh oh, has he thrown down a challenge? You can win with man-friendly bentos, I’m sure!

  13. I am absolutely speechless, struck by the beauty of that zig-zag kiwi - YUM!!!! I love Kiwis, so the zig-zag slicing method will only make them look prettier and more tantalizing :0)

  14. Biggie, just want to say I’m a huge fan and you’re so inspiring! I found your blog and started making bento lunches for my husband, and we went to Ichiban-Kan yesterday and cleaned up thanks to your recommendations. We are complete bento converts…long live the bento!

  15. I’ve been wanting to write for awhile to thank you for keeping me busy with lots of cool and awesome posts to look at and learn about while at home ALL of December recuperating from hip surgery! My psyche and well-being thank you!! ^__^
    Now that I’m back at work, I can dust off all of my bentos and get to packing them!

  16. Wow,
    More interesting looking fruits!

  17. @13 from VeggieGirl: Glad you like the kiwi, VeggieGirl! After I took this photo I just kept going back to look at it — it really pulled me in. What’s that saying? Even a blind squirrel finds a nut now and then? ;-)

  18. @14 from Satya: Thanks for the kind comment, Satya, and glad you got a chance to visit Ichiban Kan! Their inventory changes regularly, so you might want to check back periodically to see what other bento-related items they have in stock. They’re always priced lower than anywhere else (including Daiso).

  19. @15 from tania: I’m tickled that you browsed my blog while you were laid up, and even happier that you’re back on your feet again, tania! Happy recovery, and happy bento-ing!

  20. @16 from Cindy: Yup, I thought this was a fun one! Cool-looking but still simple to make.

  21. Once my brother gave me the set of measuring spoons that are label, a “dash”, “pinch” and “smidgen” they would be perfect for balling the center. They also make easy of seeding cucumbers and one has a now permanent home as the fish food dispenser.

  22. There is a special tool you might want to look out for to cut the time for this in half. Its recommended for eggs, but I think could be used on fruits and veg too.

  23. @22 from Metanoia: Thanks for the link, Metanoia! I have my doubts about this product (although I haven’t played with it). It looks like it just provides a guideline for the zig-zag cuts instead of cutting it for you — I’m pretty handy with a knife so that wasn’t a problem for me. Also, some kiwifruit is shaped oddly and might not fit nicely in the egg mold. Still, it’s an interesting tool.

  24. @21 from KCatGU: That’s a good use for those odd measuring spoons! My dad’s girlfriend gave me a set of those and I’ve got to confess to not using them… (shh!)

  25. aaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaa……nice cutting
    I have seen it before….but not that much cool shaping……

  26. wooooooooooooooooooooo……really a nice one…i have seen this type of cutting in tomato….not in a fruit….kiwiiii

  27. i love kiwi fruit for salad fruit


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