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Posted on Nov 15, 2006 in Bento, Curry, For Kids, Meat, Onigiri or Sushi, Rice | 4 comments

Currypanman onigiri x 2

Currypanman onigiri x 2


Today I used some new gear to make a Currypanman curry onigiri for my son. Currypanman (curry bread man) is a character from the Anpanman cartoons.

Currypanman onigiri lunch for toddler

  • brown rice and leftover green Thai curry onigiri (shrimp, eggplant and corn), shaped like Currypanman (mouth: umeshiso paste, nose/cheeks: ham, eyes: cheese & nori, eyebrows: nori)
  • mango in a bear-shaped cup
  • kiwi
  • country-style pate

Thai curry rice lunch

My bento adds raspberries and banana slices dipped in orange juice.



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  1. i think it’s so neat that your son appreciates all the different flavors you put in every bento and i also think it’s cool that you think to put them in there! kudos to you ^^

  2. Thanks! But at two years old, I’m not sure how much appreciating he does — he just eats pretty much whatever I give him. Fun shapes make him happy, though! Hopefully it’ll continue to pay off with a non-picky eater!

  3. (just in case you’re wondering about a reply to an old post.. I was travelling links at your blog :o) )

    I think that the sooner kids are taught to eat all sorts of tastes, the less picky eaters they will be. The sure way of creating a picky eater is by feeding a kid the same (bland) things day after day. By sampling lots and lots of different tastes and textures, eating in itself becomes in interesting expirience, not just something you do to fill an empty stomach.

    So I really applaude you for giving Bug all those different things to eat. And, of course, for doing it in such a fun way as bento.

  4. Thanks trekkiegrrrl! It’s still paying off with Bug.