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Posted on Aug 23, 2006 in Bento, Curry, For Kids, Gluten Free, Lactose Free, Onigiri or Sushi, Poultry, Rice, Thermal Lunch Jar, Vegetarian | 0 comments

The pink pig returns!

The pink pig returns!


Pig onigiri shaped with ice cream sandwich molds from Williams Sonoma (they also do triple duty as egg molds — see my prior post for details). My son happily ate everything in one sitting today — bento success! Not shown: plastic pick for the kiwi, and a small packet of Anpanman furikake. Packed in my small 260ml box.


Pig onigiri lunch for toddler


  • pig-shaped onigiri with nori paste filling (Gohan Desu Yo! brand), topped with sakura denbu for the face and umeshiso paste for the eyes and nose
  • dashimaki tamago (tamagoyaki with dashi: step-by-step tutorial here)
  • kiwi

Onigiri lunch お弁当


Mine has a couple of onigiri (one nori paste, one spicy tuna salad with furikake), tamago, cantalope, and tomato. Not shown: pick for the melon.


Thai curry lunch お弁当


My husband said that the thermal lunch jar holds almost too much food for him, so I tried to lighten it up by packing a snack in one layer for noshing throughout the day. The curry is homemade green Thai curry with chicken, eggplant, carrots, purple beans, and Thai basil. The beans in the curry were dark purple when they were raw, but turned normal green in cooking. Interesting!