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Posted on Jul 14, 2006 in Bento, Curry, Fish or Seafood, Food Jar, Pasta or Noodles, Tips | 0 comments

Yellow shrimp curry and somen

Yellow shrimp curry and somen


Somen two ways: it can either be dipped into the warm curry, or eaten as is with the somen tsuyu sauce. I packed the curry in my small 300ml Nissan Thermos food jar, and the rest in my two-tiered 600ml bento box. Lighter than the full-on thermal lunch jar, and this should fit nicely into my husband’s messenger bag.

Yellow shrimp curry and somen lunch お弁当

  • Thai yellow curry with shrimp, broccoli and red pepper
  • two layers of cold somen noodles curled into bite-sized nests for easy eating
  • somen tsuyu (sauce to be squeezed over the cold noodles)
  • English cucumbers cut with a wavy slicer
  • the last of the cherry tomatoes
  • little pudding with a tiny spoon tucked below