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Posted on Aug 21, 2006 in Bento, Eggs, Fish or Seafood, For Kids, Poultry, Rice | 3 comments

Sausage animals & mini chikuwa x 3

Sausage animals & mini chikuwa x 3


Had fun with sausage shapes this morning. I also found mini chikuwa this weekend — each one is only about 2 inches long! Perfect finger food for my son. Packed in my tiny 260ml box:

Sausage crab & mini chikuwa lunch for toddler お弁当

  • crab made of chicken/apple sausage, with eyes of cheese and nori (secured with honey)
  • chanterelle mushroom rice
  • mini chikuwa filled with cheese
  • cherry tomatoes (cut in half)
  • green figs


    Sausage rabbit lunch お弁当

    My lunch also has a sausage shaped like a rabbit, tiny Champagne grapes, blanched broccoli, and a scrambled egg ball with smoked salmon and green onions. Packed in my 470ml Afternoon Tea box.

    Chanterelle rice & fig lunch

    My husband’s version has the cute dialed down slightly, with a leftover sausage crab (but no eyes). Packed in a Lock & Lock bento set (minus the water bottle) — each layer is 350ml.



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    1. I’m fascinated by the egg-n-cheese things. Are they chikawa? How do you make them? I tried googling them but found recipes elusive.

    2. @1 from Lyvvie: Ha ha ha — those are mini chikuwa that I bought empty from the Japanese market (Nijiya in San Francisco’s Japantown). I had a can of spray cheese (you know, like Cheese Wiz) left over from a jokey party, so I just put the nozzle in each end and sprayed in the cheese. Simple!

    3. How cute! You’re very creative. Through that way, kids will truly love to eat. =) Hey by the way, may I invite you to visit Happy Tiffin to see a different style of food stacking container? The site is offering an earth-friendly product that are made from high quality stainless steel food grade. It’s also safe and durable, as well as reusable too. This would help you packed four different types of dishes without needing to mix it in one single container. ;) Thank you!