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  1. Hey Biggie! Thanks for stopping by! I’m glad that you seemed amused by our lunching banter! And of course that you were not offended by me linking to your site. I’m often browsing through foodie blogs and I like to pass on the ones that I enjoy! This is really the most I’ve read in depth about bento lunches. It’s great and I think it is perfect for kids! And I’m totally impressed at the array of foods that you get your son to eat. I’ll have to pass on some ideas to my friends who have little munchkins that are a wee bit picky.

  2. Hi Biggie,
    Thanks so much for the kind words you left at my blog site, amansbento DOT blogspot DOT com [NOTE: edited for dead link]. I really appreciated them as your site was a big inspiration for me. Have an amazing day!

  3. Hey, I recently started checking out your site and I just love it! It is such a cute idea and while I don’t yet have a need for lunches like such, you are getting all sorts of ideas in my head for when I do get my first job! I think you do some of the cutest and most constructive things, I never would’ve thought of them. And it’s a brilliant thing for me since I eat out way too much! Quick, cute, and yummy!

  4. Hi Biggie!

    What a great and inspirational site….I’m so glad I found it.

    My daughter is an avid Anime fan and has a passion for all things Japanese. She introduced me to the Bento concept and I have been trying to make her lunches as true to bento as possible. (she has a Mr. Bento as well as a small two tiered Mamegoma) I was feeling a little stale in my efforts and found your site! I am inspired and informed! Thanks for the time you put into this!

  5. Hey Biggie,

    I stumbled upon your site and was totally hooked! After reading your posts and checking out your photos on Flikr, I was so impressed with the whole concept of bento lunchboxes. Now it seems I’m a little obsessed with the whole idea and have been endlessly searching for bento supplies…both in cyberspace and at my local asian markets. I even talked about it on my newbie blog! Thanks for sharing your great ideas…I can’t wait to make my own bento lunch very soon!

  6. You know how we all use plastic cutlery for our lunch boxes. Well years ago I came across a phenomenal thing,a spoon,fork and knife ,all bundled together in a box (like those eye glasses ones),but now i am unable to find one which i can buy.why use disposable plastic when you can reuse,talk about going green!! HELP have you seen anything like this?

  7. wooo, i just got a Bento Lunch box, and now with all the recipies from here, i can make may boxes!!! yaaaaaaaaaa

  8. @ Amisup: I’ve seen a few different utensil sets like you describe; they’re linked in the Utensils & Napkins section of my Amazon store.

  9. Hi, I’m new to food blogs and was searching thru till I got here. Your blog site is very interesting and cool! I love it and would definately link u as my fave! Arigato gozaimasu!

  10. I just wanted to say that I love your website! I was looking for healthy lunch box ideas to inspire my to bring lunch to work every day, and came across Lunch in a Box. I was hooked! I showed one of my girlfriends at work, and after work that day, we went down to our local markets and bought a bento box each.

    We’ve been bento-ing every day since then (about two weeks now), and by 11:45am, we start asking each other “Is it bento time YET?!” Love it - thanks for all the ideas, I’ve even been inspired to start my own bento blog. :)

  11. brilliant website so informative thanks so much!

  12. Hi Biggie! I came across your website whilst looking for takoyaki recipe.

    I am of Chinese background, grew up in Australia and my husband is caucasian.

    To save money & because my husband had high blood pressure, I started packing lunchboxes for both of us. We recently went to Japan and I was inspired by their intricate, well-planned and nutritious bento boxes.

    Your website is very informative, filled with both tips that I have learned over the years and new tips that will fill in my knowledge gaps (esp the anti-bacterial section).

    A job well done! Thanks for sharing your experience and information.

  13. Biggie, your photo lighting and backgrounds are so professional, what lighting are you using? And do you have special photographer’s backgrounds? I would like to improve my photos.

  14. @ snappiness: Um, I stick the lunches by my kitchen window on a piece of green paper, nothing fancy, no professional lighting equipment at all. Sorry it’s not more impressive-sounding, but the good news is that anyone can do it with a little experimenting!

  15. At the hour of the morning we are not getting any sunlight here! I will just have to find a better-lit part of the house.

  16. Hi,

    LOVED your site and the slow-cooked salmon recipe. I just made it last night. I don’t think I’ll ever make salmon any other way! After I pulled it out of the oven, I brushed a little soyvey teriyaki sauce on it. Yummy!
    Thank you for your site.

  17. This is great!! I got here thru Yahoo and sent a link to my oldest daughter - we both love Japanese culture and food! I’m working on printing out some of the recipes so I can try them! Totally ichiban!

  18. I came across your website a few weeks ago and a lightbulb went off in my head. Within a few minutes I had ordred a bunch of bento box items. I’ve been packing both my kids Bento boxes for lunch and they’ve become a big hit!

    My eldest likes the variety and NOT having to stand in the lunch line.

    My youngest is still the pickest eater in the world. He will not eat any kind of sandwich. Now that I can send him off with dipping sauces, he is so much happier! One of his favorites that I will share with you are his mini pizzas. In a 3 sectioned box, I put 4 whole wheat crackers, shredded cheese and fruit. In a little condiment holder I add pizza sauce. He loves to make his own mini pizzas for lunch. The other boys are always after his lunch! Thanks for such a great website.

  19. It was good talking to you at the pumpkin patch today. I like your website. I look forward to talking with you some more as we may share similar thoughts and ideas. Take care, Lindsay

  20. Hey Lindsay, thanks for stopping by the site! Good chatting with you at the pumpkin patch as well; it’s a small world!

  21. Hey Biggie - you are wonderful and inspirational - can you tell me which books i should study if i want to get into bento. thanks for your beautiful mind.

  22. thank you for the useful and easy tips.I`ve just found out about bento and became almost obssesed,lunch meals in boxes are so “weird “here in my country, now i`m inspired to cook more like “cute” or dress up better my lunch boxes…

  23. ‘Questions about Miso? Whenever a recipe in the new books I just got request a tsp of Miso, do they mean miso soup? or do they mean “Miso Paste” Like found at this website…? If so anyone recommend a good one to use?

  24. @ Tyr: When a recipe calls for a tsp of miso, they’re looking for miso paste like you found at the link you supplied. There are lots of different kinds of miso, including flavored misos (i.e. yuzu miso), textured miso with barley, different colors of miso (red, brown, white), and even miso paste with dashi bonito stock seasoning mixed right in (for instant miso soup — just add hot water, no separate dashi required). In general, if you have some regular brown (and maybe white) miso that’s not specially flavored, textured, etc. you’ll be just fine for most recipes. Hope this helps!

  25. Hi,

    I came across your website in a search for freezing cooked pasta. Your ideas
    are great and I will do that as soon as I finish this message.

    What also caught my attention was your comment about Japan. My son and his family moved to Japan in August for a two-year stay for his job. I am going to forward your website URL to my daughter-in-law who might be interested in your experiences.

    Thanks for the information and what looks to be an informative site for additional recipes, especially bagged lunches.


  26. My kids love Japanese food, having been turned on to it by the Japanese kids at their international school here in Kathmandu. However, they’re now in grades 5 and 6 and I want to start packing lunches that are in between the ones you feature for your preschooler and the ones you pack for yourself. Some ‘tween/teen content would be much appreciated.

  27. Hi Biggie,
    I just found your site yesterday and I love it! I have three kids (7, 5 and 1), and I am always trying to find creative ways to keep them eating healthy. We all like cute food that is served in compartments, so I think this may be the way to go! Your site is a great resource, and I will definately be back!

  28. hi biggie, I love your bentos - coming accross you (by chance) originally on livejournal inspired me to start bento myself!
    (one question… recently you posted about a new japanese store openning in london but I can’t find the post - can you direct me?)

  29. I love this website! I don’t have kids and don’t pack bento boxes (yet), but your site is so colorful, organized, and fun. I love looking at your lunches, because you are such a multicultural cook/meal preparer…even the pre-purchased meal components are a great help in coming up with meal ideas for two.

  30. I’ve found something that may add the perfect touch to some people’s bentos.

    Beetle spoons and sporks at the Container Store

    I hope this helps some of you!

  31. I’m fascinated by your site, and the community of bento folks…i have been experimenting with new ways of cutting and punching nori, and am curious about people’s feelings about commercially available pre-cut nori…have you ever seen nori shapes in bento that were purchased at stands / in cafe’s? Where did the nori punch phenomena begin?
    happy nibbling!

  32. I just found your site today and I am instantly addicted. Your children’s lunches are so inspiring and informative. My kids have been very attracted to Japanese food since they were young (my husband grew up learning Judo around Japanese families). I always have held a firm belief in providing healthy lunches for children as well as updating the US norm of bad children’s lunches. Your insight and recommendations are very helpful for us parents packing a lunch for our children everyday… Thank you!

  33. Hey biggie! I’m a 15yearold student in singapore and I love your website! It really inspired me to bring my own lunch to school! (my school food is horrible!)

    However my lunchhour is at 1pm and my school starts at 7am! Do you think my food would spoil by then? :\

  34. Hey, love the recipies!!!! I use them a lot for my own lunches, and sometimes dinners. There a great help, keep on posting new recipies they’ll be great.

    Oh, and two other things. One, where do you get all of the foods, you use that are chinese/japanese, do you go to the china town there?… and for my last year and after collage, im planing to movie to Japan, got any tips on where to go and what to do?

  35. I’ve had a ball checking things out and am all set to order some bento boxes for my husband and I. One question- I’m a novice- do you eat everything cold? I saw leftover spaghetti in one photo and thought it must me warmed somehow. Is the whole point of bento-ing to have room temp. foods? THANKS

  36. @3 from Alden: I go to a number of different Asian markets in San Francisco for Asian food — check out my guide to ethnic markets in SF.

    On moving to Japan, there’s so much information that I don’t know where to begin. A lot of location will depend on what kind of job you’re looking for, secondarily what kind of experience you’re looking for (rural vs. city).

  37. Hello Biggie!
    I’m a 17 year old high school student residing in San Jose (yay Bay Area), living the common hectic busy life.
    I was looking for ways to cut down on food prep time then BAM! I came across your site. The tips and recipes that you’ve put are amazing and really helpful. I think my personal favorite is the frozen onigiri.
    Pretty soon, my friend and I are going to SF Japantown because we missed eating okonomiyaki. :D While we’re there, we might check out other restaurants and such. Got any cool favorites?
    For sure I’ll be raiding the bento section at Ichiban Kan.
    Thanks for inspiring me to take more of an interest in making my lunch instead of buying overpriced cafeteria food!

  38. Hello…I’m an American living in Japan and currently in my fourth year of bento making for my children. For the past few months I have been feeling very uninspired in my bento making. I have even stooped to buying onigiri at Lawson and rewrapping it to make it look homemade. I stumbled across your website by pure accident and have spent hours now studying and taking notes. Thank you for some fresh ideas and well as some educational points that my Japanese friends were just not able to communicate clearly for me. Thank you…Domo arigato gozaimashita.

  39. Thank you very much! Youre recepies will be in so much use!! Now I know how to make obento. :] My school is starting soon so now I can make obento and eat on school, usually our school food sucks. It’s some plain sallad and lots and LOTS of fat, when you pic up a burger you’ll have to wait atleast 5 minutes until half of the fat is gone

  40. I love your site! Since I found it I’ve started packing Bento lunches for my Husband and myself. They’re so much easier to manage than the multi box creations that went into our lunch boxes before! You (and Allison over at have influenced me to start my own food blog. So far it’s a ton of fun. I look forward to more lunch ideas!

  41. Hi Biggie,
    I have been on the elusive lock and lock lunchbox hunt in the Bay area. Can you let me know if you ever get your hands on an extra one? I have been stopping by various stores, but can only find the picnic set….thank you!

  42. @ Jeanslatte: Will do. Your best bet would probably be to call Kukje Market in Daly City and tell them what you want — that’s where I tend to find the bento sets. They’re pricey there, though — if you ever see them at Kamei (maybe call them?) they’ll be half Kukje’s prices.

  43. Hey Biggie!
    Awesome blog, I used the takoyaki tutorial/recipe for the very first time yesterday, they came out sooooo good!!!
    I have never had it before, but always wanted to try it, and it tasted even better than I imagined.

    I love all the tips for bento, you have inspired me! Keep up the wonderful work.

  44. Love your site, so thorough, so many great pics and tips. I spend a lot of time packing my food since I am following a gluten free diet and responding so well. It’s good to feel healthy again! I needed the inspiration to enjoy packing my food. I call it packing a lunch for life…It’s just what I have to do now.
    Many, many thanks!!!

  45. @ Stella: Thank you so much for pointing out that the 20% coupon code for Reusable Bags had expired! I’ve updated everything here with a new code (FREECP) for a free reusable shopping bag on orders over US$50; hopefully I’ll find another proper discount code soon… (Jan 2008 update: new code a15447 is a new 20% off code, good until February 3, 2008)

  46. Love your site! I am just getting into Bento Boxes - I just spent a small fortune on Ebay to get started. I really wish we had a Daiso around here. I have seen a couple of sites where the people will purchase things for you at the Daiso store and ship them (kind of like a personal shopper, I guess) Are you one of them? I found them, but can not seem to locate their websites again. Do you know of anyone who would do this?
    There is absolutely nowhere to buy Bento Boxes or accessories in North Carolina that I can find, unfortunately. It’s not popular here at all, but it’s definitely something I want to do for myself and my daughter.

  47. Super-cute site! I’ve been drooling over all the bento displays over on deviantArt, and I found this through a series of links, and I’m already addicted!

  48. Great site! I love the tips for airline travel. I never thought of packing a bento, but it makes perfect sense. Airplane food (what is offered) has become inedible and buying lunch for the family in an airport during a layover is horrible expensive. A packed bento is a lifesaver. Cheers!

  49. “Lock and Lock Lunch Kits” you were purchased and many of your readers were looking for earlier. Come in Blue and Maroon. Will ship to US.

  50. @ Bethany: Thanks for the Lock & Lock online source, Bethany!

  51. hi biggie,
    I’m really so happy that I discovered your blog … it’s really great
    I just started with packing bento ~
    thank you for your useful tips!

  52. @ cammy: Hey, are you the same “cammy” from my son’s preschool? Hi there! :-)

  53. haha I don’t think so ~
    I’m living in germany ^^

  54. You inspire me, Biggie! My 3 y.o. daughter is about to start preschool in 2 weeks, so I started to look for ideas for kids’ lunches and came upon your site! I’m so lucky and appreciate all the hard work you’ve put into this site! We live in Redondo Beach, CA and we’ve got japanese “super”stores called Marukai, so I’m heading there tomorrow in hopes to find the stuff on your site! Thanks again!

  55. @Stella: I found a new 20% off coupon for Reusable Bags: enter code a15447 at checkout (expires on February 3, 2008).

  56. Love your site. Just started doing this and get loads of info from your site. Since I am in the Middle of Georgia and don’t have much acesses to places that carry bento stuff I improvise lots. I found fresh quail eggs in Atlanta, to use up the last of them and keep them from spoiling I did the redneck thing and boiled them and then dropped them into pickled beet juice. I see how they turned out in a week or so. I don’t so much try for cute as pretty and practical. I have been making photos of my bento but need to sign up on a flicker to post them
    de mama Y

  57. Hi Biggie!

    I came across Bento more by “accident” some time ago and since then it hasn’t let me go. Alas, there are few sources in Germany that I can turn to, but as I am only half German, I take great pleasure in reading through your blog.

    In my particular case I came across Bento’s as I am more concerned about my fiancé’s health as he likes to eat out with the lads at work. Fast food, chocolate in between and all stuff like that. I on the other hand like to eat healthily, so I am trying to put him on to boxed lunches with vitamins and such - without making it too obvious ;-)

    It’s great to be inspired by your site.

    Keep up the good work!



  58. All of your food looks so tasty, and healthy too! I completly enjoy reading your site! Thanks!

  59. Hi Biggie! I just wanted to say I LOVE YOUR WEBSITE! I’ve been into bento-making since my sons started school, 5 years ago, but my enthusiasm for it started waning and my lunches were getting seriously boring. Then I discovered your blog and you’ve inspired me to start up again! Thanks for the update on IchibanKan finally going online! I’m so excited! I live in Hawaii and despite the huge Japanese population here, bento supplies are slim pickins. We have Don Quijote & a Marukai Dollar store, but they offer VERY little, not like what you have in the Bay Area. Your website is the best - it’s cute, well-written, the pictures are awesome, fantastic instructions…I could go on and on! I tell everyone I know about it ! Keep going!

  60. Thanks for the bento shopping guide! In mid January one of my best pals moved from Denver to San Francisco and while I was there “helping”, went to both Daiso and Ichiban Kan! In trouble from the Hubby for buying too much, but so fun! He isn’t complaining anymore though as he really looks forward to his Bento! I bought a container at Ichiban Kan that is a clear, single layer and divided into quadrants - it has been really easy to use and allows for plenty of food and variety! Thanks again!

  61. Thanks Lunch in a Box! Your website got me inspired, and I made a bento blog! I just made my very first ever bento and I’m so danged proud of me!

    www DOT bentofett DOT blogspot DOT com Bento Fettish Rules! (Well it doesn’t, but it will!) [NOTE: edited for dead link]

  62. Hi Biggie! Your website is so inspiring and my 2 yr old keeps looking at the pics saying, “I want that!” I tried my first bento today and am so excited. Thanks for making things fun.

  63. Biggie,

    I live in the land locked state of Ohio. We don’t have Daiso or any store that sells bento boxes. I have the typical Lock and Lock. Do you know anyone who would buy a whole lotta stuff from Daiso and ship it to me?

  64. Your website, along with others, have got me hooked on bento. I love the ideas that you detail here and the pictures are inspiring. I started making some for my boyfriend and I, and can see how it would be perfect for kids’ lunches. I am slowly developing a bento equipment addiction!

  65. Hi Biggie, my name is Amber a 19 in PA. I’ve always been fond of the Japanese Culture and even went there for two weeks in High School. Recently to get into a healthier lifestyle before living home I’m learning how to make more unique and tastier foods, including bento boxes to make lunch fun and livelier than before. I actually found your site when I looked up how to make apple bunnies and you’ve captured me completely. If you ever need any graphics done for your site I will happily help in return of your great and easy recipes. Keep up the good work!

  66. Hey biggie! Really enjoying your site! Recently started packing bento for myself (can’t get my hands on bento stuff in my country so I buy whenever I get to go to other countries). Fun to see another Alton Brown fan!

  67. @ candice: Sorry candice, I can’t think of somewhere that’ll shop Daiso and send it to you. I believe there was one place that posted to the Bentolunch online community a while back, but I don’t recall the URL. You might try posting there (linked from my Shop and Lunch Links pages)?

  68. Hi!
    Just a thing…GREAT!
    Your site is just tasty and make me happy!

  69. A very clever lady, I never thought to do this all year in lunches, I only do this stuff for parties. weeners can also be sliced thin and dropped into water to make worms. Great web site! I’ll remember to check back

  70. I’ve just come across your site, and it’s made my day! I live in Australia, and I’m not sure yet whether bento boxes are available here, but I plan to use lots of your tips and recipes.

  71. @ christina: Ooh, hot dog worms? I love it! Just gross enough to thrill a little boy.

  72. Oops! Found this guestbook page after I posted on one of your pages from 2007 (I’m kinda new at this).

    To sum up long previous post: your site is AMAZING!!!!!! Thank you so much for sharing all these insanely clever ideas!

  73. I love checking out your website…it has inspired me to make more beautiful school lunches for my two young daughters. My kids and their classmates are now intrigued by what they have for lunch everyday! Hopefully they are also eating a more well-rounded meal this way. Most of all it reminds me of the lunches my mom packed for me as a child. Thanks for helping me pass on the tradition! I have to admit that I also LOVE shopping for all the cute little bento containers!

  74. I love your site! I am an avid bento fan, but I’ve been having difficulty trying to come up with nutrious, fun, and delicious recipes for my bentos.

    Your site is full of wonderful and useful ideas, and I really appreciate all the hard work you must put into it. Thank you.

  75. FYI for all the folks who can’t shop in Japan:

    White Rabbit Press has a shopping service available. You have to do your research and tell them exactly what you want (and preferably where to buy it), and they will purchase the items and ship them to you. I used them to buy a beautiful wooden Bento box from, since said they couldn’t ship that item outside of Japan (to my US address). I’ll include the website here.

    I have no connection with White Rabbit Press, but I have been impressed by their service.

    I apologize to Biggie if this post is inappropriate. But I am familiar with the frustration of living in the US and trying to get my hands on Japanese items.

    Luckily I am currently living in Japan (Tokyo, YES!!!!), so I don’t need them so much anymore.

  76. Aha-I found your “Organizational Madness” page from last year-it’s brilliant! (The fact that it’s taken me so long to find it tells you how disorganized I am!)

    I’m still wondering how you plan menus, grocery shopping, and cold food storage. I’ll keep reading-you’ve probably already written about that somewhere; I just have to find it!

    I have 3 kids, 2 of whom, like me, can’t have gluten, so I’m already spending a lot of time and organization space on gluten-free flours (I make all my own bread, biscuits, cookies, pizza, etc.). I need all the organizational advice I can get!

  77. @ Allison: And the fact that it took you this long to find my Organization Madness post tells you just how disorganized this website is! ;-) I’m not actually one for extensive meal planning — I like to riff and improvise with whatever’s on hand. I do this by having an extensive pantry and a chest freezer stuffed with meat, fish, frozen appetizers, bento stuff in individual portions, etc. You might be surprised to learn that I don’t actually plan any of the lunches here in advance. The night before, I try to think of one item to pack in the next day’s lunch, but then figure it out in the morning. So every day is a bit of, “I bet today’s lunch is going to suck,” then just trying to balance foods/colors with what’s on hand. I do try keep my bento glasses on while I’m shopping, though — so I have little wrapped cheeses, maybe cherry tomatoes or some broccoli, etc. around for bentos, and just grab whatever produce looks beautiful and cheap. I should probably do a post on my unorganized approach. It’s what works for me as I really don’t enjoy sitting down and deciding all of our meals for the week. I don’t even know what I want to eat for dinner, let alone lunch for the next week!

  78. Hi, Biggie,

    I guess your “unorganized approach” is like major-league organization compared to me!! :)

    I’m still trying to figure out where I can store cereal boxes (yes, with cereal still in them) besides for the top of the refrigerator!

    I have one nice deep drawer full of lunchboxes (they do tend to accumulate with 3 children and a working mom)-but it is already overflowing, and-yikes! I just ordered a bunch of Bento Boxes! I have no idea where I am going to put them!

    How do you pack things in a freezer so that you can actually FIND them again? All the little things tend to get lost, and the cardboard boxes (like for Van’s Waffles) get smushed, and the frozen peas’n'carrots either work their way open again and shed orange and green dots everywhere or else they manage to get freezer burn within days. And no matter how I double-ziploc-bag and Tupperware-enclose the frozen chopped onions, the ice cream ends up tasting like Onion Chip Royale.

    The household joke is that Mommy doesn’t throw anything away until it’s been either refrigerated or frozen. THEN she can throw it away (if it hasn’t walked off on its own)!

    Of course, it might help if I got off the computer and went IN my kitchen to organize it instead of whining about it…

  79. @Allison: Bwah ha hah! You sound like me! I hope you have a chance to check out the Lunch Gear Organization Round-up post with readers’ ideas for organizing their bento stuff. There are some creative solutions there, and I’ll be posting my reorganization (inspired by the contest winner) soon.

    I’ve got some ideas on freezer organization from my Shufu no Tomo book on freezing. Let me tackle the chest freezer downstairs (scary) and get back to you. I should have bought an upright freezer in the first place, but I’ll work with what I have. The secret seems to be big plastic baskets that can go into the freezer, allowing you to lift similar items out of the top at once, revealing the bottom layer (also in baskets).

  80. wow, my sister emailed me this site because my attempts of cooking flat eggs on the stove becomes scrambled eggs. your site is awesome! it’s very inspirational but to be honest, i’m a very lazy person who likes to make sushi sometimes. what are your thoughts on making these bento lunchs adult sized?

  81. @ Kam: No problem in making these lunches adult-sized at all. Because my son is such a non-picky eater, the main adjustments I make for him are to cut things smaller for little hands (adding little food picks, etc.), tone down the spiciness, reduce portions, and not pack nuts or liquid dairy (restricted at his preschool because of food allergies). Other than that, an adult bento for myself would look about the same.

  82. Biggie,
    I just wanted to thank your for the inspiration and great resources!
    I always wanted a bento of my own, but never had the expertise to try and make it look nice and cute.

    I got a new bento box and some tools yesterday, and I went on to make my very first bento!

    Here are the results.

    I was so proud of myself, thanks for all the wonderful advice and recipes!!!

  83. Biggie -
    love the website - thanks I get a lot of good ideas from you. I wish my kids were less picky, but hopefully one bento at a time I will expand their horizons.

    I have a question for you. I wanted to put together a ‘bento starter kit’ as a gift basket for an auction. We have a small Daiso close by to shop at. What do you think would need to be included as essentials?

    thanks a lot.

  84. hullo biggie!
    I’m so glad i found your blog. I’ve learned that lunch doesn’t have to be boring! You’ve also inspired me to try out new ways of cooking and to start my own food blog, but we’ll see how that goes. What do you use for a platform? Thank you so much!

  85. Hi Biggie,
    I recently chanced upon your blog and think realy admire you for the pains you take to decorate your bentos.
    You have now inspired me to pack bentos fro my husband.
    I was really intrigued by the egg moulds and the mini-sauce bottles you have shown on your blog. I am an India living temporarily in Tokyo. Would you know where can I find these here?
    Thanks alot

  86. @Alison: Your baloney “sushi” sounds like fun — no wonder your kids love it! On doing this every day, I guess I try not to be overly ambitious for every lunch. You know, if I actually make one thing in the morning and use leftovers (or frozen bento “stash”) for the rest I’m satisfied. Thanks also for the local store info!

  87. @ginger: I’m using self-hosted WordPress on Bluehost with plug-ins and a theme that I’ve gradually customized as I learn the ropes. I’m NOT an expert — it’s been a long learning process, as long-time readers can tell you!

  88. Hi, Biggie,

    I have a food safety question for you:

    If I refrigerate a lunch (containing a turkey sandwich, a water bottle, carrots, sliced strawberries, blueberries, yogurt, and chips) inside an insulated lunch bag overnight, and send my son off to school with it in the morning, do you think the insulation in the lunch bag plus the cold water bottle is enough to keep the turkey at a safe temp, or do I need to put a blue ice pak in?

    I’ve been packing it with the blue ice pak, but I was wondering if that was necessary? (And there’s more room in the container without the ice pak,of course.)

    I make and pack the lunch the night before in a Fit-and-Fresh container inside a soft insulated lunch bag, and in the morning, I throw the blue ice pak (it comes with the Fit-and-Fresh container set) in and send him on his way.


  89. @ Alison: Because you’re packing yogurt, I’d say you’d do well to include at least one ice pack inside an insulated lunch bag from a food safety standpoint. My understanding is that the Fit & Fresh line has built-in blue ice packs in all of their containers, so that might do you as long as it keeps your yogurt sufficiently chilled. You could always run a test with an instant-read thermometer, checking the temperature inside the bag at regular intervals (but maybe that’s too nerdy of me…).

  90. Hi Biggie!

    I’ve been checking your blog (and Flickr photos) on and off for a little over a year now. I wanted to say THANKS for all the helpful tips and tricks! I’ve never been good at bringing a typical American bagged lunch to work. Soggy sandwiches, expensive, prepackaged foods, and long morning prep times? No thanks! And I missed the bento lunches my host mom made when I was a high school exchange student in Tokyo. Your blog has really helped me adapt to a better lunch routine using handy bento techniques.

    The best things I’ve ever gotten for my health and finances have been recommended here: My bento and accessories (I try not to go crazy), my mini microwave steamer, my convection toaster oven, my mini cooling rack, and my single-serving size tupperwares for freezing rice in. (I never thought of freezing big batches of rice before!) I use them every day.

    So, thanks! Your site is like a whole tutorial for the culinarily-challenged on packing easy lunches with a creative flair. Super practical yet fun!

    Reno, NV

  91. I just wanted to tell you I LOVE your site. You have awesome ideas for lunches on the go. Thank you! I live in rural Maine and wish I could find some of the cute things you use, but such is life. Anyway keep up the inspiring lunches!

  92. Just came across your site, and I think I am now addicted! Really inspiring — I might actually pack lunches for myself and my (gluten-free) boyfriend this week! Living in New York City, I often find I spend $8-12 a day on lunch. That’s $40-60 bucks a week I could be spending on….well, shoes! Thank you for the helpful hints and tricks. Even if I don’t make lunches everyday, I’m sure I’ll be reading your blog!

  93. Hello Biggie:
    Thanks so much for the great photos and ideas. I’ve never heard of charater and other fancy bentos before…and I’m Japanese American!

    Would love to return the favor. I know of a lady in our town that makes silver jewelery. The think that caught my eye is that they are personalize necklace charms, very simple, AND one of the designs is a very cute BUG. You include the name and design you want. I think you’d love it.

    Continue the great bentos!

  94. Hi - first saw you in and I have to say I’m addicted to bento lunches. You have such great ideas!

  95. Hiyez.

    Oh my. You have completely made my day. And you know my local food stores, too. Oy. Tokyo Fish Market is my favorite store, and I have bento boxes (conservative black) from J-List.

    And you use the ingredients, like furikake, that I use in mine own lunches. Wow.

    Thankee, thankee, thankee, thankee. Love you, and did I say thank you?


  96. @Alison: I’d also include something fun for inside of the bento boxes — either buy a couple packs of silicone baking cups and split them up (one per goody bag) or maybe cute food picks?

  97. Biggie, you are awesome! Thank you for all the time you dedicate to this site and for all the wonderful ideas and recipes you share. I’m just getting into packing bento lunches, and I’ve already learned so much from you. Thanks again!

  98. Biggie, I used to go to ‘’ as a website for great bento ideas and recipes, but a friend on the IAM community bento forum recommended your site and I think you’re great! And the other site doesn’t update anymore whereas you do. Keep up the great work and keep inspiring us all!

  99. Hi Biggie

    I don’t really remember how I first landed on your site… possibly in search of school lunch ideas from Google. But over past couple of months, I have grown addicted to your site. Very frankly, in India Bento is not yet a popular concept, but carrying lunch in compartmentalised boxes or containers has been there since ages.Keep posting and would love to see many more interesting writeups. Take care

  100. After finding a multitude of snacks on Jlist for a very good friend of mine, I was all over the internet looking for interesting ways to make lunch: It’s difficult going to a public school where everything is expensive, greasy and horrible! >_< ugh, just looking at those horrid greasy pizza slices every day was beginning to make me sick…

    I’d done bento before, but mostly it was my strange, horrid attempts to make rice balls with inexpensive long-grain rice rather than horribly expensive sushi rice and ending up making sugary snacks that…well, they aren’t much healthier than the pizza, I’ll tell you that much. I ended up making all of that for special occasions. But anyway, I digress. I began getting interested in making my own lunches again when I came across your site just recently. I can’t read Japanese to save my life, so your site has been a MASSIVE help to me! All of the bentos you prepare are absolutely gorgeous, and I can’t believe you can get a preschooler to eat so many wonderful veggies! I only wish the grocery stores in my area were better equipped to cater to someone who needs things like seaweed to make some of the bento foods!

  101. Hi Biggie!

    First off, I just want to say that I frequent this site religiously. I actually live in San Francisco, so when you reviewed Ichiban Kan, I was ecstatic! The public does not give this store credit for it’s hidden treasures. Either way, I’m really happy that you brought this store out into the internet.

    Second, I would like to know if you knew about this website, I happened to Stumble Upon it, as I did with yours, and found that it had a couple of your bento pictures. I tried to look for a link to your website, but I never found it. I would hate to have another website take credit for your creativity.

    - jan

  102. @ Jan: Thanks for the heads up about — what a sleazy operation. They actually cropped out the photo watermark to and are portraying my lunches as their own. I’m going to try leaving comments to have them cease and desist — if that fails I’ll take it up with their advertising network and ISP before moving on to legal action. Grrr to sleazebags…

  103. Hello! Not sure if this is the best place to post, but I figured it’d be better than commenting on a specific post that might not be relevant…

    Not sure if you had seen these yet, but the summer/seasonal section of Target has a wide selection of lunch containers, in the “Whim by Cynthia Rowley” collection. I saw shelves full of different sized lunch boxes (bowls, divided containers, etc.) with vented lids, microwavable, and some with cutlery included. Best part is, most of the ones I looked at were no more than $5! I know these aren’t really bento boxes but I thought you might want to take a look if you get a chance, and also let others know since a LOT of people look to you for bento advice!

  104. @ K: Thanks for the heads up about the containers at Target, K! I’ll check them out.

  105. I love this site so much! The only downside: I am ravenously hungry for onigiri now and am far too lazy to make some.

    Keep up the great work!

  106. Hi, I love your website! I don’t have a microwave however, and don’t plan on getting one any time soon. It would be so great if you had a category for bento items that don’t use a microwave to prepare!

    Thanks for all the great information, my son and I have found it fun and helpful!

  107. LOVE LOVE LOVE your site!! I have found a few containers around my house that are now going to serve as bento boxes for myself and my 6 year old daughter(until our real ones arrive). She hates school lunches and was very excited by the pictures on your site!!! I will be visiting often!

  108. i found your page while looking for tamagoyaki recipe and i think it’s fabulous. love to try your recipes. owh by the way, i’m from Malaysia. would love to share Malaysian food recipes with you so you could create a malaysian bento or lunch box….. keep posting new interesting stuffs ok? 2 thumbs up for you!

  109. Wow, do I ever love this site! I came to this site looking for ways to pack more interesting lunches for my kids. They love bento and have quit begging for fast food!

    Can anyone tell me about lacquor bento boxes? I’d like to get some different types to have some variety. Will the lacquor leach anything harmful into the food? Does anyone know what it’s made of? Thanks!

  110. I just stumbled upon this site and i’m in LOVE with it!!! thanks so much for this! i love love the cute egg moulds…and the pretty lunches! will return to this site for ideas, that’s for sure! keep up the GREAT work :))) this site is a keeper! :)

  111. In my Japanese class, we had to make a Bento lunch and do a presentation on it. Your wonderful site gave me a ton of inspiration, and hopefully the bento will come out well! I’m going to cook most of it tonight, and I can’t wait to try to make the octodogs :)

  112. Biggie, had to finally tell you how awesome your site is. I have been coming back to this place many times in the past year. you have inspired me to try new things and to explore new foods. Thank you :o)

  113. I’m not sure at all what introduced me to packing Bento, but I must say, packing my own lunch everyday, and the awesome bento i bought, have been quite a revelation in awesomeness!! I know awesomeness might not be a word, but, whatever. I love your site. The photography is wonderful, and your tone, and easy was of communicating really make it not only a very informational site, but also really plain out enjoyable! Keep cooking, girl!

  114. Your site is wonderful!!!!!!!!! Love all the ideas & photos…there are tons of lists to help people lik eme start making bento lunches…hooray!!!1 =)

  115. Hi Biggie! I was poking around and didn’t see you mention anything about HOW you carry around those mouth-watering bentos. Do you use kinkachu or a grocery bag or something similar…?

  116. hi biggie, i was initially interested with making dumplings and i happen to pass by your site and you make such wonderful bentos… i’m planning to start making one, however, i still do not have the proper bento box to practice with… i’m also not sure where to get one here in the philippines…

    continue making great bentos… you’ve just made a fan out of me… i’d appreciate if you can update me when you’ve made a new entry on your page…

    i’d be dropping by once in a while, i’ve already bookmarked your website…

    take care…

  117. Hi there. I’m a first time bento-packer, and everything I’ve read so far (a little too tired to read everything, as it’s going on 5 AM where I am) has helped me greatly. I’m learning lots, and by the time school rolls around again, I’ll be a bento packing guru (well, maybe). This summer I’ll be trying some of your recipes out for when I’m out and about, or just across my apartment complex, so I know what works for me and what I like. I’m so glad people on LiveJournal keep bringing up your site. Thanks for sharing everything with us!

  118. I am completely enamoured with your website! It really resonates with me and my family. Hubby works from home and is a SAHD, so every weekend us girls (1 and 4) give him a little break and go on an adventure to the zoo, museum, arboretum, etc. I always pack a lunch and snacks for us…your site has been the “aha moment” to justify buying the bento gear I’ve talked myself out of for years. And thank you for the recipes and ideas!!

  119. Hi there!

    I just got the new issue of Newsweek and lo and behold, your blog was mentioned on their Food section!

    I’m a recent bento packer who still flip-flops between a nice balanced bento lunch and plain sunbutter and jelly. Sadly preschool’s out, so I’m resigned to look for more inspiration. You blog has been tremendously helpful, but definitely not a good idea to visit when I’m ready for a midnight snack.

  120. I’m sitting here reading my weekly Newsweek and what do I come across?…YOU mentioned in NEWSWEEK! I was so pleasantly surprised.

    You and your great website are responsible for me finding a way to tackle Kindergarten lunches with my picky eater.

    Now both my grade schoolers love “box lunches.” I’ve even got into the habit of preparing boxes of snacks for weekend day trips and outings.

    Way to go!!! Keep it up!

    Love from the East Bay

  121. You’re so amazing, I wish I were your child. My Asian mother was convinced my classmates would make fun of the ethnic food she would make me, so she just made me PB&J sandwiches. :( Children can be so cruel.

    I’m so impressed with the wide variety of cultural foods you feed to Bug, and even more impressed that you send him to Japanese immersion school! It’s great your child will grow up so well-rounded.

  122. Saw an article in Newsweek today about you & bento boxes. Very cool!

  123. Nice site;-) Good ideas!

  124. Fascinating stuff. I love your blog/site.

    Bento boxes. Wow. The way you teach to pack them, and with such savory food. What a lunch! Way better than eating out.

  125. Hi Biggie! My name is Angie and I just recently began looking into making bento for me and my husbands lunch. Your site has been so helpful in figuring out the equipment I need to get started:) It also helps to see what you pack in your bento, to get ideas!

    I have yet to make a bento but hopefully will begin soon ( I am waiting on my first bento box and accesories that I ordered from ebay!). Thanks again and keep it up!!!

  126. Love the blog! i found your blog by accident when looking for some bento tips, no need to look any farther! Thanks for the great tip and info on everything bento!

  127. Hi
    I’ve been trying to find single silicone cups in the UK for months and finally came across some at this site.

  128. I really enjoy your site. I am a Japanese native living in Midwest area for nearly 20 years. I am not a good cook at all but your site brought back all the great memories of my mother’s bento. Have you read a book called “Bento Box in the Heartland” by Linda Furiya, if you have not, you should check it out. I laughed, cried and learned to make good Gyoza (sorry not really Japanese food but we love them!)
    Keep up the good work!

  129. Hello Biggie, I LOVE your site. It inspires me to cook up a storm and it got me hooked on bento. I’m just starting but i enjoy it so much!!!
    i was wondering if u have a good recipe for Gyudon, my husband adores it so i would like to make it at home…

    thanks so much, keep on blogging

  130. @ Crazy_Japanese_Lady: No, I haven’t read Bento Box in the Heartland; I’ve been meaning to check that out at some point. Thanks for the recommend!

  131. @ Mrs. H: I haven’t put together a gyudon recipe — sorry! (Now I have a Yoshinoya craving…)

  132. Hi Biggie. I know you are going to be tied up next week, but I was wondering if you could contact me regarding a bento bag I’ve been looking for.


  133. @keararott: Feel free to e-mail me at lunchinabox (AT) gmail (dot} com about the bento bag you’re looking for. I’ll let you know if I’ve seen it anywhere, although I don’t do personal shopping/selling for people.

  134. Dear Biggie,

    i “stumbled” upon your website and I am ADDICTED! It was completely by accident and i have spent the last three days clicking through your site… i just leave it open and when I take a break from studying for finals I look at a few entries. Thank you so much! I packed my first “bento” for my boyfriend today and he said that all his work colleagues will be jealous! I live in germany, a country that already has a culture of packing in reusable containers (the “brotzeitbox” is what all kids back their lunch in, here).

  135. hi biggie…. i found your blog from a mommy blogger who also very good in preparing bento. your blog is so awesome and the recipe are greats. I wonder if you have any quick recipe in preparing bento for preggy??

  136. Hi Biggie!
    I just wanted to let you know about a great box I found at my local grocery.
    It’s the Fit&Fresh lunch on the go. It has 3 compartments and an Icepak
    I had seen a couple of reviews of other boxes you’ve done and thought you may want to have a look.

  137. @Alison: Don’t use the Korean bottled barbecue sauce you have if you’re looking for GF — the soy sauce most probably has wheat as they didn’t specify GF soy sauce. Go ahead and make some from scratch instead; that’s what I did when we ate GF for nine months.

  138. @ Roya: Welcome, and thanks for the info on Pearl River! This is exactly the sort of local find that’d be perfect for the reader-populated Bento Store Locator (BSL) with Google Maps that I rolled out in June. Feel free to add the store with its details, and add your comment so that other NY locals can find it easily.

  139. Hey there Biggie,

    I’m just starting to get into Bento and I’m completely fascinated with onigiri, however, I don’t know what kind of nori to get. I don’t want to pay bucketfuls of cash for dried seaweed so if you were to look on this page:
    which do you think would be the best nori for me to use? I’d like some economic quality, as it were. :)

  140. First: You are HANDS down the go-to person when it comes to all things bento! Love the site!

    2nd: Granted, I am new to the site and may have missed this feature but i think it would be SUPER cool if you posted the bento boxes you plan to cook for the week and maybe a printable shopping list so I can feel like I am ‘cooking’ with you AND it would be easier for a beginner bento-er such as myself to synthesize and practice bento-ing and organizing. Maybe if you just did something like that every other week or maybe even once a month.
    Take care :-D

  141. @ Syrah: For convenience, there’s their Daiso Onigiri Rice Ball Nori Seaweed (Yaki Nori Onigiri) 35g. For price, go with their Kozen Roasted Nori Seaweed (Yaki Nori Namitsuzumi) 25g, and cut it up yourself.

  142. @ denise marshall: Ah, but you’re assuming I actually plan these bento lunches! I’m actually on the opposite end of the spectrum — I don’t tend to plan other than thinking the night before of one dish that I want to put into the bento the next morning. Your idea is interesting, though!

  143. Hello Biggie,

    I found your website and started packing bentos for my family. Your information on packing lunch is a form of science! I love it.

    I have 2 sons (ages 2 and 7) and the 7yo is really picky. I would pack fried rice or spaghetti in a thermos, but he wouldn’t touch it. I went to Daiso and got a bento box and bento accessories (food picks, food dividers, sauce containers, etc.). I let him help pack his bento this morning. Hopefully, he’ll eat it. I made spam sushi, lettuce w/ dressing and fruit salad. This sounds more appetizing than a thermos of fried rice.

    Thanks for all your tips on building a bento and especially on food safety!

  144. You have inspired me to start my own bento blog, I’m totally facinated with all the great bento pics and its a wonderful way to pack lunches and not to mention cheaper. Bentos have helped me a lot with my portion control, and it is great for weight loss! instead of eating leftovers just so they wont rot in the fridge i now freeze them in portions to add to my bentos!

    your tips and tricks are great and i’ve used a bunch of them so far!

    if you have a sec check out my blog and lemme know how it looks so far ^.^

    and ignore any typos, its late and my brain gets funny lol

    thanks, jags

  145. Hey, just thought you might like to know that you were featured in the military newspaper Stars and Stripes today (European edition, not sure about the others)! I was glancing through and saw a familiar name… Went back and grinned when I recognized the site! :D

  146. @ Missy: Stars & Stripes, really? I had no idea! Can’t seem to pull the article up on their website, though — would you happen to have the headline and/or writer’s name handy so I can follow up? I’m curious now…

  147. The writer’s only credited as “MCT” at the bottom of the article. I made a screenshot of the “electronic paper” for you. :)

    If you want to see it yourself, the link is and it’s the August 8th issue. (Adobe Reader required to view it.)

  148. Missy, great website. I saw your article in the Stars and Stripes Japan this last week. We’re stationed in Atsgui, Japan. I have a 6 and 8 year old…my 6 year old daughter began her school experience with Yochien three years ago so we are familar with Bento boxes! But I’m always looking for new and cute ideas so thanks for your website! She loves furikake on her rice! BTW, I’m from Santa Cruz and love and miss the City! You go girl~

  149. Biggie, your blog is fabulous!
    It’s so comprehensive and there are articles on everything bento that you could possibly imagine. Unlike other blogs you don’t just want to show off your bentos you want to show people EXACTLY how you made them and how they can re-create them in their own kitchens.
    Some blogs give information on what’s in their bentos but it’s usually just brief and doesn’t say how to make it either. You also give us tutorials on some of the food art to make boring food look just that little bit niftier. And your photography! Superb! When I was looking through flickr bento photos I just skipped many of them as the photos were really bad compared to yours, I just didnt want to look at anything but the best! That reminds your flickr photos are great and you’ve got notes on all of the photos so now I favourite them on flickr rather than blocking up my favourites. Keep the greatness coming!

  150. I’m not sure exactly what it is about this blog, but it is so fun to look at, maybe because it’s practical and aesthetic. I just ordered a bento box online (don’t know how else I’d find one, as I live in Wisconsin)-used your tips on sizing, and I can’t wait to get cracking on it…I am so inspired by your ideas. I’m glad you have recipes, too, the food you’re making looks wonderful. Thanks for being my favorite blog.

  151. Hi Biggie,

    Thank you for sharing all that wonderful information on bentos. Your site gave me the knowledge and the courage to start making my own bentos and I’ve been doing it for over 3 weeks now. I even found out a good friend was preparing bentos for her family and now, we co-author a blog about our own bentos. I look forward to learning more from you. Thanks again!

  152. Hi,
    This website is amazing! I live in Japan and am just getting into the whole Obento thing. I have been to a number of books stores but nothing compares to your site (which i found by accident in searching for Onigiri Origami patterns!)
    Thank you and I’ll be definitely delving into your recipes as the school year starts back!

  153. Hi! I just wanted to let you know/check with you about something- I’m part of the Bento Swap Flickr Group, and for some of the items I’ve put up for swap, I’ve been linking some items back to your posts that are related to it. For example, your posts about the flexible ice packs and the Williams-Sonoma farm animal molds. I was hoping that this was ok with you that I’m posting links to your site, because it’ll give others an idea of what the item can be used for. Please let me know if this is ok!

  154. @ K: Absolutely fine for you to link to my site from your bento swap items on Flickr; thanks for the shout out!

  155. Hi Biggie!
    I’d have to say that this site is the main reason why I’ve recently gotten into bento boxes. You’ve shown how quick and easy it is to make a lunch, and an adorable one at that! Your recipes are delicious, time saving, and great for beginners like me (Who also need to get up around 3:30 in the morning to go to work and school! D: )
    I’ll be sure to tell everyone I know about this site :D

  156. Hello, Biggie. I absolutely love your site. My mother and I have both decided bento boxes are the way to go for our lunches. For me, I think it will help combat unhealthy eating during the day since I do online schooling. My mother, a diabetic, thinks it will help her manage her blood sugar. Your website has been a blessing with its expansive collection of bento box information. Thank you!


  157. hey biggie! just saw this and thought, now, biggie needs this! enjoy…

  158. Hey, I love your site, it inspired me to move away from the ‘brown bag’ lunch, and spend just a few more minutes in the morning to pack something tasty for myself!

    This is harder than it sounds for a 23 year old bachelor, recently out of college (i do occasionally miss the ‘cold pizza’ breakfast… not often though!), but I’m learning how to cook, and always have plenty of leftovers (it’s much easier to just cook in batches than to make /exactly/ one meal!)

    Anyways, I’ve been getting by with using round pyrex dishes that work /enough/ for packing lunches. But I found the perfect pyrex dish for getting really creative (haven’t found any bento boxes that I like…)
    Here’s a picture of “my first bento”

    (topped with anchovies (yum yum!), and cilantro)

    half a peanut butter and honey sandwich
    dark chocolate

    I got impatient/bored sunday afternoon, and packed it early, but I can’t wait to gobble it up for lunch tommorrow! Hmm, maybe I’ll just have it for dinner, and pack another one tomorrow morning =0P

  159. Hi Biggie,

    Great site. I’m finding myself up too late for the third year running trying to find those steel food containers with the plastic lids. I don’t have the store you mentioned anywhere near where I live and hoped you had another idea where to get them.


  160. @nicole blum: Try for stainless steel containers with plastic lids. I haven’t tried them out yet, but they look like they’d be equivalent.

  161. Hi! Love your site…inspires me to make better lunches for my trolls!

    You probably know this, but in case you don’t - Tupperware has a lunchbox called “lunch ‘n things” that’s just awesome…one piece base with four compartments…plus a detachable lid so it all goes easily into the dishwasher. One compartment is sandwich-sized, another is juice-box sized, and there are two small compartments ideal for mini carrots or cookies or fruits or whatever. The box is also also a nice shape to slip into a backpack.

    Anyway, again, I really enjoy your site, and reading about your lunches!!!

  162. I’m going to add a line on my lunchbox post linking to your site. great ideas!

    Here’s the post link.

  163. I love your site! Just came across this on a random search this morning, and with school starting today, I know I will be back many many times for lunch box ideas for my picky kindergartner. Thanks!

  164. Hi! I just read an article on the Washington Post website, and was pleasantly surprised by an interview with you included! Nice to see a “familiar” face in an article about back-to-school lunches.

  165. A big hi going out!

    Thanks for all the great info you took the time to gather for all of us new to the bento craze. I’ve just started making some for my son who is into any type of food that bite sized, can be speared, or dipped. This helps me make him food that he will actually eat!
    He loves anything i put together for him, and I have been trying for myself as well (portion control >.<). I just have one thing that bothers me, I cant stand the smell of any type of seafood. It makes me gag due to being pregnant. A bit hard to find traditional foods without seafood.

  166. This site rocks it really inspires me to start making my bento box lunches look really amazing but…..where do you get the really tiny eggs?!?!?

  167. Hi there!
    I saw your website info on Washington Post as well as on Boston Globe.
    I haven’t read all of your website yet but I will!
    I am from Japan, and have grown up with my mom’s obento. When I came to the U.S. 5 years ago, I first was fascinated with “brown bag” lunch with sandwiches and apple/cookies. But I got bored with them really soon.
    Now I miss obento style of lunch. I bring my lunch to work and make my husband lunch too. But I came to a realization that it is actually REALLY hard to make obento here.

    I simply don’t know what to put in our lunch boxes. I went to many book stores to find a book for lunchbox but haven’t found one single book for a lunchbox among millions of cooking books. I hope you’ll (or maybe you already have) publich a lunchbox cooking book in English, with food available in the U.S.!!
    I have one lunch box book from Japan but many menu on it will not be my husbands’ choice(ex. fish wrapped with nori) or I just can’t get those food in here(chikuwa etc)

    anyhow…. I just wanted to say THANK YOU for this wonderful site. I sure will enjoy your site from now on!

  168. Hi Biggie! Just want to say Thank you for this wonderful blog! I haven’t read everything in the blog yet, but I am spending all my free time reading your posts and checking out your bento pictures ever since I chanced upon this link. You are so inspiring! :) I am just beginning to make bento for my 4 y.o.

    In fact, I love your blog so much that I like to nominate you for an award. Details on my blog. I know you already have lots of awards, so this shall add to your list. :) Just want to show my heartfelt appreciation.

  169. Hello!

    I really love what you are doing! It is so neat!!

  170. I just started doing Bentos and your site is such an inspiration. I think I’m kind of creative about cooking, but your ideas of using leftovers are just great.
    Thank you!
    Your site is saved in my favourite-list =n.n=

  171. Thanks for all the great ideas! I was pages into your website when I found the reference to Pinocchio’s in Media, PA - my favorite pizza place back home :)
    My kids thank you for the inspirational lunchboxes.
    BTW Shirokiya in Ala Moana shopping center in Honolulu is a good place to pick up bento items.

  172. Thank you so much for all the work you put into this site. I find it very helpful, especially the speed part! :) I love the site and enjoy every post. I think you did great in the TV. interview and was impressed by how you handled the News Anchors. It all seemed very professional and entertaining. Congratulations and thanks again!

  173. Thank you so much for your site! I’m a green blogger, and I love the fact that Bento are so environmentally friendly! Your site was the inspiration for one of my current posts on where I am trying to introduce bento to the green community.

  174. Thank you so much for creating this site. Its my new obsession!

  175. This is the coolest site - so inspirational! Just wanted to say how much I enjoy reading everything and looking at your wonderful pictures. Thank you!

  176. I just discovered your site. I LOVE it!

    I wish you had a section where you describe how and with what you prepare all the dishes you post pictures of. They look delicious!


  177. Hi Biggie!

    I love your website, I look forward to seeing what kind of lunches you packed for Bug each day.

    Anyway, not sure if you know this already, but I went to Tanforan Shopping Mall today (in San Bruno) and they’re opening an Ichiban Kan there! The sign just says, “Coming soon” so I’m not exactly sure when, but I’m so excited there will be one closer to me.

    Thanks for all the wonderful tips and cool bento ideas.

  178. I think your site is fabulous! I’ve been perusing through my workday because I’m tired of eating too much or too little at lunch, so I decided a bento box was my best option and stumbled across your page. Great creativity and lots of yummy foods! Bravo!

  179. I had a tip to share with you, not sure if it’ll be of any use.

    But when we eat tacos there’s always left-overs. I take the left-overs to work with me but I only have one container and no neat little separators. I curl a couple tortillas in saran and carry those separate.

    First, I fill my container with the meat, about as much for 2 tacos. Then I sprinkle on some shredded cheese, making a layer on the meat. Then I put on sour cream and then the rest of my cheese goes on top of that.

    At lunchtime I dump out the cheese and sour cream, it comes out clean thanks to the sandwich of shredded cheese, and then I heat up the taco meat. Once that’s done I assemble my tacos as normal without having to worry about microwaved sour cream (which just tastes yucky).

  180. I love this site <3

    I have to make my bento myself and this site helps me a ton :D

    My friends all laugh at me for still having Octodogs nearly every day. But I like to cut my wieners into penguins too.

  181. Hey Biggie,

    Your site is looking great! Are you on Facebook? If so, we’ve just created a Laptop Lunches page and would love to welcome you as part of the group. Log into Facebook, type in “Laptop Lunches,” and it should come up. We’re hoping that it will prove to be a convenient place for Laptop Lunch users to share ideas and photos. Hope to see you there!

    Also, are you planning to attend the SF Green Festival next month? If so, please stop by our booth (118).

  182. There is a cool “bento style” plastic food container available in most baby stores (Babies-R-Us)made by Sassy. Its called “Mealtime on the Go”, and its available even in parts of the country like where I live, where there are NO bento boxes available. Its cute, good for a small child, and has a spoon that clips into the lid. Great blog - I tried to make the onigiri - with good result!

  183. Absolutely love your site. Having gone through rough financial times and now living in a motel with a low-wattage microwave and a small fridge, I am learning to economize for the first time in my life. Preparing my own lunches bento style is fun and oddly comforting. Thanks for all your hard work.

  184. A BIG THANK YOU!! I happened across your site when searching for ‘how to wrap a furoshiki’ and find it the perfect site for everything I’ve ever wanted an answer to about bento!!! Thank you so much for taking the time to do this—isn’t it nice to know you have the power to help society in a big way via the internet? Thanks again and happy holidays!

  185. Hi Biggie,
    Am fairely new to your blog and i love it! 2 months ago i ordered my own bento box from a website i found on your blog. I have to say i’m in love with my bento. The only problem i have is making a cute lunch for myself, seeing that i live in the Netherlands and we eat bread as lunch. And i can’t find any bento books here either.

    Keep up the great work

  186. Love your website

  187. I just found your website and it is all I needed to learn about obento. I love them but I never got to make my own in a japanese and creative way.
    I have to say that I do miss those delicious obento that I used to eat in Okinawa…that’s how I got to find your website…googling & googling.
    I will keep looking, I already recommended this to my friends.
    Thank you!

  188. I love these ideas. I had never heard of a Bento Box before, so this is pretty neat. I may try it for my kids or myself sometime soon. Thanks!


  189. Hi all!

    As a fresh user i just want to say hello to everyone else who uses this bbs B-)

  190. friend has given the link has not regretted that has come

  191. I really need to thank you a lot~ Because while looking to this site, i had the bright idea to start making my own Bento, since i’m studying for collage (i’m 17), i need to stay 3 days of the week after morning school classes. I don’t want to spend so much money per month. So i will start making my own Bento~~ And maybe i can take some pictures for you :3 Since my classes are starting February 4th, i will start training some of the recipes, to make a health and cute obento~ thank you very much!~

  192. Hey i was wondering if you knew of a good imagawayaki recipe? Ive been looking on the web for one but no luck so far. do you know where i could find one

  193. Hey Biggie!
    Wow, I am SUPER impressed with your informative -and frankly,cute- site on bento lunches. I am researching Japanese culture (I’m 14-but it’s not for high school, just a hobby) and I was really interested in bento lunches and the care and attention put into those things…have you SEEN
    I am really petitioning my family to try bentos, and I appreciate how much care and effort you must put into your son’s lunches(and this website)….thankyou very much!

  194. @ Alden: I’m sorry, I don’t have a good imagawayaki recipe, but why don’t you post this on the Recipes area of the new Lunch in a Box Forum? Other readers might have seen something, and your question will get more eyeballs over there. Good luck!

  195. I’m just getting into bento and am eager to get started! While I find a bowl set that I like I prepacked some sandwich bags of snacks I like yesterday, lol. I also prepacked a couple for the boyfriend for his part time job! Thing like fig cookies, licorice, scotch mints, mmmmmmm. Can’t wait to get groceries and start back to work tomorrow!

  196. Hi , i have some questions about you desing
    maybe you can give designer contacts?

  197. @ Abramovicl: The WordPress theme design credits are at the bottom of the page (Raindrops by Headsetoptions + MandarinMusing). I did the modifications myself, such as they are.

  198. Hey hey! This is a great idea! I really like your blog! I found out about this through an email you sent to the hash group :) I look forward to checking out your future recipes, and hopefully your celebratory party with the lamb stew!!!

    On, on,
    Prof. Whore

  199. Hey Biggie!This page is a BIG idea!
    I’m 21 and i love Japan everything about it I have recently becomed vegetarian and most of my recipies I’ve gotten them from you! ^_^

    I also wanted to pass you this good info: it’s a RADIATION-FREE USB-POWERED LUNCHBOX WARMER. (www DOT tokyomango DOT com/tokyo_mango/gadgets/) [NOTE: Edited for dead link.]

    Congratulations and keep up the good work!

  200. Hey Biggie!

    I’m a 20 year old going to college, and these bento recipes are great to make for a quick and easy lunch between classes and work! Especially that microwave kabocha recipe. (It’s so delicious)

    Anyway, I just wanted to say that this site is a great thing you are doing.

  201. I love your site! Just came across this on a random search this morning, and with school starting today, I know I will be back many many times for lunch box ideas for my picky kindergartner. Thanks!

  202. Hi Deborah,
    I gave you a tour of Clarendon JBBP last year. Just read your article in the Nichi Bei Times. Great photos and a great promotion for your website. BTW, your website is really a wonderful place to learn many things about Japanese cooking and other great tips too.
    Hope your son gets into the school of his choice.

  203. @Doug Inouye: Thanks for dropping by, Doug! We turned in our school lottery application with Clarendon JBBP at the top of the list, but I know our odds of actually getting in are super-low. :-( Fingers crossed!

  204. Hi Biggie,
    Wanted to share with you a recipe in the current issue of Craft magazine (Feb or March, whatever is in the stores at the moment.) It is basically different fruits cut into and arranged like various sushi and sashimi look-alikes. Just FYI.

  205. Hi! I just thought I’d share this with anyone who wanted to know, but one of the ebay stores that are listed is selling three hello kitty boxes. (Bento Obento- the 5 dollar bargains, at the bottom) Those exact boxes can be bought at a dollar discount store for, yes, one dollar a piece. I have all three of them, actually. They also had thermoses, but they didn’t have all three and I didn’t get them. I might end up going there again to see if there’s anything else! You never know what you might find at places like that!

  206. Hi Biggie,

    I am really enjoying your site. Thanks for all the great ideas. Please keep up the good work!

    So far, I’ve made the jello cups for my kids. I bought some Japanese Bento cookbooks from the store. Since I cant speak Japanese, I will have to figure out how to get it translated! I think I can follow the pictures on some though.

  207. Konnichi wa Biggie! I was also an expat in Japan, I lived in Yokohama for 5 years, and while there I picked out a husband along with my bento boxes. Although native Japanese, he lived in France for 15 years and we communicated in French until he learned English and I learned Japanese, now we mix up all three! We saw your site link on C & Z and wanted to say hello and tell you that we’re really enjoying it, along with Maki’s JustBento. We live “down south” in Orange County, so of course have a plethora of Asian (and French) food sources. I got into making o-bentos when our daughter was little, she’s in college now but still loves them.

  208. hello biggie. I would like to buy an egg kitty form. how much for once?

  209. @ ning: I don’t actually sell bento gear, so would point you to online bento stores or eBay to try finding the kitty egg mold. Good luck to you!

  210. hello biggie, Thank you so much for your reply. my doughter she so much in fall of kitty. when I read your website and show her. she Aa haaaaaaaaa mama please do for me tomorrow so that. you are good idea to do that lunch box. I think your children so happy with his lunch very day.

  211. Hi Biggie, have you gone to like Japanese version of IF you have not, you should check it out, lots of great recipes!

  212. Hi Biggie! Greetings from Mexico City! Just popping in to say hola and how much I love your site! I also wanted to show off my hello kitties I made for my daughter Gala’s bentos. I also have some with cucumber. I am totally up for a bento swap if anyone is interested, and I’ll be posting a tutorial for personalized food dividers soon. And if you ever come to Mexico I’ll give you a full tamarind 101 course! : ) One thing though: could u make your contests open to other countries?… hee hee

  213. @ Jenn Denis: Thanks for stopping by! The Bento of the Month contests over on the Lunch in a Box forum are definitely open to all countries — come poke around! There are sections in the forum to post your daily lunches, swap info, etc. Come join us. :-)

  214. Thanks Biggie! I am currently building my first bento blog in spanish (I wanted to do it bilingual but there are so many cool english blogs out there and none in spanish!) and linked to your page because I have a mission in life: “To spread the cuteness!”. Hope you’ll visit and check out my jicama hello kitties!
    Keep inspiring us the way you do, and if you’re interested in any mexican cute accesories lemme know! (= ^-^ =)

  215. Awesome!

  216. Thank you very, very much for writing about Ichiban Kan!
    I’ve been looking all over the place around town for anything I could possibly use for a bento box, and was about to resort to paying through my nose for overseas shipping and whatnot, and I stumbled across Ichiban Kan.
    After googling the name, your peice was one of the first results, so I think I can trust them :3

  217. @ candace: Yes, Ichiban Kan’s online store gives excellent value, and is wildly popular among the U.S. bento community. A recommend! (Disclaimer: I have no affiliations with the store.)

  218. Hi Biggie! Just wanted to show off my daughter’s bento for today, inspired on the 3 little pigs. And my cucumber turtles, which are always a hit… Site’s in spanish, but you can still comment.
    (= ^-^ =)

  219. I have tried repeatedly to make onigiri, however, no matter how much I press down on the mold, when I try to turn the rice cake in the pan, it falls apart. Can someone tell me what I’m doing wrong?

  220. Dear Biggie!
    Congratualtions on your being chosen for the Foodbuzz 24, 24, 24!

    DEar Linda!
    When you make nigiri, you rice must be used as soon as it has been cooked, still hot.
    Now a trick would be to insert cellophane paper inside the mold first, fill it with rice, cover with the cellophane paper overlap and press the lot!


  221. G’day Biggie,

    Nicole from Sydney. Just discovered your amazing site and have enjoyed looking around. I think it’s going to be the favourite in my favourites!!

    Keep up your good work sharing this site with us all.

    Best, Nicole

  222. Hi Biggie,
    You may know already but my local Ichiban Kan in San Mateo is closing and relocating. In July it is moving to Tanforan mall in San Bruno.
    (even close to home for me).

  223. Hi Biggie,

    I really enjoy your website and visit it regularly. Even got my girlfriend in UK to check in now.

    I have been packing lunches for my two boys and hubby for about 10 years now but only started doing the fancier bento styles after I got a bento cookbook during my last visit to Japan. I don’t speak or read Japanese but the pictures give me ideas on how to make the lunches more interesting. My boys (one in middle school and the other in high school) think it is so cool. My hubby enjoys the lunches and his lunch buddies thinks they are works of art. I have been taking pictures of them.

    Thanks for the info, tips, and recipes.


  224. Biggie
    Are you planning on going to the two weekends of the Cherry Blossom Festival in Japantown? I think I will plan on going this year. I was there just this past weekend, got some flyers, sounds like fun. Plus I love to shop at the grocery for supplies I can’t get here.

  225. @ linda: Bug & I were away in Philly this past week, so missed the first weekend of the Japantown hanami festival. We’re around for this weekend, though — may stop by on Sunday if all goes well. :-)

  226. Biggie
    Imagine my surprise when I opened up my local newspaper and found an article about bringing luches to work and found your name as the contributer of the bento box picture as well as the comments. In my area, little is known about bento. I am planning on teaching bento making at my home or if interested,the adult school. I kept the article to show everyone. Keep on cooking!!

  227. @ linda: Which newspaper was the article in? The Sacramento Bee article is getting widely reprinted, but I don’t know all of them yet.

  228. Hi Biggie,
    Thank you for all the bento tips, today I try to find all the stuff that I need to star my bento lunch for my son. Wish me luck, and once again your site was a big inspiration for me.

    A mum (that don’t know how to cook) in Toronto, Canada

  229. Hi Biggie!

    I really enjoyed looking through this site today. You’ve inspired me to read more about Bento!


  230. hullo

    when i was searching on google, i found ur ammmmmmazing site

    i like it & like the Japanese recipes

    i really appreaciate ur efforts

    thank u so much

    Khansa from Saudi Arabia

  231. Thanks for sharing guys. I really love this place. There is so much to read and learn.

  232. How about a Bento Calander?

  233. Hi there Biggie!

    Am I right in assuming you are the one I met at Tiki bar in SF with the Hash House Warriors? You were introduced by some grey haired guy with quite an.. hmm, lets just say his hash-tag starts with “Yellow” ;-)

    Anyway - nice site!

  234. Hi Biggie! So even though I’m a newbie at this bento blog thing, I promised a giveaway whenever I reached a dot on each continent on my visitor map. Since Antartica is so hard to reach but I already covered all others, I’m going ahead. In the next 2 weeks I’ll be posting a pic of what I’ll be giving away, but it is bento-related.
    My blog’s in spanish but I accept comments from everyone. Just pop in to say hi and where you’re from, and mention which is your favorite photo of my blog. I’ll draw a name on June 30 around midnight, Mexico time.
    Cheers, and thank you for inspiring me!

  235. Duh! the address is
    Good luck to all / suerte a todos!

  236. @Denise Mass: What sort of Bento Calendar did you have in mind? A community-based something for announcements, or a printout/worksheet for meal planning?

  237. Saw something at the store today that made me think of your blog. Check it out - a bowl that keeps your milk cold! plus other stuff too that would be great for bentos. - and no, I’m not affiliated.

  238. super-kawaii!!

  239. hi there, i just want to know how to make the egg roll ? i think its just pure eggs.. carefully shaped into square or oblong? please id really want to know how.. thxu
    God bless

  240. grane,
    I just scramble a couple of eggs, add a little sugar, dashi granules, and mirin. Then oil a pan, pour the egg, as it starts to set, lift up edges, let uncooked egg pour under. When almost set, fold egg on sides, then roll up, dump onto bamboo mat, form into roll or press with fingertips for a squarish shape, let cool, then cut.

  241. Your website is brilliant, and so helpful.
    I’ve been inspired to reorganize my kitchen cupboards to reflect the importance of the time I spend packing lunches, snacks. I especially appreciate the mom-and-son examples as I have a preschooler for whom I pack a lunch most days (either for daycare or for outings).

  242. First, I’d like to say I Love your site and have found myself spending hours browsing through it.
    I’m excited to begin giving my MANY children Bento style lunches. I live about an hour from the Bay and intend to go to the nearest Daiso on your list. My question is, do you happen to know if the egg molds are commonly found in their stores or is my best bet ebay? I want to have some before the kids return to school.

    Also, can various Japanese food items such as Dashi be easily found in any common stores? There were some flavored flakes I can’t recall the name of at the moment (starts with a B) that I’d like to buy also. Do you think my best bet is to just make a day trip to SF and do some stocking up?

    Sorry this is long, thanks so much for any info you may provide :)

  243. Biggie,
    I have been making diabetic bento lunches for about a month now. The latest blood work showed all my important numbers were within range compared to last time. I attribute this to meticulous calorie counting of calories and carbos, etc. The packing of the bento lunches makes preparting lunches so easy. My dietician was so impressed, she started making bentos too after I presented her with a ready made lunch in a cute bento.

  244. Hi, Biggie!

    I nearly bumped into you (literally) a couple of days ago in the produce dept of Kukje Supermarket. I first noticed this non-Asian woman with a cart full of foods I couldn’t identify; then there was this bouncy little boy whose profile looked familiar; but when you started speaking Japanese that clinched it! I didn’t want to come off as a gushing groupie or stalker, so didn’t speak to you. But I do want to tell you that in the last month I have been in Kukje more than I have been to the Safeway across the street!

    I’ve started making my husband a bento once a week. (He ate the first one in a Partners’ lunch surrounded by a roomful of lawyers. The mini-sliders with condiments were a big hit.) And sometimes I serve dinner bento-box-style. It’s great for portion control and nutritional balance. For DH’s larger appetite I make sure that there is more fruit or veg available.

    Thanks for helping make food and meal prepping interesting again for me.

  245. @Folly: Oh, how funny! Small world. Bug & I had just come from Daiso where we picked up some Japanese non-oil salad dressing and other stuff. Were you one of the two white chicks chatting by the noodles (think one was a long-haired redhead)? I found it interesting that Kukje changed their panchan bar from a serve-yourself model to a pre-packaged deli-style setup. I definitely wound up buying more things on impulse then, and we’re still working our way through all of the goodies (Korean BBQ tonight!).

  246. ^_^ (Tee hee) Nope. I was the middle-aged Sansei with a box of Clementines under one arm, rummaging through the Lock & Lock Lunch sets trying to conjure up another red-striped one w/drink bottle for a friend’s birthday.

    Tomorrow DH and I are flying to Montana with a long layover in Denver. All day I’ve been planning our bentos. His: whole wheat quesadilla w/Jack cheese & chorizo bits. Mine: same with Jack cheese, pico de gallo & avocado. Both: mini carrots & cucumber slices for crunch; skewers of marinated mushrooms & pitted olives for luxury; and some gorgeous Rainier cherries because the season is short. Oh yes, and a couple of those Clementines in a spare pocket because they are so good!

  247. Invited several of my friends a few nights ago for a bento making party. Some had never made them, others didn’t even know what a bento was. I asked everyone to bring small portions of meat, veggies, and fruit. I made rice. We had a blast, cooking with my recipes as well as some on cooking cute. I gifted them with some inexpensive bento style boxes at the dollar and under store that were microwave safe. Everyone had a great time, Sent copies of the recipes home with them. They all thought we should do another episode.

  248. I would love to see some tofu bentos! Apologies in advance if I just missed them.

  249. Candice-
    Fish stuffed Tofu-Drain firm tofu for a few minutes between paper towels. Cut tofu diagonally. Slit the triangular side, being careful not to get to close to the edge. Grind some white fish, with green onion, garlic, cornstarch, soy sauce, bamboo shoots. Stuff mixture gently into slit. Dredge tofu on all sides with beaten egg. Then in cornstarch or flour. Brown in a pan with oil on all sides til brown. Take out of pan. Add some water,soy, oyster sauce, cornstarch and if you want some hot sauce. Add tofu back into pan, simmer until liquid gets slightly thickened. Sprinkle some sesame seeds on top of tofu. You can also use shrimp, or pork for variety. My kids love this with a bowl of rice. I’m not good about exact measurements, so use whatever flavors you like and the quantiy. You might have to remove some of the tofu above and below the slit to fit in fish. Sometimes, Ii’ve filled it too much and the tofu splits.

  250. Hi I have been trying to join this forum for weeks. I never get a email sent back to confirm. Can anyone help?

  251. I love this site! What an inspiration for healthier children’s (and adult) lunches. I love it! I may even bento myself here at home.

  252. Was up in the Bay Area last week and discovered a store called Lychee Tree Japanese Products. The address is 1139 S. De Anza Blvd in San Jose. What’s nice is in the same shopping center, there is a grocery with all manner of japanese grocery.

  253. Biggie Sensei,

    Arigato gozaimasu.

    Your site is awesome I am a dietician in Canada who spent a year in Japan (JET). When working with my clients on portion control I often discuss the virtues of bentos and I will defiantly be recommending your site.

    Oki ni,


  254. The site was very helpful to me, seeing that I’m a beginner to this. Its a really helpful site! :)

  255. For your Bay Area shopping guide: the Laptop Lunches are American-style bento boxes are now being sold at Pagano’s Ace Hardware, 1100 Lincoln Ave., Alameda. Great store! Not far from the Webster St. tube into Alameda.

  256. Hi. I love your website and have for quite a while. As a recommendation I think you should have a link on the side-bar to healthy recipes. I think all of your bentos are wonderful but sometimes it can be a slight pain to sift through recipes that have fried foods in them. I think health is very important.

    Thank you Biggie!!

  257. Hey I am so excited to have stumbled across your website! I love all of your useful bento recipes and the bento locator. I am in San Francisco too! You should start a bento cooking class. I am a new shufu and following the recipes online hslps but us locals should all do it together!

  258. Hi Biggie!

    This is a great website. I’m trying to cook more at home and was a bit worried about having boring lunches. Your website has given me a number of new and exciting ideas! I’m looking forward to learning about more healthy and fun recipes to make lunch more interesting. Thank you!

  259. Hi:

    I am a full-time lawyer and mother of 2 picky 9 year olds and wife of a husband - all of whom hate leftovers. Despite having a packed schedule, including after school events, meetings and trying to work out each day, I still need to find a creative way to make a lunch that my kids will eat.

    Obento was very scary sounding at first for someone with my schedule, but I have found that it creates a fun outlet for me and my kids adore their lunch surprises. Even my husband enjoys the lunches that I pack for him and he never complains of being hungry afterwards.

    I just booked your website because it provides handy tips for a new obento crazy lady in training. The pictures are great and I can’t wait to try out some of your recipes. Keep up the great work!

  260. Hi, a friend of mine is in Japan and she mentioned Bentos. So I started to look it up on the Net and I am really thrilled to find something different for my kids’ lunchbox, finally! The conventional sandwich with jam (my kid doesn’t eat anything else with his sandwich) is so unbelievably boring.

  261. I am going to check bento books now on!!

  262. Hi Biggie, I’ve just known about you on the Japanese radio show. I am a Japanese living in Tokyo. I make Bento for my husband for years (I prefer using the word, Obento to Bento).

    I have my own Bento websites in Japanese and in English. Many people in the world who like cooking and are interested in Japanese cuisine come to my website. They are also interested Bento, and some of them try to make it. It is a little surprise for me to find Bento is getting so hot in the U.S. seeing your website. It’s amazing! So exciting!
    Hope many Americans know and try to make Bento :)

  263. AMAZING! My friend found this place and showed me. I was so happy~ Now I know a few more things to make my dad for lunch for when he goes to work~ Cause what he eats can get plain and boring after a while. :D LOVE THIS WEBSITE!

  264. Stumbled upon your blog whilst looking for airline lunch ideas. Needless to say, I’m terribly impressed! I commend your useful, fun, and economical information and tips! Now, I stop by regularly, though it makes me homes sick, being an SF native.

    Keep up the terrific work!


  265. Thank you so much for your oh-so-helpful site! You’ve skillfully combined 2 of my favourite things to search for; japanese food and lunchbox ideas. I also want to let you and your readers know that I’m thrilled to finally discover a source for some of the Bento accessories here in New Zealand; just in case I’m not the only Kiwi reading all your great recipes and tips. It’s, and most items are roughly $3. Cheers!

  266. I was looking for some inspiration and came across your pictures on Flick. What a nice surprise!! The ideas just kept flowing in. Keep up the good work. Rob

  267. My name is Aaron Russell i work for the California Rotary Club and am CTO of Youth Health USA. I am contacting you in regards of putting a banner on your website. Not a large one but a noticeable sized banner to help us raise money by selling off raffle tickets to win $600,000 cash or a $600,000 dream home anywhere in the United States. We are a non profit orginization and we have no budget to do advertising. We have 17 days left for this raffle and have only sold 2,000 tickets and thats not enough to help these special needs children. The banner would only need to stay for 16 days. We could really use your help. If you have any questions feel free to call me at +1(520)-494-2233

  268. Hi, I am Vasudha from New Delhi, India. I just chanced upon your website and found it very fascinating. And though I have never eaten a Japanese meal in my life, I read up atleast 20-25 posts of yours. What I really liked was your bento planner. Though I do not pack bento’s it did make me think of brining a more balance lunch to work. I make it a point to add in fruit now. Also, when I was in school, my mum would pack these really organised lunches with cut-out sandwiches and tiny baskets filled with salad. I suppose I carried to school bento lunches in her way!

  269. Thanks for the inspiration. I found your website last year and it has made a world of difference. My daughter is severly underweight and now that she is in school (now 1st grade) I have to make sure she eats those lunches I pack! Your recipes, creative ideas and how-to’s are fantastic. Thank you for sharing. We are lucky in LA with all the Japanese markets in Little Tokyo, there are a lot of bento supplies around and now I know how to use them. ( I used to buy those pocket monster food separaters and wonder what then to do with them.) And my daughter is eating! and all the other kids want their moms to pack bentos now too. Thanks.

  270. Dear Biggie,

    My son and I are leaving Friday (18th) to stay in Japantown for 6 days. We did the same last year. My son was “made” in Okinawa, and he adores everything about Japantown (as do I)!

    Have a wonderful, happy Holiday!


  271. Biggie- I just want to thank you on having such a wonderful website! I am a student studying in the tech industry from Seattle that enjoys cooking. My school only offers vending machine lunches which are boring and unhealthy. So now I can eat healthy when i am at school; also pack my boyfriend a nice healthy lunch to eat at work. This also saves us some cash. Thanks you!

  272. Biggie,
    Love the site. Can you or anyone else blogging tell me where to get food quality tubes to hold salad dressing for my Mr. Bento?

    Thanks so much,

  273. I’m really enjoying your site. I have ordered a Bento box and am waiting for it to arrive, so I came here for inspiration.

    I tried cooking rice balls tonight but couldn’t get them to stick together :(

  274. i love your site…i was inspired and this might be the start of my addiction to bento and all these creative things which my 5 year old will adore….i am a fan…regards…marissa

  275. Hey Biggie,

    I am a huge fan of the site and of your top banner! Keep up the good work and keep on inspiring us!!

  276. Hi Biggie, Do you know where I could purchase (online) the convenience store-type onigiri wrappers for onigiri? Just the wrappers with the pull-strip to keep the nori and rice seperate? Any help is really appreciated.

  277. Hello! I am new and looking at bento boxes and lunch ideas. I do have a dilemma. I have been making the rice shapes, but by the time my lunch break comes around, the rice is dry and not very palatable. Any tips to keep the rice soft and moist? Thank you!

  278. @ Ace-chan: I majored in Japanese in university, then moved to Japan right after graduation. I lived/worked there for the next nine years, in Osaka and Tokyo. So if I can’t speak Japanese at least passably well by now, I think there’s something wrong with my brain!

  279. The fish grill I am looking at on your site looks like there is no pan underneath the grill. How do you keep fish or veggie juices from dripping onto your burners? I would like to try grilling fish because I love the taste of the charred skin.

  280. Not sure if you’re aware, but the J-List link you post on the sidebar and bottom of your blog opens up to some pretty racy manga images and even graphic photos.

  281. @linda: The grill without a pan underneath is better for vegetables. The proper fish grills have a perforated pan underneath the wire net to catch drips. Two versions, pretty similar.

  282. My husband and three young have happy memories from our three wk. Japan trip 2 years ago.
    The bento lunches we a big hit especially for the children. They were sold everywhere and oh, so delicious.
    I have really enjoyes this site and am now motivated to go and make some bentos for the children.
    In Japan, we liked the 100 yen store that sold many bento lunch tools.

  283. Hi Biggie - Just wanted to let you know how inspiring your site is. I’ve seriously fallen off of my diet of late and have been resorting to buying $8-$10 lunches in the cafeteria at work, which are not only bad tasting but also extremely bad for you. Your site has inspired me to rethink food and lunches in a whole new way. I think I may actually get my eating back on track, lose some weight and save some money in the process. So thank you!

  284. Hi Biggie!

    When I was searching on google, I discovered your amazing site
    and have enjoyed looking around.
    Thanks for all the great information.

    Not sure if this is the best place to post,
    if you prefer, check this new website: Art of Bento Museum(
    Thanks for sharing.

  285. Hey Biggie!
    You’ve inspired me to do my own bento blog. I’m just getting started with it, and I would like to ask if I can use things such as recipes and tips from your site. Of course, I’ll tell people I got it off your site.


  286. Hey Biggie! Apparently, brown rice is healthier than white rice. It does take a few minutes longer to make, but I can’t find a difference in taste or how they behave with onigiri. I just wanted to share.

  287. @ Usagi: Thanks for the note. I’m more than happy to have you link here and mention where you get bento tips, but please don’t reprint my posts or recipes as they’re copyrighted. Thanks and good luck to you!

  288. Hi Biggie!

    This is an awesome website. I’m also a bento-maker, but I just started recently so I’m not too good at it. Do you mind linking me to your website?

  289. Hi Biggie,
    I LOVE your site and am inspired as we are heading toward kindergarten with my oldest child this fall. I belong to a recipe club and many of the group are also interested in learning more about bento. Do you do events? Are there any cooking schools in the SF Bay Area with bento classes? Any stores or gear companies that do home parties, a la Tupperware?

  290. I came across this site when I was looking for ideas and where to start questions on my first Bento(obento). I felt like saying thank you for all the help your site has provided me ^^V

  291. Hi Biggie,

    I love your blog! So LOVELY! I am Japanese who lives in SF bayarea and make obento for my lunch almost everyday.

    Have you had a chance to access Cookpad? It’s a Japanese recipe site and you will find tons of wonderful recipes :)

  292. Hey!
    I fell across your site while I was searching for nice bento combinations.. I’m a “child” myself, being 17 and still needing a home-made lunch, so I go searching for ideas so that my mom doesn’t have too much to do!
    Your blog is simply fantastic! I can’t wait to try all your recipes and tips! Thanks a whole bunch! By the way, I noticed the poll… I live in Switzerland, and we have about 45minutes-1hour of pause, so does that make my bento box bigger? I should be careful! ;)

  293. i love your website so much - what an inspiration you are to so many people! keep checking back for updates and am so happy when you post. please continue - this website is such a wonderful inspirartion!

  294. Greetings from Alabama! I randomly stumbled on your site about a year ago and still find it to be the most fun bento site to look at. :) Keep up the great work, and thanks for the site!!!

  295. Hi Biggie! Stumbled onto your site a few months ago and have been trying my hand at bentos ever since. Don’t have a “real” bento box yet but making due with some cheap plastic storage containers I found that were similar shape and size, except it is 720ml so I have to be careful how I pack it. I have not seen a new post for quite a while so I am hoping you are still doing it - thanks for a wonderfully informative site!!!:)PS, I feel like I am doing better at lunch, but wondered if the Japanese follow the same type of recommendations for breakfast and dinner.

  296. Hi! Here from New Orleans. Your site is so amazing. My boys are 4,3, and 16 months so we are just beginning the school lunch thing. They already love Japanese food! Since our “normal” (Cajun/Creole)cuisine has been forced to change due to the oil spill, I’m branching out and these will be a hit! Thanks so much!

  297. Dear Biggie, thank you so much for sharing! My son is 11 years old, we live in Germany. He starts secondary school (Gymnasium) in August. They do offer some strange food for prices that are definitely off! Bento offers a whole new range of food and styling. Our “Bug” loves Mangas (for children!!) and was thrilled with “The Manga Cookbook”. My husband was ogling the food “Bug” and I created - and more or less inhaled ;) since we are not of the meat and potato fraction. The whole famlily happiliy indulges in ethnic food. Thank you very very much, greetings from Germany, Heidi

  298. Hello Biggie
    thank you soooo much for the inspiration. I’ve always been rubbish at preparing a decent lunch everyday. I’ve decided to jump on the Bento wagon and prepare 2 adult Bentos Mon-Fri. Wish me luck :p

  299. Biggie! I’ve been a big fan of your blog & bentos for awhile now, but I’ve noticed that you haven’t updated in a long time. Are you somewhere else now? I miss your awesome, inspirational bentos!

  300. I just wanna thank you for alot of information about bento stuff.

  301. Hi Biggie, I just discovered your site today and have to congratulate you on it. Not only a great design but also the amount and diversity of content is awesome! Keep up the good work! Cheers, Rob.

  302. We let our readers know about you!

  303. Hi! Homeschooling mom of 2 boys here. Saw an article about healthy lunch alternatives and bento. Googled ‘kids bento’ and your site came up. Been ‘cramming’ for a week in prep for our first bento tomorrow for our group classes. Interested in seeing the other kid’s reactions as we are famous for packing Cheetos, Oreos, and pretty much all the other “-oh” foods :( Thanks for all your advice!

  304. i am interested in the thermos nissan lunch tote for my children’s hot lunches.

    does anyone know what type of plastics are used for the food containers?


  305. I came across the link to your blog in JD’s blog “I do things”. I think that the love and effort you put into your family’s lunches really shows your dedication to your family and their health. I didn’t know lunches could be so pretty and diverse! You are inspiring :)

  306. I find your blog super inspiring! Truly one of the best on the net! Our company is adopting some of your ideas in creating picnic lunch parties! Before we use to always do fun cookie-cutter sandwiches…but you have inspired me to look beyond that. PLEASE PLEASE WRITE A BOOK! I have found that the ones out there just are not as in-depth as I would like.

  307. I’m totally smitten with your blog, so great! I stumbled upon it while searching for photos of mini bell pepper plants and saw this beautiful little bento box with a mini bell pepper in it. I love Japanese culture and food and was an expat myself for 10 years (Netherlands, UK, France, and one glorious year in Hong Kong), so when I read your profile I was hooked. I finally had to turn my computer off because I was getting mad hungry just looking at all the photos and recipes!

    Anyway just wanted to say I really enjoyed finding your site, very well done and look forward to reading more and trying to make some of my own bento boxes.


    PS - Bug’s a lucky kid to have a mom who makes lunches like these for him!

  308. I must say I found your site about a year ago and loved what I saw. I started creating bento for my freshman year of college and will never turn back. It’s such a portion controller and money saver. Over the summer I really got to experience new recipes and really learn about bento. This recent year I decided to try one of your various recipes for my first day lunch. The fried shrimp Fish were great! They held up very well and I froze some shrimp and they’re such a time saver! I’m very interested in seeing what you write about next. I’ve decided to get a thermal bento because of you! Hope you’re doing well!

  309. Hi Biggie,
    I have enjoyed reading your blog over the years. Have you quit adding new posts? I am a bit out of the loop (I had a son born March 2010) so am happy but sleepless … I’m curious to know if you are still making posts maybe at a new site ?? In any case hope all is well :)
    Meg (aka lunchbox obsessed)

  310. Hi Biggie. I just wanted to say I miss your posts. I try to check back every once in a while in hopes of more information, but I’ve noticed you’ve not been around for a long time. Hope you’re doing well.

  311. Hi to Biggie and all fellow Bento-boxers!

    I’m always finding new inspiration and ideas when I come to Lunch in a Box-this online community of lunch-packers consistently and generously offers ingenuity at every turn! Although as a college student I may have less to contribute when it comes to catering to one’s picky child (though I was once a very picky eater myself), the many other far-reaching concerns of time and energy conservation, health, as well as an interest in the adorably cute, always have a relevance in my everyday living!

    Thanks so much for creating a community to share and foster collective support of this awesome lifestyle :)

  312. I am so happy I came across your site. I purchased bento boxes 2 years ago. Haven’t used them yet! My family packs lunches because of a chosen lifestyle and some food allergies. Now I have new ideas and sources for boxes they will actually use. With a 25 minute luch period (just found this out) my 5 year old will have time to eat and not wait for her food to be warmed. Thank You!


  313. Just calling in to reiterate what other are already saying with all these comments! This site is awesome and a real refreshing change. My wife is really getting into bento now!

  314. Thank you for such an informative site on Bento! I am just getting into it so I can make cute and healthy lunches for my 3-year old daughter and am having so much fun (especially shopping!). Today I went to Japantown with your shopping guide on my iPhone! After reading that post the first time about 3 weeks ago, I couldn’t wait to make the 2.5 hour trip to get my Bento on :-) I didn’t make it to all the stores as the rain made me head home earlier than I planned, it was so helpful to have your guide in front of me — I kept referring to it to find the stores in the post. The discount stores are awesome for a beginner and I so appreciate your detailed info. Thanks again for a wonderful site!

  315. what a great website!

    just hope to encourage you to keep posting new entries about what you’re preparing for yourself and your family.

    lots of inspiration for us with young kids to feed, for whom we would like to prepare healthy and attractive meals.

  316. I’ve come back to this website every week for over six months, waiting for you to update and going through your very handy archives. Please continue updating!

  317. This is such an inspiring website! Thanks for all the great ideas! I have to stock up and then I’m going to try them!

  318. Love your site. Please update soon, it’s been months >.<

  319. Hi Biggie! Terrific website! I was looking for a creative way to bring my lunch into work (instead of “brown-bagging” it. You provide such thorough information in a nice, fun, concise way. Congrats on your success and keep up the great work!!

  320. Hey Biggie, French bento enthousiast here! I change countries to commute to work, spend far too many hours in the office and am tired of ordering the same tired salad or sandwhich to nibble on. Your website is a life-saver; I will be trying to convert hubby (big bear) and baby (little bear) to bento next! :-) Only downside of living in my beloved country: bento gear is hard to come by (I order mine from Japan, but it sure ain’t cheap). Keep the good stuff coming! Val xx

  321. Thanks for this website! It’s so helpful!

  322. I stumbled on your site and so glad I did! I’ve never heard of Bento boxes so you taught me something today. Thank you! I’d like to vote for your blog but I’m still trying to figure out where the button is “on the right” to click on so that I can vote for you at the Blogger’s Choice Awards.

    I’m going back now to look more and to puruse more recipes.

    Thanks for posting your blog. It’s very interesting.

  323. Just found your GREAT website….this would make a great food network show! Thank you for sharing your creativity, humor and ideas.

  324. this site is great! :D
    i bet i ‘d do bento boxes with mediterranean recipes too! [muahahha!] ^,^

  325. I discovered bentos about two days ago, and have done absolutely nothing with my time since but look up recipes and cute gear on the internet. Which is bad, since it’s finals week. Oh well, who needs a GPA when you can have these fabulous little lunches?

  326. I love your site. I’ve recently started making bento lunches for my son and it’s nice to have more inspiration from someone doing it here too. I especially appreciated your SF Bento shopping guide. It was extremely helpful and I added a few more good pieces of gear to my stash.
    I do hope you’ll have a chance to update the site soon. It would be nice to know you’re still out there and that everything is okay.

  327. I think your site is my new best friend.

  328. I have been going over your whole site and I just love it! You have so many good ideas. I see your last post was over a year ago though. Are you still writing? Also, I have been trying to figure out the Ichiban Kan site, and I don’t think they have an online store anymore, unless I’m not seeing it. I hope all is well! Great stuff here!

  329. My goal is to someday (soon enough) be able to make bento lunches for my daughter (she’s one but hey I like thinking ahead!). Your site is inspiring, just made my own spam musubi bento today: well really it’s a deconstructed spam musubi but I think it’s still a start!

  330. I love finding out about new foods and techniques! This website is so interesting! Takes me back to elementary when I had a packed lunch almost every day. (although, a lunch box with many containers, not a bento) I would like to know some recipes that can be eaten cold. I’m entering my last year in high school and have a job that occasionally calls for a meal on break. I would like some ideas for creating a microwave-less bento.

  331. Is this person even blogging any longer?

  332. Hi Biggie,
    Just wanted to let you know that I cited and linked to your website in a recent post on my blog. Hope that’s okay!


  333. I reviewed your website in one of my blogs. I love this site. I hope you post more soon because you are missed. Thanks!! Stacy

  334. p.s. my blog is if anyone wants to check it out. Thanks!!

  335. Site is awesome! Good info and tutorials-thanks!

  336. Dear Biggie san,
    Thank you so much for this blog! I’m an anxious mom with a daughter starting her first day of school tomorrow and your site is a lifesaver! I am so inspired to make visually pleasing and healthy lunches for her now. Your time saving tips are amazing. I know you’re a busy mom but please post again!

  337. Your site is awesome! I love looking at pictures of creative bento boxes but so much of it would be really time consuming to actually make. Thanks for breaking things down and adding in tips for beginners like me :P I can’t wait to use some of your ideas for my work lunches, picnic lunches for the boyfriend and my future kids’ lunch boxes hehe.

  338. Hi Biggie. I am so blessed to stumble onto your website. My child just started preschool and I am constantly trying to figure out what to feed him. I am also tired of itching everyday, so I am trying to go on a gluten free and dairy free diet. (I think I am allergic to them) Love you lunch ideas (fast and easy) and will check out your “food books in my kitchen” esp. for gluten free books and your variety of cultural food books (love it). I also live in SF (technically East Bay). Thank you for sharing your ideas.

  339. Hi Biggie! I couldn’t have been happier to come across your website. As a college student (who admittedly never really could pack a lunch and never really bothered) taking a lot of classes that are back to back, I was in need of something fun for lunches that I could eat in the 3-10 minute blocks between classes. Finding out about bentos and the fact that my lunch didn’t have to be generic pb&j and some celery was the best thing that’s ever happened to me. The best part is knowing that lunch can be fun and creative and have a lot of flavors for adults and still simple and easy. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  340. We sell bento accessories and were located in Canada!

  341. Hey! I think we were in the same playgroup- SF Monkeys?? When our babies were small (now my daughter is almost 8). Yes? I randomly came across your website reading an article on bento lunches. Good job!

  342. Just discovered bento boxes,how do I get started?. Help! Loved your site.

  343. Just letting everyone know that loves bento we have just opened a new online store at (we are located in Canada) -

  344. this site rivals those other bento sites. i have fallen in love with the graphics and layout, not to mention the recipes. you have been favorited for my browser. love the helpful hints for every part of prep work. keep up on the writing and blogging. XD

  345. I love this site! I’ve always wanted to try making my own bento but I thought it would be too hard. Now I think I’ll give it a shot! This site is easy to follow and has tons of great ideas! ^.^

  346. Hi Biggie,
    Are you no longer writing this blog? It seems that bento is just continuing to grow in popularity, but luckily you still have a lot of great information on it. Sadly, many of the things in your amazon store are out of stock, and when I tried to buy the things I picked out there with other things from Amazon, I don’t think you will get credit.

    Hope you come back to blogging here!

  347. In 2006, my then middle school aged daughter decided she wanted to go vegetarian. The school lunch options for vegetarians included a sloppy, inadequate salad bar and/or typical cafeteria food… French bread pizza, mac and cheese, etc. I started packing lunch every day and was fortunate enough to stumble onto this blog right around the same time. I immediately bought several bento boxes, an onigiri mold, and cute accessories.

    Combined with our wonderful local farmers’ market, my daughter’s lunches were the envy of her classmates throughout middle school and then high school. They would offer to trade her sweets for bits of purple cauliflower or onigiri. Even after she was well old enough to pack her lunches, I continued… because it was one area where I could still feel like a needed mom instead of a source of exasperation and embarrassment. ;)

    She is a sophomore in college now, and no longer a vegetarian. But she still eats more healthfully than most of her peers at college, and she plans on making bento for her own kids. Sorry to see this blog now archived, but thank you so much!

  348. Hi, I’ve been looking over all your recipes and tutorials and they are just amazing. I know its slightly out of the bento box motif but I was wondering if you could make a tutorial on making honey lemon slices. I’m a huge fan and I sometimes try to recreate the things I see you post. Please keep up the great work.

  349. Hi Biggie,

    My name is Sean Garcia and I’m working on an annual not for profit publication called, “Arts & Sciences Magazine.” The magazine is produced by Washington University in St. Louis, and we’d like to use one of your lunchbox images from Flickr in our publication. Here is a link to our magazine:

    Please let me know if we can use the image, provide a description of where the image comes from, and how you would like to be sited. Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.

    Best regards,

    P.S. I sent an email to your gmail account attaching the image.

    Sean Garcia
    Digital Media Editor and Content Strategist
    Arts & Sciences
    Washington University in Saint Louis
    Ph. (314) 935-6692
    Email: [email protected]

  350. Biggie, are you really back? I am sure I speak for dozens of other long-time loyal fans who have missed you over the years and have hoped you are well. You are such an inspiration and I can’t wait to see your new posts. Thank you for sharing all of your wealth of knowledge. I started reading your blog back when it was just my husband and I and I was trying to perk up our boring bento of direct leftovers or sandwiches. Now that we have two kids I refer to your posts even more, and my one of my five year old’s favorite hobbies is to have a bento picnic outside.

    I definitely think you have a direct role in some of the drop in childhood obesity rates in the United States! You’ve shown us all that eating healthy and eating less processed foods is simple AND enjoyable.

    Thank you so much Biggie, and welcome back!

  351. Hi Just411,

    Thank you so much for your kind comment! Yes, I’m back. It’s been a bumpy road but it’s time to come out of hiding and rejoin the humans. The blog redesign is finally close to how I’d like it — your comment is spurring me to get off my duff and make that official “I’m back” post. Can I do it by tomorrow???

  352. Awesome site, definitely made my days and spiced up my office life. Down with those anonymous, blank lunch bags I had made for all my life…your lunch bags are creative, inspiring and are a Natural Bore Killer at work.
    Great job!

  353. Welcome back! I have missed your posts! Just writing to let you know that I added a store to your Bento Locator. It’s a very nice little shop in Stockton, CA. Looking forward to your menu and presentation ideas!

    • Thanks for adding a store to the Bento Locator, Tory! Every bit of data helps. :-)

  354. Do you know of any places in Georgia ( Atlanta area) that have a good selection of Bento items? Thank you.

    • Jackie, I took a look at the Bento Store Locator, and it’s showing a Super H Mart in Riverdale, a Books Japan in Smyrna, and some others.

  355. By googling, I found yOur directions for preparing tamarind when I was starting to prepare ponche, a Mexican fruit punch, for the Dia de Reyes fiesta tomorrow. Muchas gracias.