disecting a tender roast chicken

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disecting a tender roast chicken

Postby smoke » Mon Mar 22, 2010 8:58 am

Sometimes when I cook a chicken, it turns out so tender that I can't get at the bones for stock without destroying the muscles. I finally figured how to get the breasts off in mostly one piece, though.

After removing the thighs and wings, (the joints had dissolved to the point that they came off with a gentle pull,) I turned the chicken onto its breast. Then I pulled the back off and chucked it in the crock pot. A gentle pulling opened up the chicken so I could then peel the ribs off, and then I was able to pull out the cartilage that the flight muscles attach to, and a bit more spreading gave me the wishbone. It was then a matter of cleaning away everything that wasn't breast meat, and I was left with the breasts, joined by a tiny bit of cartilage.

I think the reason that it turns out so fragile is that I shove it into a ceramic casserole and put the lid on. The chicken ends up stewing in its own juices. I figured out that using a metal pasta pot somehow takes forever and I end up with something even more mushy.
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