Frozen philly cheese steak?

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Frozen philly cheese steak?

Postby PixelxBento » Tue Feb 23, 2010 6:29 pm


My boyfriend and I love philly cheese steaks! Since we are on a budget lately we don't want to throw away leftovers, we would rather freeze leftovers for later. (lunch, dinner, snack-whenever)

I was wondering if it is safe to freeze the philly cheese steak mixture? It would be a mixture of onion, pepper, mushrooms, swiss and pre made steak strips (the heat and serve kind you can get in the freezer section at costco or any grocery store). If it is safe, how long will the mixture be tasty (last only a month?) any specific instructions on freezing (eg air tight container, put in bag, wrap it in any specific paper?) also any specific ways of re heating it? (microwave, or in the oven, let it thaw, etc)

Or could I possibly freeze pre made sandwiches? I know hogie bread stays good up to 3 weeks in the freezer. I would also like to know same as above. Specific freezing instructions, re-heating insturctions, freshness, etc.

Anything can help! Thank you!

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