For food when traveling

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For food when traveling

Postby Pangolin » Tue Feb 23, 2010 12:25 pm

I came across this post today - Tynan packs light, all the time, but he's also into healthy foods, and has come up with a couple ideas about how to take healthy food with him wherever he goes.

The first idea is about creating your own "custom food bars", using a company called[/url] where you can design your own health-food bars (similar to Larabars) to your own specs.

The second idea (my favorite) in this post was about using an imersion heater and a Ms. Bento to cook hot food in an airport (or hotel room), by using the inner containers to hold dehydrated food, then using the imersion heater to heat boiling water in the Ms. Bento shell and then pouring the hot water into the inner bowls with the dehydrated stuff to make a meal.

I'm looking forward to trying it... when I can get my hands on a Ms. Bento... although I agree with Tynan, I with there was some other color than light blue... it would be awesome for me when traveling.

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