SF Japantown: Asakichi is high-quality bento paradise

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SF Japantown: Asakichi is high-quality bento paradise

Postby Biggie » Thu Jun 12, 2014 9:07 am

There are two Asakichi locations in the West Mall in San Francisco's Japantown that have an amazing lineup of high-quality bento boxes. The Asakichi iron teapot store on the bridge to the Kinokuniya has about 100 boxes from Hakoya, Skater, Kotobuki, etc. that range $20-40. The Asakichi antiques store right by the West Mall entrance off of Peace Plaza has hand-crafted magewappa bent wood boxes ($100-$125) and sakura bark bento boxes ($67) from Japan. I've never seen the handcrafted wood boxes in San Francisco before -- definitely a must-go if you're in town.

Full post here: http://www.lunchinabox.net/2014/06/asak ... japantown/
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