Question on Eggs

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Question on Eggs

Postby cutiepiekam » Thu Dec 30, 2010 5:59 pm

Ok so, heres the problem. And yes i've used search engines and such but i need more of information from those that have been packing bentos for a while now. Or maybe just a lucky beginer that has stumbled on the question and answer. Now, about those eggs. Whenever I need something yellow in color I allways hesitate to add cooked egg in any way shape or form. Why? Well, by the time I get around to opening my obento to eat, and i do open it, i get this very strong smell of egg. So my entire obento smells of egg and let me tell you, that much egg is not pleasnt. Now I am a very young packer, probably one of the youngest reading and posting on this site (I am in middle school if you'll believe it). So I am still at the moderate packing stage. Any helpful answers will be much appreciated. And as allways, Happy Packing :) .
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Re: Question on Eggs

Postby Pangolin » Fri Dec 31, 2010 9:43 am

Interesting question there Cutiepiekam! Welcome to the forum!

In my experience, the part of an egg that gives off the odor is the yolk. If you switched to doing things with the the whites (or something like Egg Beaters, which are just colored whites) you might be able to have your eggs and not smell them too.

Another idea might be to use something like a food cap (a little container that sits over the food inside the box - plastic easter eggs work well for this) that might help contain the smell to at least just the ggs until you open up your lunch.

Also, don't forget to completely cool your bento to room temp before you close the lid in the morning, This definitely helps the foods individual smells not mingle as much as they would in a closed box with steam floating around in there.

I got some new egg molds as a present for the holidays, so I may try to experiment with a few eggs in my bentos over the next couple weeks and see if I come up with any other odor-controlling ideas. Let us know what you come up with as well - experimenting with tips, tricks, and new uses for tools and foods is half the fun of packing bento!
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Re: Question on Eggs

Postby gfbentomom » Mon Jan 03, 2011 4:34 pm


I am wondering if you wrapped the egg in plastic wrap if that would help keep the smell contained.

There is also a thread here somehere on the forum listing foods by color. Maybe that would give you some more yellow ideas.
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