Pack for others? What do you eat?

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Pack for others? What do you eat?

Postby smoke » Mon Mar 01, 2010 2:15 pm

I've noticed something about my own packing and eating habits. I pack a nice Lunch for hubby, but my own Elevenses tends to be mostly "a bowlfull of whatever didn't fit into his box" or other leftovers. (It's still portion-controlled, which is the selling point for pre-plating my food.)

An example from last week; I had a two-cup bowl where the bottom was green beans that didn't fit in box#1, then a good helping of mashed potatoes that didn't fit into box#1, a tiny slice of meatloaf that didn't fit into box#2, and a taste of taco meat leftover from the night before.

Today is actually fairly balanced vs his lunch because I had half a snackbox of sliced apples with walnut and cheese trimmings for second breakfast, (he had as much as the snackbox would hold,) and I have a matching container of leftover chicken soup. Though mine has all the noodles where he has a biscut to add.

Do you pack yourself a bento when you pack another person's bento? Do you have a "less fussy" version of the other person's bento? Do you just eat whatever or nothing when they're not around?
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Re: Pack for others? What do you eat?

Postby Pangolin » Wed Mar 03, 2010 10:06 am

Hubby gets up in the morning before I do, so if we haven't packed our bento the night before, he gets first dibbs on what's in the fridge. Most of the time its leftovers from one dinner of another, although this week we've had fresh bread and honey ham to make up for the leftovers we haven't made yet! ;)

Sometimes we have exatly the same thing. Other times I'm willing to pull together whatever scraps are in the fridge that won't make a whole meal by themselves. Since we don't make particularly fancy or decoarted bento, they both look about the same.

On the days when I'm home and he's at work (about once a week) I eat whatever I find in the kitchen or pantry - it's often something like ramen noodles with cheese, or something that looked tasty when I went to the grocery store that morning. (Which means sometimes it's sushi, and sometimes a frozen Indian meal, or a variety of other things that look good when I'm hungry.)

In general, my meals are bigger than his, since I burn up way more calories throughout the day - sometimes I look at his lunch and ask him if it's really enough food, but he seems to be a good judge on how much he needs to pack - which is why it's usually easier for him to pack his own lunches.
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Re: Pack for others? What do you eat?

Postby elenacala » Fri Mar 05, 2010 4:51 pm

I need to make myself a bento each day. If I don't I either don't eat very healthy, as in I will eat whatever I find, or I don't eat at all, which is just as bad. So I need to make myself a bento when I make hubbys, so that I can eat something healthy and have something enjoyable to lookforward to as well. After all if I don't take care of me, how can I possibly take care of anyone else?
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Re: Pack for others? What do you eat?

Postby NoelFigart » Sun Mar 07, 2010 12:35 pm

Ideally, I just make bento for everyone in the house the night before. I went through a period of NOT making a bento for myself. I don't think I eat as well when I neglect myself like that. By noon, I'm hungry, and I've been working all morning. I'm ready to grab something easy. It's better for me when that easy thing is a nice bento.
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