Why do you use Bentobox ?

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Re: Why do you use Bentobox ?

Postby Megs » Mon Mar 22, 2010 1:27 pm

- Do you use your bento box every day ?
I pack for my husband 5 days a week, and for myself 3-5 days a week. It really depends on what's going on
- Are you interested in small objects around (pic decoration, etc ...) ?
Yes, I tend to feel that they can add a lot. I don't use them every day, though
- Are you very interesting about the design of your bento ?
For my husband, no. I just to find bento boxes that are big enough for me to pack his lunch in. For me, very! I like the outside of my hunchbox to look as cute as the inside ^-^
- Why did you start using Bentobox ?
I was having a hard time getting my husband to eat lunch, and he was getting sick all the time (with allergy stuff). What's more, where he worked he didn't have easy access to a fridge or microwave. I initially read about bento in the magazine Shojo Beat. I started researching, and had found the perfect method to get hubs to eat lunch. No refrigeration/heating needed to eat! On top of that, it was (and has been) a good way for us to save money.
- What attracted you ?
I like all kinds of cute and arty stuff. Cute arty food was just an amazing concept to me! The connection to Japanese culture also made it more interesting from the start.
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