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User Agreement & Posting Guidelines

Postby Biggie » Wed Jan 07, 2009 3:10 pm

Please take a minute to read through this document for forum rules and posting guidelines; it'll help make your experience on the board more positive. If you notice someone violating these guidelines, please let me know and/or point them to this post.

Be Nice!
This should be obvious, but please be kind and respectful to others when posting. Differences of opinion are fine and encouraged, but please refrain from insults and general trolling. We'll let you know if we think there's a problem, but reserve the right to remove members at any time. You assume responsibility for what you post, including any legal liability and costs.

Accordingly, if you happen across a post that makes you angry, step away from the keyboard and take a breather before you feed the drama llama! If you run across an inflammatory post, please let me or other moderators know and we'll handle it quietly. If you can reply civilly, go for it! If not, please hold back -- I'd like this forum to be a pleasant place to discuss packed lunches.

Respect the Intellectual Property of Others
* You have the right to post photos hosted elsewhere (such as Flickr or Photobucket), but these are limited to images that you have copyright on or have permission to use. Do not post photos or graphics that infringe on copyrighted trademarks, including graphics or logos that you've copied from other web pages. If you find a really cool-looking bento lunch photo on the web, get permission to use the photo first (and note that permission in your post) or just post a link. Standards for avatars (profile photos or graphics) are looser to reflect common practice, so have fun with them!

* Please do not post long verbatim quotes from other websites or books, including cookbooks, as this violates copyright law. If it's a website, provide a summary and a link where readers can go for the full post. If it's from a book, you may summarize and provide a few sentences max of direct quotation ("fair use"). Copyrighted recipes are not suitable for posting, but bear in mind that straight lists of ingredients cannot be copyrighted -- only the wording of the directions. So if you want to post a recipe from a book, don't copy it verbatim here. Instead, link to it on Amazon or another web page, or create your own directions or variation. If you create a variation on a copyrighted recipe, please be sure to acknowledge the source of the original recipe so we can all appreciate where we came from.

* If posts or images are found to be in violation of copyright law, they will be deleted and the user warned.

Don't Flack
I know it's tempting for people with stores and businesses to use forums as an opportunity to advertise themselves, but there's a limit. Some guidelines:

* Please disclose direct commercial affiliations you have with a subject you're posting about. For example, if you work for Zojirushi, please mention that fact when discussing Zojirushi products. Your opinion is still welcome, but such disclosure helps other readers understand where you're coming from (and boosts your credibility in the long run).

* I've created a Marketplace sub-forum for commerce and shameless self-promotion; that's the best place to talk about buying and selling lunch gear. Repeated posts from sellers actively advertising their wares in other sub-forums will be grounds for a warning.

* I've enabled signatures, so you may include a brief link to your store or website in your post signatures if you like. Please do not abuse this by posting two-word comments everywhere just to advertise your store or site; if it becomes unmanageable I will disable the signature feature.

Agreement changes
The terms of the user agreement may be modified at any time. The most current version will always be available on the site.
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