Cold foods?

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Cold foods?

Postby smoke » Wed Sep 29, 2010 5:57 am

I'm having trouble wracking my brain for a good "cold" lunch box. Actually, room-temperature is preferable because of my teeth. Everything I seem to come up with has at least one part that wants to go in the microwave.

I don't like raw vegetables, except for a select few, and I tire of them quickly. I'm not to big on natural-state fruit either. I've bitten into too many things that either taste bitter or have no taste at all. I will eat processed plant matter, but I prefer vegetable taste paired with something else. (As I understand it, spinach dip is mostly cheese.)
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Re: Cold foods?

Postby gfbentomom » Wed Sep 29, 2010 9:18 am

What about roasted veggies-just a bit crisp , not too mushy? for flavor add dried herbs etc. before roasting or drizzle with an infused olive oil and freshly grated sea salt or toss with a vinaigrette. You get the idea. Roasted veggie salad. What about chicken sausages for the protein. Basically any sausage/wiener w/or w/out dipping sauce tastes good room temp. Just warm up and then let cool down to room temp in the a.m. Don't need to be kept cold w/ icepack. A grain/pasta or potato salad to round out the meal

I like broiled salmon. Is just fine room temp. and easy to do in the a.m. The key to tasty room temp meats is to have them well seasoned. Breaded things work well too. Kiddo went off to school today with breaded pork cutlet, breaded potato croquette and hard boiled egg-all eaten room temp.

For fruits, try a cooked fruit compote if you're wanting to get away from raw. Think very chunky applesauce/apple crisp filling like consistancy. Pears and cranberries, apples and tart cherries, peaches and blueberries etc.

Invest in a thermos for keeping warm foods.

I send pasta tossed w butter of olive oil salt and pepper and ham and green peas or pepperoni w/broccoli or broccolini with DS and it's eaten room temp. with parmesan on the side for sprinkling on.

Grain salads can be made with any leftover cooked grain-rice, quinoa, brown rice etc. and tossed w/ vinagrette or oil and citrus juice. Add in any combo of dried fruit, nuts, chopped celery, canned beans, corn, salsa, herbs, chicken, tuna, ham or other protein etc.
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