Vegan Candies- A Tip

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Vegan Candies- A Tip

Postby RyeBlossom » Mon Sep 07, 2009 7:58 pm

(I'm sorry veganf, I couldn't comment on your website, and this is faster for me)
Kosher products do not contain any insect-derived anything, ever.
If a candy carries a kosher symbol, and doesn't have a 'D' or "Dairy' next to the kosher symbol, all is left to check if for eggs or honey in the product (I assume there's no fish there, because that too should be indicated next to the kosher symbol, if present).
If there's none of the above ingredients, and there's no meat there, then I think it should be safe to say it's vegan (unless there's something else about being vegan that I'm not aware of...).
But either way, at least if it's kosher you know there are no insect-derived colors or glycerin or what not, in the product.
I hope it helps.

I believe DumDums are kosher too, though not carrying a kosher symbol.
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