How I cook Monte Cristo

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How I cook Monte Cristo

Postby smoke » Fri Apr 02, 2010 5:42 pm

My first introduction to Monte Cristo was some deep-fried monstrosity at Fridays or Applebees or some other chain pub/restaurant. The greek-influenced diners Lake County Indiana do a healthier version. My version is not true to tradition and a bit dry, but there is very little chance for bacteria.

As I understand traditional versions; you make a ham, turkey, and cheese sandwich. You then dip the entire thing in a milk and egg wash and grill it. When I'm eating mine right away, I just dip the bread in the egg wash, cook the "inside" first while frying the lunchmeats, then assemble the sandwich and cook the outside like a grilled cheese.

When making a monte cristo for the bento box, I'll just assemble a turkey, ham, and cheese sandwich on cold french toast.
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Re: How I cook Monte Cristo

Postby elenacala » Fri Apr 23, 2010 5:18 pm

Thats a good idea to grill it, b/c I watched a food network thing where they dipped it in some sort of heavy batter and then deep fried it, it looked good, but also deadly. Your version almost makes me think of a croque monsiour, this french sandwich that has lunch meat typically ham i think and then cheese and then you dip one side of the sandwhich bread into the egg milk mixture and then assemble the sandwhich and then dip one side of the other peice of bread but put it wit hthe wet side facing up so when you flip it it cooks. In my french class we served them with a holandaise type sauce, but i prefer them without them.
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