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Lunch in a Box started as a way of sharing healthy lunch options with a Japanese influence. Bento Boxes are single portioned packed meals common in Japanese cuisine. The word bento means ‘convenient’. The goal of Lunch in a Box is tasty healthy lunches with minimal morning prep.

You can get a feel for bento-style lunches and this website by reading the bento FAQ, then looking through the Top Speed Tips and Recipes pages. Bento gear sources include the online bento store list, the Lunch in a Box Amazon store, and the Bento Store Locator (BSL) with Google Maps for international reader-generated retail store listings and feedback. I also started a couple of Flickr photo groups: Kid Eats about children’s lunches and Lunchbox Recipes for food recipes that are particularly well suited to packed lunches. If these are up your alley, please stop by!

About comments

Comments are welcome on all of the posts, recent or old. I would ask that sellers refrain from posting self-promotional comments, and that when recommending a product or website you disclose any related commercial affiliations you might have so that we can understand where you’re coming from. Comments are not an appropriate place for PR pitches or advertising; You can subscribe to Lunch in a Box via RSS feed or by e-mail update.

Press, awards and notable web mentions

With Westernized bento boxes major stores all over, bento lunches have gone mainstream in the West recently. For notable mentions of Lunch in a Box in the press and on the web, see the Press and Awards page.

Advertising and reviews

Lunch in a Box has an Amazon store with favorite lunch-packing products and books. To support the running of the website, Lunch in a Box receives a small commission from sales made from the store, other Amazon links, and other affiliate links on the site. If you are an advertiser interested in placing an ad on Lunch in a Box, please see the information on the Advertise page. I occasionally write non-paid mini reviews of things in my kitchen; see the Product Reviews page for a full list and my review policy.

Thank you for visiting Lunch in a Box!