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Posted on Jun 25, 2014 in admin, Shopping | 2 comments

Limited edition “Bento Sensei” shirts for J-POP

Limited edition “Bento Sensei” shirts for J-POP

Bento Sensei t-shirt

Are you a wiz at packing bento lunches? Let ‘em know who they’re dealing with in a limited edition “Bento Sensei” shirt.

I’m gearing up for the 2014 J-POP Summit in San Francisco July 19-20, and thought it would be fun to have custom “Bento Sensei” shirts made for that. The kanji on the front says, “Bento Sensei,” nothing crazy like “bite the wax tadpole” or anything.  ;-)

Instead of just putting them up on CafePress where markups are higher and print quality is a bit lower (silkscreen vs. digital printing), this design by Lunch in a Box reader Corgi is available on until Thursday, July 3 at 2AM EDT. The basic grey t-shirt is $15, with long-sleeved tees, tank tops, fitted women’s tees, premium tees, and hoodies in other colors running a bit more. Just regular shirts, nothing that says “Lunch in a Box” on them.

Teespring is a crowd-funded type operation. If we get 75 orders by July 3rd, they’ll print all the shirts at the low price, and ship them out to arrive July 13-17. If we don’t get 75 orders by July 3rd, no one is charged anything (no risk) but we don’t get shirts either (no reward). Want to help make these shirts happen? Reserve yours at

Bento Sensei shirts on Teespring

In other commercial news, I’ve started offering bento classes, bento kitchen reorganizations, and tours. If you’re coming to San Francisco, give me a buzz!


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  1. I find the red dot too distracting. I like the concept though.

  2. i would like a tank but i dont like the gray color, would like it green, or dark blue/purple