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Posted on Apr 3, 2009 in Equipment, Giveaway | 12 comments

Giveaway winner & Sacramento Bee article

Giveaway winner & Sacramento Bee article


We’ve got a winner in the Kids Konserve metal lunch kit giveaway (see my full review), and some additional giveaways around the bento community. If you didn’t win this one, the company is giving away another of their metal lunch kits for Earth Day on April 22nd, 2009. Comment on their blog post for a chance to win.

Kids Konserve giveaway winner

Congratulations go to reader Cyntilla in Italy (comment #278), who would pack a double-layer ham & cheese sandwich with crispy lettuce and corn salad, a fruit salad (strawberries, apple and kiwi) in one container, some meat and veg stir-fry in the other, and mint white tea in the drink bottle. Cyntilla, I’ll be in touch to get your shipping address for Kids Konserve to send your kit.

In other news, I was in a Sacramento Bee feature article the other week about bento lunches (“Bring Your Own Lunch“), and filmed a seven-minute video about making speed bentos (it’s on the online article). We filmed it in their kitchen studio in Sacramento, which took almost four hours plus drive time — we were so hungry by the end that Gina, the cameraman and I devoured everything I made right after the shoot. Still, it was the first time I’d done non-live video for bento stuff, which was a really interesting experience. Thanks, guys! Lunch in a Box was also featured on’s parenting site, in a slideshow called “The Rules of Bento”.

Other Bento Giveaways: (taken from the bento contest announcement section of the Lunch in a Box Forum)

  • Two Ichiban Kan bento kits from Mission: Vegan (deadline April 22, 2009, open to all)
  • Ichiban Kan bento starter kit from Maisie Eats Bento (deadline April 5, 2009, open only to people with blogs)



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  1. Biggie, they mentioned the website in the April 09 Parent & Child magazine (pg 34). You’re everywhere now!

  2. ^Wow, REALLY?? I gotta check that magazine out now - I’m so delighted that you’re gaining more and more recognition in America now! Bentos are a fantastic, beautiful and efficient method of transporting food…and Americans oughta know about it too! =D

  3. @1 from Tiffany: Really? I had no idea. I called around local bookstores this afternoon to try to track down a copy, but came up empty-handed. Guess I’ll order one from them directly so I can check it out. Was it part of a larger article on bentos?

  4. Its great that she won, Biggie. I am checking out the article now.

  5. Also I wish you would make Youtube videos of yourself showing us the art of lunchboxes :)

  6. Hi Biggie! You were the first bento blog that I read, the one that started it all! Thank you so much for your helpful bento ideas and efficient tips, your is still the most helpful to me!

    I know you probably get lots of requests, but as I am a school teacher in a low-income school, I wanted to let you know that is having a Blog competition where bloggers can really make a HUGE difference for schools. I’d really appreciate your help!

    Thanks again for always blogging your wonderful bentos, I always look forward to your blogs!

  7. Biggie you were also featured in Marin Independent Journal yesterday. I have a hard copy of the paper. I can get you a copy if you like. Let me know.

  8. @8 from Sharon J.: Really? I had no idea. Is it a reprint of the Sacramento Bee article? I haven’t seen it and would be most grateful for one — very generous of you to offer. I’ll e-mail you separately with logistics.

  9. It is a reprint. hehehe. It was called Frugal to go. Did you still want a copy?

  10. I miss your regular posts with bentos in them. Any plan to resume those soon, or is it forums only from now on?

  11. @11 from jeneration: Absolutely plan to resume those; that’ll be my next post. Sorry about the unprecedented silence these past few weeks — I’m coming out of a bit of a personal crisis that brought things to a halt, and am finally feeling more up to writing about lunch again.

  12. @12 from Biggie: I hope that things look up on the personal front quickly. Life should always come before blogging! I’m glad to hear that things are moving back towards normal, and wish you strength to deal with what you need to deal with. That said, I’m really looking forward to seeing you posting again :)