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Posted on Mar 27, 2009 in Equipment, Giveaway | 476 comments

Giveaway: Kids Konserve metal lunch kit

Giveaway: Kids Konserve metal lunch kit


Kids Konserve ButterflyLunchKit Like the look of a stylish metal lunch set but don’t want to plunk down the cash? Kids Konserve has kindly offered to give away a lunch kit and metal condiment container that I reviewed in full here. The winner of this international giveaway can choose between their classic green set, or one of the cute butterfly- or caterpillar-themed lunch sets.

Bonus: If you don’t win the giveaway and want to order something on your own, they’ve also given Lunch in a Box readers a special 10% discount off items purchased from their website through September 30, 2009 (coupon code is lunchbox). (Read on for information on how to enter the giveaway, and other March bento community giveaways.)

Kids Konserve Caterpillar LunchI asked that Kids Konserve open up the giveaway to readers all over the world, not just the U.S., and they agreed (yay!). To enter, leave one comment below with the ideal meal you’d pack to pack in the lunch kit. Entries will be accepted until midnight on Thursday, April 2, 2009, and I’ll choose one comment at random on April 3 using the random number generator.

The winner will receive the set of two 250ml round containers with green plastic lids, a reusable Food Kozy sandwich wrapper, a metal drink bottle, a cloth placemat/napkin, and a canvas carrying bag. Additionally, they’ll throw in an 80ml stainless steel condiment container, usually sold in a set of four. The whole set is a US$44-46 value, shown on the Kids Konserve store. The winner can choose which design they’d like, either classic green, or the cuter butterfly or caterpillar versions. One comment per reader, please, and comments without meal details will not be considered.

For ideas on what to pack, check out the thousands of lunch photos in the Bento Boxes group on Flickr or the Bentolunch community on LiveJournal.

Kids Konserve metal lunch set

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  1. Hmmm…I think I’d go for a club sandwich with a side of fresh berries in one container and a mix of dipping veggies in the other, and for the condiment container some veggie dip. You really can’t beat fresh and crisp for a spring lunch. ^o^

  2. Oh my god , these are so beautiful !!! Thanks for sharing and also for the chance to win !! I cross my fingers ^-^ Smooches

  3. I would stick a pita in the bag and use one container for pita fillings like hummus, cucumber, and green pepper. Then in the other some strawberries, dates, and cut squares of swiss cheese. OOH! Makes my mouth water!

  4. I’m trying to start my 14-year-old granddaughter on bento-ing, and she’s a picky eater, so I think I’d start with a “faux lunchable” (my “Pepperoni Pizza Bento-able”) and include water crackers (crust), container of pizza sauce, pepperoni slices, shredded cheese, and fruit.

  5. An avocado and hummus sandwich, a container of fresh fruit, a container of carrots and an herb yogurt dip in condiment cup.

  6. I’m trying to get into bento-ing, so I think this would be a perfect.
    I’d probably go with rice with pork, spring salad, and whatever fresh fruit I had around.

  7. Some of the meals listed sound really good; I’m not sure what I’d pack.

  8. As it’s almost passover, and I have to pack proper lunches for school, I’m thinking Matzo ball soup (hope it stays upright!) and brisket. Why not be multi-cultural? Some fresh fruit if I can find space.

  9. I have three obsessions, Japan, Twilight, and bento! All of which quality merchandise seems to be lacking in my neck of the woods. Fortunatley, Biggie is here to give me frequent bento “fixes”. THANK YOU!!!

  10. I would pack meatballs made of chicken, egg, breadcrumbs, chopped green olives, pinenuts, lemon zest and thyme (I make these on the weekend, and freeze in small batches for lunches during the week). Dipping sauce of yoghurt and mint in the condiment container. The other large container would hold salad of spinach, thinly sliced red onion, bacon and blue cheese dressing. Sandwich wrapper would hold slice of carrot cake, and drink bottle would hold grapefruit green tea (which can be drunk warm or cold.)

  11. hmm.. the perfect packed lunch.. kabocha pumpkin seasoned with cumin and balsamic vinegar, steamed korean sweet potato, with some Greek yogurt.. and an apple.

  12. Green tea in the drink container, thick soup in 1 container with croutons in a small container, mixed cubed fruit in the other small container and a vegie burger. :)

  13. oooh!
    hmmm…pesto pasta salad with cherry tomatoes and spinach in one tub, quorn scotch eggs in half of other tub, fruit (strawberries sliced ‘nana etc )in other half with a reusable divider in between
    flapjack (english meaning) in wrapper
    probably apple juice or real lemonade in bottle

  14. haha… getting it for free is different. I know just the right family for this. Seeing the metal makes me think of all the tiffin 4th of July lunches my mom used to pack when I was younger. Because of this I would go all American. Potato salad, watermelon chunks (in the containers), mini grilled burgers (in the sandwich wrapper), and yummy lemonade iced tea to wash it down.

  15. In the big ones, I would put rottini pasta and fruit slices (strawberries and canteloupes, yay!), in the little one, I would put meat balls and an egg. My hubby is very picky with his lunches, so I have a very limited list of choices.. The drink container will have coffee. Mmm. Coffee.

  16. Hmmmm, a nutella sandwich, chicken salad and grapes1

  17. hhm. Ideally (in the happy world I don’t have to cook) - I’d order from our local sushi house - Sushi Masa, and go eat lunch with my son!

    If I am making the meal
    - little kabobs with cheese, tomato and chicken
    - kashi wheat crackers
    - carrots
    - pomegranate
    - a tiny piece of chocolate

  18. I’ll have to default to my son’s favorite lunch: mini peanut butter sandwiches, grapes, cheese, and rice cakes. I’m hoping a cool new bento expands his horizons! ;-)

  19. Ooh, so pretty.

    I would make orzo pasta salad with feta, tomatoes, and basil in one container, raw veggies (cucumbers, red peppers) in the other, with a bit of humus in the condiment container for the veggies. And water in the bottle. Yummy. Thanks!

  20. I would like to fill it with home made mini tortillas, guacamole and refried beans as well as other toppings :) I’m into mexican food right now!

  21. A nice salad with some chicken and hard boiled eggs on top. With some fresh fruit and a protein beverage in the thermos.

  22. I would make a curry soup with nudels for one bowl. Small pieces of fruit for another and the last I would use for nuts and some chocolate:D

  23. oh Wow!

    Finally something made for sandwiches! I’d definitely pack my pb&j… with cheese crackers, and then probably grapes with a dollop of yogurt to dip them in. I’d partially freeze the water bottle to act as an icepack to keep everything cool to, and depending on the weather, I may pop in a few re-usable icecubes.

  24. my kiddos are really into taco salad. I could use one tin for the salad, one for the chips and then the little round tins would be perfect for salsa, sour cream etc. these are so cute and handy!

  25. My daughter is still too young to handle small condiment containers, so her bentos usually consist of a diced sandwich, omelette, or pasta with sliced kiwis or berries and theo nly veggies that I can get her to eat without being pureed: peas!

  26. Mm…I’d go for water, some soba, a tofu stir-fry, and pickled veggies for the condiment container!

  27. This set is really cute. I would use this for my blackbean chicken cilantro soup with side of pasta with pesto sauce and add a small salad.

  28. How beautiful! I would pack a turkey sandwich with avocado, tomatoes, and a slice of romaine lettuce in the sandwich wrap. I would put some chicken broth with tofu in one of the bigger container. I would put some mixed berries (strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries) in the smaller container and since they would throw in another container, I would put plain yougurt for my daughter to dip her fruit in (she is a big dipper!). She is a big water drinker so I would put water in the canister and maybe flavor it with a slice of kiwi. I would absolutly love to win this for my daughter who is 5. She has lots of bento boxes I pack for her snacks and all the kids swarm her at recess/snack time! Wish me luck!

  29. Tamales with mole sauce, and some Salvadorean sauerkraut (I can’t remember the name right now).

  30. It’s cold here today with blizzard conditions…so it’d have to be HOT! I would pack Buffalo “Porcupine Balls” in sauce, an old school mixed vegetable medley, and for a dessert to get me through nursing school today, a couple of strawberries with sour cream and brown sugar. (And of course water in the bottle….I am tired of the plastic taste, and leaks!) Woo! Wish me luck!

  31. Ideal meal? Lets start with a Spinach based salad with Cherry tomatoes, red onion, egg, cucumber, and cottage cheese with Sprouts on top. Enochi Mushrooms wrapped in bacon strips for a nice side and My totally awesome White Chili. For desert, a strawberry and blueberry mix with just a touch of sugar lightly coating the natural juices. Perfect for lunch. :D

  32. Tacos. Fresh corn tortillas in the sandwich wrap, pork doused in adobo in one container, salsa in the other, diced onions and cilantro in the condiment container, agua fresca in the drink bottle.

  33. I am just learnig about the whole world of bento boxes. I have a preschooler who will be needing lunch to go very soon. I would pack her favorites for the first meal. Whole wheat penne, meatballs and marinara sauce to dip the pasta in. And a side salad of romaine, cherry tomatoes, cucumber slices, with a mango pudding dressing on top.

  34. That large round container is just begging for a sandwich on a bun - and since my kids only eat cheese sandwiches, a cheese sandwich it will have to be. I’d also pack assorted pieces of fruit, and the smallest container would hold “dessert” - a few animal crackers and some raisins.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  35. Hmmm…a nice veggie sammy, some fruits & berries in the little container, my yummy homemade jicama chips in the other container….

  36. Ok, in the main container I would have some kimchi beef. I’m not quite sure that the sandwich wrap would come in useful at this point. In an other container I would of course put some lovely rice to eat my beef with. In the condiment container I would put some radish kimchi, or some other yummy, mega delicious kind. mmmm… im hungry already

  37. Oh NEAT! I think I would pack fresh fruit, and a yummy spinach salad with chicken and goat cheese.

  38. SO cute! I think I’d put chili in one container; shredded lettuce, tomato, avocado, onion in the other one… wrap up some corn chips in the sandwich wrap, put a little mayo and sour cream in the condiment cup, and have a chili pile-up for lunch… Yum! :D

  39. Hmmmm… If things turned out the way I wanted them to, then I’d pick

    Tonkatsu with sauce;

    Pickled radishes, those little yellow cherry tomatoes, and some blueberries;

    A crepe with Nutella in the sandwich wrap;

    Water in the thermos.

  40. I’d pack a hearty sandwich with lots of snacks.

  41. Ideally, I would pack chicken curry and basmati rice. Really, the Kid’s Conserve is perfect for that with the two little containers, because the curry and the rice aren’t supposed to touch until they are on your plate or you are eating it.

    Oh and sweet tea. Everything should be served with sweet tea!


  42. What a beautiful set! I will have to check out their website! I think I would have a vegetable slaw in one container, and some yogurt with granola in the other container! Yummy!

  43. Ooo, 1 container in a lovely salad. Putting rice & veg in the other, with some sort of soothing fruit-y (homemade) drink in the container.

  44. My 4 year old son has a wheat/gluten, milk, egg, shellfish, peanut allergy so bento lunch boxes are ideal for him.

    Would include:
    1st container - Small portion of wheat/gluten free pasta salad (chicken, sweetcorn, cucumber, egg free mayo)
    4 small avocado sushi’s with container of tamari wheat free soy sauce
    2nd container - Half a mandarin, blueberries and grapes.
    Ice cold water in the bottle so can also keep the food cool and fresh.

  45. I would pack chicken salad on a bed of lettuce with grape tomatoes on the side, some raisins and fruit, a small portion of yogurt and ice water to drink!

  46. I would pack a nice BLT sandwich on a pretty round bun with mayo in one round container, and in the other, coleslaw with asian sesame dressing. And probably apple juice to drink, because it is tasty. :)

    I like the bento containers, they are super pretty. :)

  47. I would put kimchi and rice in the big container, and in the other, orange segments with salt and a graham cracker.

  48. I would pack yogurt and berries in one container and some crackers and a piece of chocolate in the other. Iced tea to drink - yum!

  49. This set is gorgeous! My little guy loves fruit, so one container would definitely have a selection of in-season, local berries. The other would get some local fresh veggies with a touch of dip. The wrap would get a roll up, probably peanut butter, since that is his current fave and good old fashioned ice water in the bottle!

  50. A small salad with endive, pear, and bleu cheese in one container, brown rice with veggies in the other, and maybe some kisses in the little one! Drink container would probably have fruit juice.

  51. Nice! I like the green.

    My 6yo would love his “yummiest of yummy tofu dinner” in one container (like ma po tofu, with some bok choy, bamboo shoots & green beans). In the second container, fruit & berries. And I bet the little condiment container would actually hold one of my mini muffins perfectly!

  52. Hmmm . . . I’m thinking:

    A savory muffin of some sort in the wrap, a pasta salad in one of the bowls, with fruit and yogurt or cottage cheese in the other. Most likely with Vita10 (my latest addiction) to drink. Oh, and some tasty dark chocolate chips and almonds in the condiment container too for dessert!

  53. I would pack some onigiri w/ umbeoshi filling & bonito flake furikake & some shrimp/veggie stir fuy sauce..mmmm
    I’d sneak some chocolate into the condiment container, becuase what girl can say no to chocolate :)

  54. I would pack a small salad and some chicken and cous cous. Maybe some fruit, too.

  55. Tuna sandwich in the sandwich wrap, baby carrots and slices of red & yellow peppers in one container, fruit salad in the 2nd container and some sort of yogurt based dip for the veggies in the condiment container. Either water or iced tea in the drink container.

  56. I would pack rice and veggies/tofu in a tasty sauce. I would also include fruit and mini foods or cheese.

  57. Well, I got into doing Bento Boxes so that my very picky 13 yr. old daughter would eat something for lunch. She was eating a bagel for, a bagel for lunch…and nothing else!! With the Bento Boxes..she would FINALLY eat a meal because it was ‘cute’!!

    I can’t get her to eat eggs, cheese, rice or pasta of any kind at lunch so…I would probably send a steamed bun in the larger metal container, cut up strawberries, grapes, blackberries and/ raspberries in one of the smaller containers and possibly a chex mix or more fruit in the 2nd small metal container. The large flask would be perfect for her favorite liquid beverage of the summer…lemonade!!

    Like I said before…presentation and eye appeal is everything to this teenager. You have a winner here. Best of luck!!

  58. My ideal lunch would be: curried egg salad and homemade hummus on bed of romaine in one container, and a mango/avocado salad and carrot chips in the other, the sandwhich wrapper would have pita bread and the drink container would have apple/grape water.

  59. This would be so cool to have out at the picnic table at my office building once it gets warm enough to eat outside. For my menu I would have:

    container 1: seashell pasta salad with tuna and peas
    container 2: spinach salad with strawberries and red onion
    condiment container: poppyseed dressing
    wrap: a slice of lemon pound cake
    bottle: raspberry lemonade

  60. a very cute set!

    Hmmm a special meal for a special set…

    Avacado, cucumber,Carrot, smoked salmon california roll sections with wasabi dipping sauce in one teir. 2 deviled eggs, on a bed of greens in the second. Yogurt w/ honey in the condiment cup. Peach Iced tea in the bottle.
    Not sure if I would use the sandwich wrapper right away. I am very tired of sandwiches.

  61. I would pack a focaccia “pizza” with basil, tomatoes, and fresh mozzarella drizzled with olive oil in the sandwich pack, mushroom risotto in the big container, and marinara sauce (for dipping the sandwich) in the smaller container.

  62. California rolls, chocolate pudding, berries, and ice tea.

  63. they seem so nice

    I am looking at the non plastic options to use on Boy Scout adventures for the Kid and myself

  64. I’d keep it simple and pack a sandwich (ham and cheese) with almonds and pretzels in one container and strawberries and blueberries in the other container.

  65. They are gorgeous, I would pack some veggie fried rice in one of the bigger pots, then some fishballs and sweet chilli sauce, with some sliced fruit, and water in the drinks bottle.

  66. What a cute lunch set!!

    I’d prob go with a taco bar- meat and cheese in one container; salsa, lettuce, a little guac in the other. Mini tortillas should fold nicely into the sandwich bag :-)

  67. Hmmm I’ve been experimenting with Indian food lately so I’m thinking of a nice curry like madras or a hotter one, steamed rice, maybe some home made naan bread in the sandwich wrapper and raïta in the drinking bottle.

  68. blueberry-pomegranate juice, grilled chicken slices, baby spinach salad, bowtie pasta w/italian dressing. Cadbury egg for dessert!

  69. 1. baked ziti w/ zucchini
    2. apples and blueberries
    drink: herbal mint tea
    sandwhich wrap mat: slice of banana bread

  70. Definitely some tofu stir fry with rice, broccoli & baby carrots on the side, and apple wedges for dessert.

  71. Half a wholemeal pita stuffed with shredded chicken breast meat with avacado mushy spread in that sandwich wrap; Green mango relish (aka kerabu mangga)in one of the round containers and cherry tomatoes and cubed cucumbers with raw shallots in the 2nd. The small condiment container will hold enough sun dried raisins for a snack. My favorite snazzy water (sliced cucumber/mint leaves/squeezed lemon in cold filtered water) in that stainless steel drink container. What a healthy meal to be had!

  72. Oooh, those are lovely!

    The little metal containers make me want to pack some potato salad (with a little ice pack, for food safety) in one, an assortment of cut apples in another, and if it were for my teenager, who needs more food, a cheese quesadilla in the reusable lunch bag.

    Yay lunch!

  73. I would love to pack something like curry or stew that’s more watery. Or even just mac & cheese with hotdogs! :) I think anything would look nicer in a lunch box like that.

  74. I think I’d pack lamb curry with a rice cap in one tin, and cold roasted veggies, quail eggs, and green salad in the other, with maybe a couple grape tomatoes.

    the “condiment cup” would get chocolate pudding, and be frozen over night, so that hopefully it will thaw enough by lunch for eating, without being messy enough to leak on the way to work or school. Garlic bread, or a bagel in the wrap.

  75. Awesome!!! I have been wanting one of these specific kits for a while now. I’m soo excited to see that this contest is international.

    I’d probably pack a small fruit salad, a nice sandwich, maybe some soup.. and a baggy of veggie sticks. Can’t forget water or some nice tea :)

    Good luck to me! haha

  76. My perfect meal will always be pasta with meat sauce, a slice of italian bread, a small side salad, and parmasean cheese. My beverage of choice would normally be milk but since I much rather my milk very cold I would probably pack apple juice.

  77. My son is allergic to peanuts & tree nuts and needs to bring his own lunch to school everyday. So I would give this lunch set to him and pack his favorite foods: tuna sandwich on wheat bread, sweet potato chips, strawberries, and an oatmeal cookie.

  78. I would pack avocado maki and a spring roll in one of the containers. In the other fresh berries (blue and straw) and pineapple. In the wrap I’d have a nice piece of naan. In the small sauce container I’d have hummus to dip the naan in.
    There’d be water in the drink container! I so love the butterfly one!
    Thanks Biggie!

  79. That looks perfect for a breakfast-for-lunch bento! A toasted waffle wrapped up in the sandwich bag, fruit and yogurt in the containers. Thanks for the giveaway!

  80. I would pack my daughter’s favorite, Rice with sprinkles and octodogs!

  81. I need to lose weight and love my bentos but I have been SO lazy in packing them. I lack motivation and time. I am gone from 8 am to 10 pm MTWTh nights and am so exhausted I fall into bed. I know what I need to do, but I’m just being difficult. Anyone else have these probs? Or is it just me…? :(

  82. Whether I packed it for me or my kids, the meal would probably be similar (just to save time). I always do a sandwich (or crackers and cheese/meats), fruits, veggies and a dessert. I’ve just begun using Bento boxes and I’m not very creative yet, but my boys still love them. And so do their friends. :-) My bentos are usually pretty American, although I hope to try more Japanese-style foods, too. :-)

  83. It’s really great to open this giveaway to readers all over the world !

    Well, the ideal meal I’d pack in this is :
    - An aspargus or mushrooms risotto
    - A salad (any green salad) with olive oil and balsamic vinegar on a small bottle
    - Some water or water with lemon juice in the bootle.
    I’d sit near La Madeleine

  84. Just found your site-very cool! And that lunch kit is adorable! You’ve inspired me to start bento-ing!

  85. I would pack a fruit, yogurt, and granola parfait, a bowtie pasta salad with peas and diced turkey and italian dressing, and water.

  86. Ooops! Forgot to mention my perfect lunch…
    chicken salad sandwich
    sweet pickles
    mango and blueberries
    and a mini gingerbread muffin

  87. Since I go crazy for pasta and shrimp, a perfect lunch for me would be anything with the two together (May it be Italian noodles or Asian noodles). hehe

  88. With summer coming I’d pack the Albondigas (Mexican meatball) soup, some jicama, a lovely salad with raspberry vinaigrette and I’d fill the water container with Agua de Melon - Cantalope water. Hmmmm Now I’m hungry! LOL

  89. An adorable set like that needs a fun lunch!
    I would pack a Greek flatbread in the sandwich bag, and fill one little container with hummus, cucumbers, green peppers and diced tomato. The condiment container would get a scoop of tzatsiki.
    The other container would be filled with cut up melon and grapes.
    Beverage bottle would just be water, frozen overnight to keep everything cold.

  90. Spinach and shiitake mushroom frittata, cut into toddler-appropriate pieces, with steamed broccoli florets on the side. In the second container, fresh fruit and a mini muffin. In the condiment container, plain yogurt to be used as a dip for the broccoli or fruit. Water in the bottle.

  91. I think I’d pack pierogies (I’m into them lately) with some sort of sauce, a tofurky/colby/avacado sandwich and some nice fresh berries.

  92. A goat cheese and tomato sandwich with guacamole spread (grilled, naturally) in the sandwich pack. The side containers would have a bowtie pasta salad with edamame, and a veggie salad with squash, zucchini, and carrot flowers. The condiment container would have a mini cupcake with rainbow sprinkles, and the metal drink bottle would have peach raspberry sweet tea.

  93. I’d put a nice feta and spinach salad in one bowl and some thik greek yogurt in the other. I’m on a Greek kick at the moment. The smaller snack bowl would get roasted almonds. Filtered water for the bottle.

  94. Um… I’m thinking, leftover chili in one container (with the extra liquid drained off to protect against spills), maybe some guacamole in the other container, tortillas in the sandwich wrap to go with the guac, and perhaps some sour cream and a little cheese in the condiment container. Crystal Light in the drink bottle, because I’m trying to cut down on both sugar and caffeine. :)

  95. My 17-year-old daughter would love, love, love this. She’d pack a sandwich (Ezekiel bread with natural PB&J or turkey with lettuce) in the wrap, and bring strawberries/blackberries in the containers. The condiment container is perfect for salad dressing - she likes bringing salad to school because the cafeteria salads are not very good. The drink bottle will contain filtered water. Yum!

  96. Now that my daughter has been moved to the PB free table we are needing lots of new ideas. I think we could do chunks of turkey and cheese in one container and some fruit in the other.

  97. Since I usually pack lunches for my DD to take to school, I’d have to say veggies with hummus, some yogurt and fruit, and a cheese quesadilla on whole grain wraps. Easy stuff is her fave!

  98. I would pack fried rice with some chilli chicken in one container, fruits including strawberries and kiwi as snack in another and water in the bottle. Thanks!

  99. Mmmmm….peanut butter and banana sandwich, pineapple, strawberries and watermelon…and it’s a toss-up between yogurt or brown rice pudding. :)

  100. Wow!! Those are so nice looking. I’d love a chance to win one.

  101. i’d go for spicy moroccan chicken with chickpeas and cous cous, with maybe some stewed rhubarb and yoghurt for dessert

  102. pomegranate/seltzer spritzer in the bottle, cold ginger peanut soba noodles in one container, carrots, cucumber adn peper sticks in the other. salad dressing for veggie dippings in the small container, and a piece of homemade banana nut bread in the Kozy wrap. Yum! I love this set!

  103. My son is new to bento: Sesame Rice Balls, Lemon Chicken, Broccoli, Carrots and Grapes (MUST have Ranch dressing in the condiment cup). He’s also big on iced tea. Thanks for the chance to win. ;)

  104. My kid loves fried rice, steamed broccoli and fresh carrots. I’d probably send just a few pickle slices (I know!) in the condiment cup since he LOVES them with everything.

  105. I’ve been making lots of soups lately, so here’s my lunch:

    Tin 1: Moroccan chickpea soup
    Tin 2: Dolmathes and mangoes
    Condiment Tin: Tzatziki
    Bottle: Cold tea

    (and if I’m really hungry, add some pita wedges to the Sandwich Wrapper)

    I love the design of these lunch sets — thank you so much for the opportunity to win them!

  106. I’d pack my daughter’s favorite lunch - last night’s leftover potstickers - in one bowl and sliced fresh strawberries and cucumbers in the others.

  107. Hmm, well, normally when I pack my lunches, rice is always a staple. I’ll probably have rice in one tin container and then to eat with the rice, I’ll would put in steamed pork marinated in soy sauce, oyster sauce, and shrimp sauce. Mmmm. It’s a Chinese dish. I don’t know how other people make it, but that’s how my mom makes it and she also puts slices of potato on top of the pork. It’s so good.

    I was going to go with chicken and broccoli or peas, but your assessment of the watertight-ness has me wondering if it’ll even stay in the container, which is why I went with the steamed pork and potatoes. Plus I think the broccoli would get soggy after a while.

    As for the bottle, I drink a lot of tea, so it’ll most likely be filled with that. For the smallest tin, I would throw in some baby carrots. I LOVE baby carrots!

  108. My daughter loves Japanese food so I’m thinking I would pack some Hello Kitty Onigiri, sliced Kamaboko (the kind with the pink around the edges), fresh berries, some soy milk, and can’t forget the pickles!! I hope I win!!

  109. I’d pack my favorite cold dishes - lemony bulgur pilaf with asparagus/spinach or pasta salad, and some edamame!

  110. I’d pack semolina pudding in one of the big containers and and some compote to go with it in the side container. In the other container I’d pack all sorts of vegetables like cherry tomatoes or cucumber. I’d fill some sort of herbal tea in the bottle. And I’d have a waffle in the sandwich wrapper. I love sweets :)

  111. man, i have been lusting after one of these packs, but (as one of the many, many unemployed) i just can’t afford it.

    i’d pack some macaroni and cheese, roasted broccoli, and some grapes in the sandwich bag. i’d probably just stick with good old fashioned h2o in the bottle, but if i was feeling fancy i’d do iced tea.

    come on randomizer, don’t fail me now!

  112. Ahhhh I closed the window before I entered! :P

    Alrighty! Well, Mostly there’d be raw veggies and leftover din-din in these things, but occasionally things like my moms venison tamales, or her delicious sauteed vegetable. Mmm-mm!

    Now I’m hungry…off to find some grub! :D

  113. I’d go with bacon & egg fried rice in one and mixed fruit in the other. Yum!

  114. My favourite lunch for this set would be gohan rice with an umeboshi, some balsamic chicken and some sautéed vegetables (onions, garlic, ginger, zucchinis and red bell pepper).
    And some strawberries with sugar and balsamic vinegar.

  115. My daughter would love this (me too!) - we usually stick with rice and chicken, plus maybe some cheese.

  116. hrm! i’m thinking…homemade mini baguette, with olive oil and some herbs to dip the bread in, lasagna rolls, a nice fruit salad of kiwi, strawberries, nectarines and grapes, a mini cupcake for dessert, all with homemade OJ.

  117. Hi - I love your blog and just started following it a few weeks ago (on Bloglines). My preschool-aged son will need to start taking his lunch to school soon so I’m planning ahead. In this awesome lunch kit, I would pack a sandwich with flax seed bread, hummus, leftover chicken breast, lettuce and cheese; a small fruit salad of strawberries and melon; yogurt in another container; and some fresh veggies and dip. My son only drinks water, so ice water in the drink container, and I’d pack it in a thermal lunchbox (because of the yogurt). Thank you for this great blog!

  118. I would do cheese quesadillas in the sandwich bag, fruit salad in one container,and quesadilla toppings/veggies in the other container and guacamole in the condiment container. MMM….

  119. I’d pack a lunch for my preschooler with leftover sauteed tofu, broccoli and carrot, some strawberries, some rice, and cheese strips.

  120. Split Pea soup with turkey sausage +
    Brown Rice with borcoli.
    “Agua de Limon” lemonade
    My 4 year old would love this Lunch and the new container.

  121. I would pack some rice and stir fried veggies. Thanks for the giveaway.

  122. I would pack any and all leftovers in the fridge and fruit/veggies that are available. Someone has to eat them!

  123. Pasta and veggies (left over from yesterday), cheese and grapes on a stick (3 year old’s current favorite), a few crackers, and some almonds.

    Water to wash it down.

  124. Wow, what a cool set! I think I’d have to keep it for myself, instead of DH. I’d put a nice fat turkey wrap in that sandwich holder with sprouts, which I love and DH can’t stand. Then some fruit & veggies and maybe a thick soup.

  125. 1) Mix of veggie and meat balls
    2) Milchreis (dessert made with Milk and Rice, vanilla, cinammon…)
    3) Milk also in the bottle (I like milk!!)
    4) slice of cake in the sandwich wrapper!!

    My preferred design is “BUTTERFLY WASTE-FREE LUNCH KIT”

  126. I would pack some mabo tofu, rice, and potstickers.

  127. I would pack a scrumptious lunch of Hainanese Chicken Rice complete with a serving of nutritious herbal soup. In the drink canister, I would pack my son’s favorite chocolate milk!

  128. Ooh, I’d pack a chickpea-salad sandwich, some fresh strawberries, and some yogurt dip. And just plain water to drink - maybe with a slice of lemon! :)

  129. I’ve seen the different lunch boxes on their website after the review you’ve done. The designs are really good.

    For the meal, I’d go for “roulés” of cooked ham and cheese and some small onigiri for one box. For the other one, i’d use a separator to put on one side some strawberries hidding a small part of brownie. On the other side, I’d put sticks of cucumber and carrot with a little silicone cup containing mayonnaise.

  130. I would pack a “build your own soft taco” kit…with warm beef and/or refried beans in one container, and lettuce, tomatoes, grated cheese in the other. A condiment container could hold some salsa or sour cream. Then I’d use the reusable sandwich bag or tortillas…wouldn’t have to worry about them getting squished, like a sandwich could.
    Thanks! Love your blog!

  131. A small salad, falafels in the big boxes, hummus dip in the condiment container and pita bread in the sandwich box. I like the Classic green set!

  132. Strawberries, hummus and cheese sandwich, and some pistachios.

  133. I would have tandoori chicken, saffron rice, sesame spinach,iced lemon tea

  134. I would pack fruit in the small box and a pasta dish - probably miniature farfelle with peas and ham - in the large box. I usually drink water, but I might go with some unsweetened iced tea in the thermos.

  135. I like the idea of a peanut butter sandwich in the sandwich wrap, grapes in one container, and maybe apples and a mini-cupcake in the second container.

  136. I’d pack rice with furikake, an umeboshi, soy-glazed carrot pieces, a little one-egg japanese omelette, and edamame in the pod. Yum!! I might include a melon gummy for dessert because I adore melon gummies (seriously, try them if you haven’t yet!).

  137. What a cute and fun set! I would probably make a little pineapple friend rice for one of the bowls and fill the other one with fresh strawberries and blueberries. And maybe a small half sandwich of tuna and cheese. In the smaller metal container, maybe a couple of candies for a treat. YAY!

  138. What a great looking lunch kit! I’d pack lentil soup and fruit salad in the large containers, pita bread in the sandwich holder and hummus in the small container. That would be something good to look forward to at lunchtime.

  139. I would pack:

    1st container: onigiri seasoned with furikake, chicken teriyaki, grill tofu, broccoli and edamame.

    2nd container: salad: spinach, lettuce, cherry tomatoes, sliced boiled eggs, and sliced ham.

    condiment container: fresh strawberry and sliced oranges.

    bottle: iced lemon tea.

  140. lets see, in one container I would fill with raspberries, sliced kiwi, big purple grapes and a few cherries - cut in half and pitted at home so not to lose the colour-. this fruit salad would fill two thirds of the container and would be very lightly drizzled with lime to give the sweetness something to react against.a small dollop of whipped creme in the center with a few mint leaves stuck in.

    for the next container it would be first filled part of the way with white rice. Then I would take some stir fried asparagus and create a little forest with the rice as the background. in the asparagus forest I would put a few sausage bunnies and tomato flowers for colour, and maybe a few pieces of dried mango to act the part of ‘ground’.

    In the sandwich bag would go some curry flavored naan. For a drink I would put in some cold Chai tea. no matter what time of year it is, its always a good time for chai! XD

    and the very cute classic green would be for me.

  141. My 3 year old and I love to go on picnics together and we would probably fill our bento with fresh fruit, Armenian dolma’s, and some crunch veggies like sugar snap peas.

  142. Great set, I would love to add it to my collection of stainless steel bento gear. I would pack a chicken veggie stirfry with some garlic bread in the sandwich wrap, a fruit salad, a bottle of ice tea, and in the condiment container almonds and chocolate covered raisins for a snack. MMM I’ hungry now…

  143. I just found some stainless steel at
    You can get free shipping is you use code FREESHIP09. Just another option..

  144. What a cute lunch set! For my son, I’d probably pack some steamed rice with pork sung, egg, and broccoli in one container, with some sliced fruit in the other container. For myself, I’d pack a green salad in one container, and cheese/fruit in the other.

  145. I usually cook more for dinner and pack the leftovers for lunch. One container for rice and another would be the assorted dishes that we cook. the bottle would have fruit juice and the sandwich bag i would probably put a slice of quick bread that i like to bake.

  146. pita with hummus, salad, and meatballs!

  147. For my 4 year old, I’d pack good ole water (with ice) in the bottle, cut up strawberries and pears in one container, steamed brocolli in the other, yogurt in the condiment container, and his all time favorite PBJ sandwich in the cozy. YUM!

  148. Wheatberry, brown rice and mushroom pilaf, with a side of berries and yogurt. Yummy!

  149. I would make an eggplant, tomato, and fresh mozzeralla wrap with one container of zuchinni fritters and the other container of jelly beans. :)

  150. I would pack a lunch for my kindergartener that would include his favorite egg salad sandwich cut in a festive shape (shape would depend on the season). Grapes and pinapple slices divided by a reusable divider in one round container and yogurt dip in the condiment container. In the other container would be his other favorite; japanese style potato salad. And top it off with water to drink!

  151. How festive is that set? Mmmm.. I’d pretend it was tomato season and pack a BLT in the sandwich bag, hummus in the little container, dipping items in one of the big containers, fruit in the other big container and lemonade in the drink bottle. Great, now I’m hungry. :)

  152. I know my kid would love his favorite fried rice in this bento set (regualr rice mixed with sweet rice, then throw in some cubed ham, carrot, and peas). A side of mixed berries finish up the colorful meal!

  153. A cucumber-and-creamcheese sandwich in the little sandwich wrapper. One container would hold some roasted red bell pepper soup (courtesy of the Soup Peddler in town - it’s yummy chilled or hot) or gazpacho; the other one would hold a fruit salad, probably strawberries and blueberries. A few nuts and maybe a chocolate square in the condiment container, and some iced tea in the bottle … perfect lunch.

  154. This lunch set looks so fun! I’d pack a roast beef sandwich on focaccia bread, Italian bean salad, strawberries and gold kiwi, and pink lemonade. Yum!

  155. Oh goody, they’re cute but out of my budget.

    Let’s see…I’d pack some orange juice in the thermos and an almond butter and mint apple jelly sandwich in the sandwich cozy. I think I’d put a spanish tortilla/omelet in one of the containers, and a mixture of fruits or veggies in the other, like grapes and baby carrots.

  156. I would put some leftover rice cooked with ghee, popping seeds, and baby bok choy in one container with some stripes of tamarind curry across the top. In the other container I would put some grilled chicken breast with a little silicon cup of apricot chutney. In the thermos I would have a little leftover lhassi yogurt drink. In the wrap thingie I would put that half piece of naan from last-night too. Hurrah, my lunch from today!

  157. A sliced french roll wrapped in the sandwich wrapper. Roast beef & a couple slices of tomato and some lettuce in one container. Peeled cutie & blackberries in the other container. Mixture of mayo & muststard in the condiment container to use on the french roll to make my roast beef sandwich. Green tea in the drink bottle.

  158. In one of the larger rounds I would pack a Greek salad, the other round of the same size I’d pack fresh fruit - I think grapes and strawberries. The smaller round would carry vanilla yogurt. A breakfast sandwich of peanut butter and honey would go in the sandwich wrap. To wash it all down I’d bring along ice water with lemon.

  159. Not sure why, but those shiny bowls make me want to eat salad on top of salad on top of salad. My favorite asparagus salad with sesame dressing! Yum!

  160. Ooooh, I love this. I would pack some sweet and sour meatballs with rice and some fruit salad. Oh, and an Arnold Palmer for my drink. Yum.

  161. This may not sound like it goes together but it’s what I like. In the drink container would be iced green tea, heavy on the ice so the rest of the lunch stays cool until lunch time.
    In the sandwich wrapper I’d put a banana and a mandarine orange for snack time.
    In the first metal container I’d put pasta, with tomato, in an Italian dressing to make pasta salad without mayo. I’d drain the pasta salad of excess dressing brfore packing.
    In the second metal container I’d pack chilled silken tofu. To go with this in the condiment cup I’d put some dried bonito shavings and I’d toss in a soy sauce fishy sauce container.

  162. I’d fill one container with shrimp fettuccine alfredo and use the other for a small salad. I’d use the sandwich wrapper for baby carrots and cut celery and toss in a condiment cup with a mixture of spicy ranch/ranch dressing for dipping. I’d put raspberry crystal light in the drink bottle.

    now I have to make this for dinner! Yum!!!!!

  163. Sushi rolls with pickled ginger on the side, fruit salad with a yogurt dressing, steamed veggies and a drink of shilled, green tea.

  164. yummy looking containers! I would pack large crackers (like lavosh) in the sandwhich bag and little cut up ham, pepperoni, and some cheese in one container. The other container would have little tomatoes, mushrooms, and veggies to make a little pizza. The sauce container would have either tomato sauce for traditional pizza or ranch dressing for a little white sauce pizza…and some watered down lemonade to wash it all down. yummy for picky-eating kids (and husband)!

  165. I woild pack home made california rolls in one and a cucumber sald in the other. i would use teh sandwich rapper for some salty snack like roasted seeweed. I would put water in the bottle but also pack my 1 a day addition diet pepsi.

  166. I’d pack mini hamburgers on hawaiian rolls, fresh tomatoes, pears and tater tots =D

  167. I think I’d go with an Indian influenced meal. Probably a lamb curry with rice in one container, and some spiced chickpeas in the other. In the condiment container, I’d include a refreshing cucumber sauce. Mmmm! I’d probably only drink water, as I don’t like to drink my calories.

  168. Cajun rice with onion, corn, peas and kidney beans, crispy fried pork with some black pepper and tonkatsu sauce. A salad of cherry tomatoes, fresh spinach, red pepper and scallion. Mini rainbow gelatin with coconut milk (I’ve been dying to try the recipe)for dessert and cup of ginger tea to finish.

    Now I’m hungry!

  169. I would pack for my 5 year old:
    Water in the water canister
    edamame and clementine slices in one pot
    mini heirloom tomatoes and celery in the other
    a whole wheat sourdough sammich with cilantro chive yogurt sauce, sprouts and tomatoes
    a couple animal cracker with peanut butter sammiches in the tiny container for desert


  170. GF crepes in the sandwich wrap, with maple syrup in the condiment container. “Teriyaki” chicken on rice in one of the containers, strawberries and celery in the other. Yummy. :)

  171. Looks like it would be better for cold things, since you can’t nuke it. I would go with some veggie sushi and salad with lots of olives.

  172. My favorite lunch will fit perfectly in this kit. A cheese and tomato sandwich, a side of fresh strawberries, another side of cuke/onion salad in Italian dressing, and iced coffee to drink!

  173. In one container I would put some brown rice topped with my brother-in-law’s chili and the other I would put some sliced strawberries and bananas. In the sandwich wrapper I would perhaps bring a piece of cornbread to go with the chili.

  174. I’d do a fresh fruit salad, heavy on the berries and with a dusting of coconut, in one container. In the other, a nice whole wheat pasta-chicken-pesto salad with olives and bits of red and yellow bell pepper and onion. I’d pack pita in the sandwich wrapper with some hummus in the condiment container to have as a snack, and make lemonade to bring in the bottle.

  175. Love this set! A nice rice with chicken curry and some fruit salad would look lovely in this set!

    Also, I’m running the Maisie Eats Bento 100th Bento Giveaway on my blog, contest ends Sunday April 5.

  176. LOVE IT!!!
    Pasta nests with grape balloons, and a hummus pita sandwich! :)

  177. I would pack brown rice with veggie tofu stir-fry, fresh fruit and water.

  178. I’d pack a fairly normal work lunch for me: a turkey sandwich in the bag (am curious about the cloth alternative to cling film, but am rather picky about letting sandwitches get too dry…), with mixed nuts in one container and pear chunks in the other. And juice, of course, in the bottle!

  179. I’s put in a PBJ sandwich, a cup of chopped up veggies and a cup of fruit—not very creative but it hits the spot. It’s very cute and I love the green!

  180. Curry leftovers, all the way. And since there would be veggies in the curry already, I would pack the other jar with basmati rice and put naan in the sandwich pouch. Tea in the drink bottle.

    Mm, now I really want some curry.

  181. I would pack a ham and swiss cheese sandwich with Ken’s Raspberry Vinaigrette Dressing instead of mayo. Sliced, seasonal fruit in one container, roasted almonds in the other. Low-fat vanilla yogurt to go with the fruit in the condiment container.

  182. Tin 1: In Season Fruit Salad - preferably in bright and contrasting colors (e.g., apples/stone fruit or berries/watermelon/kiwi)

    Tin 2: Pasta, Pasta, Pasta - something warm and hearty for the colder seasons (red sauce based like ground beef and cheddar cheesey!); something cool and tangy for the warmer seasons (olive oil and garlic based like shrimp, veggies, and lime!)

  183. Can I pack it entirely with tamago? No? Dang. Well then I would put a delicious caesar salad in one container (with a tiny container of dressing) and fill the top with something bizarrely mismatched like onigiri or guacamole and chips. The beverage would be water with lime, mmmm. The sandwich wrap would hold some garlic bread to go with the salad.

    Aaand now I’m hungry.

  184. Today’s lunch would’ve fit perfectly in that set!

    Fruit in one container, strawberries and blackberries.
    Slices of ham and cheese in the other container.

    Marinated artichokes and mushrooms from the antipasta bar at the local Italian grocery in the condiment cup, and bread wrapped in the sandwich wrapper.

    Water to drink :)

  185. I would pack brown rice with soy sauce topped egg custard. Steamed brocolli with mayonnaise to dip. Miso soup to drink. Yum.

  186. Wow! What a gorgeous set! I have been admiring it…

    I would pack for my husband-
    Pad Thai with a Fruit salad dessert. In the ‘drink’ container he would get his favorite lemon-coconut soup with shrimp to pour into the bowl when the noodles were finished.
    I think he’d enjoy!

    (Of course it would all be leftovers, who could make that in the morning rush?!?)

    Thank you for the opportunity Biggie!

  187. I would pack:

    -A sandwich: whole weat bread (hopefully with a touch of honey), low sodium ham, a little mayo, a little dijon mustard, lettuce (green leaf, boston, or butter) and tomato.
    -In one container: apple slices (using your tip about dipping them in an acidic solution)
    -In the othe container: a small salad
    -In the condiment container: roasted peanut butter from my local farmer’s market, to go with the apples.

    Thanks for doing this giveaway!


  188. I love this. I would put my left over brazilian food in there, some rice beans and chicken.

  189. A hummus sandwich with lots of veggies on heavy bread in the sandwich wrapper, I think.

    A nice fresh fruit salad, probably berries and citrus, in one of the large containers. In the other one, either some pasta salad or maybe cut up veggies. If the veggies, some dip in the small container.

  190. My ideal meal:

    1st 250 ml container:
    - Chirashi sushi packed in inari, topped with shrimp & quail egg.
    - Colorful filler: sliced strawberries & whole blueberries, with a food pick.

    80 ml container:
    - Shelled edamame with a food pick (I love snacking on edamame).

    2nd 250 ml container:
    - Open ham & egg sandwich cut to fit. The egg is shaped into a flower/a heart with a silicone mold.
    - Wasabi mayonnaise & Korean hot pepper paste in small canisters for accompaniment.
    - Colorful filler: salad & tangerine segments, sprinkled with sunflower seed.
    - Raspberry walnut vinaigrette & blue cheese yogurt dressing in small canisters for accompaniment.

    Food Kozy:
    - plain rice cake

    Drink bottle:
    - water (I don’t like juice or tea as much as I like water)

    That’s actually two meals for me right there ^^;; Most likely I’ll just use one 250 ml container and one 80 ml container at a time.

  191. Chicken with peanut sauce, kinpira, spinach salad. Chrysanthemum tea in the drink container.

  192. Since this would be carrying my husband’s lunch, I’ll make the ideal lunch for him. =)

    - Bottle containing sweet homemade iced tea
    - one of the stainless bowls with pulled pork in it, or bbq tempeh, he and I both love either one
    - the other stainless bowl carrying oriental coleslaw (made with cabbage, onions, etc, but dressed with hot ginger/honey sauce
    - the sandwich bag carrying a big multigrain roll for the pork/tempeh
    - the condiment container carrying horseradish and some red pepper avjar for the sandwich
    - the inevitable pieces of wrapped chocolate and/or fruit jellies just dropped in the bag for fun. =)

    Now I’m really hungry. =)

  193. Tuna rice with furikake in one compartment, the other woud have a hard-boiled egg, some cheese, couple of grapes and baby carrots, with a little container of soy sauce on the side (for the rice) and some of Lotte’s Koala cookies in the condiment cup. YUM!

  194. Rice, Crab meat, Cucumbers, and avocado.
    Nori sheets cut into quarters
    Soy sauce

    On the go California rolls (e.g. not soggy)

  195. I would fill one of the containers with a chicken and veggie stirfry, and add a little bottle of soy sauce to be added when I’m ready to eat.
    Then I’d fill the other one with fresh fruit, most likely strawberries and some other type of berry, like blueberries!
    I would put lemonade in the drink container, and a few mini cookies or hard candies in the condiment dish.

  196. I would pack my usual. A peanutbutter and stawberry jam sandwich on homemade bread. Carrot & celery sticks and a couple of homemade cookies. To drink would be water.

  197. I would pack some steamed rice in one of the containers and in the other I would pack some chicken stir fry.

  198. I asked my daughter what she would like and she said “Homemade mini pizzas and carrots and yogurt ranch dip”
    So I’d probably pack that a couple times, but I also think I’d make turkey meatballs and rice, some bananas with strawberries and a vanilla yogurt dip.

  199. Awww they are so cute !!!

    I’d pack some berries and grapes and my favourite mozzarella salad with tomatoes and basil-thyme yumi

  200. I think I’d pack a pasta salad and some grapes! Then a little bit of goldfish crackers for a little crunch!

  201. Well, since this would be for my little ones, it would probably be something along the lines of pb/nutella sandwich, baby carrots and grapes, and maybe a yogurt or pudding with graham crackers to dip. For drink, it’s usually juice or water.

  202. Thanks for the great giveaway! I pack a lunch that my toddler and I can both eat, and he is into finger food, and allergic to a lot (wheat, dairy, nuts…) AND picky, so variety is the key for us! An example meal might be cut up chicken and rice in one bowl, potato chips in another bowl (so he can be coaxed into eating SOMETHING), maybe some freeze dried blueberries in the condiment container, and a few gluten free crackers in the sandwich wrap bag. And water in the drink bottle.

  203. Cool lunch sets!

    I’d fix up some canned tuna with mayo, pickles, celery, chopped carrots and shove it to one side of a container and put sliced carrots and radishes, plus a little lettuce in next to it. Then put grapes and slices of oranges in the other big one. Then use the sandwich wrapper to store a couple plain slices of whole wheat bread. Put some tea in the drink bottle and a bunny shaped boiled egg in the tiny container they’ve added into the mix (if it’d fit)

    Nomnomnom, my lunch would be ready to build when it’s meal time.

  204. I would pack fruit into one and some healthy chicken “fried” rice. The thermos will probably hold some cold green tea. The small condiment container is perfect for a small portion of a dense brownie. ^_^ yummy!

  205. I would pack two wedges of Laughing Cow herb and garlic, grape tomatoes, bell pepper strips, and cucumber slices. I would pack some Ryvita bread in the sandwich keeper.

    Pick me pick me, its so cute, me wants:)

  206. I would pack curried prawns on a bed of rice in one bowl, strawberries in another bowl, mini-trifle in the little bowl and coffee in the thermos.

  207. Well, I have to pack lunches in triplicate because my girls have to have matching lunches. So we’d probably have rice and meatballs with half a hard-boiled egg in the bigger container with maybe yogurt and berries in the little container, with a side of granola and flax seeds to sprinkle on the yogurt in the smallest container. Water in the drinking bottle, and maybe some grapes and strawberries in the sandwich wrap, or some rolls. Of course, if I won the lunch kit, I’d have to buy two more!

  208. Hmm…These sets really remind me of spring right now! So, I think I would pack a light sandwich and a really nice green leafy salad in one of the containers. The other one would have tons of fresh fruit in it! I’m already drooling and imagining myself under a nice shady tree in the park!

  209. This set is so bright and cute. It completely reminds me of a garden party. Since I’d be packing the lunch for myself, I would be tempted to use food in that theme. Southern Living had a recipe a few years ago for cucumber, salmon, watercress tea sandwiches cut out with a flower-shaped cookie cutter. I’d put those in the wrapper. I’d fill one bowl with waldorf salad and the other with four flower-shaped, raspberry petits fours. I’d probably fill the drink container with iced earl grey tea.

  210. I’d make some chicken coated with panko, some tonkatsu sauce, a little rice, macaroni salad, and some fresh strawberries. Then I could stay away from the Hawaiian BBQ place!

  211. I’d pack a salad, inarizushi, and a mini financier. yum!

  212. Wow! What would I pack? Probably a Pad Thai-type noodle dish, a spicy salad and limeade to drink. Yummmmmm!!!!!

    Thanks for offering this contest!

  213. Oh my, I have been ogling these for a long time, I’m just too cheap to buy them….i reallllly hope i get them!
    I would pack some gluten free cornbread in the sandwich wrap; some thick indian kichiri in one of the main containers, because it’s my absolute favorite thing right now and thick enough to not spill even in a loose-lidded bento; steamed kale iwth pumpkin and flax seeds in the other main container, and a figs in the sidekick for a tasty dessert. To drink, ginger water kefir!

  214. Oh, my 6 year old has been drooling over these for weeks! He says he’d pack four mini pitas in the Food Kozy, alfalfa sprouts, avocado slices, swiss cheese, and leftover chicken or turkey in one of the large containers to make mini pita sandwiches, fruit salad made with sweet concord grapes, apple chunks, mandarin orange slices, watermelon, and mint in the other large container, with peach-flavored or honey-flavored Fage Greek yogurt in the little 80ml container for dessert. In the water bottle, he’d pack some nice, fresh-squeezed orange juice or blue Kool-aid. He’s already planning where he’ll take this lunch kit this summer - the public pool, summer rec, Cub Scout Day Camp, the Pack’s Summer Campfire Program, BSA’s Jambo… LOL! I guess if we don’t win, I’ll be buying him a set!

  215. That set is so cute! I think I would pack a mini salad, chili, a slice of zucchini bread, pecans in the condiment jar (because I hate condiments) and an apple to complete.

  216. For some reason, I got a really strong craving for Middle Eastern food now, so that’s the ticket: pita bread, falafel, hummus, some tabbuleh…maybe some dates to finish it off? And of course, some cool mint tea, Moroccan style!

  217. Choices, choices! I’d like to pack some leftover apricot-lemon chicken, with the sauce in a small container on the side. I’d also include some jasmine rice or onigiri, and grapes. Yum!

  218. Im just been put on a new special diet because I have some health problems. So Im adjusting to bringing these new lunches everyday. That pack would really cover all the equipment I need as well as looking so adorable.
    I think I would end up with my medicated milkshake drink, a green salad, a nuts and dried fruit assortment and a pita sandwich with chicken, avocado, tomato, lettuce and pepper.

  219. I would pack Chicken & Vegetable Gyoza with dipping sauce in the condiment container. A bit of black rice in the other container. The sandwich container would contain a Peking Chicken Wrap

  220. I would put cheese and crackers in the one and fruit and yougurt in the other. Yum!!

    How nice would that be. I woould love to win as everyone else would also.

  221. For either of my kids, maybe some grilled peppers and chicken in one container, Tsasiki sauce in the condiment cup, and a pita in the sandwich wrapper, for a make-your-own fajita pita sandwich. The other container would hold some mixed fruit.

    Mmmm. Now I know what I want for dinner.

  222. Well, since this set includes a sandwich wrapper, I would probably make a turkey sandwich (or pb&J if we are out of turkey) to put in that container. I am thinking a simple noodle salad (noodles and dressing) in one of the metal containers and fruit slices in the other (most likely apples and grapes, my favorite). The drink container would be water with one of those flavor mixes (like Crystal Lite) saved to add when I have my meal.

    I guess it’s a rather dull meal, but it is one that I would enjoy eating. And of course, I would love to enjoy it in a new food container set.

    Good luck to all.

  223. I am not really sure what I’d pack in a round container, or two! I’d have to experiment to see how that would work out! But this is DEFINATLY something I’d love to have in my very small bento stash!

  224. clubhouse sandwich on whole wheat, strawberries, pineapple and a mini-pear and mixed veggies in the side dishes, herb/ranch dressing to dip the veggies with nice cold water in the flask!

  225. mmmm…hard boiled egg with kosher salt in the condiment holder in tribute to Bread and Jam for Frances.

  226. Thanks for reviewing the Kids Konserve. Its always great to know what options are out there. Let’s see..the perfect lunch for my eldest would be my veggie nachos in one container, oversized corn chips or pita in the pouch and trail mix w/grapes or a banana wedge in the 2nd container. To drink, my version of an orange julius.

  227. I would pack a hummus, kale, and tomato wrap in one container and fruit in the other (Iya’s canteloupes and strawberry mix sounds good!).
    Or maybe veggie chili in one and some cute rice bears in the other!
    I’ll have to wait and see what fits best. ;)

  228. Love it! Pick me, pick me!!

  229. Cabbage rolls with pork and rice stuffing, basic polenta (since its metal it can be warmed), sour cream in the condiment cup, and a fruit salad in the other container. Just plain water to drink.

  230. It’s beautiful! I’d pack a pasta salad with chicken in one container, fruit salad in the other and then wrap up a slice of homemade banana bread.

  231. I’d go with a chicken Caesar pasta salad in one and a fruit salad of sliced kiwi, strawberry and fresh pineapple in the other.

  232. Ohh, I think I would go for a leftover of my homemade chili, wrap some french baked bread in the sandwich wrap and keep the second container for a light desert or a snack, maybe just some grapes.

  233. I keep drooling over these. ;)

    Flatbread in the sandwich wrapper, hummus in the “condiment” container, soba in one of the bigger rounds, apple slaw in the other, and tea in the drink container.

  234. I think these are adorable! I would pack rice in one and some banchan in the other:)

  235. What a cute bento set! I think it would be awesome to pack some small pan-fried cream cheese dumplings in one container, and then some tomatoes in the second - Flat slices of beefsteak tomatoes (those are my favorites!) to keep them separate from the bread (Soggy bread? No!) In the condiment container, I could pack some mayo for the sandwich. As for a drink? Good ol’ sweet tea!

  236. That looks perfect for some orange glazed tofu with some brown rice and broccoli in the second container. Yum!

    Iced tea (unsweet only) in the bottle. No idea what would go in the condiment container. Maybe some extra sauce, or a very small something sweet.

  237. I would pack curried apple couscous in one container. In the other I would pack a selection of roasted vegetables such as bell peppers, tomatoes, and carrots. Water in the bottle and away we go.

  238. Some fresh fruit, a tasty seven layer salad and some miso soup. Some chips to munch on as a snack later.

  239. People say: you are what you eat. This beautiful set of lunch kit is my outfit and makeup!

  240. I would pack a bean and cheese dip and corn chips.

  241. Beats bringing tupperware! I’d pack some pasta salad, veggies and a couple slices of garlic bread. clearly the possibilities are endless!

  242. I’d do umeboshi rice, sesame encrusted tofu, and seasonal fruit salad (maybe citrus). Oh, and blackberry iced tea!

  243. Oooo!! I love that kit! I would put some mix fruit with a caramel dip, and lil heart shaped sandwiches. And in the canister, I’d have hot chocolate!

  244. To me that set is begging for some scattered sushi and mango with sticky rice…and some tea.

  245. Right now I’m packing for my husband, so brisket with gravy in one container with homemade bread for a sandwich in the wrap. Two pieces of fruit, a bag of chips, and dessert in the other round container.

  246. I would pack a lunch for my daughter: rice with teriyaki chicken, carrot flowers and broccoli trees in one container, fruit pieces in the other, marshmallow dip in the condiment jar, water in the bottle. My son would get a peanut butter sandwich in the sandwich wrap with other containers of raw spinach, carrots, and fruit pieces.

  247. I am in the mood for tabouli - so I would pack that, some hummus and pitas and a little fresh fruit. I would probably keep it all for myself!

  248. Cute! hummus in the condiment container, falafel in one metal container, cucumber salad in the other. Pita in the sandwich wrapper, and some pomegranate tea in the thermos. Yummmy!

  249. I would pack pasta salad with tuna in one and cut fresh fruit in the other, with some sort of yogurt dip in the condiment container to go with the fruit.

  250. i would pack 2 sandwiches (fresh mozzarella & sliced avocado with hummus in a pita; sunflower seed butter & banana slices on whole wheat), fruits (i.e. orange slices or grapes), “foodshouldtastegood” multigrain chips, “sweetriot” cacao nibs, and a bottle of water. (sorry for name dropping!) yummy! i’m hungry (for a lunch kit!)! :)

  251. I love taking big ol’ deli style sandwiches for lunches, so I’d pack a pastrami on rye, using the condiment cup for the sauerkraut. (I’d toss a couple of packets of mustard in, too.) In one of the cups, I would pack my own version of chex mix, which consists of chex, roasted green peas, and roasted corn. (I don’t like pretzels…) I would pack the other one full of fruit chunks, whatever I have in my fridge. As for the bottle… orange juice.

  252. Pasta with a tomato base :) cause steel won’t discolor

  253. I would definitely go with:

    Almond and apple butter sandwich, Babybel cheese and baby carrots, buttermilk dressing, chilled berry soup, and some pom peach passion white tea.

    I’m drooling all over my keyboard now.

  254. I have many serious food allergies, so I have to take my food everyplace! Usually I stick it in old yogurt containers. :)

    I’d probably pack onigiri made with just plain rice and chicken in one section, and some chunks of baked sweet potato in another. The little cup I’d fill with yogurt, and iced tea for the drink. If I had any safe bread baked, I’d take that in the sandwich wrapper.

  255. I would go with an avocado and baconnaise sandwich, with pasta or potato salad, and some fresh fruit.

  256. What a cute Set… I would pack half of one section plain rice and the other with fruit (grapes and strawberries) and a minimuffin, second section would be packed with some curry katsu and veggies (broccoli, carrots and bell pepper slices) the condiment container could hold some dip for my veggies. At last there would be some peach-flavored green tea in the bottle ;)

    Good luck to anyone!

  257. That is cuute!! I’d be packing chickpea curry, fruit - probably grapes and cherry tomatoes, yoghurt, mini crackers, and iced green tea in the flask!

  258. Veggie fried rice with miso chicken in one container. Strawberry, kiwi, blueberries and almonds in the other, and some plain yogurt in the tiny one. Pomegranate cranberry juice to drink :)

  259. I would pack lunch for my daughter’s preschool as she will be eating away from me for the first time in august.
    I would pack all her favorites; turkey, avocado & cream cheese on wheat bread, almonds (ooh that reminds me better check on nut regulations) and olives. Then a sweet collection of blueberries, strawberries and melon.

  260. Fruit and veggies in one of ‘em and a serving of wild rice and braised pork in the other!

  261. Ohhh so cool! If i was packing for myself, I would probably make a sandwich and use at least one of the tins for some fruit/snacks. And bring some fresh iced tea or something in the bottle! Once I’m done with the tea, i can fill it up with water from work!

    Could also use the tins to bring things like rice, leftovers, We also have cheese here all the time so I could try my hand at making cute shapes to place on top of them!!

  262. me and my son both love fruit, so i would pack fruit like banana, apple, and orange chunks with a tortilla roll up w/ lettuce, swiss chesse, and turkey. to drink would be fresh brewed iced tea.

    if i didn’t have to share w/ my son (ha!) i would pack it w/ strawberries and nori rolls!

  263. This is really lovely! I would pack a pita bread in my sandwich wrapper, have a curried chicken salad stored in one of the smaller containers and some cut fruit in the other along with some green tea in the bottle.

  264. A double-layer ham&cheese sandwich with crispy lettuce and corn salad (basic but a great favourite of mine), a fruit salad (strawberries, apple and kiwi) in one container and maybe some meat and veg stir-fry (I’m a protein enthusiast) in the other. Mint white tea to go with it.

  265. Berries, veggies, and a quinoa salad! Love the set.

  266. Oh, wow! Winning this set would be very cool! :)

    What would I pack? Hm… Well, with a new bento set, I may as well try something new and pack sushi. I figure I should learn how to make it properly one of these days anyways. Nothing raw, that’d probably gross out my classmates, but California rolls and maybe smoked salmon or something along those lines.

    And with a reason to celebrate, there’s no reason not to ask Mum to make fried rice or stir fry for dinner! That’d be the other container, definitely. This bento would be good for re-heating it in the morning, unlike the plastic one I’ve got now.

    Oh, with fresh bean sprouts. Lots and lots of bean sprouts on that fried rice/stir fry dinner leftovers. ^-^ Yum.

    To wash it all down, what else? Tea!

  267. One of my son’s favorites is cheese quesadillas. I’d pack that with some fruit and yogurt.

  268. I’m in the mood for an unagi donburi, with plenty of furikake in the condiment container (perhaps a soy sauce fish tucked inside too?), and some pear slices.

    What a pretty set-thanks for bringing it to my attention!

  269. I’d pack curry with rice, carrot kinpira, zucchini and those little grape tomatoes I love so much.

  270. I would love to head over to a summer produce market and buy various fresh fruits and berries - then cut and wash everything and fill the containers with beautiful, colourful fresh pieces. I’d fill the drink container up with lemonade and use the condiment container to hold some nuts, ideally cashews.

  271. Oh, I’d pack cherry tomatoes and cucumber sticks in the top container, yogurt and granola in the bottom, and a pb/honey/banana sandwich on the side! Condiment container would hold honey mustard for the veg, and the drink container would be cranberry lemonade. Yum!

  272. I’d probably pack tri-coloured rice because it would look so pretty next to the metal. and then fresh berries and yoghurt in the smaller tin.

    In the thermos would be either spicy chicken stock or jigae, as a compliment to the rice.

  273. Well, since it’s a kid’s lunch set I’d pack my daughter’s favorites: baked macaroni and cheese in one container; grapes, strawberries and pancake cutouts in the other; and water to drink (not exciting, I know, but it’s her favorite!) The condiment container would hold a surprise — squares of dark chocolate!

  274. I would pack my son a sandwich in the sandwich wrapper, fruit salad in one of the round containers and baby carrots in the other round container with dipping sauce for the carrots in the condiment cup.

  275. I would go with a BLT on whole wheat toast. With mashed avocado in the condiment cup to spread on the BLT just before eating. And fresh fruit in one container and veggies and hummus in the other container. And to drink, homemade raspberry lemonade!

  276. I would pack a vegan feast in this lunch kit!

    - In the two container;I would pack an avocado-tomato-corn-red onion salad, and the second container would hold apple wedges and grapes

    - The smaller container would hold a mix of dried mango pieces, goji berries, cranberries and pumpkin seeds.

    - I would use the sandwich wrapper as a fruit cozy; a banana would be ideal.

    And to top it all off, water to drink!

  277. I’d go for a salad in one, dressing in the itty tin, and pinwheel sandwich in the other tin. Water to drink! :)

  278. Sesame chicken with vegetable rice. Yum!

  279. Wow! That’s really nice of them. I think my first packed lunch in something like that would be vietnamese curried chicken with potatoes and carrots. I love curried chicken but it stains plastic yellow =( I think that with a metal container, I would absolutely have to do something that I can’t do with plastic b/c of staining like tomato sauce or curry.

  280. I’ve been in the mood for salad lately, so I’d pack peanut noodle salad in one container, green salad in the other (with dressing in the condiment container), an apple in the sandwich wrap, and iced mint tea in the bottle. I like the classic green set.

  281. One container for seashell pasta with pumpkinseed pesto, asparagus, and black olives; Second container for fresh berries and cheese; Italian-baked tofu and avocado sandwich in the reusable wrap; Blueberry acai gummy pandas in the condiment container; Water with lemon in the thermos. Thanks for the contest Biggie.

  282. I’d definitely take advantage of the wrapper to pack a fresh ham sandwich, maybe on a small crusty bread roll so it wouldn’t get squished. With the condiment container, I could pack a nice salad in the top and keep the dressing separate, and then add fruit and cookies in the other container for dessert. I’d leave the bottle empty and fill it with water on-site, so the whole thing wouldn’t be too heavy carrying it to school.

  283. This looks very cute! It would be nice to give it a shot.

    I love the idea of a sammich wrapper too!

  284. A noodle stir fry in one container with chicken, beansprouts, and broccoli. In the other, a clementine and carrot sticks with hummus for the carrots in the condiment container. Probably just plain water in the thermos.

    Or maybe…waa, my head is flooding with ideas! I love the set

  285. I would pack a gluten free, wheat free, dairy free lunch for my daughter consisting of hardboilded eggs, brown rice with a lemon twist and lamb-tomatosauce. I’d love to win!!!

  286. Pan fried lemon chicken and grape tomatoes in one compartment, rice and veggie mix in the other. The sandwich wrap would probably be used for bread rolls or cookies. A simple meal, yes.

  287. Oh, I think the caterpillars are adorable!

    I’d probably put some ramen (with dipping sauce) in one, vegetable fixings in the other to add to the ramen, and then either edemame or fruit.

    The thermos would hold my hot green tea of course! :)

  288. I would pack some of my homemade chili with some grated cheddar on top. In the other container I would probably want some steamed broccoli and sliced carrots, or maybe slip in a piece of fruit.

    The sandwich bag would get much use with me. ;D I’d pack one with whole wheat bread, vegetarian turkey slices, provolone, tomato, and a little lettuce. Sounds so good right now!

  289. hummos with pita and veg cut ups, lettuce wraps with cucumber sauce, and a hard boiled egg

  290. Hmm… let’s see…

    For my daughter, I would pack cheese cubes, grapes, wheat thins, juicy juice, and some baby marshmallows for dessert.

  291. Boiled quail eggs with smiley faces, 2 mini heart-shaped hamburg steaks, lettuce underneath, cucumber slices shaped into flowers, rice + black seasame seeds, rabbit-shaped apples, a handful of grapes. As for drink, hot earl grey! or green tea..

  292. This is a great set! My daughter is in second grade and thinks bento is awesome=)

    I think I would do small skewers of garlic chicken on a bed of fried rice in one container. The other portion out with trail mix / dried fruit, cheese cubes and some snack crackers. If I had the condiment cups I would fill it to the brim with mandarin oranges (one of her faves)!

    This is something I will definitely look at buying because I saw it here. Her birthday is coming up =)

  293. For my 1st grader I would pack spam fried rice, apple slices, soynut butter for dipping, water, and a homemade cookie!

  294. I’m thinking some fruit/walnut couscous in one bowl with baby carrots and bell pepper chunks in the other and maybe a chicken salad sandwich in the reusable wrapper.

  295. I’d back chicken Thai green curry and jasmine rice and fruit salad made of strawberries, grapes and kiwi.

  296. For my second grader I would pack fried rice and mini croquette for one of the tins, and strawberries and pineapples for the other one…

  297. I would pack some iced tea and then some grilled chicken in chunks and some pasta salad. For dessert I would pack some apple pieces.

  298. For my 4 year old, I would pack red and green peppers sliced thin, with cider vinegar as a dip, alongside ham, cheese and crackers

  299. Oooo, thank you for making this an international comp! This would be perfect for my preschooler so we would pack water in the bottle; some grapes and mandarin in one container for fruit time; homemade popcorn and pretzels for morning tea in another, a vegemite sandwich in the wrapper and maybe some honey yoghurt in the condiment container, just enough for a little belly!

  300. What a great giveaway!

    Tuna/white bean salad

    Roasted vegetables


  301. International?!? Wow thankyou!

    In the condiment container some chopped spring onion and shittake and a miso soup ball (miso wrapped in a little plastic of course).
    Rice with some sort of furikake in one of the bigger containers.
    Baked chilli soy eggplant and some miso marinated chicken pieces in the other.
    In the sandwich bag I’d pack breakfast snacks, dried apple pieces or a muesli bar, or both depending on size and sealability.

  302. To compliment the pretty green lids
    I would pack one container with curry
    rice as the rice is filling to the soul and belly while the golden brown sauce with carrots, potatoes and green peas would not only look good but taste like home.
    The second container would hold a
    pomogranet cut in half and then inverted so the brilliant thrush of red would jolt the eye and tastebuds with color and a tart sweetness. In the thermos I would put a fresh homemade lemonaide from the fruit of the Meyer’s tree out in front of the house. This would be a perfect lunch as winter winds down and the buds of spring are on the horizon.

  303. Opening this up at lunch to find my husband made a green salad with cheery tomatoes, slices of jicama and a balsamic dressing in one container and a
    serving of fusilli pasta with marinara with huge mushrooms and chunks of tomato
    accompanied by the thermos filled with cold soy milk would be a delight as it would remind me of the nutrious lunches my husband made for me when I was pregnant.

  304. I would like to take this bento set to shcool with a cool lunch. It would be some of my Obasan’s leftovers- she makes the best oden ever. I would like a huge onigiri with a homemade ume sent over from my aunts kitchen in Japan. Either Ramune or chilled tea in the thermos.
    This is the lunch we get packed for us on our way home from visiting on New Year’s. It is almost as much fun as spending time with my relatives.

  305. I think I would want to pack my new favourite meal. In the first container I would pack rice and three spicy pork meatballs. In the second I would like balls of watermelon and cantaloupe. In the condiment container I would have Crasins!
    I can’t eat bread but I think one of Maries special muffins would wrap up nicely in the Kozy. Or even better, maybe one of her special brownies!!!!!
    In the bottle I would have water.

  306. This will be prefect for my little kindergarten’s lunch. I would make him a dino pb & j sandwich wrapped nicely in the sandwich wrapper. Some mac and cheese in one of the containers and kiwi and strawberries in the other container and yogurt in the condiment container. And I would put mango juice in the metal drink bottle.

  307. My mom made me a green bag for my lunch so I can redue garbag at school. It would be great to have a bento box in it that is green. I would put little pizza rounds in it. And red grapes and mandarines in the other one. I like to drink apple juice. I woud have the best lunch in 4th grade.

  308. I love that the containers are round! Nice change from the usual rectangular bento boxes. I’d pack couscous in one and pasta salad in the other, with Green tea in the drink bottle. Thanks for the giveaway!

  309. So cute! I’d pack breakfast in the wrapper: a sandwich of toasted whole wheat bread spread with a little cream cheese and a one-egg omelette with chopped mushroom and bell pepper.

    For lunch - in one container a salad of cabbage, apple, sweet onion, and walnuts, tossed with a little olive oil, rice wine vinegar, salt and pepper. The other container would have cheese (or perhaps roasted garbanzos), cornichons, a couple of dried plums, and celery sticks. In the condiment box - some peanut butter for the celery.

    And some iced tea with lemon.


  310. Lovely!!!

  311. I discovered bento about a week ago. I can’t eat or sleep. I think about tiny food day and night. My grandson turns 1 at the end of April and he is getting a bento party. 10 guests and they will all get a specially packed lunch just for them. I would be happy if I won this gift but if I don’t I still love this site and am using lots of your ideas. Thanks, Karen

  312. I’d send spicy lemon shrimp over rice, fruit salad (grapes, kiwi, pineapple, strawberries) and vanilla soy milk in the drink bottle! :D My tiny monster would FLIP :D

  313. I’d love to pack some yoghurt, fresh berries and a great whole grain sandwich! Yum :-)

  314. OMG!!! This would be so Fabulous! I would make a Greek Salad (cucumbers, olives, tomatoes, red onions), then Greek Chicken with potatoes. For the smallest container it would be a yogurt with honey and alomonds!!! That is a GREAT Spring Lunch! Wow! Thanks for all the great ideas and information! I love it!

  315. A nice salad with dressing on the side….yummmm! These things are so cute…i have to get one!

  316. Soup and salad of course! Maybe a tomato soup with a spinach salad. Yum.

  317. Hmmm…fresh mango, some wheat berry salad, a few slices of chicken, some steamed asparagus, and a nice chocolate cookie!

  318. It’s summer here so a lovely chicken and avocado salad sandwich,some fresh sliced peach and a home made berry and buttermilk muffin

  319. Love this set! I would pack water in the thermos, yogurt with blueberries and Chicken salad in the containers and a pita sandwich with hummus & cucumber in the sandwich wrapper.

  320. Oh wow, how nice! They are lovely.
    I’d most likely pack some soup, sandwich and fruits and take it on our hiking trips.
    THey are so pretty!

  321. Ooo.. this is lovely. I might just order them if I don’t win. The perfect “adult looking” yet children friendly for my not so young, yet not old enough ten year old boy.

    His fav PBJ sandwhich in the wrap, a container of seasonal cut fresh fruit, and lastly, prob his fav pasta salad wif chicken slices.. yum.. and a bottle of ice cold plain water..

  322. Very pretty sets…
    I’d have a spinach/hummus/tomato sandwich, grape juice, a boiled egg (shaped, of course), and carrot slices. Maybe add a small Dove dark chocolate, if it’d fit.

  323. I would put mine and my son’s current favorite lunch:

    Cornbread muffins (in the reusable sandwich bag)
    Chili (in one of the containers)
    Steamed vegetables in the other
    Shredded cheese in the condiment container (for the chili)
    and Trader Joe’s Cherry Cider in the bottle. :)

    I love this set!

  324. I’d pack some carne mechada (shredded beef), rice and fried plantain slices; and some fruit salad for dessert.

    This set looks perfect for leftovers!

  325. I’d go for italian-esque bento. Slices of dry salame, small grissini, cubes of cantalope, slices of mozzerella.

  326. I think that I would pack fresh cut strawberries, a couscous or whole wheat pasta salad, raw nuts, and some chocolate soy milk.

  327. I would love this for chicken rice and veggies. Craisins, carrots & grapes in the other container, and maybe come cereal for munching later in the 3rd container!

  328. I’d love to pack a southwest-themed lunch, including my rice/bean wraps, salsa and corn chips, a veggie salad, and fruit salad with brown sugar dusted tortillas.

  329. leave one comment with the ideal meal you’d pack to pack in the lunch kit:
    In the sandwich wrapper: tuna salad sandwich with minced apples
    in the small metal container: cashews
    in the larger metal container: fruit or carrot sticks
    in the drink bottle: sweetened soymilk

    No dessert (his favorite brand of soymilk is super sugary and fatty!)


  330. I’d put black bean and rice soup in one of containers, and wrap up some whole wheat pita for dipping and wiping up all the bits I can’t get with a spoon. I’d also put extras for the soup in the little condiments tin - sour cream, cheese, and green onions - so I can mixed them into the soup at lunchtime.

    In the other container I’d put a mixture of vegetables arranged as artfully as I could muster - sliced radishes and cumcumbers pickled with lemon juice and salt, sliced carrots cooked with orange juice and ginger, and sliced avocado just by itself. To round everything out, I’d fill the drink container up with mango juice.

    Hmmm… just dreaming about the ideal lunch makes me so hungry!

  331. i’d pack a hummus & cucumber bagel sandwich in the wrap, veggie-heavy pasta salad in one tin, kiwi & blueberry in the other. tea to drink. mmm either way i should have this be my lunch tomorrow!

  332. Wow, there are so many possibilities. At first I thought I would pack things to make a yogurt parfait. Yogurt in one container, granola in another, and fruit in another. Then I thought, a sandwich in the sandwich wrapper, goldfish crackers in the condiment container, cut fresh fruit in another container and a some cookies in another.

    This set looks so nice!

  333. My two year old daughter is really into Indian food so my ideal lunch for her would be rice, chicken curry and some mini poppadoms in the sandwich wrapper.

  334. As I live in a Hungarian-Anglo household, it would have to be my fiance’s Chicken Paprika & Rice, rosehip iced tea, galia melon & frsh pineapple (neither Hungarian nor Anglo but I can’t get enough of either!!)and walnut bread with salted butter.

  335. I’d use one container for a salad made from cherry tomatoes, mozzarella cheese and pesto sauce, and the others for sliced fruits and home-made yoghurt. I’d add some whole-wheat bread and tea.

  336. gyoza, rice, and left-over vegetable of the day.

  337. Onions, tomatoes, and cilantro diced up and mixed with black beans. Mixed fruit in the other, tortillas in the sandwich wrap. Plus a little container of shredded queso cotija. YUM!

  338. I think the green and brown butterflies look like kidney beans and pistachios. i would pack some 3-bean salad and some nutty rice-balls. Also some flower shaped carrots since they look good with green.

  339. What a great find! It’s great to have plastic alternative. And the plain green version might even be husband friendly since it’s not too cutesy! :)

  340. I’d pack onigiri with some homemade mochi and some guava juice. Yum!

  341. Thanks for doing this giveaway, Biggie! This looks like a very cool lunch set. :)

    I’d pack my fav sandwich of late — fresh spinach, garlic hummus, (soy) bacon bits, and Dijon mustard. On the side, I’d probably have some smoked almonds, carrot sticks and some apple and mandarin segments. Oh, and I’d add some iced tea for the bottle!

  342. An ideal meal? One my children will eat!

    A popular one with them:

    Pepperoni, mozzarella cheese, slices of apple and pretzels.

    Thanks for offering the giveaway!

  343. In the metal drink container I’d pour a bana-blueberry-vanilla soymilk smoothie. In one of the metal food containers there would be brown basmati rice cooked in broth with toasted sesame seeds, lemon juice, mint, cilantro, and flat parsely sprinkled over. Next to that would be nestled one deviled egg made with curry powder, shichimi togarashi, mayo, salt, and fresh ground paprika. In the other container there would be a salad of red leaf lettuce, fresh yellow peaches, shallots, and goat cheese balls rolled in toasted chopped walnut. In the condiment container I would put a dressing of sherry-vinegar and extra virgin olive oil. Whew! My imagination needs a break now.

  344. My preschooler is helping “pack” our “ideal” lunch. Here goes: Peanut butter & jelly sandwich, grapes or banana, water in the bottle, and a cookie for dessert. Very traditional American! I’d pack leftover Thai chicken with sesame noodles, orange sections, cucumber salad, and water. Thanks for a chance to win!

  345. I would pack some slices of homemade whole wheat bread in the sandwich wrapper. In one large metal container, I’d pack roasted chicken and red pepper salad. Sometimes I like to eat it as a sandwich with the bread and sometimes I like to eat it like a salad with the bread on the side. In the second large container, I’d pack a green salad. The small container would have something sweet - either fruit or another dessert like rice pudding. Now that the weather is warming up, I’ll take ice tea in the drink container.

  346. Here’s what I’d pack: brown rice and beans (garbanzo) in the first container, a mixture of cut up strawberries and blueberries in the second container, and in the sauce container I’d pack some steamed broccoli. Water goes in the bottle, and perhaps I’d include a banana or some yogurt in the lunch bag for an afternoon snack. Now I’m hungry!

  347. I would pack steamed rice with black beans in the first container. In the second container I’d put my infamous little pinwheels inside (whole wheat tortilla wraps smeared with laughing cow cheese, stuffed with tomato and fresh basil, then cut into slices). I’d fill the spaces between the pinwheels with fresh broccoli. In the bottle I’d put home-brewed iced tea with mango syrup.


  348. i’d pack mini tofu burger with noodle salad and some sauce for dipping in one container and in the other some cut bell pepper, cucumber and apple along with a candy. in the bottle goes plain water.

  349. I would totally pack an awesome stir fry, loaded with spinach, broccoli, and all sorts of mixed vegetables! Love it!

  350. I would pack a mini tortilla de papa (egg omelette with potato) and fill the small container with roasted red peppers and green olives to top it off. In the second container, I would pack a cucumber, tomato, and mint salad. I would fill the drink container with iced sweet mate and fill the sandwich cozy with an alfajor cookie.

    Yum! Can’t wait for lunch…

  351. I Would pack one full of rice and the other would be packed with some sweet coconut curry with chicken and veggies so that i could mix the two. The drink container I’d make a fruit and yogurt smoothie something with mango i think to help offset the spiciness of the curry.

  352. I would pack a bagel with cream cheese and cucumbers on it, with strawberries in one container and cut up veggies in the other, using the condiment container for some homemade gorgonzola dip. And water, of course!

  353. I would pack fresh pita bread, tabbouleh with chicken and kiwi & strawberries in the side containers, hummus in the condiment container, and some yummy fresh lemonade. What a perfect lunch!

  354. These are so cute :D

    Let’s see here… My ideal lunch would probably be a homemade egg, mushroom and pepper tortilla wrap in the sandwich wrapper; I’d probably put steamed carrots and broccoli in one of the round containers and stick some chopped watermelon in the other. That little condiment container will hold hot sauce mixed up with soy sauce to dip the wrap in. And as for the water bottle, I’d probably just pour some ice water in it and pour one of those peach flavor packets into it when it comes lunchtime.


  355. Oh boy I would love to have one of these! I love bentos, but I’m not wild about plastic, so these would be PERFECT! My favorite lunch would be onigiri, edamame, a shaped egg, seasoned nori, and some grilled chicken. Some pickled ginger or asparagus would be good in the teeny container!

  356. Cantaloupe, chicken wrap, celery and green tea.

  357. Since I’m somewhat afraid of plastic, I will love this. This will be my first official bento if I get this, and I would pack the only thing my five year old eats-an egg shaped out of an egg mold I am buying from the internet, peanut butter/honey sandwiches cut into cute shapes, and horseradish hummus and black bean chips. So cool!

  358. These are just so beautiful. I am quite a simple person so my ideal packed lunch would be potatoes salad with a small bun and some cut fruit like kiwi, strawberries!

  359. I would pack on of my favorites: Lentils & rice w/ feta, in one container, and a salad of tomatoes, mozerella and olives in the other. I’d fill the condiment cup with watermelon salsa. I don’t know about the sandwich wrapper-further research is required. Although I would have to say I’m most excited about the napkin.

  360. cute spam musubi, simmered japanese veggies, and takuan!

  361. I’d pack some yummy faux fried rice with lots of veggies, some grilled chicken, and grapes in the condiment container. All for my 9 yr old daughter.

  362. I think I’d pack some Thai Red curry in this. For some reason thats the first thing that popped into my head. Eggplant, Zucchini, Carrots, tofu or chicken, peppers. And then on the side, a good green veggie like broccoli or spinach. Packed with some fragrant Jasmine and brown rice. This lunch would make me so happy!

  363. Since summer is here, i would put berries in one tin, and plain yogurt with some honey and vanilla in the other, and a pita sandwich. Maybe id throw in a pear for good measure, I love pears :)

  364. I am crazy, but I love turkey with sliced apple sandwich on whole wheat bread with mustard. I would pack that along with some berries and some pita chips…thanks!


  365. I would pack strawberries in one container and whole wheat pasta with white beans in the other container. A little splash of balsamic vinegar makes it taste fresh and good cold. If it’s for myself I would put Kale in it and put the beans in the little container on the side. For my kids I would pack some carrots or cucumber in the little side container and mix the pasta and beans.

  366. tin 1..Rice Salad Caprese, made with arborio Italian rice,tomatoes/mozzerella/EVOO/lemon juice/basil with bits of chicken added.
    tin 2.. pickled mushrooms/cut cucumber/sun gold tomatoes

    bottle. iced green tea

  367. It’s tea time! Egg, radish, and smoked salmon tea sandwiches alongside some fresh fruit (tangerines and pineapple are my faves) plus a homemade scone or two with lemon or lime curd and either a lemon-ginger tisane or English breakfast tea in the thermos. Yum!

  368. My packed box will have to be nutritiously Indian. I will pack our regular rotis with some dry veggie preparation (stir fried mixed veggies with cottage cheese and Indian spices), some fresh homemade yoghurt (curd) mixed with grated cucumber (raita). Also a fibre-rich fruit like chopped musk melon or the seasonal mango. Thanks for the chance!

  369. I’d pack pasta with a pesto sauce and fried mushroom, and vanilla yogurt, and some garlic bread!
    With juice to drink~!
    Good luck to meee~!

  370. I would have falafel with lemony couscous, side salad and a hummus dip. Fresh strawberry and kiwi salad with a raspberry coulis in the smaller container. And to drink a lovely turkish apple tea.And if I am feeling a little generous to myself a slice of french toast in the wrap.

  371. In the first container, I would put half a cup of blueberries, half a cup of fiber one cereal, and a 1/4 cup of nonfat cottage cheese (which would go in the little condiment container).

    The second container would have 1/4 cup edamame, a turkey dog, and I would fill the rest in with mixed raw veggies (cauliflower, cherry tomoatoes, etc).

    I would have either water or crystal light in the drink container.

  372. I would have pasta make with tuna, courgettes and a sprinkle dried chili (drizzled with olive oil). In the next containers I would have some nice rustic bread, carrot sticks with something tasty to dip them in… maybe humus! In the flask - my favourite; a brown cow, aka milk and coca-cola.

  373. I will put Chickpeas romanesca with couliflower from Veganomicon book + Lime flavored rice, in the small cups will fit some fresh vegetables in dices to garnish.

  374. I’d wrap up a PBJ sandwich in the sandwich wrapper, fill one of the metal containers with chopped up fruit and yogurt, and fill the other with chopped up veggies and a bit of dip. The condiment cup would hold a brownie bite for after lunch. Mmmmmmm. And water in the beverage bottle.

  375. i think id fill the bottle with hot chocolate. one of the containers with chocolate fondue and the other with fresh berries and the smallest one with…chocolate pudding. that’s a balanced meal right there!

  376. Mmm… I would pack white rice and curry with veg and pork bits. Fruits or jello for dessert and a bottle of cool plain water :)

  377. I would pack rice with some Korean ban chan, such as squid, potatoes, anchovies, spinach, some seaweed and maybe some tofu in one container. In the other I would pack some sliced fruit. For the water bottle, I would just pack plain water or if I want something flavored, pack plain water and then one of those little packets where you can add in lemonade flavoring or something right before drinking it.

  378. Mmmm, cute! So, I’d pack a brown rice, feta, veggies salad in one tin, fruit salad in the other, and a smallish bagel with cream cheese in the wrap. Iced tea to drink. And it would go with me to school, rather than the kids, I think!

  379. Spinach salad with raspberries and dried cranberries; grilled chicken in another container, and some lite raspberry vinaigrette to go over all. And slightly sweetened tea in the thermos!

  380. Adorable! I’d love to pack my ideal lunch for DS, but he wouldn’t go for it (lol), so I’ll pack his ideal…pumpkin seeds in one jar, whole soy lemon yogurt in another, peanut butter & jelly sandwich in the sandwich wrapper and apple cider in the thermos.

  381. Since just this morning my son asked for potstickers, that’s the first thing I’d pack in this lunch set, along with some sliced apples and a scoop of hummous!

  382. I would put water in the beverage container.

    I would pack a green salad with dressing in the smallest container.

    Cut up berries and a avocado and canadian bacon sandwhich.

  383. I would pack a peanut butter & banana sandwich, mixed green salads in one container, and lentil salad in the other.

  384. The “sandwich bag” would wrap around a Sake Onigiri (wrapped in saran wrap of course) for a snack.

    The first container would hold Curry Rice, some slow cooked curry carrot and potato pieces, and those lovely red pickles that usually come with curry (for the life of me I cannot remember their name).

    The second container would hold fruit salad in a silicone cupcake holder - banana, strawberry, and green grape - as well as a little bit of veggies in another - baby carrot, green pepper, and cucumber. A little squeezie of my home made ranch would go with it.

    In the beverage bottle, Mugi-cha. I love barley tea, and I think it may be the most refreshing drink in the world.

    That would be an ideal lunch for me!

  385. Such a great prize! Since there is a sandwich wrapper included, this set just shouts after sandwiches… So I would put the bread, cheese, etc. in the wrapper, and then add a container of sliced vegetables to add to the sandwich, this way the bread and the cheese don’t get mushy. The rest of the vegetables would remain as a snack for later. Fruit would go in the other container and some sauce in the small one. Also, some cold tea in the bottle. Yum!

  386. I love these kits! I’m thinking of going all stainless steel for my bentos, but it is so expensive to get new stuff.

    I would pack a lunch for my toddler: baked mac ‘n’ cheese in one container, and celery, strawberries and carrots in the other. Cold soy milk or weak juice in the bottle.

  387. For me, one of the containers would have brown rice. The other would have broccoli and chicken with some baby carrots. The condiment container would have hummus for dipping my carrots in. Water would be my choice for beverage!

  388. I’d want a bento I can eat without utensils, since this set doesn’t come with any, and I’d rather not carry around my own (one more thing to lose.)

    In the first tin, I’d put gyoza, onigiri, and maybe asparagus wrapped in bacon.

    In the second tin would go steamed broccoli, carrot sticks stuck in a round of mini sweet pepper, and edamame on picks.

    In the little tin, I’d put a mini lemon tart and some strawberry slices.

    Water in the drink container.

  389. Thank you very much for the opportunity, I love these and have been yearning for one for quite some time.

    I usually pack myself some onigiri with furikake, I think as a treat I would like some tempeh bacon and some cherry tomatoes. I love cucumber kappa maki! yum num nom nom

  390. Wow…the perfect lunch box would be a karaben lunchbox starring kero-chan (Cardcaptor Sakura)! made with cheese,nori and holding a strawberry sauce bottle. yay!

  391. Mmm chicken tsukune, broccoli braised with ginger, rice with sesame salt, random fruit shapes and a mini bannana muffin. Yum- and I would be drinking Chai with that.

  392. I would pack chicken tikka with basmati rice in one of the containers and a fruit salad with yogurt dip in the other. In the sandwich pouch I would tuck a pita or naan. I would have some water with cucumber & mint in the bottle.

    YUM !

  393. I would pack some homemade olive bread in the sandwich wrapper; to go with some falafel, hummus and tzatziki sauce packed in the containers. I would put a fruit salad in the small container and would pack some iced chamomile tea in the drink bottle, both of which are so refreshing after the rich meal.

  394. I would pack some togolese chicken in peanut sauce, with couscous, because it is as good cold as warm, and a PB&J baguette sandwich in the sandwich bag as a snack later, and strawberries and pineapple for dessert.

  395. I would pack my attempt at recreating at a meal I had in Seattle. I would have grilled salmon and steamed green beans with pine nut couscous. I’d also include green tea and some fresh fruit.

  396. I would pack a turkey, avocado, cheese & lettuce sandwich on ww. Side of cut up fruit and a greek salad. Water to drink.

  397. I think I would pack hummus with a pita and some veggies for scooping. I would add some homemade yogurt and some berries or granola for topping. I’d probably also include a piece of dark chocolate because I’m a chocoholic. Finally some water to drink. Thanks for this giveaway!

  398. I would pack crunchy fresh carrots and sugar snap peas with a little ranch dressing for dipping, with a chocolate peanut butter and ginger preserve sandwich on homemade ww. I’d throw in a small or medium apple, with either water with a cinnamon stick or a sprig of fresh mint to drink. Thank you for the chance. :)

  399. I’d pack a roasted pumpkin couscous with balsamic-fried vegies (eggplant, zucchini, capsicum etc), with some fresh herbs, cucumber and green beans stirred in at the last minute for a little crunch. in the other container i’d pack the same dessert that i’ve packed for lunch today - thin, soft pancakes with mini bottles of maple syrup (c’mon, one is never enough!) and sauteed apples.

    the drink bottle would have water with lemon, because if it has flavour i’m more inclined to drink it. ;)


  400. Tuna Capers and Warm Potato Salad
    don’t laugh, Sauteed Whole Radishes

  401. I’d use the 250 ml containers for my famous mac-n-cheese-n-peas, and a nice spring fruit salad. the sandwich wrapper would hold a brown rice cake smeared with peanut butter (or soy-nut butter if it is going to preschool) and topped with thinly sliced apples. Pirate booty in the little container a 50/50 mix of cranberry juice and water in the drink bottle.

    all praise the gods of the random numbers!

  402. I don’t know what it made me want more, the delicious looking food or to be in Japan - Tokyo perhaps, under those trees, complete with locals trying out their “Engrish”

  403. I would pack water (always water), some cold shrimp with a little squirty tube of sauce, some mandarin oranges, a chocolate fiber bar (treat) and some endamame.

  404. A container full of fresh greens, with chick peas marinated overnight with balsamic vinegar, olive oil, S&P and jalapeno sauce, a piece of olive bread and an apple. I’ll have plain water in the bottle.

    Hmm… I’m looking forward for lunch hour.

  405. my ideal would be either a salad because I love salads, or some rice with veggies and chicken. That would be so yummy. I would also have some fresh berries or other type of fresh fruit. And either some water of fruit juice on the side.
    I hope I win. I could really use some real bento boxes besides the Tupperware one’s I use now.
    Thank you

  406. Great to know that it is BPA-free!

    I’ll pack some Curry Chicken Katsu for my boy, using one of the containers for the sauce to separate it from the rice and chicken fillets.
    In the last container, some bite size fruit salad consisting of strawberries, bananas and apple!!
    Metal bottle drink filled with yummy cool Ribena!

  407. I would pack a sweet lunch in this kit.

    Honey sesame chicken, with rice balls. Apple slices and lemonade to round everything out.

  408. I would pack strawberries and a fruit salad. some cranberry juice in the drink container and a dry turkey and cheese sandwich in the wrap.

  409. That lunch set is beautiful!

    I would pack some cheese lasagna, fresh fruit, rice cracker snacks, and some fresh veggies.

  410. It would definitely be a fruit salad, some cole slaw, and a crispy shrimp tempura roll. Weird combination but yum.

  411. Bed of baby spinach, topped with miso chicken, grape tomatos, steamed carrots.

  412. I love this lunch set. I would pack carrots w/dip, some fruit a yummy Turkey sandwich and a fruitbu roll up. YUM

  413. Sooooo cute! I’d make a breakfast lunch and pack pancakes in the sandwich wrapper, fresh fruit in one cup, and turkey sausage and egg scramble in the other cup. Add a condiment cup of syrup and I’m set!

  414. Mm… grilled chicken skewers with katsu sauce, steamed broccoli, and rice in one container… fresh strawberries, mandarin oranges and a cup of fresh-whipped cream. I’d pack a soft sandwich with smoked salmon, or salmon-creamcheese blend… hot tea in the thermos..

    Ohh… I could have my own high-tea in the park!

  415. These are so cute. I agree with the person that said they were into Mexican food right now. This would be perfect for tacos on the go, you could put the tortillas in the side bag, then fill up with meat, cheese, sour cream, beans, salsa, etc, in the individual containers.

    Nothing like a simple yet delightful bento.

  416. What an adorable kit! I’m going for a spring theme in mine, A nice fresh salad in one (with lots of cucumber). In the other, a balsamic dressed tomato and mozerella salad.

  417. I’d love to pack little fruits and veggies with a healthy dipping sauce. some baked crackers, a couple of cubes of cheese. perfect for on the go

  418. What a great giveaway!

    Because the weather is finally warming up, I would pack some chunks of (organic) veggies- broccoli, cucumber, carrot, and bell peppers- and either some hummus or vegan “ranch” for dipping. Yummy!

  419. I would pack my DD her favorite lunch. macaroni and cheese and chocolate cake! I might also put some grapes in there, just to make it look a little healthier :)

  420. I would pack gyoza in one of the larger containers and the dipping sauce in the condiment container. I would probably round it out with sliced veggies and edamame in the other large container. Yummy! I’m hungry just thinking about it.

  421. Hmmm…I’d do something filling and yummy like a nut butter and honey sandwich on a dark heavy wheat! I’d also pack some fresh strawberries and an arugula and walnut salad! Well…at least that’s what I’d pack if I actually had a nifty Kids Konserve lunchpack. :(

  422. -Pan-fried salted chicken thighs
    -In the condiment container I would pack dessert, maybe a chocolate walnut cake or tofu cheesecake with strawberries, yumm…
    -Iced green tea in the bottle!

  423. I love this sort of meal-planning :-)

    I think I’d take this lunch set out for a day of fishing & novel-reading, and I’d want to leave early, so I’d want both breakfast & lunch, and a nice snack.

    So.. in the reusable sandwich wrapper I’d put a breakfast sandwich: 1-egg mini omelet with 1 slice of bacon crumbled in it, mashed avocado, a bunch of fresh parsley, and a slice of seriously sharp cheddar on a toasted whole-wheat english muffin.

    In one of the 250ml containers I’d put a salad made from quinoa, parsley, finely chopped carrot, tomato, and cucumber. I’d dress it just before eating with a nice simple lemony vinaigrette.

    In the other 250ml container, hm.. I think I’d make Goi Cuon: Vietnamese salad/hand rolls, the kind wrapped in rice paper but not fried, with shrimp, pork, cellophane noodles, mint-cilantro-basil, chives, lettuce, cucumber, and carrot shreds. I’d cut them so that they’d fit perfectly right up to the top.

    Then I’d have the little condiment container filled with a good spicy peanut or cashew butter dipping sauce.

    I could leave at 6am, get to my secret fishing spot, and be well-fed all day before heading home a bit too late. Oh, and snack! I bet I could fit a little bag of dried fruit & nuts in there too.

    And now that it’s -finally- warming up -I’d fill the bottle with iced home-brewed green tea with a little lemon and a little honey. Yum!

  424. I’d pack our favorite quick on the go snack of gluten-free chicken meatballs from Costco. Yummy!

  425. I would pack:

    noodle salad with tofu, green onions, broccoli in one container, spicy peanut sauce separately in condiment cup.

    broccolini stir fry separated from fresh fruit (seasonal).

    water in container - cause I need to drink more water.

    Pecan cake in sandwich wrapper

  426. I’d pack soup, fish, veggies, rice and maybe fruit.

  427. That’s really a beautiful lunch set, perfect for an outdoor lunch!

    I’d pack pesto pasta in one container, sliced bananas, strawberries, and grapes in the other, cottage cheese in the condiment container, and some challah in the sandwich bag for dessert.

  428. I’d pack curry and rice with raw broccoli, tomatoes, cauliflower and plums. And possibly orange slices.

  429. Hmmm… tough decision.

    Lemon pepper chicken, shredded carrots with rice, in one container. In the other container a variety of greens with chopped onion, celery, and green olives. In the condiment container I would put applesauce, and to top it all off… a slice of banana bread. To wash it all down… Iced white tea!!! I’m hungry just thinking about it!

  430. Hhhhmmm, I think since summer is coming I would have to fill one container with a nice spicy pasta salad. The other large container with some fresh cut fruit. The smaller container with some creamy goat cheese and for the sandwich wrap, some crusty bread for dipping in the goat cheese. Yum!

  431. I would pack rice and chicken-a family favorite and then some sugar snap peas for a veggie and sliced strawberries and orange slices to round out the meal. Water to drink! :)

  432. Awesome bento set!
    A perfect lunch for my little girl would consist of a homemade mac&cheese w/minced broccoli and a fresh fruit salad of kiwi, strawberries and bananas! A cool drink of plain water to finish it up! :)

  433. I love these! Sadly we don’t have them accessible here in New Zealand! Maybe I will win and have a one for the 3 children to share! Let alone the Hubby since they all take packed lunches everyday!
    Cheers Ruth in NZ

  434. i would pack chicken mami in one container and in the other mango pieces for dessert. i would put the siopao(chicken asado)inside the food cozy, and inside the drink flask i would put mango juice. MMMMmmmm making myself hungry thinking about it. =D

  435. This is the perfect set for my honey, a rural mail carrier alwas has to eat on the go.

    I’d pack my yummy falafel burger that she loves, mixed berries, havarti cheese, edamame and carrots. Starfruit tea will be really tasty with this!

  436. Beautiful set! I’d pack a cucumber and cream cheese sandwich, carrots/kalarabi/tomatoes with ranch dip, grapes and ice water. :-)

  437. In one 250 mL container: Soba coated in a spicy/creamy miso sauce and topped with shredded cucumber, furikake, and sliced green onion.

    In the other 250 mL container: Quick spring panzanella made with whole-grain bread, fresh herbs, baby greens, pea shoots, broccoli blanched in salted water, minced garlic, extra-virgin olive oil, etc.

    In the sandwich bag: A couple of Ryvita crackers sandwiching some gooseberry jam or some pumpkin butter.

    In the condiment container: Homemade applesauce topped with chopped nuts.

  438. I’d most likely pack something springlike - a nice salad with egg and salami and chopped vegetables over romaine lettuce (with a tiny little piggie container of balsamic vinaigrette) in the smaller container, and steamed rice with home made teriyaki chicken on top in the larger one. I’d put a small tangerine in next to the rice, separated by little plastic grass (one of my favorite decorations!). I’d probably keep a small dessert (Chocolate? Candy? Sugared strawberries?) in the condiment container. I’d keep lemon flavored water in the water container and have myself one of the tastiest lunches ever.

    … now I’m hungry.


  439. I would pack fruit (strawberries are AA’s favorite) chopped in small chunks (AA still needs her food cut up for her), peanut butter sandwich, cheese chunks and iced unsweet tea. I’ll use your pictures for new ideas.
    Hope we win!

    Alyzabeth’s Mommy for Six Months!

  440. A nice egg salad sandwich in the sandwich wrapper, with a crisp green salad in one container, and homemade strawberry applesauce in the other. In the bottle, I’d put half lemonade/ half tea mixture and in the bag (possibly in the side container) I would drop a few girl scout cookies for dessert.

    Thanks for the giveaway & interesting lunchset find!

  441. Hmmm… I think I’d pack a few wedges of a cheese quesadilla in the sandwich wrapper, black bean and corn salsa salad in one of the containers, some seasonal fruit in the other (grapes and pineapple are in season here) and some honeyed yoghurt for the fruit in the little condiment container .

  442. Chicken salad with cranberries and crackers. Maybe some pudding and juice.

  443. I would pack a meal for my toddler. One container with rice, the other with broccolli and sardines. Condiment container filled with some grapefruit. Milk in the bottle and homemade bread in the wrap.

  444. Please enter me in the contest! I would pack a PEANUT-FREE lunch in this cute kit for my son!

  445. oh-my-goodness-this-lunch-set-is-sooo-cute! I would pack little tea sandwiches, bite sized pieces of fresh fruit (what ever is in season), cucumber and carrot chips and a dip made with greek yogurt. Oh, and a refreshing mint tea in the bottle. Yum!

  446. I would pack a meal for my daughter.
    pasta salad and cherry tomato in one, fresh fruit salad in the other and some applejuice in the bottle.

  447. Really neat idea! For my girl, a dainty eater, I’d pack brown rice rice balls, marinated tofu musubi, cherry tomatoes, broccoli spears with yougurt dip, and blackberrys. She’s a milk girl, so that would wrap up our meal! :-)

  448. i would pack sesame chicken with fried rice in one container and some mixed fresh fruit in the other!

  449. What a great idea! The butterfly pattern is so cute!

    I would pack cold chicken and lemon spaghettini in one container, baby spinach and fetta salad with strawberry balsamic vinegar dressing in the other, a nice chunk of sourdough bread in the sandwich wrap and I’d throw a few blueberries into the condiment container for dessert. Oh, and of course, nice cold water in the drink bottle. Yum :)

  450. I would pack my ideal meal which would consist of some brown rice, stir fried chicken with oyster sauce, and some sauteed broccoli. For the drink I would pack some iced tea.

  451. I’d pack a chicken pate sandwich, some small cooked sausages and cheese wedge in one container, and radishes and cucumber in the other; washed down with strong black coffee. I could eat all that right now!

  452. onigiri in one container, cut up pieces of fruit in the other.

  453. Hmm…I would pack rice, french beans stir-fried with dried shrimps & chinese sausage and homemade meat balls with teriyaki sauce — all these packed in the butterfly design set.

    As for the drink, her favorite milo!

    That would just wow my niece who just loves those dishes!

  454. Top round tier
    Greek-Israeli salad: Cucumbers, three colors of bell peppers, and Roma tomatoes, seeded and diced. Red onion, diced. Scallions, sliced finely. Feta cheese, cut into 1/4″ cubes. Fresh basil and oregano, minced finely (the basil in amounts that treat it almost like another vegetable instead of a spice — a big handful!). Extra-virgin olive oil, lime juice, a LITTLE balsamic vinegar, salt, and freshly ground black pepper, to taste. A tiny squeeze of honey, not enough that people can figure out what that little extra something special is. On the side, a silicone cup with a strawberry-fan and some mixed red and green seedless grapes.

    Bottom round tier
    Persian-Israeli couscous: Israeli couscous, browned in olive oil and a little butter before boiling. Dried cherries, currants, and sultanas, warmed gently in pomegranate juice and date-honey (or agave nectar), and toasted almonds and sesame seeds — all sprinkled on top of the couscous, or mixed in, or laid carefully on top in a pretty pattern like a “rose/lotus” stained glass window or sunburst. Or I might make this dish with Persian rice, or barley, or millet — I do those a lot, too.

    Water bottle
    Simple cool water, with maybe one thin slice each of lemon, lime, and/or orange for flavor. Very refreshing as the world heats up in spring and summer.

  455. We love bento’s in our family! We always try to get land and sea in our bentos following the tradition in Japan. I believe I would pack seitan satay with peanut butter sauce. Some edamame and steamed broccoli for veggies. Then of course you need rice so we would have brown rice cooked with hijiki, a little soy sauce, a little chicken, and some carrot pieces. For drink, some rice milk blended with some strawberries.

  456. I love bento’s!! I would pack a Peanut Butter and Nutella sandwich (suits my half practical, half dessert desire), with one bowl of fresh fruit pieces, and one bowl with a variety of sliced veggies such as carrots, celery, bell peppers, cucumbers and a laughing cow cheese wedge. A small piece of chocolate tucked in for dessert. And some tasty green tea to drink. :)

  457. In one of the containers I would lay a foundation of shredded romaine, carrots (matchstick) on which I would put a helping of miso chicken salad surrounded by grape tomatos. In the other container I would put a few packs of crackers, and some fruit, kiwi and strawberries most likely. As for the beverage, I mostly drink water flavored with a True Lime packet so that’s what would be in the drink bottle.

  458. Mmmm! Gyoza and rice with umeboshi and edamame in one container, Watermelon chunks, strawberries and blueberries in the other. Some soy sauce with rice vinegar and raayu in the condiment container. Mango-peach tea in the thermos.

  459. I would pack leftovers from our all slider (mini burgers)BBQ - one lamb burger with olives & mint patty and one falafel patty in one of the metal containers, with the chopped tomato, onion and shredded lettuce in the other container, a cucumber-lemon yogurt sauce in the condiment container (it tasted great on both types of burger), wrap a mini pita and a mini potato bun in the sandwich wrap, and I don’t know what I’d put in the drinks bottle, I usually do water for lunch.

  460. I would pack caesar chicken pita wrap cut into rounds, in the other I would have a fruit salad and salad dressing in the condiment container. For a drink I would pack cold chai tea or water.

  461. Hmmm… I would pack a mound of sushi rice, shelled edamame, baby carrots, and rice seasoning (seaweed & sesame seeds). Great giveaway!!

  462. I would go for wholegrain rice, stir fried vegetables and one of those cute molded eggs. And of course some fruit on the side. Yummm!

  463. G’day Biggie,

    I would fill the Bento Box with a variety of sushi rolls or fresh rice paper rolls, hommus, celerly and carrot sticks, some stone fruit and mixed berries and a nice home made slice of something sweet.

    I hope I’m not to late to enter this amazing competition. I am in Sydney!!

    Best, Nicole

  464. I would do hummus and veggies in one, standing the veggies in the hummus, I would do a fruit salad w/ nuts in the other side.

  465. I’d keep it simple with grilled cheese and tomato soup.

  466. This is such an adorable set. I would love to win this for my 12 year old. She loves Bentos.

  467. I’d pack kare raisu and miniature Chinese steamed buns because you definitely cannot go wrong with those two foods! ^ o ^ ; The combination would be absolutely lovely for a spring picnic ~

  468. I would pack my favorite mini pita with hummus, lettuce, cucumber, and tomato with a side of mixed fresh fruit and greek style yogurt. yumm!!!!!!

  469. It’s now th 3rd here in Oz. I hope I’m not too late!
    I would pack my fav mini meatballs and spaghetti, with a side container of parmesan cheese, and a lovely fresh fruit salad with dipping yoghurt. Mmmmm….

  470. I would pack boiled whole wheat penne with fried cabbage in one, and sake-steamed clams in the other. Clams on penne is my son’s favourite meal but he can’t take it in a single bento box because the sake makes the penne too soft and mushy. This would be perfect!

  471. What a fun “kit” to send a lunch with my little love in!
    I would pack fresh fruit, pita, fatoosh and cheese!

  472. I would plain vanilla yogurt, carrot sticks, juice, and a cheese and cucumber sandwich.

  473. Off to Kindergarten…
    Rasberry tea sweetened with honey, a 1/2 sandwich on wheat with 1 slice tomato & T veganaise. Shred carrots, apples (dipped in lemon juice), & golden raisin salad. Leftover basil & tomato noodles. Condiment container with a small serving of vanilla yogurt.

  474. My sons favorite lunch is PB&J on organic whole wheat, grapes and strawberries and carrots, he does like a little yogurt in case he is still hungry and water to top it off.

  475. Mini peanut butter sandwiches, grapes, cheese stick made to look like octopus, tofu & some choc. pudding.