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Posted on Feb 25, 2009 in admin | 9 comments

Lunch in a Box to speak at BlogHer ’09

Lunch in a Box to speak at BlogHer ’09


I'm Speaking at BlogHer '09So my news is that I’ll be speaking at this year’s BlogHer ’09 Conference on the food blogging panel, “Identity/Passions: FoodBlogging in the Time of Recession“. This year’s annual BlogHer Conference will be held Friday and Saturday, July 23-24, 2009 in Chicago, and is the largest conference of women bloggers in the world, including women (and men) who blog about parenting, food, politics, travel, business, sex, health, etc.

I went to last year’s BlogHer conference in San Francisco (see my write-up), and it was the first time I’d met so many bloggers in person. I was struck by the sheer number of the talented women there (over a thousand), and gained valuable perspective from the sessions. I’m tickled to be chosen as a panelist this year, talking about how food bloggers can stay relevant and maybe even help people save money in this economy. (Read on for the full list of food panelists, and a recent Hong Kong Trader article quoting Lunch in a Box.)

I’ll be joining fellow panelists Elise Bauer of Simply Recipes, Hetal Jannu of Show Me the Curry, Michelle Lentz of Wine Girl, and Stephanie O’Dea of A Year in Crockpotting. (I still can’t believe I’ll actually be on a panel with blogerati Elise! Big thanks to Elise, BTW, who generously helped make it possible for me to attend this year’s conference.)  I’m also looking forward to meeting Jaden Hair of Steamy Kitchen, and hearing her speak in the Brands & Bloggers discussion. (Unfortunately I won’t be speaking at Anime Milwaukee this year after all, due to a scheduling issue.)

Article in Hong Kong Trader

I was interviewed a while back by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council for an article about how the economy is making more Americans interested in packing up their leftovers. The article Cashing in on Leftovers is now up on the Hong Kong Trader’s website; have a look if you’re interested.

I got a kick out of seeing that it cited the results of our recent reader poll on why you all pack bento-style lunches. See? When you respond to the monthly polls here, you’re making yourself heard around the world. (I’ve added it to the Press and Awards page.)



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  1. HOORAY!!

  2. Congratulations! Such an honor—Biggie ROCKS!!!

  3. Thanks guys! It really is an honor — I’ll need to sit down beforehand and organize my thoughts so I can convey everything well (and not forget something important).

  4. Very cool. I didn’t go to last year’s BlogHer conference but now I’m debating this year’s… I mean, it should be fun and informative, right?

  5. I’ve always wondered what the benefits are to joining BlogHer…maybe you could enlighten me Biggie? :-)

  6. @4 from Yvo: I personally got a lot out of last year’s BlogHer conference, but it was held in San Francisco so I didn’t have to pay for transportation or hotel or anything. Of course the panels were interesting, but if you want to do it on the cheap you can just check out the liveblogging coverage or videos afterwards. What I found most stimulating was meeting all of the people and having the chance to talk with so many other bloggers who could give me ideas. Great connections & opportunity for networking as well, if you’re into that.

  7. @8 from cchen7: Wow, that was fast — I just did the interview with ABC News yesterday morning!

  8. I found a recipe on Elise’s site so long ago and never looked at the rest of the site! (silly me) I LOVE the recipe she gives for Chile Verde and just made it last night in fact. Then I check in for my LIB fix, and there she is. Thanks & good luck for the meeting!

  9. How cool! Now, just wondering… who prepares your son’s lunch while you’re traveling? I hope he doesn’t go “bentoless” while you’re away.
    Good luck!