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Giveaway, Laptop Lunchbox | 3 comments

Winner of the Laptop Lunchbox giveaway

Winner of the Laptop Lunchbox giveaway


The Laptop Lunchbox giveaway closed last night at midnight with 514 entries. Thanks to everyone for entering and sharing the ideal lunch that you’d like to pack! There were a lot of delicious-sounding meals in there.

Random number drawing for Laptop Lunchbox giveaway

According to the drawing, the lucky winner is Robin of the My Pursuit Of blog (comment #305). Robin writes that she’d pack her four-year-old’s favorites in the LLB: mac and cheese, applesauce, hummus and carrots, and a couple of cookies. Congratulations! I’ll be e-mailing you shortly. Robin will receive the Laptop Lunchbox set including the box, insulated carrying bag, utensils, inner containers, drink container, and a copy of The Laptop Lunch User’s Guide

If you didn’t win the Laptop Lunchbox, there are always the bento prizes I’m offering for the Menu for Hope hunger charity raffle, with proceeds going to benefit the school lunch program in Lesotho, Africa. Good luck!



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  1. Hey Biggie (and everyone else), I just saw that an Ichiban Kan is opening soon in the Tanforan Mall in San Bruno, CA!

  2. gratz to Robin!