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Posted on Nov 20, 2008 in Equipment, Giveaway | 11 comments

Winners of the rice cooker giveaway

Winners of the rice cooker giveaway


The rice cooker giveaway closed last night at midnight with 934 entries. Thanks to everyone for entering and sharing your excellent rice-related tips, recipes and ideas! They make excellent reading to help break you out of a rice rut.

The lucky winners according to the drawing are Carolyn (comment #712) and Kathy (comment #863). I drew three numbers to have a runner-up (#490) in case I drew one of my own comments, a comment without a rice-related tip, or someone unable to supply a U.S. shipping address. Carolyn will receive the Zojirushi 5.5-cup rice cooker with Induction Heating (US$350 value) and Kathy will receive the Panasonic 5.5-cup rice cooker with fuzzy logic (US$150 value). Congratulations to you both! I’ll be e-mailing you shortly.

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  1. congrats Carolyn & Kathy! You are
    some lucky gals! There are alot of
    comments~ these are great rice cookers
    and I bet you will love them!

  2. nooooo so close! nothing for the poor runner up huh?

  3. gratz guys!

  4. Congrats to the winners! :D

    Happy eating.

  5. @2 from Catherine: Well, let’s see if I get U.S. shipping addresses from both of the winners first. I’ve got one so far; if I don’t hear back from the other one you might have yourself a rice cooker!

  6. I need help please!!! I tried to post to the section it says in the FAQ section but the link wont work. So if anyone can please help me. I recived an amazeing 4 tier stacking bento in a swap . I adore it. but when I wash it by hand the design is comming off. Is there any way to save it?? I even tried refilling in with permantnt marker and it just whiped off?!! I thought of your site here. If im gonna find the answer it will be here. thank you.

  7. @6 from Miranda: Sorry about your bento care woes; it sounds like you wound up with a poor quality bento box if handwashing alone removes the design! I’m not sure how to salvage it; maybe a craftier reader can weigh in…

  8. thank you ill keep my fingers crossed. Im thinking of trying the tape trick useed to design your own sauce cups, posted earlyer to preserve the ones that are not comming away yet. maybe a paint maker will fix the black design thats scratched away??

  9. Hey congratulations for Carolyn and Kathy!

    And thanks to Biggie for the fun anticipation (better chances here for a great win than in the lottery!)…

    And thanks to everyone for some pretty nifty rice ideas!

  10. Hi Biggie,

    I’ve sent you two emails, but I’m guessing that you have not been getting them?

  11. @10 from Carolyn: I got them, Carolyn, and just sent you a separate e-mail. Sorry about the delay!