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Posted on Nov 13, 2008 in Equipment, Giveaway | 891 comments

Fancy rice cooker giveaway

Fancy rice cooker giveaway


High-end Zojirushi IH rice cooker Panasonic SR-NA10 rice cooker

(Nov. 20 UPDATE: The rice cooker giveaway is now closed; see the announcement of the winners here.)

Need a new rice cooker but don’t want to drop hundreds of dollars on a fancy one? I’ve got a Zojirushi NP-HBC10 5.5-cup rice cooker with Induction Heating (IH) and a Panasonic SR-NA10 5.5-cup rice cooker with fuzzy logic to pass on to two lucky U.S. readers. To enter, leave one comment below with your favorite rice-related tip by midnight on Wednesday, November 19, 2008, and I’ll choose two comments at random on November 20 using the random number generator. The first pick will receive the Zojirushi ($350 value, the same one that Ajinomoto and Zojirushi recently gave away in their Lunchbox Photo Contest), the second will receive the Panasonic ($150 value). (Read on for full giveaway details.)

For your rice-related tip, be creative! Any of these would be interesting:

The rice cookers will be will be the same ones that I tested by cooking rice in them, so they’re now slightly used. Panasonic and Zojirushi kindly sent me their best rice cookers for the U.S. market to test out, but my Product Reviews policy prohibits me from keeping anything valued over US$40 so it’s time to pass them on. The list price for the Zojirushi is US$347 (street price around $287), and the list price for the Panasonic is US$150 (street price around $118). A round of thanks go to both companies for donating these good-quality rice cookers and paying for shipping to the winners.

Only one comment per person on this post please, and you must have a shipping address in the U.S. to win. (Sorry to my international readers.) Comments without rice-related tips will not be considered. Entries close at midnight Pacific time on Wednesday, November 19, 2008, and I’ll post the winner on Thursday, November 20, 2008. Stay tuned for the full rice cooker shootout review, and good luck!



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  1. hi, am i too late, shucks the kiddos are finally asleep and i’m here on the net, oh i’ll try anyways.
    tip: sometimes when i make too much rice i freeze the leftover (don’t toss it out) and then on the day you come home late and darn you forgot to make the rice you can just defrost and you’re good to go.

  2. My only rice related tip is in the measurement of rice to water: per my mom all you need to do is put the rice in the pot, rinse it a couple of times, and then fill the pot so that when you put the tip of your middle finger to the top of the rice the water should reach half way up the second joint. I don’t know how it works as she and I have different sized hands, but the rice is always good!

  3. Wow, I got here just in time!
    Tip: I think that some people see rice as ultra boring, but that can be changed pretty easily - change up the liquid you cook it in. Stocks, seasonings, and sauces can make plain white rice sososo yummy. Especially sauces - a jar of cheddar cheese sauce or marinara is inexpensive and can be used in so many ways. This makes me want cheesy rice so badly. :P

  4. To add flavor and a little variety to my rice dishes, I’ll substitute 1/2 to 3/4 of the water needed with chicken or veggie stock.

    Halfway through the cooking cycle, when the liquid is almost gone, I’ll place a bay leaf, parsley or some lemon peels for an extra kick. A single clove of garlic works really well but it takes awhile for the scent to disappear. ;-)

  5. Don’t worry about washing the rice too much, otherwise it comes out funny (I’ve found) and wastes a bunch of times. Rince it well maybe 5 or so times. And use one of those rice washing bowls, it makes great rice every time.

  6. Be not afraid — try the different kinds of rices available - make more than you need and freeze the extra.

    Sometimes it takes more than one try to see if you like something or not.

  7. A very easy dinner is rice and chinese sausages all cooked in the rice cooker.

    First start with the rice and water. When the water starts bubbling, add the chinese sausages. No extra cooking time and your rice will taste amazing!

  8. Mmm, I’d love a nice ricecooker like one of those! Here are my tips:

    Most rice cookers come with the measurements inscribed in the bowl already, but in case yours doesn’t, my magic water:rice ratio is 1.25:1.

    Also, when your ricecooker beeps that time’s up, your rice is NOT YET at its tastiest! When it’s still super-hot a lot of the moisture is present as steam in the air-not in the rice. Let rice rest for 10-15 minutes after the timer has gone off so it can reabsorb the steam. Then fluff it ALL up with a rice paddle before serving. And never, ever scrape excess rice off your rice paddle against a bowl-that creates an unappetizing rice mush that, as a bonus, is also very difficult to wash off, wet or dry.

    Day old rice is drier and therefore perfect for fried rice. Since it’s already cooked, it’s also good for a real quick rice porridge.

    You can make rice fragrant and interesting by adding liquids other than water: seaweed broth (for umami lovers), coconut milk (goes GREAT with curry), or tea (awesome with seafood). I have a (dumpy, cheap) rice cooker without a locking lid, but one good thing about it is that I can open it near the end of the cooking time and drop in goodies like clams or chopped century egg.

  9. How exciting! I would love a good one of these! We have the store brand 10 one and it works, but not great! My favorite tip is to buy one because the rice comes out tasting so good!!!

  10. You like to buy rice in the 20 pound bags, don’t you? ‘Course you do. It costs less, and you don’t have to worry about running out mid-onigiri.

    But where do you keep all that rice? How do you make sure that it stays dry and fresh?

    Visit your favorite restaurant and ask them for a sealing 5 gallon bucket. Once you wash and dry it well, your rice could hardly ask for a happier home than a 5 gallon bucket. It’s airtight, it keeps out inquisitive pets, and it won’t spill if you knock it over.

    Krispy Kreme gets their fillings in sealing 5 gallon buckets. My local store sells them for a dollar. Ask around- you might be delighted with what you find.

  11. my favorite way to cook rice is to put my favorite kinds of mushrooms and some sliced up fried tofu skins on top of the rice in the cooker so it all cooks together. saves time and gives the rice a great flavor!

  12. Some fried onions and chopped up mushrooms, cooked together in a little chicken broth and then added to the rice is my consistent favorite. Sometimes, I add a little rice-shapped pasta for variety.

  13. Next time you make fruit salad, throw in some (cooked) white rice. It adds a yummy texture that helps highlight the fruit flavors. :)

  14. favorite rice tip is when cooking i use a little of chicken bullion and then putting them in cookie cutter shapes to make my hubbys lunch enjoyable it always puts a smile on his face.

    he gets the funnest lunches ever!

  15. I love putting an egg in when you cook the rice to make delicious hard boiled eggs XD

  16. I love to put Chinese sausages 20 min before the rice is finish cooking. This way I will have freshly steamed sausages to go with my rice. I also tried to put roasted garlic and butter in the rice to make garlic butter rice. It turns out great!

  17. My tip for the broke college student:
    For cheap and easy fried rice, heat up vienna sausage and smash it with the spoon you’re using to cook with. Add the rice (preferably leftover rice for better texture) and toss in with a little bit of soy sauce. Voila. You’re feeding yourself.
    You also don’t need salt for it since the vienna sausage is pretty salty already.

    If you’re dining fancy, you can add egg in to the rice.

  18. I like to add olive oil and salt to my rice when using a rice cooker, then add lime juice and cilantro when it’s completely done.

  19. this is an amazing giveaway!

    my tips:
    leftover rice makes for perfect fried rice the next day! plus, there’s nothing better than omurice for breakfast.

    don’t be afraid to try different types of rice - scented ones like basmati and jasmine are wonderful!

    don’t stir while cooking!

    be sure to try rice in place of other starches. rice and chili is delicious. chicken alfredo sauce over rice is warm and comforting. even rice with spaghetti sauce!

    buying rice in bulk is economical, but make sure you protect it from moisture.

    rice frozen in individual ziploc bags is handy both in having a quick lunch and for preparing lunches in the morning. simply microwave and separate grains. i like to freeze mine with a handful of veggies, some garlic, and seasoning for a super-easy lunch in minutes.

  20. I use my ricecooker mostly for rice, but I have made other things in it. My favorite “most unusual” recipe is probably the Chocolate Crazy Cake. I made the glaze on the stove top but the recipe said you can also do it in the RC. It was a quick option without using the stove and it may not be the best cake ever… but it was a fun dessert and our dinner guests are always intrigued since many of them don’t have ricecookers.

    I am also part of the Yahoo Group called “Ricecookerrecipes” - lots of resources for ideas and recipes!

    This was posted on the RiceCookerRecipes Group but originally came from the hsn cookbook page

    Chocolate Crazy Cake

    Yield: 4-6 servings

    1 1/2 cups all purpose flour
    3/4 cup granulated sugar
    3 Tablespoons good quality unsweetened cocoa powder
    1 teaspoon baking soda
    1/2 teaspoon kosher salt or 1/4 teaspoon iodized salt
    1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
    1/4 cup vegetable oil
    1 cup water
    1 Tablespoon white, cider or wine vinegar

    Pour all the ingredients into the bowl of the rice cooker. Stir till combined. A few lumps will remain and batter will be quite thin. The bowl does not need to be greased. It is a very simple cake to mix. Close lid and press COOK. After a few minutes machine will switch to KEEP WARM even though the cake is not done. This is normal. Let is sit on this setting for 10 minutes or so and then press COOK again. It will switch to KEEP WARM again but this is ok.
    After 30 minutes or so, open and check cake with a toothpick. When inserted slightly off-center, and then removed, moist crumbs should cling to the toothpick. Remove with potholders and invert onto serving plate. Wipe out bowl and make glaze in it (recipe follows).

    Chocolate Glaze for Crazy Cake

    Yield: 1 cup

    3/4 cup granulated sugar
    1/4 cup water
    2 Tablespoons cocoa powder
    1 Tablespoon vegetable oil
    1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
    a small pinch kosher salt or very small pinch iodized salt

    Combine all in rice cooker bowl. Press COOK. Do not close the lid.
    When mixture comes to a full boil, unplug pot and carefully remove bowl, using potholders. Pour hot glaze over Crazy Cake. Serve warm.

  21. I like to make takikomi gohan with my rice cooker. Sometimes I add salmon; sometimes I add chicken. Either way, it’s good eats.

  22. I’ve learned that different kinds of rice take different amounts of water. Always read the directions on the package, and if you’re not sure, Google the type of rice you are using and find the recommended water-to-rice ratio.

  23. I always substitute a portion of water with broth + mirin and sometimes a splash of sake. I also intentionally make too much rice whenever I cook up a batch so I can make stir-fried rice to use up the left-over veggies and meats in the refrigerator. It prevents waste and gives me an additional yummy meal out of cast-offs!

  24. My favorite thing to do is to make a HUGE batch of rice and then freeze it into little single serving portions. I have a round ice cream press that I use to make plain onigiri the perfect size for my little mini metal thermos.

    In the mornings I heat up my thermos by filling it with hot, hot water for about ten minutes. Then, I heat up half a can of soup on the stove and put it in the thermos. My work place has a microwave, so instead of capping the soup with rice I bring my plastic wrapped rice ball along and stick it in the fridge. At lunch time the soup is still a bit warm, but when i nuke my rice and mix everything together it’s nice and steamy.

    It’s a super tasty way to have a hot soup at lunch.

  25. If you’re cooking rice and don’t know the ratio for water. Use an old method of placing your hand in the water, your fingers flat on top of the rice, the palm side of your hand up at a 90 so degree angle going up. The water should reach to just the top of the middle knuckle, mount fuji or so I’ve heard it called. No matter how much rice you cook, as long as the water just hits the top of that knuckle you should get perfect rice.

    Also one I’ve used frequently when making onigiri and don’t have all that time to wait for the rice to cool, stick the whole pot with lid (or without, you can cover it with a small plate), into the freezer for five minutes or a bit longer, and it will be cool enough to handle.

  26. Oh what a fun giveaway. I hope this entry counts. I don’t eat rice much, but I have a small rice cooker I use constantly!

    Most mornings, I throw in two veggies (normally carrots and green beans) into my rice cooker to steam while I prepare breakfast more myself. Once I’m finished cooking breakfast, the veggies are done. I open the top, let things cool while I eat. Once I’m finished eating, I pack my bento box with my cooked veggies.

    I do use it to cook quinoa as well, my substitute for rice since I’m not much of a rice eater. My rice cooker has a rack that sits at the top of the cooker while rice at the bottom cooks. This way I can cook my quinoa and still steam my veggies.

  27. I like to chop up some frozen vegitables in the food processor and throw them in with the rice while I’m cooking it. Then when everything’s cooked up I add some chicken stock (or water with a boullion cube) and some spices (like garlic pepper and Italian seasoning) to make rice soup! Very filling, very healthy, very good. :D

  28. Hi, i really like the tip about the refrigeration and preserving the rice in the freezer and when doing my onigiri at times or other things.

  29. I buy my rice at the indian store in 10 lb containers. I get white and brown basmati. One key to success is rinsing the rice at least 3 times. Drain well before putting in the rice cooker. I like to add a pat of butter and random spices also.

  30. I like to replace some of the water I use with plain tomato sauce and seasoning of my choice. Sometimes I’ll add pink beans, or cooked chopped chicken towards the end of the rice cooking process. I also like to take day-old rice and fry it up with a ton of chopped garlic, salt and pepper. So good!

  31. I’ve been experimenting with culture clashes: onigiri with unexpected flavors/stuffings.

    My first attempt was Cuban onigiri. I used the seasoning for arroz amarillo with my sushi rice and stuffed the resulting onigiri with cooked black beans or mojo chicken. The onigiri looked spectacularly golden yellow! You can see pictures here:

    I just made a batch of black-eyed peas, so I’m thinking my next onigiri trick might be “hoppin’ john” onigiri — sushi rice stuffed with black-eyed peas, onion, and a little hot pepper.

  32. Mmm, I finally figured out how to make “perfect rice” just in the last couple of years using a pot and the stove top. So for those who don’t win, my biggest rice tip is about the pot you cook it in. :) I found the best pot for rice cooking is a saucier, the kind with rounded sides, not a straight-sided saucepan. I’m not exactly sure why it works, but I can never get the rice to cook right in a straight sided pan, and it works every time in my saucier.

    Also, you can dice sweet potato fairly small (1/4 to 1/2 inch, 1-2cm) cubes and it will cook in the same amount of time as rice, and give you very yummy rice. :)

  33. I bought a large, rectangular, food-grade plastic storage bin at Sam’s Club. It just fits a 20-pound bag of rice, and it’s clear, so you can see what’s inside.

    My favorite rice recipe for the rice cooker is to use Basmati rice, (6 cups rice, 8 cups water), and add a cinnamon stick, a couple of split cardamom pods, and 2 or 3 cloves-YUM!!! And the aroma while cooking is amazing!

  34. oops, I guess I am too late as well. I live in Chicago (some issue with the time zone). Oh well, the best advise is how to freeze rice and onigiri.

    I love your website, Biggie.

  35. Measure, and record. It’s not enough sometimes to measure correctly. Some brands of rice have a slightly different way of cooking even if the amount of water is correct for the type of rice you’re using. I always try to record the results with the amount of water used and the brand of rice so I know what to do (or not to do) the next time. :)

  36. My old Zojirushi is going on 10 yrs old…I’d probably do well to get another!

    This time of year, my rice tip is: cook a mix of wild rice, brown rice, cranberries, pepitas, and citrus zest in your rice cooker. Scoop into a hollowed pumpkin or other winter squash to impress your family at Thanksgiving. Only you have to know how easy it was thanks to your rice cooker!

    - Krista

  37. I like to prepare my rice(brown) with a cup of wheatberries and use chicken broth instead of plain water.

    I make it in bulk, freeze leftovers and use in my “Mexican Rice”
    4c wheatberry rice mix
    3/4 cup mayonnaise – fat free
    1 sm. red onion - chopped
    1/2 red bell pepper - chopped
    1/2 green bell pepper - chopped
    3/4 cup salsa
    1/2 cup grated cheddar cheese – fat free
    -In a bowl, combine the mayonaise, onion, peppers, salsa and cheese.
    - add the mayonnaise mixture to the cooked couscous.
    -Put in the microwave for 8 minutes on 100% power.
    -Serve warm.

  38. At my house we like to make a dish we’ve decided to call “tomato rice” - basically we dump a can of diced tomatoes (the 29-ounce can) into the rice cooker on top of the rice with some chicken bouillon in the water (don’t stir!) Then we toss in some frozen corn or whatever other frozen veggies we have on hand, sometimes some cooked chicken or turkey, and lots of garlic, thyme, and other yummy seasonings. When it’s done, we dump it out into a huge bowl (the rice cooker bowl is usually too small for stirring) and combine all the layers into an amazingly yummy, one-dish meal that feeds all of us for at least a couple days.

  39. I am utterly inept at cooking rice on the stove (or any method)! My tip (for those of us who are similarly cooking impaired and without access to a rice cooker) is that Trader Joes carries frozen organic brown rice, and frozen jasmine rice which are super easy to make - 3 minutes in the microwave and I’ve got wonderful rice. It’s reasonably priced, and yummy!

    My work freezer (baby fridge) doesn’t even have room for a 2 cup bag of the frozen rice - so I bring it in, and cook it first then in the morning. Then I can put the cooked rice in the fridge to reheat for lunch for a couple of days.

    I’m really enjoying all the tips that everyone else has posted. I am researching rice cookers, so eventually I may be able to use some of them!

  40. My kid’s favorite rice dish is onigiri stuffed with pieces of lil smokies and cheese. I usually buy string cheese or cube cheese and just slice off little slivers. Lil smokies are sliced into 3 pieces. Fill onigiri mold halfway, insert goodies, and top off with rice for a delicious surprise!

    Also, when I make my rice, I usually put in some seasonings like basil or garlic powder, as well as some chicken stock.

  41. I found that when I can’t use my rice-cooker (which is rarely now) that I could heat my water to boiling, add any spices I wanted to add, & let it mix before adding the rice. Once I add the rice, I let the water come back to a boil and slam the lid on the pot and turn the burner off at the same time. Then I LEAVE IT ALONE for 15-20 minutes or more. I’ve never had burnt rice by doing this. Although, my rice cooker always ‘browns’ the rice on the bottom of it’s pot….

  42. I always make extra rice for whatever dinner we’re making and then after dinner I throw together a quick fried rice dish for lunches for me for the next few days. I saute vegetables: carrots, peas, green onions, sprouts or whatever veggies sound good at the time. Then I add some teriaki sauce and soy sauce, stir in the leftover rice and it’s ready to go!

  43. I love your blog - I never miss it. Thanks for all the great ideas!

    Here’s my rice recipe: When I don’t have enough time to make California rolls, I make sushi salad! Just season the rice as you normally would with rice wine vinegar, sugar, and salt. Chop up your normal CA roll ingredients (avocado, crab, cucumbers, pickled ginger) and toss with cooled sushi rice. Top with snipped nori! Yum!

  44. Technically I’m in Japan, but I’m going back next year and I have friends in the US, so I’ll give it a shot:

    I discovered recently that the rice cooker is absolutely ideal for baking bread - or, at least, for the rising time. After you finish kneading, put the dough into the rice cooker’s bowl, close the lid, and set it on “warm” for about ten minutes. Turn the cooker off and let the dough finish rising as usual. Just make sure that the recipe is small enough to account for the increased bulk after rising! As a beginning bread baker, I’ve done this a few times, and it seems to work pretty well.

  45. Rice cooker tip, Oatmeal in a cooker:
    1 1/3 cup of old fashioned oats (Not instant!)
    2 3/4 cup of water
    1/4 cup of crushed nuts (pecans, walnuts)
    1/3 cup of dried fruit (apples, raisins, dates)

  46. Rice cooker bread… I haven’t tried it, but it looks pretty awesome!

  47. My tip is from my son (a very picky eater) who thinks pasta and cheese are pretty much the only two foods that are acceptable. I make ongiri for him by mixing in parmesean cheese with the rice. The balls are beautfully formed, I’ve added a shot of protein - and he’s a happy kid!

  48. for a tasty rice dish:
    start w/1/2 - 1 cup dry rice
    rinse rice (long grain or basmati) until water is clear then:
    1. transfer to rice cooker and add water as desired for regular cooking.
    2. add a lump or two of bouillon.
    3. add a pinch and a sprinkle of salt.
    4. top w/raisins abt a 1/4 to 1/2 cup.
    5. top w/1/4 to 1/2 cup frozen peas.
    6. top w/1/4 to 1/2 cubed carrot
    7. cook rice
    8. in separate pan saute onion and garlic in a bit of butter until soft; set aside
    9. when rice is done let sit for 10 - 30 min
    10. stir in onion; sprinkle w/a bit of nutmeg and a bit of clove; for this amount no more than 1/4 tsp
    11. then turn out on serving dish and serve

  49. I don’t have any good rice tips because honestly, I really stink at cooking rice…thus my huge hope that I win this contest! :)

  50. I always thought the rice I’d frozen never tasted as good as my mom’s, and then I discovered that you’re supposed to wrap the rice up in plastic while it’s still warm. (I’d always used cooled rice.) Thanks for the giveaway!

  51. One tip is that when I want to have frozen rice ready to go in the freezer, it seems to work better to freeze a lump of rice, defrost that and THEN make onigiri rather than freeze onigiri (which sometimes falls apart when I heat it).

    Second is that any rice dish you make can also be made into onigiri. For a party I made “dirty rice” onigiri with short grain rice and cajun spice mix-ins. Also have made black beans and rice onigiri. Yum!

  52. I’ve had rice cookers for probably 30 years! My first one was nothing special, I got it at Sam’s Club. Once I killed that one, I got another, my first Zojirushi. It wasn’t fuzzy logic, and was too big for what was left of my family at home. I gave that one to my son, the chef, and got a 5.5 cup Zo. It’s been working fine.

    My advice? Wash, wash, wash your rice in warmish (not warm, just not cold)water. It comes out better if you get it really free of rice flour. Or, if you have a Japanese store around, buy one of the California rices like Kagayaki, that uses a different method of polishing the rice. (It also tastes great!)

  53. To make the perfect sticky rice by hand (for those of us too poor to have a rice cooker), I make sure to rinse the rice until the water comes clear. This helps to give it a perfect sticky consistency when it’s steamed at the end.

    Another thing I like to do is prepare a very strong pot of tea in the pot I’ll be cooking my rice in, and then add the rice and cook as normal. Depending on what tea you make, you could have a flowery or fruity rice!

    My oddest recipe for rice is to steep 6 teabags of pineapple tea in one can of boiling coconut milk, add some pineapple juice, and then prepare sticky rice as normal (using a medium grain rice). This dish goes delicious with a good, sweet cooked salmon!

  54. Two small tips.

    My son loves “Chinese rice” and we always get extra when we order takeout. It gets hard in the fridge, of course, but in order to rejuvenate it we simply splash some water in the bowl and cover it while popping it in the microwave. This re-steams the rice and it comes out fluffy and perfect, and my son thinks he’s getting a huge treat by eating leftovers.

    My daughter likes butter flavor with her rice, so when I make onigiri, I stir in butter buds, garlic salt, pepper, and onion powder right after the rice is cooked and before shaping the onigiri. This gives them lots of flavor without making them greasy or difficult to work with. We also use a blend of rices for her onigiri because she finds glutinous rice too squooshy on its own, so we use River brand medium grain rice, glutinous rice, and sushi rice to reach the right consistency to keep her happy and keep the onigiri moist all week in the fridge (I cook on Sundays for the weekly lunches).

  55. I have a pretty basic rice-related tip - as often as possible, try to use brown rice, because it’s delicious and it’s much healthier for you than white rice!


  56. I usually add a little olive oil to my rice. It flavors it slightly and also keeps it from sticking to the CHEAP rice cookers.

    I also sometimes throw a few frozen peas or other veggies into the rice cooker with the rice to make an interesting mixed rice dish. A little soy sauce later and you have faux fried rice! :D

  57. Mine is that whenever I make white long grain rice I always add a TBS of real, unsalted butter per cup of dry rice and salt. I use about 1/2 tsp per cup of dry rice. Add it before it comes to a boil so the flavors will incorporate properly. Also, once it reaches a boil, take the lid off and give it a good stir before placing the lid back on. If you do this once more halfway through the simmering phase the rice will be a stickier without sticking to the pot.

  58. i just got the email today:-(
    so i think it should count anyway
    tip: use a brown rice(much better for you) and then cut up a carrot or two into diced pieces it doesnt have to be exact. when you put the rice in the cooker stir in the carrot pieces. cook according to your rice cooker instructions. and when its done you have lovely little carrot pieces in your rice. YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    sub tip: cut the carrots with little sakura flowers cookie cutters to make the rice look more fancy and delicate

  59. My favorite rice tip is for washing the rice. When you drain the water from washing the rice, use the splatter guard (the kind you use when bacon is frying) if you don’t have a pot strainer. And consider saving the water instead of throwing it away. Rice water is excellent for washing the face but can also be used to water your plants.

  60. I sometimes buy pilaf mixes to add variety to my menu but I find them overly-flavored and I prefer to use brown rice. So, I measure out an equivalent amount of brown rice and measure the right amount of water for that rice plus the amount of water called for on the pilaf box. I cook the brown rice for about 20 minutes then add the box contents and finish cooking. Total cooking time should be about 40 minutes; add mix at the right time so it cooks in the remaining time.

    My kids sometimes turn their noses up at scratch cooking. This is my compromise between overly processed foods and inexpensive healthy whole grains.

  61. my rice cooker advice is to check out recipe zaar!!

    i always wanted to try a few of the ‘weirder’ recipes - pasta, mac & cheese, bread, cake - before my rice cooker died on me (RIP) but ended up just playing it safe.

    if i don’t win one of these fancy ones, i’ll definitely buy myself a replacement cheap one. and will DEFINITELY try out the weirder recipes!!

    when i DID have a working rice cooker, i used to make quinoa with chopped up veggies in it all the time.

    with rice, i always added a small amount of oil or butter - and different spices.

  62. I love cooking mixed colored rice with a rice cooker. So tasty and healthy! Recently, though, I’ve had bad luck with rice cookers. In the past year I think I’ve had 3 that stopped functioning after about a few uses…

  63. We like to add quick flavor to steamed rice by throwing in a bouillon cube or 2.

  64. Goodness, you’ve got so many great tips already. I guess I’ll throw my hat in the ring too.

    As a child my grandmother used to make us Salty Jungdz, wrapped in bamboo leaves. But being a busy person, I never have time to carefully make these delicious sticky rice bundles. Rice cooker to the rescue!

    In the rice cooker, I throw in the following:
    2 C medium grain rice (it cleans up a little easier)
    1/4 C dried shrimp
    2 T soy sauce
    1 T Sesame Oil
    1/3 C raw peanuts
    1/2 t salt
    1/4 t pepper
    2 slices of bacon cut up or cubed ham (depending on what’s in the fridge)
    5 sliced up dried shitake mushroom
    1 Chicken bullion cube

    Fill rice cooker just above the 2 cup water line. Give it one good stir to mix everything. Turn on the cooker.

    After you’ve had your dinner, take any left overs and portion out servings into bento boxes or rice bowls. Cover tightly with plastic wrap and store in the fridge. In the morning, pop in the microwave for a minute or serve cold. It’s delicious both ways.

    Fill your rice cooker’s bowl with water and let it soak overnight. This makes clean up so fast and easy. In the morning a soapy sponge is all you need, no heavy scrubbing needed. :)

  65. I have never had a rice cooker. I still use a pot on the stove. But I do love using the leftover rice and mixing in every other leftover in the refrigerator and making a new meal. Sometimes it is so good that we repeat with fresh stuff and come up with a new recipe!

  66. My favorite rice dish is just plain rice, made with stock instead of water, served with butter. Yum.

  67. Wowsers! Good tips above.

    Our favorite: we have been experimenting with crazy rices for fun, like “forbidden” black rice and all sorts of different types of grains. Since I never liked rice before I met my husband, I never really learned how to cook it. He uses a stove-top steaming/boiling sort of method.

    I, on the other hand, always just boil and pray. I usually make way, way too much.

    So I started taking metal La Cruet tart tins, and packing them with rice, covering it with plastic wrap, and tossing them in the freezer. Sometimes I’ll even pack two or three types of rice in a tin. In the mornings, I can just pop the rice into a shallow pan of boiling water and steam it til it’s hot. Then the rice slips (still in the cute tart pan shape) right into the bento. Bonus that the round shape perfectly fits my Mr. Bento containers.

  68. What wonderful tips you have received!!
    I will just add one. If you have a baby or a sick child you can make okayu (rice gruel) in the rice cooker WHILE you cook your regular rice. Simply take a Japanese teacup and add the rice in the teacup with more water than you use for normal rice. You can make it as thin or thick as you’d like, but just stick the tea cup in with the regular rice you are cooking. The rice will cook normally, but in your teacup you’ll have a small amount of gruel for a baby or sick child! My rice cooker is ancient so I’d love to win a new one!! Thank you.

  69. Wow, I’ve been salivating over the idea of getting a rice cooker.

  70. I use my rice cooker to steam vegtibles while I am cooking rice, if you use vegitible stock in your rice instead of water when steaming the vegtibles it will give them a slightly different taste (kind of like the vegtible soup vegtibles taste but without the broth) I normally do this with Brocolli, carrots, and sometimes snow pea pods or green beans. Gives the normal steamed vegtibles a little more flavor in my opinion. When your done you can add the veggies to the rice or eat them seperately either way both items made are very yummy!

  71. Wow, I’ve been salivating over the idea of getting a rice cooker. I have no tips since I still cook rice “old school” in a pot.

  72. Here’s my tip: I cook brown rice in the oven. I get the water and rice boiling in my sauce pan, then I slap on the lid and let it finish in a 350 degree oven for about 45 minutes. That way, the rice on the bottom doesn’t burn.

  73. I don’t have a rice cooker, so I just make it on the stove. I usually make basmati or jasmine rice. Sadly, I stay away from brown rices because they never turn out well for me (something that may change if I win this rice cooker!!).

    My favorite new rice recipe is for risotto, with spicy sausage, crushed tomatoes and kale. Not your traditional risotto, but it is delicious! Can you make risotto in a rice cooker?

  74. Wow, what a giveaway!! I have read through all the comments and I don’t think I have too much more to add, honestly. But I do second a commenter above who gives the 1.25/1 water to rice ratio. Works every time. Thanks for the contest!

  75. This is one of my stepson’s favorite meals. I cook sushi rice in the rice cooker and then stir in seasoned rice vinegar and canned salmon. I sprinkle the rice mixture with furikake and serve it with cut sheets of nori so we can make our own little hand-rolls. Now I want some!

  76. My rice-cooking tip is to add a slice of red or green pepper in while the rice is cooking. It makes for a great aroma!

  77. I never thought that I would be commenting on rice to try to win a rice cooker!

    I used to HATE rice! My mother used to buy the same long grain rice for years and years and to me it always had no flavor. When I moved out on my own, I had rice, but it just kind of lived in the pantry.

    I recently started having stomach problems and started experimenting with different foods that are easy on the stomach. I’ve rediscovered rice!!! Jasmine, basmati, sushi - all soooooo delicious and fragrant. I never thought that I would stand over the rice pot waiting for it to finish so that I could have a piping hot bowl with some furikake sprinkled on top.

    Anyway, my rice tip has to do with Asian takeout. Everytime my husband and I order takeout there is an entire white cardboard container of plain white rice leftover. In the past I would have thrown it out, or if I was feeling creative I would have made rice pudding. Now I take the whole container - cardboard and all - and throw it in the freezer. When I need rice in a hurry I put the entire thing in the microwave for 3 minutes and have perfectly steamed perfectly moist rice every time.

  78. Rice is one of my husband’s favorite dishes. We fix it using boullion or broth instead of plain water or we add peas and carrots or broccoli to it while cooking to make it healthier.

  79. I love tossing in a thick cut of sea bass on top of the rice in my cooker. Add a little sesame oil and soy sauce, then garnishlightly with sesame seeds

  80. Mmmmm favorite rice tip! It came from you Biggie :D

    I used to make rice balls in college, and my roommates and I could never finish them, or I’d try to make them a few hours ahead for a party and they kept just horribly.

    Your tip about freezing rice is my favorite. Form the rice ball when it’s warm and then wrap, warm, in plastic wrap and freeze thusly.

    Every single time I’ve done this I’ve been able to pull an onigiri out of the freezer in the morning and after a morning on my desk it’s perfect to eat!

    Here’s another tip, something I noticed.

    I made tuna onigiri, went very light on the mayo and, on a whim, stirred in some wasabi paste. It was amazing the night I made them, and not too shabby the next day. Odd thing though, after sitting in the freezer and then defrosting the wasabi taste in the tuna stuffing was nowhere to be found!

  81. Fusion cooking! Great for little parties … cook rice for making yaki onigiri, while it’s cooking, steam tamales on top. Cut the tamales in pieces for appetizers.

  82. OMG! I would love to have a braniac rice cooker! They are so versatile, that picking ONE thing would be IMPOSSIBLE. I like to bake cakes in my rice cooker. I am at high altitude, and this produces a moist, delicious “just the right size” cake. It also acts as a pseudo slow cooker, and anything one can make in a slow cooker, they can do in a rice cooker. My favorite food in a rice cooker (although I haven’t done many, yet) is Creamy Macaroni and Cheese. The kids love it, and it stays “ready to serve” for a long time. I HOPE I WIN!!! AWESOME CONTEST!

  83. While I can’t eat rice, my boyfriend loves it. And I plan to make us both bentos when we live together (I already make my own bentos…they are sad and rice-less, though :) )

    However, my mom is from Panama, a rice-loving country. When I used to eat rice, we would do the following:

    - saute annato seeds in some oil
    - put dry rice in pan to brown it a little
    - THEN cook the rice. It turns out lovely and golden and has a great flavor!

  84. 1. Many people have already mentioned this, but we like to substitute broth, rather than water. I’ve also included mirin and a touch of ponzu or balsamic vinegar, depending on the recipe that day. We’ve even done some chili powder or Mexican spices.

    2. Veggies included with rice often include matchstick carrots or fresh sliced mushrooms. (We’ve tried strips of beef, but found them to be oversteamed, so those are cooked separately).

    3. We also like to set the timer for morning and cook steel-cut oats. (It would be nice if we had a second with a timer because of this - one for lunch rice, fresh in the morning, and one for the steel-cut oats :-)

    Love the blog!

  85. My favorite rice dish is Mark Bittman’s tomato paella with added bacon (fry first, and then sprinkle over the top):

    You can’t make in the rice cooker, but this isn’t everyday rice (although it is pretty easy).

  86. My favorite kind of rice is Persian rice — with the crunchy brown tadiq layer on the bottom. It takes a couple of hours, so it’s weekend cooking, but it makes any old Sunday supper feel special.

  87. I have 2 rice tips:

    - Always use day-old (at least!) rice for fried rice since it’s firmer and drier than freshly made

    - For brown rice, bake it using Alton Brown’s recipe

  88. What I like to do with rice:

    After I’ve made a pot of rice for curry, i wait till the leftover rice is room temperature/a little warm, then i mix in some wasabi-flavored sesame seeds and a little soy sauce. i then make onigiri out of these with nori sheets.

    I like to call these my sushi balls-the wasabi, sesame, and soy flavors make them taste like sushi :)

  89. My favorite way to jazz up day-old rice is by adding a little something to it. I melt butter in the microwaves with some seasoning. Tarragon in particular is quite yummy. Then stir it into the rice to give it new life. Sometimes I’ll add tomatoes or carrots or something to the mix too just to give it lots of flavor.

  90. Sadly, I don’t have much other than never stir your rice after it has started simmering in a normal pot on the stove. I am inept at rice ;)

  91. Here is my entry for the contest.
    I currently use a 2-tier Black-n-Decker steamer to cook my rice. There is a great tray that sits inside the steamer just for this. But the size is limited. So a ‘real’ rice steamer would allow me to continue with my meal planning and freezing. I’ve loved your recommendations on how to freeze portions for quicker preparation.

  92. Put the salt in the water before cooking, then you don’t have to put it on the rice afterwards.

  93. Rice makes a great quiche crust. Add an egg and some shredded cheese to left over rice and press into pie pan. Bake 15-20 minutes to set the crust, prior to adding the eggs and fillings you chose.

  94. Chicken and yellow rice works really well in a rice cooker. You don’t even have to cook the chicken first, just cut it into bite size pieces. Add some peas at the end when the rice finishes the final steaming, and you’re all set for a nice, easy one pot meal.

  95. Wow, so many rice tips! I wish I could read all of them but there’s just way too many so I’m just going to throw my tips out there and hope one of them wasn’t already mentioned (although I’m starting to doubt it with the number of tips you’ve already gotten).

    Anyway, my tips:

    Always let rice steam so don’t peek after the rice cooker is done. Or after you turn off the heat on the stove.

    Don’t bother washing American rice as it might wash away all the nutrients in the outer coating but always wash rice from Asia for safety’s sake.

    If microwaving leftover rice, add a little water (or even broth) evenly over the rice so it won’t end up dried out.

    Also, a good way to use up leftover rice is to make congee with it — it cuts the total cooking time of making congee down and it tastes almost the same.

    And those are my tips! ^^

  96. Best rice tip is that it freezes well. We prefer brown rice over white, and whenever we make it, we always make an extra large pot. Then once it’s cooled, we put it into sandwich-sized freezer bags and squash them flat, so they can stack neatly in the freezer.

  97. hmmm. extra rice stuck to the pot is great for rice pudding or can be thrown in the crockpot for some stew to make something new mmm leftovers

  98. OK so I LOVE these rice cookers!!! I stumbled onto your website by chance a few weeks ago. I’m not even sure how! But I loved all your Bento tips so I signed up for your email newsletter. Anyway, I am about to purchase my 2 girls their very first Bento lunch sets!

    Here’s my rice tip…it’s easy but I think it can be over looked:
    -always wash your rice!!! Wash your rice in a bowl by running water through it and dumping out the excess water through your hands while at the same time catching any bits of rice from falling. Repeat, I do it about 3 times.

    Thanks for this opportunity!

  99. something i always forget about is the time it takes for brown vs white rice. so i always start my brown rice for dinner while making after school snacks for the kid.

  100. I always seem to have leftover rice, and have found a few good ideas (some from this site) for what to do with it. Rice freezes well, so I do ziploc baggies of individual servings. I usually use the frozen stuff for fried rice or in soup. I have also heard that you can leave leftover rice in your rice cooker until you use it up, but since I don’t have one, I haven’t tried this. And, of course, you can always make some rice pudding with leftovers.

  101. Here’s my tip:

    You can make beautiful rice in a standard food steamer. I add one cup of rice with 1.25 cups of water in the plastic bowl insert and place in the steamer for 45-55 mins. There is no direct heat on the rice and it comes out perfectly fluffy every time!

  102. My Peruvian SIL slighly browns her rice (un-rinsed)in olive oil and chopped garlic before cooking. It gives the rices a really nice texture and flavor. I use chicken stock when I make “her” rice.

    Oh, and the BEST side dish EVER is very similar, except you cook the rice(after slightly toasting the rice in olive oil and garlic)in Coke. Yes, Coca Cola! Then cook some chopped bacon until it is nice and crispy. Remove it from the bacon fat and toast some almond slices and golden raisins in the bacon fat. Add the bacon, almonds, and raisins to the rice, season with a little salt, and mix.

    My SIL didn’t have Thanksgiving growing up in Peru, but her rice dish is now the hit of our Thanksgiving table!

  103. My favorite use for leftover rice is to lay it out thin on a sheet pan and dry it out in the oven. It can be seasoned with anything from just salt to whatever you have on hand. Once it gets crunchy, I break it up and use it for dripping into chutneys or hummus. Yum!

  104. Hmm… I have a lot of good tips for rice (or what I consider good, anyway!) but I think my favorite comes from you: freezing rice in individual portion sizes, or even better, in the shape of certain bentos that you use a lot. (I haven’t done that yet, but I think that’s a super nifty trick.) Of course the tip/trick I use most often has to be using fried rice as a leftover-magnet - I just toss whatever’s about to go bad with day old (or older!) rice and a scrambled egg and voila, nutritious meal using up leftovers in a new way. Hmmm… or ooh! I also love your rice lid technique for packing curries in bento! Haha… I always say I don’t like rice that much but that simply isn’t true… I don’t like plain white rice. I like delicious rice ;)
    Great contest and as always, thanks for sharing your goodies with us!!!

  105. My tip comes from the Splendid Table, for people who don’t have a rice cooker and have stovetops that are unreliable:

    Cook rice like you cook pasta— boil it with WAY too much water for 5-10 minutes until just undercooked, strain just like pasta, and keep covered for 15 minutes, and then fluff and serve.

  106. Wow! I’d love to try a new rice cooker! Here’s my tip. I learned it from my mom. This is for making Spanish rice, which is a staple with our Mexican culture: Always “brown” your rice in a little bit of oil with finely chopped onion, green papper, salt, pepper and garlic. (saltpeppergarlic should be one “spice” don’t you think?) Then put it to cook in a rice pot or by adding the appropriate amount of fluid (chicken stock (Knorr is the best) and a small amount of tomato sauce for color. When done, just fluff it out, Oh yes, and always use long-grain-white-rice. I have tried using the others and they just don’t work so well with Spanish rice.
    I hope this is useful to some of you!

  107. Whenever I make rice I always make extra so I can do fried rice for lunch (I know, not the most original tip) but when I cool it I spread it out on a cookie sheet first - it makes for less “clumpy” fried rice.

  108. My favorite rice tip adds some fantastic flavor (especially as a base for fried rice!) Instead of making rice with water, use low-sodium chicken broth. It give the rice a nice zing and cuts down on the amount of soy sauce needed!

  109. This looks amazing! I’d like to have one of these.

  110. My new favorite rice cooker recipe is sweet potato rice. Just put in your rice, wash and cut up a sweet potato into small pieces and put that in add your water and when the rice is done so is the sweet potato! Fluff and serve! It makes a great fast cooked lunch!

  111. I like to use leftover cooked rice to make a kind of crust for a fritatta/quiche.

    I heat some oil in a pan and cook some onions and garlic, then mix in a couple cups of cooked rice (I prefer brown) and stir it around and let it get a little toasty (kind of like making fried rice). Add some salt and pepper and any seasonings (red pepper flakes, herbs, etc.). Then I press it all down into the bottom of the pan like a crust, or into an oven-safe baking dish like a pie plate if my skillet is not oven-safe.

    I top the “crust” with some veggies, either raw (like peppers) or lightly steamed (broccoli, cauliflower, carrots). Mix up a few eggs, add some cheese and some seasoning (salt, pepper, herbs, spices, whatever you like) and pour it over the rice crust. Bake around 350 or 375 until the eggs are done to your liking. Then you can cut it into wedges and serve it.

    It’s fast and easy, a good way to use up leftover rice and makes a good one-dish meal.

  112. Some people may have already said these tips, as I’m so late to the party, but I’ll put it anyway.

    I use one of those small microwave rice cookers, and when I want to make a lot of rice, I add a little oil, maybe a tbsp to the water before I put the lid on and pop it in. I’ve heard it keeps the water from overflowing the container while it’s cooking by messing with the surface tension, and it’s worked so far for me.

    I also only use brown rice. For short-grain, I’ve found I can treat it like normal sushi rice: rinse a few times, 1.5 to 1 water to rice ratio, cook as usual (again, I use a microwave rice cooker.) For long grain, I let it soak in water for half an hour before cooking, then drain, do a 2 to 1 water to rice ratio, and cook as usual. This makes it become soft and fluffy as white rice when it’s done cooking. If I forget the soak, it always turns out crunchy no matter how much water I put in for the ratio.

  113. I add a tablespoon of olive oil(any vegetable oil will work)prior to cooking to guarantee separate granuals when fully cooked. Works like a charm and no it does not leave a taste on the rice that is detectable nor is it greasy/oily when cooking is done.

  114. Jasmine rice is the BOMB!

  115. my mother would put in some fresh peas or beans w/the rice. It tastes delicious mixed together.

  116. My favorite rice tip (especially with brown rice that tends to get mushy more easily) is to saute the rice before boiling with a pat of butter.

  117. I like to remember that rice is a great substitute for any other starch. If I’m craving a peanut butter sandwich, but there’s no bread in the house… peanut butter goes great in rice! Would some sour cream and chives be wonderful on a baked potato, but there’s no potatoes? Add it to rice! I grew up in a household that never cooked rice, so learning things to do with it has been fun (and a bit wacky).

  118. Never use plain ol’white rice anymore. Best results seem to come from brown, basmati or jasmine. They never seem to devolve into a sticky glob.

    Like others I use broth or stock for extra flavor and my secret quick spice up is to add a teaspoon or so of Goya Adobo powder.

  119. Wow! I’d love one of these in my kitchen. I have nothing profound to add except to say that I generally cook my rice in chicken broth instead of water. I just think it tastes better that way. My kids must agree because when they were younger, they’d only eat the rice that was cooked in the broth!

  120. I just skimmed the tips submitted so far, so I’m not sure if this is a new one or not:

    You can make your own rice cereal for your baby for a fraction of the cost of commercial brands.

    Simply grind uncooked sweet brown rice in a wheat grinder/grain mill or even a clean coffee grinder into a fine powder. To prepare the cereal, put 3/4 of a cup of water into a saucepan. Once the water is boiling, add 1/4 of a cup of rice powder. Use a whisk to mix it together. Simmer for about 10 minutes and continue to whisk the entire time.

    You’ll see the rice will get thicker and thicker as you continue to whisk. Switch to a scraper when the mixture gets too thick to whisk.

    Once it’s cooled down, serve the cereal and discard any leftovers.

    Store baby cereal in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 3 days. You can also freeze cereal in an ice cube tray. Once frozen place the cubes into a plastic bag and store them for 1 to 3 months.

    Store your powdered grains in an air tight container, in a cool dry place.

    When serving, you can also add formula, milk or mashed fruit to the cereal.

  121. In our family, the biggest sanity saver is to just never run out of rice. I lived in Japan for a year and a half and my husband was in the Philippines for two years. Rice is totally a staple.

    And even though we’ve been cooking rice together for nearly 10 years, we only just figured out that on those random occasions that we’ve cooked so much extra rice, that our kids won’t even eat it up for snacks over the next couple of days, it freezes beautifully (we just use a freezer zip bag) then reheats in the microwave for those days when even the rice cooker isn’t fast enough.

  122. I don’t own a rice cooker and always tend to have a layer of burnt rice on the bottom of my pan when I cook it. So, I got this tip from my mother: cook the rice in way more water than the package says and drain the excess out when it is cooked. (Sort of like cooking noodles.) Not a very exciting tip, but I am certainly glad not to have to scrub the burnt rice out of my pans anymore!

  123. Grad student meal:
    Cook up hamburger or loose sausage with a chopped onion. If hamburger, add in a packet of onion soup mix. Mix in lots of grated sharp cheddar, a couple of handfuls of peas, and cooked rice. Adjust the proportions to suit your taste, the contents of the fridge, and your budget.

  124. Wonderful tips everyone! One tip I have, which is more about protecting your rice cooker than anything, is to NEVER use metal utensils in your rice cooker. So many of them are non-stick, and while this may seem obvious, I’ve seen one-too-many non-stick products with scrapes in them at my friends’ houses.

    Those rice cookers look SO much nicer than the 10-year-old one I’m currently using! ;)

  125. Sometimes I’ll use 2 parts tomato juice, one part water and cook my rice that way. When it is halfway done cooking, I’ll toss chopped carrot, celery, onion and garlic and let it steam the veggies. Once everything is cooked, add Adobe seasoning and a few drops of tabasco sauce and you have Spanish rice!

  126. One thing my mom taught me about using a rice cooker, is to let the rice “rest” after the timer goes off. So when the rice cooker beeps to tell me it’s done, I open it up, fluff the rice a little with my paddle, and shut the lid again for about 5 minutes or so. I’ve never done a side-by-side comparison or anything, but it always turns out tasty and never gummy!

  127. i grew up on long grain rice, and my tip is to try other kinds. i love the stickiness of shorter grains! yes, it’s hard to find different stuff if you live in the sticks, but even trying w@term@id instead of m@h@tm@ is a change to medium grain.

    oh, and if you have an inexpensive cooker, make a damp paper towel ‘splatter guard’. don’t block the hole, just cover it with a little arch.

  128. My rice tip:

    Saute the uncooked rice for 1-2 minutes in a little olive or canola oil before putting it in the cooker. Then use the same pan to saute a finely diced onion and some minced garlic. Add that to the uncooked rice, then use vegetable or chicken broth in lieu of water (in whatever proportion works for you). Start your cooker and cook as you normally do. This rice is a wonderful side dish, and is great with Mexican or Indian food.

  129. My all time favorite rice dish is roasted chicken stuffed with rice and chorizo.

    All you need is one medium sized chicken
    1 -2 c rice
    2 small (or 1 large) chorizo sausages (or any spicy, savory sausage)
    fresh cliantro
    fresh ground pepper
    slices of lemon

    1) clean your chicken
    pull out the tiny little bag of innards inside if your chicken
    rinse her inside and out
    pat dry

    2) stuff your chicken
    cook your rice until its almost (but not quite) done
    slather butter on the inside and outside of the chicken
    add spices inside and out
    add lemon
    briefly saute sausages until brown, slice
    stuff chicken with rice and sausage
    sew the chicken to keep the stuffing inside (so it will steam)

    3) bake your chicken @ 350 until juice runs out when you poke the bird with a fork. Make sure the meat is cooked before you eat it.

    4) Plate your meal
    Serve chicken (it should just fall apart) + rice and sausage with a salad or blanched green beans

    5) Enjoy!

  130. I’d love one of these! My best advice is to never ever ever let my Mother in law cook rice in any way shape or form lol!!!

  131. I’m weird in that, any time I make short grain rice I season it with rice vinegar (seasoned or plain) and salt. Every time. No matter if I’m going to be eating it plain or using it in something (even if it’s chicken w/ rice soup). Always like that. I heart salt & vinegar!

  132. Sushi rice (and other rice as well) can be quite sticky, and I have often run in to the problem of it sticking to the rice paddle (and my fingers and everything else…). To solve this, I like to wrap the rice paddle (or onigiri mold, or anything really) in plastic wrap the same way most people cover their bamboo sushi mats with plastic wrap.

    As a bonus, if you covered your rice paddle and such well, they won’t touch the rice and get dirty, so you don’t have to wash them (I hate washing dishes)! You can also use the plastic wrap covering your sushi mat or onigiri mold to wrap the sushi and onigiri for later use (whether freezing, refrigerating, or just eating it)!

  133. Here’s my recipe for easy rice cooker risotto:

    Saute 1 cup of arborio rice in 2 teaspoons of olive oil (on the stove) until translucent. Put the rice in the rice cooker and cover with 1 quart of vegetable stock. Add a few sprigs of fresh thyme. When rice is cooked, let it rest for 5 minutes, then stir in 1/4 cup of grated Parmesan cheese.

  134. My family doesn’t eat a meal without rice. I like to toast long grain rice in a skillet before putting in the rice cooker. Then, substitute 1/2 the water for coconut milk and add clove of minced garlic, a 1 inch piece of minced ginger with a little salt before closing rice cooker. This rice is very aromatic and we never have left overs.

  135. Hi

    My tips is to add some flavor to rice:

    - Raisins or other dried fruit
    - Vanilla
    - Peas
    - Shreaded carrots
    - Onions
    - Garlic
    - Lentils
    - Tumeric will give it nice yellow
    color. Don’t add too much - the flavor is strong.

    Dinner combination recommendation - white rice, pizza and coleslaw.

  136. My tip has to do with freezing. Make sure your rice is cool before you pop it in the freezer, if you have room try freezing on a cookie sheet and then freeze in your container. It makes it easier to defrost especially when you want to throw together a fried rice or want to share out a little to use.

  137. Tip: Add spices to your rice as they cook. Mint, saffron, cinnamon and cardamom are all good flavors (though not at the same time!).

  138. I like to use chicken broth instead of water in my rice and I like to add either dried or frozen vegetables. My toddler loves it!

    I could really use a new rice cooker so I hope I win! I have been wanting to try to cook fish in the rice cooker, but I am nervous about trying it with my little one button cooker.

  139. I love steel cut oats. Put 1/2 cup oats and 3/4 cup water, set timer 1/2 hour before I usually head out the door and I can have a hot yummy breakfast waiting for me every morning!

  140. Rice freezes really well! I always make double and scoop out half a few minutes early. Then, I spread it on a cookie sheet and freeze. When frozen, break it up and put in a freezer bag. Then, when time is running short in the morning or you need a quick dinner, all you have to do is boil up some water, throw in the rice, cook it a few minutes more and it’s good to go.

  141. Wow. What an exciting contest. I’ve been using the really cheap rice cooker and it stops cooking halfway through b/c it overheats, so I could REALLY use a new one.

    heres my tip: start off pouring a little oil in, cinamon stick, cardomon, cloves, a few pepper corns, and crispy onions (or thinly sliced raw), and garbanzos. add the water and rice. cook. you’ll have a really nice instant pilaf! you might need to experiment with the proportions to suit your tastes.

  142. Not a step I really believed in till I tried it, but rinsing the uncooked rice grains 4 or 5 times really does make the rice taste better- less gooey and more individual grains.

    Dinner prep at my house always starts with two steps, starting a pot of rice, and sauteing a chopped onion, after those are begun, then we figure out what we are having.

  143. Such good ideas- I got nothin’, but mainly because I am a terrible cook. I leave most of the cooking for my hubby- but if I were to win a rice cooker with all the bells and whistles… that could change.

  144. What a fantastic giveaway! (And this means you’ll be posting a review, so those of us who don’t win know what to buy? lol)

    I have a microwave rice cooker, mostly because it was cheap. It does work very well, however. I am going to be using some of these great tips!

    My main tip is don’t be afraid to experiment. I use all kinds of different liquids to cook the rice, and different seasonings in the water when I’m just using water.

    I made some the other night with chicken broth and orange juice, and sprinkled chopped green onions and sliced almonds on top when it was done… VERY yummy! So even if it seems like it’s not a “normal” rice cooking liquid, don’t be afraid to try it!

  145. Leftover rice (even after it gets cold and a little hard) can still be used to make great fried rice. Just make sure you add a little oil or a sprinkling of water to help it get soft again.

    Also, rice cookers can do more than just cook plain rice. I’ve used my little $20 one to make rice pilaf (just pour in contents of the box), and quinoa on addition my usual brown and white rice.

    If you are lucky enough to live near a japanese market, you can also buy little flavor packets to add to your water when cooking your rice in your rice cooker. It really helps speed things along if you are making onigiri.

  146. My favorite thing to do with leftover rice:
    Grandpa’s comfort rice

    Take a scoop of cold rice, about a 1/4 cup of milk, and a tablespoon of sugar in a bowl, microwave until hot. Stir and sprinkle with cinnamon. It’s kind of like soupy rice pudding. Quick, easy, and very good!

  147. this isn’t exactly a normal tip…but-

    I’ve been making some homemade dog food in my rice cooker. I belong to a csa, and sometimes a few the veggies don’t get used at their ideal time. (Always make sure that everything I put in is ok for dogs, also check out recipes for nutrition and skip processed stuff and overly sweet or salty things). I use a combo of things like rice, sweet potatoes, greens, squash and proteins like chicken liver and eggs. I cook them in the rice cooker, sometimes for two cycles if necessary. Then I mash it up. My dog loves the stuff. For caution about doggie nutrition, I don’t feed him exclusively on this stuff, but I think some fresher food is good for him. He loves it. He even wants to come in from walks early if he knows that he is being fed this stuff.

    I do use the rice cooker for rice (or mixed grain/lentil) pilaf/casseroles too (for humans). In fact-you could do a dog/human one with a combo like bulghur, rice, masoor dal, butternut squash, and chicken legs. Salt the human destined stuff after cooking.

    But when I do these types of dishes, I really make sure to skip much oil and especially colorful oily seasoning. These are just too hard to clean out of the rice cooker. I have not had a problem with cleaning after the dog food-although sometimes the kitchen smells quite a bit like liver. And the dog knows his food is cooking.

  148. Plain rice gets a little old in our house, and we really can’t afford the extra calories of butter or sodium from soy sauce. To liven things up, after the rice is cooked, I add a handful of chopped parsley and finely sliced green onions. Talk about Big Flavor!

  149. I love multi-cooking with rice. I’ve always cooked mushrooms with broth and a handful of dried onion that way for mushroom rice, but recently saw a recipe in a bento cookbook that inspired me to add chopped up tofu puff, so it’s got protein too.

  150. i am sure i am not the first one to post the tip about making the onigiri and freezing them, but that is the best thing about rice to me, that you can make a ton of it and freeze it without it being gross when you defrost it. that and just rice balls with furikake is a great snack!

  151. My rice cooker came with a steamer top, so I love to make a whole meal at once. While cooking the rice I can steam dumplings, shrimp, etc. Super easy meal :D

  152. I use Chicken stock inteadd of part of the water and sometimes use a little soy sauce in the cooking water as well. That way I dont have to add it later, works well when I make onigiri.

  153. About 1/2way through the cooking period for my rice, I throw some frozen chopped up spinach into my rice cooker. This tastes especially good with sticky rice and soy sauce!

  154. Hmm well lets see my family lives off of rice but I haven’t anything much more adventurous other that what ever one else has posted so I’m going to go for the very different. Non cooking oriented. I make hula hoops (yes, grown ups hoop but we have to make grown up sized hoops) and if you put rice on the inside you can not only change the weight of the hoop, for excersizing variety, but it makes cool noise when you hoop! Yeah, I don’t think anyone else has put that in their comments….

  155. For breakfast i crack a raw egg over rice that has just finished steaming. When you stir it all up, the rice cooks the egg for you, and the egg makes it easy to roll the rice into balls for on the go eating. Steam the rice in chicken broth for an even more flavorful breakfast.

  156. My ‘rice advice’ (XD) is to remember that rice isn’t just a filler food - even cooking it in broth/stock can add a lot of flavor to a meal. Plus, rice tastes great with everything, given the right seasoning. Experiment!

  157. My first rice-related tip is: Do not wash your cheap rice cooker insert in the dishwasher. It causes problems.

    Secondly, a recipe for my mom’s “rice stuff”:

    Cook up some rice.
    Stir in a can of tomatoes, a can of (rinsed) black beans, and some sauteed peppers, garlic and onions. Spread into a casserole dish and top with shredded cheese (4 cheese Mexican blend is good). Put in oven and bake until all is hot and cheese is melted and slightly browned on top. Very yummy.

  158. Those are some sweet rice cookers! Sadly, my only tip is one that has been mentioned many times already: rice pudding. I love the smell of rice pudding baking in the oven. It’s a good way to get some protein into a kid who doesn’t like any of the traditional protein sources. I flavor my rice pudding with maple syrup.

  159. My rice tip is boring but it works for me! If I am going to have rice and vegetable with dinner, I just cook them all at once in the rice cooker. One less thing to worry about!

  160. I love to make extra rice and save it for fried rice — it uses up all the odds and ends in the fridge!

  161. I have no idea if I am international shipping or not, it depends on the courier so here goes anyway… I love making easy yellow rice with corn. Peasant foody sure, but so yummy. You just make rice the normal way with a little more oil or broth than normal (everyone puts a bit of oil into their rice, right??) add some achiote/anatto seed seasoning to the rice and some frozen corn and cook! SOOO yummy and easy and adds a nice saffron-y color to the bento! Surisingly, I have even made “onigiri” with this rice and stuffed it with chicken or tuna… it’s Latin-Japanese Fusion!

  162. My hints have already been covered but I still want to enter so here goes -

    1. Cook rice with chicken broth for extra flavor.
    2. If you aren’t feeling well an egg and plain rice omellette is really good comfort food.

  163. The best rice is needs two extra steps: rinsing the rice and then letting it soak for 30 minutes before cooking. Leaves it just sticky enough to use chopsticks but not gummy at all. Yum!

  164. My favorite tip with rice is make too much! You can always freeze it, but it is so useful you’ll almost always find an excuse to use it up before it makes it to the freezer.

  165. Here’s a rice cooker tip, however I do not need to be in the contest. I just asked someone in my family for a new rice cooker for Christmas, and I know she already bought it, so I’m going to have a new one. Had your contest been a couple of weeks earlier, I would’ve tried my luck first. But oh well :)

    I love Thai style sticky rice with coconut milk. Traditional Thai sticky rice preparation calls for a bamboo steamer and about 5 hours. I cook sticky rice in my rice cooker all the time though and it turns out great! I use the same rice/water amounts that I would for white rice, and let it go.

  166. My favorite way to cook rice is in the mircrowave, but since my microwave broke, I could surely use a rice cooker. My rice doesn’t come out nearly as good, if at all, on the stove top.

    Put rice, liquid of choice and optional additions in a deep covered microwavable casserole (in a pinch I have used a bowl covered with plastic wrap) Go larger than smaller on the container cause it can boil over.

    Microwave on High for 5 minutes.

    When the 5 minutes is up, cook for an additional 15 minutes (30 minutes for brown rice) on Medium.

    Comes out perfect every time.

  167. Add more salt. Especially with jasmine or basmati rices, it brings out the flavor. I don’t measure it, but you can probably double the amount on the side of the bag.

  168. My without-rice cooker Tip: Don’t let the friend with the bad track record make the rice. Chances are they still haven’t figured it out yet.

    Since I don’t have a rice cooker or a saucier (very interested in that tip!), and my cookware is cheap and thin, I’ve learned that I have to cook rice suuuper slooooowly to avoid burning and sticking. Keeping it on the lowest simmer possible is best, and also avoids steaming off all the water before the rice is done.

    Burned rice isn’t a total failure… If it’s merely stuck together and browned, use that bit as a big crispy rice “cracker”. If it’s worse than that, don’t scrape the bottom while serving.

    If anyone has any tips about how to get really burned rice out of the bottom of a pan, I and my rice-challenged friend will thank you. :)

  169. My rice tip: For a cheap meal, make rice of different kinds (such as brown and white) then mix together and add a simple honey & soy sauce combo. It makes rice less “boring” and the honey/soy sauce combo can be tweeked to suit anyones taste.

  170. I think I got this one from you, Biggie. I cook a batch of rice and, when it’s done, I line the inside of my biggest Mr. Bento inner container with plastic wrap. Then I put in a portion of rice and seal it up on top with the rest of the wrap, let it set to hold its shape for a few minutes, take it out, and repeat the process until I have several of these wrapped disks. Then I freeze them all until I want to use one in my lunch, either on its own or as a “lid” for liquidy stews, etc. Unwrapped, it fits the container perfectly and thaws by lunchtime.

  171. I saute shallots, garlic and mushrooms and use stock instead of water. I also often add a bit of milk. Coconut milk also makes great rice. I’ve never used a rice cooker, but am lucky that I’ve managed to master it on the stove top.

  172. My mother is from Taiwan, and she adores rice porridge with sweet potato, so that’s what I’ll comment with! (: To make it with a rice cooker, it’s fairly simple:

    Peel the sweet potatoes and cut them diagonally into however small you would like the pieces to be. Place one cup of rice in a small pot, and add 3 cups of water into the pot. (Note: this will make a LOT of porridge; I have a family of 6) You can vary the amount of water you place into it, and if you’ve made porridge before, feel free to use the same amount you’re accustomed to. Place 1-1.5 cups of water into the rice cooker, place the pot in the rice cooker, and place the sweet potato pieces directly in the pot, on top of the rice. The sweet potatoes will be a little soft, but it tastes amazing once it is done. (:

    You can let the porridge sit for awhile after it’s done cooking if you would like the rice to be softer and to soak up more water.

  173. For making quick, tasty fried rice: bacon. Fry a little bacon first, then take it out and chop it up. Fry some frozen vegetables in the bacon fat (if there’s too much fat, drain some of it out first), when they’re done toss in the rice and chopped-up bacon and stir to mix.

    My dad always made rice-and-egg pancakes for breakfast with leftover rice from the day before: mix about a cup of rice with two eggs, then pour into a frying pan and cook on both sides like a pancake.

  174. My favorite way to buy rice (white or brown, basmati or short grain) is in the bulk bins at my favorite natural food stores when they are on sale. I usually wait for the 69 cent a pound sort of sale and then buy several bags.

    A tip from a coworker about leftover rice during mango season is to slice a mango over the leftover rice in your rice cooker. Put a piece of plastic wrap over the rice bowl or pan you made it in. Chill it until cold. Sprinkle with crushed peanuts and coconut milk if desired and serve as desert.

  175. Mashed taro treat is the best! And super-easy with a rice cooker. Just cut up a taro (cleaned and skinned, of course) into 1-inch chunkies and steam in the rice cooker. When they’re thoroughly cooked add a bit of solid fat (amount and type depends on you; more = creamier) and sugar to taste, then take a potato masher to it. Stick it in the cooker before your meal and it’ll be hot and ready for dessert by the time you’re done!

    Another tip is using a wet paper towel/cheesecloth to cover rice when you’re reheating it in the microwave. It resteams the rice without leaving a puddle of mushy rice on the bottom. I use this method to reheat refrigerated rice (blasphemous!) and it produces perfectly fluffy rice every time!

  176. I love to make beans in my cooker. Its awesome how well just about any type of bean comes out on regular cycle.

  177. Toast the rice in some oil first and then add chicken stock to make it extra yummy!

  178. When I know I’m going to be using rice as a side dish, I usually make extra so I can make Coconut Rice Pudding; it’s perfect for year round because it tastes great hot or cold! It works best with Jasmine rice. I make it by cooking 1 cup rice (or 2 if I’m making rice for a side dish also). When rice is done cooking then I add a can of coconut milk, brown sugar and cinnamon to taste and cook for an extra 10 min until some of the coconut milk is absorbed. You can also add some fruit on top, like mango or pears. Yummy!

  179. You can use your leftover rice to make a delicious rice pudding!

    I also like to cook my rice with vegetable stock for added flavor.

  180. Quick and dirty garlic rice:

    Put a couple of diced or pressed cloves of garlic in the rice cooker along with a teaspoon of oil. Then add your regular rice/water combo (we use 1 c of jasmine rice to 1.5 c water). Press start! This saves time, energy and an extra pan because you don’t need to fry the rice in garlic after it’s done. Of course, it’s not quite as oily and delicious as the original, but this shortcut is essential when living with a Filipino who thinks plain steamed rice is boring.

  181. Here’s hoping I win!

    I like to replace some of water used to cook rice with chicken or vegetable broth for added flavor!


  182. Put a wet washcloth in your cooker on low for a few minutes- instant steam facial! We did this for a spa party we had a while ago- very classy!

  183. My favorite rice tip is, the same as Traci’s: make rice pudding out of any extra rice! The kids love it, and it’s become a cold-weather tradition. Leftover rice also makes for easy fried rice the next day.

  184. I want to try to make more one-pot rice cooker dishes like the Persian dish Kufteh, which combines rice, coriander, dill and ground lamb. I’ve only had it before in a pot, and the best part is the tajjig - the crisped rice at the bottom. I want to see if I can replicate that crispy bottom in my fancy rice cooker!

  185. Just wanted to say that I have the Zojirushi, and it is awesome! Good luck to everyone!

  186. Well I could sure use a rice cooker! I currently don’t have one which is why my tip is this:

    If you’re making rice in a pot on the stove, trust the directions on the bag and do NOT take the lid off to peek in before the allotted time has passed. You’ll let out all the steam and your rice will end up dry and crunchy.


    I live at 7,500 feet and it took me a few batches before I found the perfect recipe. Because water boils at a lower temperature at high elevations, you’ll want to add a little extra water and cook a little longer to make up for the fact that the water is boiling off faster. I use just slightly over 2 cups of water for 1 cup of rice, and cook for about 20 minutes.

  187. I mix a handful of black rice with my regular amount of rice for dinner (about 1.5 cups jasmine rice) before I cook it. It makes a nice lavender colored rice that tastes a little nutty, and goes really well with curry dishes.

  188. Rice is nice! All the good tips have been taken already, but I’ll add that rice with boiled chicken is a very god thing to serve to a dog with an upset tummy. ;-)

  189. My favorite bento is leftover vegetable fried rice. I always sprinkle a little water on the top (not too much, or it will be mushy!) before I heat it up in the microwave, so it comes out steamy and fresh. Sometimes, I cut up a couple cherry tomatoes instead and toss them in when I pack my lunch; they add enough moisture to refresh the rice and add a nice flavor punch.
    As a poor first-year law student, I cook several meals a week in my rice cooker. It makes cheap, easy, fresh, and healthy vegetarian meals (and plenty of leftovers for bento!)

  190. My favorite quick dinner for myself is rice (any type, but i prefer brown long-grain or basmati), and just add a tin of diced tomatoes (i prefer the kind with onions/garlic or peppers already in). So easy and so cheap!

    What a fantastic giveaway! I hope I win!

  191. I’ve always prepared rice in a rice cooker using my mom’s tried and true hand measurement.

    You rinse and clean the rice. then curl your finger at second finger join and place this “half fist” on top of the rice. When the water reaches the top of your middle knuckle that’s how much water you need.

    I’m not sure by what ancient Chinese magic this was derived from but it has worked for me on every rice cooker i’ve ever used

  192. Not sure if this is a tip, but I think you mentioned your son prefers white over brown rice. Mine did too until . . . I started mixing the two. At first I added a small amount of short grain brown rice with my calrose (using the water proportions for white), and the kids never noticed. I gradually increased the amount of brown over the course of several months and now they happily eat either brown or white - currently I use a mix that’s close to half and half (now it’s because I prefer it that way!). I use the mixed rice setting on my cooker and a bit more water than for white only - perfect every time. Also, as a kid I loved winter because my mom would mix barley with the rice, so I do that, too. You might try that first to get the family used to mixed rice.

  193. Since I don’t have a rice cooker, and I have a crappy electric stove, I have to use a tip I got somewhere on the internet that has helped me a bunch in not burning my rice.

    I turn two burners on, one on the lowest possible setting, and one on med-high. I bring the pot of rice and water to a boil using the med-high burner, cover, and then transfer to the burner on the lowest setting. I leave it there for 15 minutes, and then move it off the heat. Leave it alone for 5 more minutes, and voila! Perfect rice every time.

  194. Woohoo! Thanks for passing on the products. :)

    I often will make rice for dinner just so I can have leftover rice to make fried rice the next time. I don’t follow a recipe, but this is what I do:

    I chop up onions and fry them in a large frying pan in toasted sesame oil. If I have tofu, I chop that and add it to the frying onions. If I have fresh ginger, I chop it and add it now, too. When the onions are soft and the tofu browned, I add cold leftover rice, usually around 4 or 5 cups of it. If I didn’t add fresh ginger, I add powdered ginger now. I toss in frozen green beans and frozen peas, and fry it all until it’s warm. Then I push the rice to the side, and break two eggs into the pan and scramble them on the spot. (I was taught to use just one, but my family loves the egg.) When the egg is cooked, I stir it all together, and then season with tamari. Stir again, and serve.

    A young guest who is a self-declared rice-hater loved it and ate seconds. :) My daughter loves this cold in her lunch.

    It’s interesting to read other variations of fried rice above!

  195. To give rice a middle-eastern flare, I put saffron into the water before starting the cooking cycle. After it’s done, give it a quick stir to dispense any leftover spice, and it’s ready to add almonds, berries or any other Greek or Indian item you like best.

  196. Go beyond the normal water or broth and try cooking rice in liquids like orange juice, orange juice curry and a little brown sugar makes rice no one can resist!

  197. I love tossing in some dried fruit with brown rice - cranberries or tart cherries are probably my favorites, and drizzle with a little balsamic vinegar and honey.

  198. Throw in some cumin seeds as you cook basmati rice to get the Indian touch.

    If you have wet curries, put a layer of rice in your bento, a layer of curry, and another layer of rice (you can freeze this structure too). This keeps the curry from sloshing around.

    Lastly, don’t throw out day-old rice. Use it to make fried rice.

  199. Leftover rice is always good for breakfast the next morning - fried rice & eggs is a favorite!

  200. Two “tips” - if you can call them that.

    Substituting half the rice in any rice dish for a less familiar grain (millet and quinoa are my preferences) is a simple way to introduce more grain diversity into your diet without being overwhelmed by the unfamiliar flavors or textures.

    Also, if you have leftover cooked rice at night, stir in a teaspoon or two of miso into the pot, cover it, and leave it at room temperature overnight. By morning, you’ll have a sweet fermented rice porridge. The good bacteria in the miso convert starches in the rice to sugars and break down the texture a bit. Just be sure not to boil it as you warm it up for full probiotic (and taste) effect. The same thing can be done with any grain - i’m particularly fond of barley for that purpose.

  201. a splash of rice wine vinegar always makes a huge difference to me… it gives the rice a nice little kick and stops it from getting too sticky.

    soaking is always a good idea too - when i do basmati it has to sit for at least 30 minutes before i rinse it again and actually start cooking it.

  202. This is a great contest!

    Tip: Know your cooker. Every stove, pan, and rice cooker will vary in cooking time. Start with the minimum time for doneness and check on it, and then adjust accordingly for future batches of rice.

  203. My favorite rice “trick” is to cook it Persian-style. Although not having a rice cooker, I don’t know if it would work in one. I cook the rice in a non-stick pot. When it’s done or almost done cooking, keep the heat low, put a nice dollop of butter on top, and put the cover back on. The butter will melt down through the rice, making it very tasty, and in a few minutes the butter will start to brown the rice on the bottom of the pot, turning it into crispy goodness!

  204. Rice can be hard to store - it dries out and becomes unappetizingly crispy in the fridge (plus, it has lots of surface are to grow bacteria and mold). I always try to make roughly what I need, and not too much extra… and I make something with any leftovers right away!

    Rice keeps better with sauce, oil, or liquid added. So I don’t put away leftover plain rice. I immediately mix it, fry it, top it, etc. to add moisture and put that dish in the fridge. I make my rice on the stovetop (no rice cooker, unless I win one of these!) and often use the same pot to make the dish of leftovers. Then I have something ready for the next day’s bento, too, all before I clean up from dinner!

  205. Growing up my dh loved the treat Cocoa Samoa. It essentially hot chocolate in rice. My kids love it now.

    Also you can put a chunk of fresh ginger in with the rice for extra flavor.

  206. hope this hasn’t been posted yet, but i like to soak my rice in cold water first. it naturally speeds up cooking time as well as softens it and makes it a little more fluffy ^^

  207. - Take 1 part egg, 1.5 part water, tsp of salt, some green onions or furikake and mix well in heat resistant bowl. When most of the water in rice pot has boiled away (around half way through of your cooking time), place the bowl in your rice pot. When rice is done, you will have a nice, fluffy egg souffle side dish. A favorite with kids.

  208. you don’t want to put butter or salt in the water when cooking rice. it will reduce the naturally sweet flavor of the rice.

  209. I have a small basic rice cooker that I use frequently to cook quinoa. When washed thoroughly, quinoa is wholesome, fluffy, and slightly nutty. Strangely enough, it makes a great addition to hearty salads. I have also used it in fried “rice” with soy sauce, carrot, garlic, ginger and peas - and it came out fabulous.
    My tip for that recipe would be to spray your wok with non-stick cooking spray (like Pam) before putting anything in there. The quinoa is more prone to sticking than traditional rice.

  210. When somebody is sick, or it is cold and rainy, leftover rice cooked in chicken broth makes a great chicken soup. Add lime juice, sliced green onions, cilantro and some sliced chile peppers. The only thing you have to cook is the rice and broth, and it is done in no time. It can even be done in the microwave.

    Making rice pudding is easier in a pyrex bowl, because you can bake it in the dish you mixed it in. I put sweetened condensed milk and lemon zest in my rice pudding.

  211. I reheat leftovers on top as I’m cooking rice. When my rice is done, I’ll have a meal.

  212. I love to use my rice cooker to make bulghur (cracked) wheat. It comes out perfectly tender and slightly springy/chewy in texture. Put 1 C bulghur and 1 3/4 C water or broth in. Add a pinch of salt (and some olive oil if desired, but I don’t think that’s necessary), and set to the normal rice/brown rice setting. It’s delicious!

  213. I really like to freeze a large batch of onigiri, I curious if it works as well with brown rice as it does with white. I’ve switched to a mostly grain based diet so I’m tempted to give it a shot!

  214. Hi! Been a while since I commented but I have a nice little tip.

    My kitchen has been in construction mode for over a month now and we’ve had to set up a temp-kitchen in our living room. We have our cheap little rice cooker working over time for us. While steaming rice, we plop in some eggs to get them nice and hard boiled. Or add in the steam tray to cook some veggies with it.

    But the family favorite is when we have a lot of left over rice in the cooker and I add in some condensed milk, cinnamon, raisins and other secret ingredients, let it warm up a little and we get nice serving of “Arroz con Leche” (or Rice Pudding). It’s yet to be perfected but it’s tasting quit sweet and it’s a very delicious midnight snack.

  215. When making rice the old fashioned way- Bring rice to a boil, let simmer for 15 minutes, and then let stand with the lid on for 5 more minutes!

    MOST IMPORTANT TIP-don’t peak until those 5 minutes are up!

  216. Wow, there are a lot of great ideas here. Right now I only have a little rice maker so it’s just enough to feed my family. We use it all the time though. Our favorite thing is to make fried rice out of unused rice. I love to throw in soy beans. Sometimes I have pre-cut, cooked and seasoned meats. Big hit. During cooler months I also like to make rice pudding with extra rice. Simple, yummy and helps heat the house.

  217. My favourite rice related tip is: garlic fried rice!

    I ALWAYS have leftover rice in the fridge….and sometimes at lunch I’m STARVING and want something really filling - so I make garlic fried rice - here’s how:

    In a frying pan, saute 1 heaped tsp of minced garlic. When it is browned, break an egg into the oil, and scramble it until it is lightly set. Add in 1 cup cooked rice and soya sauce (to taste)…You can also add in some black pepper. Keep stirring it around for a couple of minutes until the egg is set and the rice is coated with the soya sauce and oil.

    The dish is salty and tasty…and the protein/carb combo is perfectly filling!

    P.S. Hope I win…I just melted our plastic microwave rice cooker by setting it on a hot stovetop - silly me!

  218. If your rice cooker has a steamer basket, you can make glutinous rice, also called sticky rice or sweet rice. Soak the rice first for at least 4 hours, or up to 24 hours. Drain all the water, line the steamer basket with cheesecloth and pour the drained rice in. Fill the metal bucket with water, about half way. Place the steamer basket on top and run a regular rice-making cycle. It may seem like a lot of work, but it’s worth it-glutinous rice has a delicious chewy flavor

  219. Making musubi (or onigiri) with freshly made rice is great because the balls form most beautifully at this time. I mix salt into the rice directly before forming the musubi, careful to ‘cut’ the salt into the rice so as not to break the grains. When I want the most delicious musubi, I use my hands, not the molds. This is because I can control the texture of the rice ball. Remember to press and form the rice ball gently, just enough to hold the shape. Pressing too hard will make the grains dense and thick to bite. We want a light and chewy texture. My kids and I love musubi!

  220. I’m not very creative and I don’t have a fancy rice cooker so I stay pretty basic with actual cooking. The only thing I do is store my various rices in clear jars with the original rice label and instructions on cooking times taped to the outside. I can never remember how much water I’m supposed to add for all the different rices so having that helps. Plus it helps keep my pantry clean and organized. I also make huge batches of rice and freeze portions in flat ziplock bags for quick microwaving later.

  221. I love to steam rice with chicken broth instead of water, and I add a few bay leaves and raisins. Tasty!

  222. Always make extra rice. I love to use leftovers in stuffed cabbage, stuffed peppers and meatloaf. But if there isn’t enough for another meal, then just add fruit for an afternoon snack.

  223. I have always wanted to try making a cake in a rice cooker. I saw it done once so I will have to search for the recipie. The cake was spongy and light from steaming.

    Also, I love the tips about freezing rice for lunch portions.

  224. My mom taught me never to rinse rice before cooking. Rinsing rice is a carry-over from the old days when rice wasn’t cleaned very well before packaging. Nowadays, rice is cleaned before packing, so rinsing is really unnecessary. Besides, it tends to remove some of the nutrients as well.

  225. WOW…..How fun is this!?

    Sadly, not much multi cooking can be done in my 3 cup cooker, but it is really cute and portable. In college, I was able to make chicken soup in it using the typical ingredients…. carrot, onion, celery, chicken, spices… and a small handful of those cute little pasta stars. Much healthier than 3 minute ramen noodles.

  226. My rice related tip is to soak the rice for atleast 30 minutes before cooking. You would get fluffier looking rice.


  227. Once frozen rice still tastes nice.

  228. Making fried rice - Use refrigerated (day-old) rice. After frying other ingredients, add the rice, and use an old fashioned potato masher to mash and break down the cold rice in the frying pan. It breaks the chunks of rice down nicely without turning it to mush.

  229. I always cook my rice with low sodium chicken broth instead of water. It gives the rice a rich flavor and it always comes out fluffy and delicious. If I make too much rice I use the extras to make fried rice with eggs and frozen veggies, so the chicken broth sort of doubles as two delicious recipes!

  230. My favorite thing to make in my rice cooker (other than plain, white, fluffy rice, that is!) is a variation of clay pot rice. It’s just a 2:1 ratio of rice to chicken stop, some garlic, ginger, soy sauce, black mushrooms, and a small mountain of chicken and Chinese sausage. Sooooooooo good. :)

  231. Unfortunately my rice method is pretty simple, but what I do is wash the rice in a pot, the cook it with 1/2 cups of water to a cup of rice…I guess my tip would be to use sesame seeds to favor your rice! They’re really easy, just throw them in a pan and heat them until they jump (literally they jump, like popcorn!)

  232. My tip would be to “wash” the rice before cooking, when I don’t , I am not always happy with the results

  233. Mine is simple. Use your rice cooker to make your rice in the morning before you go to work. As long as it has a hold warm function, you’ve eliminated that piece of your dinner routine.

  234. I just put together a roll-your-own sushi party for my reverend and her family and a rice cooker would’ve made life a lot easier! My reverend and her husband are big on health foods and are vegetarians, so white sushi rice wasn’t going to cut it. We ended up using boil-in-a-bag whole grain brown rice…and the culinary student in me wasn’t pleased! I’ve never used a rice cooker before, but it’s a tool I’d love to have!

  235. My tip is to buy a fancy rice maker…or better yet…win one!! :)

  236. yesterday’s rice is today’s fried rice!

    however, if i’m in a hurry, i cover rice in a bowl w/ a wet paper towel before reheating in the microwave. the resulting steam helps the rice to refresh.

  237. Reading all the great tips was reason enough to enter - thanks everyone! One tip that I recently read and tried was presoaking rice; it tenderizes the rice and cuts your cooking time by half. And I have tried the technique with nishiki for sushi as well as brown rice. To do so, measure out your rice and add 2/3 to 3/4 of your required cooking liquid and pop in the fridge (preferably overnight). To cook, pour into pan with the remainder of your liquid and start cooking. I get perfect nishiki in 10 minutes and brown rice in 15! I even found that less stuck to the bottom of the saucepan making for easier cleanup and less wastage. You may need to experiment as everyone’s stoves are unique.

  238. I keep small packages of cooked rice in freezer to toss into soups/stews at the last minute. No need to calculate extra liquid needed to cook rice.

  239. My hubby gave me much grief over serving brown rice. But I want to add more healthy fiber to my family meals. My solution is combining 2 parts white to 1 part brown. When available, I purchase the fast cooking brown rice. The rice turns out fluffy & the family is happy.

  240. To get really fluffy rice, let the rice soak for about 20 minutes before you turn on the rice cooker. I don’t always have time to do this, but occasionally I forget to hit the cook button and it happens anyway!

    Also, a quick rice cooker “pilaf” that my friends do. Saute or sweat some onions, green pepper and mushroom while your rice is cooking. Use chicken broth instead of water in the rice and when most of the water is gone, stir in the sauteed vegetables and finish cooking. Makes a tasty change to plain white rice.

  241. I’m a coffee nut and love my burr grinder, however it needs to be cleaned. One of the ways to postpone the inevitable disassembly is to grind some raw rice. Assuming you haven’t let rancid grounds build up in your grinder you can easily-even happily-take the ground rice and turn it into a delicious coffee-cardamom rice pudding.

  242. One of my favorite dishes to make with the rice cooker is sweet potato rice and it’s super simple. I just prepare the rice like I normally would! Chop up some sweet potatoes, yams, or any other root you’d like (I think taro would go great as well) and soak them in water for a bit before (add a smidge of salt). Add some Japanese sake (2 tbspns) and Mirin (2 tbpns) to the rice mixture and then put in the sweet potatoes. Pop it in the cooker and cook like you always do! After it’s done, mix it up and sprinkle with furikake on top. :)

  243. I only have a junk rice cooker but it is an 8 cupper which really tells you how much me and my husband eat rice.
    Here’s a tip for non-green eaters (especially kids and husbands): Use fresh or frozen broccoli and toss it in with uncooked rice. It’ll cook with the rice and give it a lot of the vitamins and nutrients but the picky eaters can just brush the broccoli pieces on the side if they really don’t want it but usually by the time they start eating, they won’t realize it’s there. This works for any vegetable and because it gets soft and warm, you’ll be surprised how yummy it becomes for everyone involved.

  244. Wow - the comments are amazing. I’m going to have to set aside some time this weekend to read through all the tips.

    Hopefully this doesn’t duplicate, but tips that my mom passed along to me when it comes to cooking rice in a rice cooker:

    — add a splash of rice wine (my splashes are generous), because everything is better with a splash of rice wine.

    — cook the rice with dried kombu (the thick kind). I can’t put my finger on it, but the rice does come out better. My dad and I always fought over who got to eat the kombu.

  245. I use my rice cooker to make Spanish Rice. I throw in some tomato/chicken bouillon and a little cumin and some garlic powder. Simple and delicious!

    Thanks for putting on a great giveaway!

  246. When making mixed rice (brown and white together), soak the brown rice for 30 - 60 minutes, then add the white rice, wash, and cook like you would for white rice.

    For brown, I also like to let it sit for about 15 extra minutes after it’s done cooking. I think it makes it fluffier somehow!

  247. Hi there, long time lurker, first time poster! Here’s my rice tip:

    My fave rice is Japanese style rice ‘sticky rice’ with about a half a lime squeezed into the water when cooling as well as some chopped cilantro. Delicious!

    Also, a couple of mornings I’ve used the rice cooker to make scrambled eggs because of how great and non-stick it is. Just throw in a few eggs and some tasty veggies, finish up your morning routine, then scoop up your tasty scrambled eggs into a cup on the way out the door. Yum!

  248. Since we’ve never had a rice cooker I always follow my grandmother’s advice for making rice.

    She’s always told me to rinse the rice once, put enough water so that when you put a finger in the water just covers your first knuckle and finally never open the lid while it’s cooking. So I basically put it on med-low for 15 mins and leave it alone. I usually check it after the 15 mins because I’m paranoid and then leave it covered for another 5 off the burner. The rice comes out great.

    I do the same for my brown rice but I make sure the water comes up to my second knuckle. I tried it the way for normal rice and wound up with very dry, crunchy brown rice..bleh.

  249. My wife and I keep rice bricks in the freezer. That is, we lay flat a sheet of plastic wrap and then place leftover rice in it and wrap it up. If it’s already gotten a little yellow, then the rice becomes cha-han, curry fried rice or kimchi fried rice.

  250. Cold rice tip:

    I’ve found brown rice will stay pleasantly chewy after refrigeration whereas white rice gets all hard and crunchy. So use brown rice if you want to use/eat your rice cold!

  251. After cooking rice, I like to add sesame oil to it to make it softer and it makes it taste delicious!

    It’s also a seasoning I like to add when I am making fried rice instead of soy sauce because I am trying to cut down on my sodium intake.

  252. I use leftover brown rice to make fried rice with diced whatever vegetables I have on hand - the best way to get my toddler to eat vegetables - or rice pudding.

  253. I would love to have the rice maker!
    We always throw in some bullion with the water. Often, we’ll toss in some frozen veggies. Occasionally, we’ll also toss in some shredded chicken or other meat.

  254. the finger measuring trick for cooking rice is a good one. once you have that leftover rice, though, things get a bit trickier. these are rice croquettes that my mom used to make, and they are awesome.

    2 ½ cups uncooked rice
    4 eggs
    ~1/4 cup of romano cheese, grated
    ~1/2 cup mozzarella cheese, grated
    ~1 cup breadcrumbs

    cook rice and let it cool (I usually do it the day before). A long grain (or converted rice, like uncle bens) is easier to work with.

    Mix eggs, cheese and spices, then add rice gradually. Add the breadcrumbs a little at a time. you’re looking for a texture that will hold together when you cup it in your hands, but not too dry.

    I use a deep-fryer, and they’re cheap enough, so you should have one, if only for this and fried chicken. If you really are opposed to them, write me a 3 page essay on their evils, and use a heavy skillet with a couple of inches of oil in it, and flatten out your croquettes, so that they can brown all over. Oil should be at 350 degrees.

    The balls should fit in your hands when cupped together (or smaller if you have big hands). This is a messy thing, so don’t make it after you’ve just cleaned your kitchen, or you’ll be upset. Also, if you keep your hands damp, the mixture won’t stick to your hands so much.

    Fry the croquettes until they are a dark golden brown, which is just 2 minutes before they burn.

    Try to wait until they cool a bit before you eat them. I know it’s hard.

    One of the best parts of this recipe is that it reheats well in a micro. Wrap a croquette (or 2) in paper towel and cook for 30 seconds to 1 minute per croquette.

  255. Hey Biggie-san!

    For my comment, I think it’d be great to cook the rice with a little turmeric powder, raisins, salt, and whatever else you’d like in order to make Indian style rice! Using Basmati rice would be great!


  256. I love Chinese sausages and don’t like the smell of stir fry so I actually throw the sausage into the rice cooker to cook with the rice and it tastes good and is ready when the rice is ready….super fast!

  257. I don’t own a rice cooker and would love to have one. Yum.

  258. White rice gets an extra boost of flavor when you cook it in some coconut milk. Yum!

  259. I like to drop in a piece of dried seaweed when I cook rice- it gives it a little saltiness and umami.

  260. I use my cheapo sam’s club rice cooker for just about everything because it has a timer. I use it like a quick crock pot.
    I put our morning grains in there at night so they can soak, nourishing traditions style, then the timer starts the rice cooker at 5am and they’re all ready in the morning.
    I do a mix of grains such as wheat, triticale, millet, oatmeal, rice, and seeds like flax.
    We add raw honey and goat’s milk in the morning so it doesn’t burn on the bottom. (yet it’s cheap, I need the good one! puhleeeze)

  261. Cooking rice at a lower temp for a little longer results in better rice. We had an impatient rice cooker for a while that made some pretty bad rice. :(

    Also, you know that trick with putting rice in the salt shaker so the salt won’t clump up? That trick doesn’t work with sugar and rice. ;)

  262. Don’t forget the salt. The salt is good.

  263. Two tips!

    1. Soak brown rice in water overnight. It’ll cook faster the next day.

    2. I found my rice cooker indispensable when I was living in the dorms. I would throw in corn and a can of fried dace when all the water has evaporated. I also cooked mac & cheese (from the box) and canned soup in it.

  264. Like Mexican style rice?

    2 rice cooker cups of white rice
    2-1/4 cups of water (or whatever rice package directions say)
    1 15-oz can diced tomatoes
    1 tsp garlic powder
    1 tsp onion powder
    handful of frozen corn (optional)

    Put in rice cooker. Press cook. Let sit 10 minutes after “keep warm” light comes on.

    Voila! Mexican style rice.

  265. Apart from the main course we use rice for lots of dessert. Apart from Kheer which is a very popular dessert in India, we use it to make Sweet rice which is very similar to the mango rice we get in Thai restaurants. You need to make a sugar syrup, add lots of raisins,cashews and add it to the cooked rice. The rice is cooked with saffron and cardamom to give it a different aroma for this dish.

  266. Oh Wow! How cool would that be?! My favorite tip is to ignor my Southern US roots and use medium grain or short grain rice for planned leftovers. These re-heat much better than the long grains I grew up on and make better chicken bog!

  267. Hi!

    Be careful of the measuring cups included with the “Asian-brand” rice cookers. Apparently those measuring cups are 25% smaller than the American measuring cup.

    I didn’t realize that and cooked up dry rice on my first batch. :(

  268. With a small child, one knows how hard it can be sometimes be to make them eat healthy. I’m sure Biggie has NO idea what I’m talking about!

    Well, I often cook wild rice with diced veggies and shredded beef jerky all in one pot. This way I know that he’s getting some nutrition. And it’s a quick meal too.

  269. I like using sushi rice made with vinegar, kosher salt and sugar, under my gumbo (instead of the regular kind). The slight sweetness adds a really nice touch to the spiciness.

  270. My tip is like most of the others .. add flavorings such as bouillon cubes (or granules) while cooking, with or without tomato paste and herbs, to make an easy “pilaf” side dish. One of my dad’s favorites has always been Chinese sausage cooked on top of the rice (I add the sausage after adding the water). He always topped off his plate with a fried egg and soy sauce. Yummy Chinese comfort food!

  271. Um, my tip…don’t forget about the rice. I can’t tell the number of times I’ve completely forgotten I’ve got rice boiling. Until the smell hits. Yech.

  272. I don’t have a rice cooker and want one!!! Here are my tips…

    For any rice or grain you like you can make an easy pilaf with your leftovers. I especially like quinoa and bulgar.

    Just make extra of whatever rice/grain you are cooking. Saute whatever vegetables you have in a little olive oil and garlic and toss in the rice/grain. I like to add corn for sweetness or a bean to make a more complete meal.

  273. I make bread pudding and rice pudding in my rice cooker. (I’ve also used the same pudding base to salvage old stale birthday cake too.) I use the same custard mix on all of them because it’s easy:

    2 cups of your chosen starch (leftover rice, stale bread, stale cake, whatever)

    2 Tbsp sugar

    1 egg

    3/4 cup milk

    1 tsp vanilla

    Cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger to taste

    (If appropriate to the other flavors you want) Half a shot of liqueur (coconut rum and a few drops of rose water is good with rice pudding; brandy is good with plum/prune/raisin bread pudding).

    And I always add a good handful of fruit. (If you use dried fruit, resuscitate it in hot flavored liquid first — apricots, raisins, or currants soaked in hot juice or hot water with brandy are good.)

    I have a donburi bowl that fits neatly into my pushbutton rice cooker. So I fill the donburi bowl with the pudding mixings, cover it with saran wrap, and let it hang out in the fridge for a while so that the custard absorbs into the bread/rice.

    After it’s done its soaking thing (at least a half an hour, though I’ve been known to put it in one night and cook it the next evening), I stir the contents well, recover it with saran, put it in my rice cooker, and pour hot water down the gap between the donburi bowl and the rice cooker pan until it’s about halfway up the side of the donburi bowl.

    Then I put the lid on and push the rice cooker button and go away for about 45 minutes.

    The tricky part has been extracting the inner bowl from the outer bowl; I tend to employ a combination of a big spoon and silicon gloves (because cloth gloves get soaked through with previously-just-boiling water too easily). But you could also serve it out of the inner bowl without worrying about the decanting process - I just hate washing extra dishes. :)

  274. Delicious mixed veggies and rice - add frozen peas, carrots, and whatever else strikes your fancy to the uncooked rice, then let it go! The veggies will mix in with the rice and everything will be perfect by the end. (You can also add in seasonings if you want, like tarragon)

  275. I have been eying one of these rice cookers on Amazon for a while and can’t afford it. Thanks for the opportunity to win one! My favorite thing to do with rice is to make Sweet Coconut Desert Rice. Make a sauce with 3/4 cup thick coconut milk (don’t shake the can, just use the very thick cream on top) 1/4 cup sugar and 1 tsp salt. Combine in pan on low heat until sugar and salt dissolve (do not boil). Stir into 2 cups cooked rice, put lid on pan and let sit for 10 minutes. Serve warm with pineapple and mango chunks and coconut sorbet. Super Yummy!!

  276. Everyone has posted my rice tips already, so here’s a not quite rice but rice substitute tip. Quinoa, it’s awesome, and can be substituted for rice in just about any recipe, except maybe sushi. It has a light, nutty flavor, and is a complete protein. And I hear it cooks up great in a rice cooker. :D

  277. I always make the maximum amount of rice that my cooker can make. The leftover rice is frozen.

    This rice makes amazing fried rice or pilaf at a later date. Yum.

    I have also frozen it in single serving sizes for easy lunch warmups with whatever else could be in the freezer, say chicken pesto.

  278. In addition to white and brown rice, I also like to make Quinoa and Pearled Barley in my rice cooker. I had to experiment a little to get the right grain to water ratio, but in both cases it turned out that I needed just a little more water than I would use for regular rice making.

    As long as they see it served out of the rice cooker bowl, my kids will each just about anything that I throw in there.

  279. My rice related tip is one that my grandma gave me and swears by: Before pressing the rice cooker button to “cook”, turn it on the warm setting for 15 minutes then after that switch over to cook. This will ensure moist, fluffy rice each and every time.

    You know what, for some reason it works!

  280. Great contest!
    When I use rice, I just make sure not to waste it. My (super cheapo) rice cooker can only manage to correctly cook 3+ cup quantities, so I always have leftovers. When I heat up other leftovers (chili, for instance), I always mix in some rice for extra fiber (brown rice) and yumminess. I’ve even had success adding leftover rice to omelettes.

  281. You won’t believe this one till you try it!

    1 pound spaghetti
    2 1/2 cups water
    1 jar of spaghetti sauce (1 pound 10 ounce)

    Break spaghetti in half and layer the dry pasta in the rice cooker pan. Add water and sauce. Turn on rice cooker to cook. Stir frequently. When it shuts down to warm, check the pasta to be sure it’s done. If it isn’t quite done, add some water, stir and turn on to cook again.

    You don’t need to boil the pasta, drain and cook the sauce in a separate pan. It all cooks in the same pan and tastes great!

  282. what an awesome giveaway!

    You can make a whole meal inside a rice cooker. I learned from my mom, how to make this awesome ground beef and rice meal, where you cook the meat with the rice. When the rice is about 1/3 of the way done, add the meat on top of the rice to cook. This gives the rice yummy flavor as well as less mess to clean up later! As a college student, one pot wonders are stables for me :)

  283. freshen up old rice that’s been in the fridge by adding a little water, mixing, and putting it in the rice cooker and pressing cook. it reconstitutes quite nicely

  284. don’t stir rice while it’s cooking or it will get all gummy!

  285. Korean style rice: Throw in Kochujang (red chili paste), veggies and bits of chicken thigh. Cook in the pot. Delicious!

  286. It’s not condoned by the manufacturer, but I’ve (well, more the husband) been able to use the ‘keep warm’ function on a zojirushi rice maker to keep rice piping hot for almost 4 days.

  287. Use cold water to rinse your rice.

  288. My favorite rice tip would be to pick up some fun shaped silicon ice cube trays at the dollar store. I have four girls and the trays usually make 10-12 or so shapes. Perfect for our lunch as the older two and I eat 3 each (depending on size and the younger two will only eat one or two each. We currently have stars, hearts, flowers, and triangles. Always a big hit :)

  289. oh I would love a rice cooker!

    I saw a couple of these comments already, but my favorite is to cook plain white short grain rice in a 1:1 coconut:water mixture with some thai chili. Gives the rice a nice kick. I also tried adding lemongrass the other night as I had some leftover from lemongrass chicken and the rice turned out really flavorful.

    Also, sometimes, if I forget to freeze leftover rice, or if it’s just been left in the fridge for a day it gets kind of dry. You can fix this by microwaving with a wet paper towel covering the rice and it gets nice and soft again.

    Last thing. I am a huge fan of “kitchen sink” fried rice. Just throw whatever leftovers are floating around the fridge, a scrambled egg or two, and some rice in a pan with some sesame oil and soy sauce (add chili sauce if you like it hot) heat and enjoy!

  290. well I learned these from my mom. cook rice with chicken stock and pan-fried green onion or shallot. It will bring up another notch for the usually meal.

  291. Wow, I’d love one of those!

    I never used to wash rice, and I certainly didn’t let it stand for 30 mins. after I washed it, but now I never skip that step. I still don’t understand why washing off the gluten-y stuff makes the rice stick together better (which is how we like it around here!), but it does!

  292. To revitalize leftover rice that has been left in the fridge long enough to become dry, you can stir fry it in a hot pan or wok with some diced veggies and a little broth to perk it up.

  293. I like to make the “Tiki Rice” recipe from “The ultimate Rice Cooker Cookbook”. I am a tikiphile, so it is the perfect side dish for me!

  294. My rice tip is to try making stovetop Spanish rice! You heat up a little oil and brown up the uncooked rice, then you add water, tomato paste, seasonings, and whatever you would like to add in (I usually use [cooked] chicken chunks, diced bell pepper, and onion) and cover until the liquid is soaked up. Serve with tortillas, and voila, a meal!

    Spanish rice also freezes well and tastes fantastic in other Latin dishes and as a side. Try making enchiladas stuffed with spanish rice, cheese, and topped with ranchero sauce and more cheese… yum!

  295. Right now I’m playing with ways to interest my five year old in rice for lunches. She doesn’t like the way nori tastes, so plain rice balls are the key. I have a little mini shaped rice mold set, and I have found these shapes fit perfectly in the bottom of a silicone cup.

    So far, the biggest hit has been yesterday, when I mixed her a sauce out of milk, cinnamon and sugar and poured it into a mini sauce bottle so she could soak her rice ball before eating it.

    I admit, this isn’t my idea. It was how my mom always used leftover steamed rice if we got Chinese takeout. She’d make desert out of it by pouring warmed milk and cin and sug over it. It was so inexpensive but so yummy, and my little sis and I loved it. It’s the first thing that has encouraged Kit to actually finish her rice ball. :D

  296. Rice cooker tip: Perfect Fritattas

    2 part eggs
    1 part chicken broth / water
    a splash of soy sauce or salt
    a splash of mirin

    spinach, canned salmon, corn, cheese, whatever else you like…

    Mix in a big bowl and pour into rice cooker (I don’t mix it in the rice cooker b/c i don’t want to scratch it!)

    press cook!

    it cooks in abt 10-15min, no watching required, and comes out the perfect texture! I just slide a spatula around the frittata, and it slides out easily.

    the only bad part… is I have to chose cold rice, or cold frittata, b/c I can’t cook both at the same time =(

  297. I love substituting coconut milk for water in my rice cooker. It gives just a subtle creamy texture and slight sweetness - people ask, what kind of rice is this?

  298. Tip: I like to put strawberry (or other fruit) flavoring or food coloring in the water when I’m cooking rice when I’m making onigiri.

    For example: A strawberry flavored Hello Kitty onigiri.

  299. I like putting a stick of cinnamon inside the rice cooker when I make rice. It makes my house smell awesome and my rice taste good

  300. When reheating rice, I like to add just a bit of water and some raisins — the raisins plump up nicely and the flavor goes into the rice :)

  301. I love to add chicken stock to my rice … or bouillon cubes :)

  302. A really great rice cooker meal is cooking a flavored rice with a chicken breast or pork chop or other meat on top. Simple, fast and yummy.

  303. I know this sounds crazy, but I was desperate one day:

    I’d run out of rice, I was starving, and our gas was down due to some ‘pipeline trouble’ (whatever the heck THAT means!) so I couldn’t use the stove.

    I made Hamburger Helper in the rice cooker. I literally just plopped all the ingredients in the cooker, even the meat, and turned it on.
    Yes, the meat wasn’t ‘crispy browned’ like if I’d used a skillet, but it was cooked through. Besides, it was a Stroganoff so it was pretty saucy so I didn’t care that there were not ‘crispy bits’ from pre-browning the meat.

    I later tried it with a packaged couscous side dish mix and it didn’t turn out too bad either. The couscous came out really dense and fluffy.

    Sometimes you just have to live life on the wild side. :-)

  304. I sometimes try to “jazz” it up by using veggie or chicken stock instead of water or sometimes I live “dangerously” by adding some basil, rosemary, or random spice!

  305. Experiment with the proportions of rice and water, especially when using different types of rice, and once you get it perfect WRITE IT DOWN and stick it in the rice cooker when you’re not using it. This way you’ll never have to try and remember how you made it “that one time it came out perfectly!”

  306. I like to cook my rice in stock or brother rather than in water and sometimes add spice (especially cayenne pepper) for an extra tang. I’ve been known to warm left over fish over my rice before - it will add taste to the rice and pull the meal together well. (I’ll also toss dried veggies in with my rice sometimes for a play on pilaf.)

  307. My favorite tip is to mix rice (white or brown) together with lentils (red or green) and pre-soaked dried beans and you have rice pilaf. You can add in chicken stock to substitute for some of the water to give it extra flavor.

  308. I add flavor to my white and wild by substituting chicken or beef broth for the water.

  309. My favorite thing about rice is that it can be just as great outside the kitchen! I use rice as an abrasive when I clean my sinks- it gives the stainless steel a great shine. I sprinkle it over an oil spill on the stove or floor and it soaks it right up and I can clean away.

    Who knew rice could taste great and be useful for non-cooking purposes as well.

  310. I boil my yellow rice with mojo.. it’s delicious.

  311. Reserve the cloudy water when you rinse your rice and use it to water your tomato plants. The water has minerals that will make the tomato plant flourish - we always had the biggest and best-tasting garden tomatoes in the neighborhood!

  312. My favorite thing to do with my rice cooker is to put in eggs and have them perfect as the rice when its done.

    I am also fond of making mexican rice by just throwing in a packet of goya sazon seasoning (I think you can find it in most stores or you can find out more here: and some onion, garlic and a sliced tomato.

    perfect every time!

    I am entering not only to read and share tips but because my family has expanded and my rice cooker is too small!

  313. So many tips posted…

    My favorite is for the slow cooker, not the rice cooker and is very timely with Thanksgiving right around the corner. Take your turkey carcass, rub with Hawaiian salt and freeze. When you’re out of turkey leftovers, place the carcass in the slow cooker with water to cover and add one cup of rice to every four cups of water used. In about 4-6 hours you’ll have jook. Take the carcass out, strip the rest of the meat and toss back in the crockpot. Serve with sweet Chinese pickles, shoyu, and chopped lettuce or carrot.

  314. I have never let rice soak, nor have i washed it, but it always comes out well. I use a 1:2 water:rice ratio. I add a couple tablespoons of vinegar to 2 cups of rice and it comes out fluffier. Also, i bring it to a boil and then put a cover on and shut off the heat and leave it until the water is all gone. i also love to use mushroom stock to make rice, but when i make it without extra flavoring, i can use leftovers to make rice pudding. :)

  315. I learned this from my mom. When washing the rice, always move the water in the same direction. Don’t wash for too long or the rice won’t be good.

  316. One of my favorite breakfasts is a childhood favorite. Mixing brown sugar, butter, raisins, and a splash of milk in bowl of leftover rice, and reheating it.
    For quick lunches, canned chicken, carrot slices, and green onions with rice cooked with chicken bullion is one of my family’s favorites. Thank you for your tip on freezing green onions!
    We also use a low salt seasoning salt mix for my daughter’s rice instead of furikake, she’s not a big fan of nori.This way we can still stencil on cute designs. We have a green mix that’s mostly herbs, and a cayenne/paprika mix that’s red. We use soy wrappers for her onigiri.

  317. Put a slice of salmon fillet in with the rice and a little salt, cooking both together. The salmon will be cooked along with the rice, which you can then turn out into a serving bowl and mix with your favourite herbs, spices, and seasonings to make a delicious and very low fat meal :)

    For an added bonus, use Basmati rice to reduce the glycaemic index!

  318. I’ve always liked the rice to one knuckle water to two method of cooking rice, but I think that’s just for pots and I’d sure like having it be useless because of a shiny new rice cooker!

  319. I’m a rice novice, but I just learned the benefit of putting spices and vegetables in with the rice, sauteeing them all together, and then adding the cooking liquid to the sizzling mixture. It was delish and something I don’t think I would have attempted without encouragement.

  320. @332 from Stana: You’re right, Stana — this contest is open for a full week. It just started today! Lots of great tips here, folks, thanks. Also a quick reminder that if there’s no actual rice-related tip in your comment, it’s not eligible to win even if selected by So keep those tips coming! :-)

  321. With a programmable rice cooker, you can put the raw rice and water together in the evening and program it to be cooked and ready before you wake up in the morning! I have 3 kids that I bento for, and with little onigiri or other rice molds, this makes making fresh rice balls a no brainer in the morning.

  322. Coconut milk instead of water for coconut infused basmati rice. Add pandan leaves for aroma - yum!!

  323. I love leftover rice with coconut milk and agave nectar and a spice in the morning for “cereal”. Delicious!

  324. when the rice in your pot is is just barely undercooked, remove it from the heat. remove the lid, place a kitchen towel over the pot, and quickly replace the lid. let the rice sit for ten minutes. the towel absorbs some steam for soggy-free rice!

  325. My tip for cooking rice is, after putting the rice and water in, put your hand palm down flat on the bottom of the cooker. If the water comes up over your knuckles, you’ve got the right amount of water.

  326. Pick me pick me!

    I don’t have many good tips, as I’ve only just recently discovered that a good lid makes rice cook better, but I will throw in that I love to add lime juice and kosher salt to my rice. Makes it yummy!

  327. Instead of wasting the water you rinse the rice with, keep it and water your plants with it!

  328. Always use bouillon or one of those japanese rice flavor packets — it really makes a ton of difference.

  329. Judging from the hundreds of tips already posted, this probably isn’t unique (I didn’t have time to read them all, sorry), but when I remember I like to freeze extra rice (and always make extra!) in a muffin pan and, when frozen solid, move the muffin-shaped rice to a freezer bag. Perfectly portioned rice! So I guess that’s two tips, make extra and freeze in muffin tins.

  330. Something non-rice related to cook in a rice cooker? Bread. Has the recipe and it also links to a video demonstrating it. This is from a manga/anime known as Yakitate Japan!, which might explain the craziness of the concept?

    When I get a rice cooker, I definitely want to try out that recipe, just to see how good it is.

  331. My tip is to always make extra rice, as it freezes well, and always comes in handy for a quick meal, or lunch the next day.

    I also use different stocks and broths to make rice, and add a dice of veggies too.

  332. I like to saute a cup of rice (pre-cooking) with a little butter until browned, then add 2 cups of beef stock and finish it off with a garnish of chopped green onions - and it has to be sauteed in butter, not margarine.

  333. Long time reader, also a first time responder.

    My boyfriend loves rice, but only plain, in a bowl, with lots of soy sauce. He also doesn’t like it to stick to itself. So my tip is for non-sticky rice to replace about 2-3 tablespoons of the cooking water with olive oil and add a dash of salt (or red pepper if you like it spicy).

  334. My tip is to add a littly saffron to the rice. Saffron has a chemical compound that when heated will infused into the rice and make it less sticky.

  335. brown rice makes great fried rice and it doesn’t have to be day old, either!~

  336. My rice tip is to remember that there are a million different kinds! Getting stuck in a rut is pretty common, but changing up your starch (in this case, rice!) can jazz up a whole meal! Use jasmine, black rice, basmati, long grain, short grain, wild, arborio, and wehani just to name a few. Cook it in unique stocks, or add a little bit of spice and herb to your water to infuse into it. Rice is universally appropriate with all sorts of uses and types!

  337. My rice tip is how to prevent creatures or rice beetles from breeding in the rice. Sometimes when uncooked rice is left aside for too long a time, you will see black bugs crawling all around. True, you can get rid of them by sunning the rice, but how many can afford this time wastage and also, it’s gross to eat rice that has been crawled all over by bugs.
    So my tip to prevent this is to store uncooked rice in the freezer for 48 hours. This will prevent the eggs from forming and prevent the bugs from breeding. I have tried it countless times, and I can safely say that I have no more bug days to worry me now!

  338. Use your rice cooker for quinoa - the lines on the side of your cooker are perfect, although I’d caution you not to go for the max capacity of your cooker with quinoa if your lid doesn’t clamp. I’ve spent hours scrubbing the little curlyques off my counter :(

    For real-rice, a pinch of saffron (even the cheap-cheap stuff that’s about 5% stamens) and a healthy handful of peas makes a beautiful Indian side for curries and dals :)

    Also, a fallback grocery-store furikake - Old Bay seasoning!!! I loved this as a kid, and now I dont feel so weird for liking spice on my rice :D

  339. I agree with the freezing rice tip - I live alone and it’s just as easy to make a full pot of rice as a single serving, so I freeze the rice while it’s still hot into single servings. That makes it really easy and convenient for me to during the week - whether for lunch or dinner!

  340. here’s a tip to make easy mexican rice - add 1 cup of uncooked rice, 1 1/2 cups of water, and 1/2 a cup of red enchilada sauce to a pot. bring to a boil, stir once, then put a lid on it and turn the heat to low. cook for 20 minutes. when it’s done, viola - easy mexican rice!

  341. I love making rice pudding or fried rice with leftover rice. And always wash rice before cooking to get rid of dirt and bacteria.

  342. I’ll give two tips because i’m over zealous like that.

    1. I like to steam eggs in my rice cooker. Wisk 6 eggs and 6 half-shells of water togther. Add chopped chinese chives or chopped chinese picked radishes(optional). Pour into a bowl/platter for steaming (my rice cooker came with one) and be sure the bowl/platter is elevate above the water.

    2. We love brown rice but all brown rice is a tad too fibrous for our taste. So we mix half brown rice and half white. Instead of cooking them separately or soaking the brown rice first, we use short grain white rice (calrose) and jasmine brown rice which happen to cook together without any problems.

  343. Not that this is a great rice tip, but having my sister tell me to wash the rice before cooking it solved all of the problems I was having when I made it.

  344. I have no tips…I really am a pitiful rice maker. Thus my need to win the contest! :)

  345. I made a French inspired chicken and rice dinner one night and it turned out to be my favorite combination, which leads me right into my rice tip.

    Add some lemon zest and a bit of lemon juice to the cooking liquid. It really perks up pretty much anything you serve rice with.

    It also makes an amazing risotto with some shallots and parsley, which matches really really well with a white wine baked chicken topped with lemon slices, diced garlic and thinly sliced shallots. Yum.

  346. The tip I always give friends when talking about rice cooking (this is in a normal saucepan, because I don’t - yet! - have a rice cooker!) is to resist the urge to stir it when it is cooking! Stir it once when you put it in, and once more about halfway through if you must, but otherwise don’t even look at it! You want to! But don’t do it. Do not even take the lid off! Also, when you have about 5-10 minutes left you can just take it off the heat and leave it indefinitely with the lid on. It will continue to get fluffy for a while after the time is up.

  347. I love making my rice some sort of stock, usually vegetable, and then adding a bit of Caramom. It goes great with seasoned chicken breasts!

  348. I like to soak my rice for at least 12 hours before I cook it in my cooker. Also, I cook eggs in my rice cooker.

  349. I have always had great luck cooking short grain rice for sushi using the Mt. Fuji method:

    Put your rinsed rice (however much you want) in a pot, then fill the water until you can place your hand, palm down, flat against the rice. When the water covers the knuckle of your middle finger, you have the right measurement of rice to water.

  350. One of my favourite things to make in the rice cooker is rice (natch!) for a Thai-style Hainanese chicken dish. So easy and so delish!

  351. A wise Japanese friend who gave us our first rice cooker explained simply “rice and water must be together.” I’ve never had anything but delicious rice since. After rinsing, just allow the rice and water to “be together” for 20 - 25 minutes before hitting the “cook” button.

  352. Well, my rice tip is more of a weird, but good and cheap,breakfast idea for a broke university student like me.

    Leftover rice is awesome with peanut butter in the morning! Any kind will do, but white rice is the best-tasting. And if you’re really fancy, you can add raisins or dried cranberries. Yum!

  353. My tip is to try more kinds of rice! I grew up on Uncle Ben’s and didn’t realize there were different kinds of rice until I was in my late 20s.

  354. Nothing is better than rice with some fresh cilantro mixted in!! Totally easy and a whole new flavor.

  355. I love using my rice cooker to reheat frozen foods, like dumplings/potstickers or chinese buns. It’s a great item for a college student to have, when they don’t allow hot plates or microwaves in the dorms, a rice cooker is easiest to sneak in! I also like making rice and right when it’s done to mix in some veggies and cheese to make a simple and satisfying rice dish. Rice cookers have so many uses, I don’t even know how to make rice on the stove because of it!

    Very easy and yummy rice bowl dish that can be made in the amount of time it takes for the rice to cook in the rice cooker:
    Make 1/2 cup rice in the rice cooker and right when it’s done, fry an over easy egg (yolk must be runny!) put it on top of the rice. Add a spoonful of sesame oil and one of soy sauce, add a bunch of kimchi. Break egg yolk and mix everything together while the rice is still hot! Yummy!

  356. I do planned leftovers with my rice maker. On the first day, I will cook the rice with diced chinese sausage, Spam or leftover roasted duck (YUM!)

    The next day, I take the leftover rice and make a quick fried rice. I toss the rice/meat mixture in the wok with some eggs, peas, green onions and soy sauce.

    Two tasty and quick dinners.

  357. Tip for rice -
    Never put rice in garbage disposal…
    Good and quick rice meal, make the rice, put a few tablespoons of cream of chicken and mushroom in the rice, and add to chopped chicken and broccoli!

  358. Brown rice is extra delicious cooked with broth as the liquid and 1 clove of garlic per cup of uncooked rice.

    When cooking stove-top, I always stir the uncooked rice with a bit of oil to coat the grains.

  359. I actually saw this on the Japanese drama, Hana Yori Dango.
    In order to save a little bit of money, her mom put eggs in the rice cooker when it was cooking, and got boiled eggs! :D

  360. I’ve always wanted a real rice cooker. My mom always made it in a pot on the stove. My husband “came” with one, but it burnt the bottom rice - he thought this was normal. A few years ago I found a microwave cooker and its been my saving grace, but to be able to cook brown rice or have some ready to go for dinner on a timer….a girl can dream!
    My tip…Alton Brown’s method of cooking brown rice. I recently found it, and I will never do it on the stove again! (Especially if I win :) In fact, it’s for dinner tonight!

  361. One thing my roommate taught me was to substitute some water with coconut milk for a sweet type of rice. Almost like a dessert.

  362. When I am trying out a new rice recipe, rather than buying a whole bag of special rice, that may not suit my family, I first buy the rice in a specific amount from the bulk food store. That way, if my family does not like it, I am not stuck with a whole bag, that may go to waste.

  363. I’ve never had a rice cooker and have always wanted one. That being said I cook rice on my stove with ground turkey, turkey sausage, spices and water all at once. The flavors all cook into the rice. It’s delish!

  364. My favorite rice tip is using COLD rice when making fried rice. Makes such a difference!

  365. the one about how freezing rice tastes better then refrigerated rice

  366. Our favorite rice combination was created out of sheer laziness: I’d planned a meal of fish, greens, and rice, but we were behind on the dishes and didn’t have two skillets clean. I needed one for the fish, the other to do my normal sautee of the young greens in olive oil with garlic.

    Instead, when I started the rice I added a couple of tablespoons of good olive oil, three whole cloves of garlic, and the chopped greens. When the rice was done, I stirred the cooked garlic into it to distribute it throughout. SOOOOOOOOO good and so easy. This is now a common dish served in our house!

  367. I have yet to have the opportunity to use a rice cooker, and was constantly unsatisfied with my rice until I saw Alton Brown do his “Baked Brown rice”(foodNetwork), but it takes an hour; so not often a week night thing.

    My tip that I use regularly is to substitute a splash (1:4) of whatever juice I have around along with the water (limeade was a big heat last week).

  368. When I’m not using a rice cooker, I like to toast the rice in the pan, dry, first. it makes it a little nutty and really makes the flavor pop. Then I add some olive oil and garlic, saute a little, and THEN add the water and cook as normal.

    Another great rice (Persian style) is Basmati with lima beans and dill. YUM!

  369. Ok. The BEST rice is definately Japanese Rice. I’ve been lucky enough to experience this being a U.S. military, (Air Force) spouse stationed in Japan a couple of times. You CAN find a close rice substitute in Asian markets… I used to drive 45 minutes out of my way to buy Tamanishiki Rice in Columbia, South Carolina! I hope this contest considers APO’s as the United States. My fingers are crossed. I love, love, LOVE this site… making Bentos for my family is my hobby and we make rice DAILY!

  370. I like to add a couple of tablespoons of radish seeds to my rice before I cook it. Gives a delicate flavor and when you chew they kind of pop giving it great texture. I also often add about 1/4 cup of lentils before I cook the rice.

  371. Leftover rice is great for making instant rice pudding when you need a last minute dessert. Nuke the rice with some milk, cream or even powdered milk and a little water, then add sugar and cinnamon to taste.

  372. I always use broth, and I always use basmati rice - that makes the perfect rice.

  373. My favorite way to eat rice is to make Ochazuke with furikake on top. But I’ve also started eating more brown rice because it has more fiber. One thing to note is that it takes more water than white rice to make it soft and fluffy when cooked. I use about a 1 to 3 ratio of rice to water. A fun addition to the brown rice is to add a little butter and toasted pine nuts after the rice is cooked. It’s kind of western version of rice cooked in a rice cooker.

  374. A tip I picked up is that you can make risotto effortlessly in a rice cooker. Throw some butter into the cooker and let it melt on the cook cycle. Then toss in 1/3c of white wine and let it reduce for 3 minutes. Pour in 1c of arborio rice and stir it around on the cook cycle for about 2 minutes, or until you see a little white spot left in the middle of the grains. Drop in 3 cups of chicken stock, hit the cook cycle, close the lid and come back 25 minutes later and spoon out your creamy goodness. Add in whatever veggies or meats you’d like (cooked, of course) with the stock!

  375. Mine is simple: use a flavored broth or stock to add rich flavor to the cooked rice.

    Then use leftover rice to make rice pudding! Yum.

  376. When making rice as a side dish and not for sushi, I cook it like this: Instead of first bringing the water to a boil then adding the rice, I saute the rice with butter, a few cloves of garlic, and FRESH basil leaves on med heat. After a few minutes of stirring, then add the water and cook like normal. The flavor is worked into the rice grains before it even cooks! The rice comes out with a wonderful fluffy texture and tastes great.

  377. Oh how I love my old rice cooker. Not only does it prepare rice each day it makes oatmeal each morning.
    Using the measurements listed on the outside of the box of oatmeal I use 1/2 milk and 1/2 water. Add all the ingredients along with a pinch of salt. Set your cooker to porriage or white rice cycle until it beeps. Once cooked open the lid throw in a handful of crasins and slivered almonds with a dash of cinnamon. Close the lid to steam a bit. When you are ready for breakfast spoon into a bowl drizzle with maple syrup and sit back and enjoy the yummy goodness. Enjoy!

  378. Simply put a bit of butter or margarine in the water before cooking the rice.
    Basmati is the best for fried rice!

  379. I am from Louisiana so I could and sometimes do-eat rice 3 meals a day. My favorite morning meal is leftover rice,browned in a little butter. I then add a couple of beaten eggs and cheese. I love to top it off with green onions. I cook the rice in a heavy pot on the stove-just put some rice in a pot, add water up to the second knuckle of your pointer finger and a little salt. Bring to a boil then turn down to simmer for about 20 minutes. I don’t know how it works without precise measurements but it does. Sheila

  380. I don’t think I have any really good rice cooker advice except possibly on how to clean them.
    I will put water in it and turn it on to get some of the stuck on starch to unstick.

    Beyond that, I always find it important to remember to soak short grain rice.

  381. I recently discovered the deliciousness of leftover white rice, milk, and sugar. yum!

  382. 6. On Nights When You’re in a Rush, Soak the rice in cold water
    Besides speeding up the cooking time, this will give the rice a softer, fluffier texture, so if you prefer rice with a firmer texture, save this for nights when you’re in a real hurry.

  383. I don’t know if this is really a tip, but a way to make your rice a little extra flavored is to put one cinnamon stick and a whole clove in while the rice is cooking. It adds just a little bit of spice to the rice.

  384. I tend to make my rice on the stove top, and I love making pilaf! Pilaf simply means that the rice was cooked in oil before adding water or stock.

    The most pilaf can start by sauteing onions and garlic in some oil then adding the rice, cooking for a few minutes, then adding water/stock and simmering covered as usual. I tend to add whatever veggies I have handy for a hearty side dish or lunch bowl.

  385. I like letting rice stick at the bottom of the pan (or sides of the dish in the oven), then scrape the burnt bits - the best!! I think you can do that with a rice cooker too but I have never had the pleasure of owning one so can’t really tell!

  386. For excellent toasty flavor, toast the uncooked rice with some butter for a minute or two in the pot before adding water. Perfect for spanish rice. For asian dishes, I add a big drop of sesame oil to the water, too.

    I never measure — I always just add enough water to double the level of the rice in the pot. For brown rice, a bit more than double. Works great!

    Yay! So many tips! I can’t wait to try rice-crust quiche!

  387. This is one of my favorite sauce condiments for rice, which I learned from “Tina” from Guam. The first version is the one I make- the adult version, called finadene. It is simply a combination of soy sauce, lemon juice (or lemon powder), sliced scallions, and sliced hot peppers (jalepeno, serano, or other). Use about 1/4 cup of the soy, 1-2 tablespoons of lemon juice, 1/2 to 1 sliced pepper, and 1/2 to 1 sliced scallion. Dilute with 2 tbl. water. For kids, you of course omit the hot peppers and add a little grated ginger instead. This condiment goes well with rice served plain with fish and chicken.

  388. For excellent toasty flavor, toast the dry rice with some butter for a minute or two in the pot, before adding water. Perfect for spanish rice. For asian flavored dishes, I add a big drop of sesame oil to the water.

    I never measure — I just add enough water to double the level of the dry rice in the pot. For brown rice, a bit more than double. Works like a charm!

    Yay! So many tips — I can’t wait to try rice-crust quiche!

    Sorry if this is a double, my browser had some kind of error.

  389. I like to add a small piece of konbu to my rice when I put it in the rice cooker. This helps give a wonderful flavor to the rice!

  390. Yay! Those rice cookers look like fun!

    A couple tips which have probably already been given:

    Mom says rinse rice once but no need to rinse the 3 times (or more) that used to be standard - rice is a lot cleaner now.

    Soak rice before cooking if possible for a little while.

    Mt Fuji method - after you’ve rinsed your rice, lay your hand flat on top of the rice and add enough water so that the level comes up to the middle knuckle.

    My mom’s method - she generally always puts a one to one ratio of uncooked rice to water and then adds a cup - no matter if it’s 3 cups (3 and a half cups water) she’s making or 7 cups (7 and a half cups water). She does say that the water needed can vary with age/brand of rice so you may need to do a test pot with a new bag.

    And apparently you are not supposed to open the rice cooker after it’s stopped cooking - she says to leave it for 30 minutes because it’s not done ‘cooking’ yet and the water needs to be reabsorbed into the rice - I’ve definitely found this to be true.

    Fried rice - day old and cold works better than fresh made and hot!

    Thanks for the chance to win! We love rice in our house and I would eat it all the time if I could.

  391. I love the steamer basket. My husband has issues with food that will kill him if he eats the wrong foods, so he just doesn’t eat most vegetables. I can use the steamer to make veg to have with my rice, which makes a more complete meal for me (meat, veg, rice) and he’s happy (meat, rice) too. For breakfast, it’s great to make oatmeal, season it, and I can steam my dried fruit on the top (prunes, apricot, apples, raisins) to mix in and his food can be made without killing him. Rice cookers are a lifesaver for me too with my disabilities.

  392. What a great idea- I have learned a lot from these tips. I was having a problem with my oatmeal overflowing in the rice cooker. Two things: 1. make sure to have the rice cooker on ‘porridge’ setting. 2. Lightly grease a band about 1 inch around the wall of the pan- when the bubbling porridge reaches this band, it is prevented from boiling over further. Throw the rest of the butter pat in with the oatmeal for taste.

  393. I don’t have a rice cooker, but I prefer cooking brown rice. To help prepare for it, I soak it overnight with a small splash of lemon juice. The next day, before dinner, I rinse the rice and set it on the pot to boil.

    Because I stink at directions, I fill the pot with water and just turn it off and strain it when the rice is completely done. (I always burn, or turn to mush my rice if I try it any other way.)

  394. This isn’t much of a tip, but I really find that washing and pre-soaking white short-grain rice makes a wonderful difference in the finished product! It’s always more succulent, holds together better, and tastes cleaner when it’s been given a good wash and soak ahead of time.

  395. My favorite thing to do with rice is to color with food coloring. I’ve heard people say to use things like beets or other strongly colored veggies, but the food coloring doesn’t leave a taste.

  396. I like to pour a little bit of ginger syrup in with the rice before I turn on the rice cooker. When the rice is ready, it has a nice, light ginger-y flavor that goes great with lots of dishes. Yum!

  397. When making arroz con pollo (a Peruvian rice with cilantro and chicken dish) I always cook the rice with some beer (and water) and the cilantro. My husband says that mine is even better than his mom’s! (I swear it’s all in the rice.)

  398. Once I got stuck at a hotel without my rice cooker and had to make the rice in a microwave. To stop it from boiling over, and making a mess, I ran my finger around the rim of the dish with olive oil on it (my finger). It worked like charm.

  399. My favorite rice is made by substituting a bit of rice vinegar and sugar for the water. (1 cup of rice, 1 2/3 cup of water, 1/3 cup of vinegar & 2-3 tbls sugar) Hmmm - my kids can eat inhuman amounts of rice when made this way.

  400. I always love to have a little rack and steam a bunch of mixed veggies while the rice on the bottom is cooking. Then just add a little bit of sauce and let the veggies drop into the rice and it’s REALLY yum! Also, I always spray the bottom of my rice cooker with cooking spray or wipe it with oil to prevent sticking. My current rice cooker isn’t non-stick and this really helps with getting all the rice out of the pot!!
    I love reading all these tips … :)

  401. I always make more rice than I need for the meal I’m making it for. The cold rice can be used for fried rice, you can make a tasty porridge out of it with milk/honey/cinnamon, you can pull it out and mix it with a few things and bake it for a quick dinner…it’s just so good! Make more!

  402. I love to make fried rice with leftover rice. Everything but the kitchen sink that’s about to go bad in the fridge reinvents leftovers as a delicious dinner and an even better lunch the next day!

  403. Add some garlic to the rice to make it more fragrant.

  404. My best rice tip is not rice cooker related, but I’ll share it anyway. The easiest way to make awesome authentic risotto is to use a pressure cooker. I don’t generally use a pressure cooker to make rice, but when it comes to risotto there is no better way!

  405. I have been dying to get my hands on this rice cooker ever since I saw it at an anime I was watching titled Yakitate Japan ha ha ha! Anyhooo, I am crossing my finger & I hope I get picked. Here’s my rice tip: (1) I love rice porridge! Boil chicken add rice, ginger, salt & pepper. Before serving squeeze in some lemon or fish sauce. Best cure for any ailments. (2) When I re-heat rice that’s been in the refrigerator for some time, I sprinkle water over it to moisten the dry areas. (3) To perk up a rice add a little margarine & a sprinkle of sugar.

  406. A lot of times I make too much rice, so I save it in a plastic container. When I heat it up the next day, I make sure to sprinkle a generous amount of water over it before throwing it in the microwave; that way it comes out just as fluffy as when I first made it!

  407. Rice related tip?

    For something of a different taste to your rice, try adding a little wine or beer into the water while cooking. I read once that people do that with pasta and when I tried it with rice it came up with a really interesting taste. If you use red wine, it’ll color the rice even.

  408. good lord…400 comments and tips already! Here’s hoping…

    Regrettably, I don’t have a rice cooker yet, and every other time I tried to cook it straight on the stove, it would burn the bottom 1/2 inch or so, so I came up with a double-boiler method.

    -Put 1″ of water in the lower pan of the double boiler and turn on the next highest setting on the stovetop.
    -Place bottom part of the double boiler on the heating burner.
    -In the upper part of the double boiler, rinse/swish 1 cup of sushi/short grain white rice for 5 minutes with lukewarm water. When fully rinsed (water is clear-ish), replace water with water going to first joint of first finger above rice.
    -Place upper pot on lower pot.
    -cover with lid
    -cook for 25 minutes (or so)
    -turn heat off and let rice steam for another 10 minutes
    (do not remove lid until after rice is done-done).

    -Take rice off stove and pop the upper part of the double boiler in the fridge to cool the rice enough to mold it by hand.
    -Leave in pot on stove if molding in, well, molds.

    -if molding by hand, salt some lukewarm water and dip non-dominant hand, use dominant hand to scoop from pot. After scooping, dip dominant hand and mold. Rinse/wipe dominant hand between onigiri.


  409. I am new to Rice Cooking and I learned don’t add to much butter or oil in a rice cooker! You will have rice soup!

  410. cook rice as usual, then when the water is pretty much evaporated, add whatever cold ingredients you have to warm/cook in the rice cooker. when the rice is done, you’ll have a meal to go with the rice.

  411. I’m sure others have given this tip before me, but it’s the only one I’ve got to share.

    My husband uses the timer feature on our Zojirushi to make steel cut oats for his early breakfast at 6am. Who wants to get up at 5:30 to stir the steel cuts for half an hour?

    thanks for the giveaway!

  412. Despite the fear my mother put into me while cooking rice when I was younger, I’ve learned that it’s perfectly acceptable to open it up and take a look to see if it needs more water. (And always err on the side of too much water! You can drain it off and the rice is none the worse for it.)

  413. I hope I’m not too late!

    Tip: Sometimes I can’t decide what to do for dinner. To solve this, simply substitute chicken stock for the rice water and add in chopped vegetables like carrots and peas. This makes a good side dish alone, but if you want to make ita meal, simply add in leftover chicken or beef. I find this makes a good, quick hearty dish for when you have leftovers or when you want something quick and filling to make for lunch or dinner.

  414. 25 rice cooker recipes!

  415. When we have leftover rice, I put it in a baggie and freeze it. To reheat it, I open the seal on the baggie and heat for 60 seconds. It comes out just like freshly cooked rice. In a lot less time.

  416. I have two

    1. I add a 1/2 cup of enchilada sauce to my rice before cooking to make Spanish rice.

    2. rolling up wash cloths pouring in water to cover. “Cook” the clothes for soothing warm towels for a really close shave or the first and last steps to your own at-home facial.

  417. If I want to make fried rice & I have no day old rice I will just spread the rice on some tinfoil & let it air dry for 2-6 hours :)

  418. My Filipino mother and grandmother taught me how to make rice. Their best tips include washing/rinsing the rice until the water runs clear and measuring water up to the first joint on my middle finger. I make perfect rice every time!

    Any leftovers we have are then used for fried rice or frozen for future use in baon/bento.

  419. Here’s something for those who don’t have a rice cooker:

    Risotto. Technically, its only done with three types of rice: arborio, carnaroli, and vialone nano - the reason being the high starch content which gives risotto its signature creamy texture.

    in making risotto, you have to first coat the rice in oil or butter so that they are all evenly seperated and don’t stick. The two tricks are to continually stir so that the starch is broken down and released, and you must add your water/stock/wine a little at a time so it has time to absorb and cook slowly. I learn so much from those fun NPR foodcasts…

  420. My godmother owns a Chinese restaurant. She’s put her whole heart and soul into it for over 15 years. I basically spent 3/4 of my late childhood there and was 90percent nourished on her pork or chicken fried rice.

  421. We cook brown rice in our rice cooker. I wash the rice, add water to the correct line on the rice cooker insert and then add 1 cup of water. This extra water makes the brown rice come out just like the white rice I grew up with. The brown rice is sticky enough to make onigiri or musubi.

    While the rice is cooking, I place sweet potatoes in the steamer that came with the rice cooker. The sweet potatoes come out perfect each time.

  422. My MIL used to accuse me of going to the local Chinese restaurant and buying their rice, she couldn’t believe that I knew how to make “sticky” rice. She was used to Uncle Ben’s (YUK!)

    I always use a stock, usually chicken stock. I mix rices, half Jasmine, half basmati, or maybe a sushi rice. I’ve even been known to use a brown rice, but that makes the cooking time tricky.

    I taught both my sons how to use a rice cooker and sent them off to college with a rice cooker and a bag of rice so they wouldn’t starve. :)

  423. Hey Biggie:

    Thanks for clarifying the deadline date for me but apparently I was not the only one confused!!!

    By the way, can you provide any advise for making yaki onigiri, I tried for the first time with tuna stuffing and they fell apart. My kids loved them and ate anyway but it was rather messy.


  424. rice tip for me, learned when i was living in a super small flat in london, and share a mini-fridge and a freezer the size of a mini-fridge with three other girls…

    speed cooking rice:
    wrap cooled-down rice in plastic wrap in individual size portions. put them in freezer, and they are good for weeks! to heat, just unwrap the frozen chunk, sprinkle a bit of water, and microwave. voila! steamy rice like it was just cooked from the zujirushi! (though the latter has to be a special treat… :))

  425. I love all these tips. We eat a lot of rice, my family being from the South where they grow it here in the US. But I like rice from so many different cultures. This tip comes from an Indian friend with a big family. She favors Basmati. Before you turn on the rice maker, allow the rice to sit for 30 minutes. This helps the rice to come out longer, unbroken and fluffier, a
    little goes a long way!

  426. Being a poor college student, I really like putting frozen vegetables into my rice cooker with the rice. A little extra water, a little vinegar and oil, and I have a full meal that’s only one pan to clean up.

  427. My favorite rice tip is putting some flavoring in my rice cooker (I ate rice a lot as a graduate student, so I had to mix it up a bit!) I love adding fresh lime juice or pina colada mix or orange juice or even tobasco (but not all at once!).

  428. I haven’t read through all the comments, but I figure I’ll post this, adapted from what I’ve seen my parents do.

    Bok choy
    Chinese cured pork leg (I dunno what this is called in english, but you can subsitute chinese sausages for it instead)

    Cook the rice with a bit less water than you would normally. Chop up the bok choy then stir fry it really quickly (when the leaves become a bright, vibrant green). Open the rice cooker and put the veggies in when the rice is bubbly but not done cooking yet. Slice up some cured ham or sausage and add it in as well. Allow it to finish cooking.

    Another rice cooker related story thing:

    Also, when I was a freshman, my aunt had given me a really big 7 cup rice cooker to take to college. This turned out to be a bad thing when I only wanted a little bit of rice, because one cup was far too little and would burn. I found that instead, I could boil noodles in the rice cooker, while cooking sausages in a steamer basket above the boiling water.

  429. this is actually my coworker’s special rice tip: soak rice in water for half an hour before you cook it. it makes the best fluffy, yet sticky rice you’ll ever have.

  430. It’s better to make too much rice than too little because you can always turn it into fried rice the day after. Or if you’re feeling too lazy to cook sometimes or are in a hurry, you can add hot water to a bowl of rice and let it soak for 20 minutes or so (until the rice gets really soft, but not to the point that it turns into congee), then dump out any extra water. At this point, I like to mix in rice seasoning and pork sung, but you could add anything you want just as you would with fresh rice. :D

  431. Throw some raw rice in your spice grinder/coffee mill to clean it out.

  432. The main thing I usually do is substitute another liquid in addition to water…be it vegetable soup broth, or something else. Although I always make certain there’s enough liquid…and not too much.

  433. I have a few tips. I don’t usually add a lot of seasonings to rice, because I love the flavor of plain, hot rice.

    I like to set the timer so I can have fresh hot rice in the morning, it goes into my thermos with some re-heated chili or stew, and it’s all still hot by lunch.

    Sometimes I’ll throw some frozen shelled edamame in when I start the rice, and they are hot and cooked when the rice is done.

    I love to mix rice with Bacon Salt to make a great tasting, low-calorie onigiri. Sort of a grocery-store furikake.

  434. You can use rice to draw salt out of something that has taken on too much (potatoes work too).

    Also, check to see if your microwave has a rice setting. This is often overlooked and most modern microwaves have sensors similar to those in rice cookers.

  435. My 96 year-old grandmother still to this day makes the best rice pilaf. She browns the noodles in a pan on the stove top (no butter) then adds the chicken stock and rice. She cooks it in a special old-world style pan with an ill-fitting lid, yet somehow the rice pilaf comes out delicious every time. Must be those special grandmotherly powers.

  436. A lot of people mentioned that they use their leftover rice to make fried rice the next day. My two cents to that is that when you make the fried rice, throw it into your wok/pan without heating it up. You don’t need to warm it up before making fried rice. And throw in some chopped green onions, it makes it taste and smell so much better (with whatever type of fried rice you’re making).

    Also, my dad likes to make veggie rice by chopping up leafy veggies (such as bakchoy) into tiny pieces and stir frying them lightly seasoned to taste. Then add them into your rice cooker. when you are done, you can fluff up the rice and get green rice!

  437. I have a rice receipe to share — Shanghai Vege Rice

    You will need:

    1/ Green vege from Asian market, prefer Shanghai Baicai (Bochoy);
    2/ Pork, cut into cube;
    3/ salt for seasoning;

    Cook the white rice as usual but with 1/3 less water, when it’s almost done, star to:

    a. cook the pork cube first in stairfry way, add salt for seasoning, when it’s done, take it out;
    b. stairfry the baicai (bochoy), add salt for seasoning, when the vege color change and getting soft, add back the pork cube, add cooked white rice, mix all well, cover it, cook on low heat for another 5 - 10 min.

    The rice will absorb the vege juice and pork flavour, sever it hot — Yammy….

  438. My biggest tip for rice that I’ve ever came across is soaking. My mother used to always buy brown rice when I was a kid, and I always hated it because it was always overly crunchy and never as nice as the white rice since she always used a one setting rice cooker.

    Now that I know to soak brown rice first, I’ve really come to love it just as much.

  439. Hello! I don’t know how it would work in a rice cooker, but my tip is to cook the rice in a pot normally and then turn the heat much higher for an extra few minutes. The bottom layer of rice will be crispy and delicious.

  440. When cooking rice in a pot on the stove, either don’t make small portions (less than 1 cup) or use a very small pot in order to avoid problems with burnt/overcooked rice.

  441. As Indians we are not fond of sticky rice, we enjoy long grains of white rice, perfectly done, where no two grains stick together.

    It is always a challenge to keep the rice pure white, after cooking, knowing water in different geographies contain different mineral salts.

    An useful tip from me:

    Add a teaspoon of freshly squeezed lemon in the water added to rice,when you start cooking in the rice cooker.

    You should get jasmine white rice, when cooked.

    I thought this gesture from you of passing on,really wonderful and unique. I am not a resident of USA, and definitely will not qualify… I know that, but am glad I have participated in this fun filled blog.

    Best wishes


  442. I’m only just starting to get into eating rice more. But I have found that when making onigiri with something other than short grain sticky rice it will fall apart. So to combat this problem I pan fry them (yaki onigiri) which in turn helps the onigiri hold up a little better.

  443. Rice has always always been tricky for me! Which is why a rice cooker would be such a great gift! However, I do enjoy cooking a big batch in my slowcooker and freezing single serve portions. That’s not too much of a tip, but like I said, I need some help!

  444. I occasionally will use a tea ball or sachet made of coffee filter with aromatics (herbs, zest, flowers, etc.) in the rice to give a very subtle hint of flavor/aroma to it. The tea ball makes removing the extra ingredients easy. If you’re concerned about leaching unwanted color into your rice (or flecks of stuff smaller than the mesh on the tea ball), try putting the extra stuff in a small pyrex (heat safe) glass dish on top of the rice — although you may not end up with as much flavor/aroma permeation.

  445. My best tip is to never throw out left over rice! You can freeze it!

    Also cooking rice in chicken broth makes it super yummy!

  446. Tip: Add rice early on when making soup in a crock pot. If you cook on low for 8 - 10 hours it will thicken the soup right up. No corn starch required :-)

  447. My rice tip is about reheating: add about a tablespoon of water to the rice, cover with a wet cloth and plastic wrap, then microwave. No crunchy leftover rice!

  448. My rice cooker keeps rice warm overnight and I like to make extra rice for dinner so that I have enough rice the next morning to make “animal rice” for my kid’s school lunch. I buy a Japanese rice mix-in much like Furikake to make the rice more tasty. Then I use animal rice moulds. My kids LOVE animal rice and always eat more rice this way than any other way I give it to them. I also include in the lunch a little bit of eggs, meat, and/or veggie. It is a quick and easy lunch.

  449. I prefer to use jasmine rice over most other rices and to jazz it up as a fragrant side dish, I have boiled it with 1/3 of the liquid being tea. I have used chamomile, lemon and mint teas and all have made a lovely and interesting side.

  450. I grew up eating Jasmine rice and even today it is still the kind of rice I eat daily while sometimes I eat sushi rice, so I never could stomach the Uncle Ben’s or traditional long grain rice you find in a regular supermarket. If you’re a tradtional Asian family, chances are you eat rice almost everyday and those 10 lbs. bags just aren’t going to cut it. We go to the Asian supermarket and buy those 50 lbs. sacks of jasmine rice, so this tip is specifically for those who like me buy 50 lbs. bags of jasmine rice.

    The newer/fresher the rice, the less water you need; the older the rice, the more water you need when cooking. How much water? Depends on how you measure. I’ve been using the palm on rice, water up to middle knuckle for 15 years. I’ve noticed when I first start cooking the new rice I always use too much water because I’m used to the old rice, so I always have to pour out a little water. How do you know how old your rice is? The 50 lbs. bags from the asian store always say what year the crop is from.

  451. I was never a big fan of oatmeal, but I remember growing up I would sometimes have hot rice with a little milk added, and cinnamon and sugar sprinkled on top for breakfast instead.

  452. Left over rice often becomes dry and unworkable after a day or two, even in the refrigerator. A trick I use to somewhat revitalize left over rice enough to use for fried rice is to place the rice in the microwave with a small plate of water next to it, and cover both with saran wrap. The water will evaporate and the rice will take in some of it.

  453. As a variation to the tip of using chicken broth instead of water to boil the rice in the rice cooker, we use leftover “soup” from popular Filipino dishes such as boiled beef/pork (nilaga) or chicken (tinola). Yum! Also, it is popular to use pandan leaves to make the rice fragrant. Just place pandan leaves in the cooker about halfway through.

  454. Girl, do you really want to know my tip for cooking rice? Seriously, my tip would be to make sure you try the rice before serving it to make sure it has boiled long enough. That’s always my mistake. All the more reason why I need to win this giveaway!

  455. My mother in law taught me how to make rice porridge in the crock-pot…it’s the perfect breakfast on a cold morning! Just put a cup of rice in the crock pot and then fill it 2/3 full of water and leave it on low all night. In the morning stir the porridge into a pot of simmering stock and add cooked, diced chicken or whatever you like! Yum!

  456. I’ve never been a huge fan of rice, mainly because I found it a fairly boring starch flavour wise. I’d always try and adapt my recipees to have them with noodles or pasta or in some cases cous cous. I’d tried a lot of things to make rice more flavourful, from fried rice with eggs and peas and stuff, to cooking in veg stocks and pilau rice seasoning. They never seemed to add the right flavour and it always ended up “rice with something else”

    Recently however I tried something very simple. Boil up rice as you would and drain it. Then put in the same sacepan, some butter, and a lot of seasoning, melting it and mixing it to make a colourful liquid mess. Then just pop the rice on top and stir through. It coats the rice in the seasoning but doesn’t leave it feeling greasy. The seasoning you use obviously depends on the dish, currently though I’m enjoying blackened cajun seasoning on rice.

    This has _completely_ revolutionised my use of rice :)

    IN the unlikely event that I win this, since I’m not a US citizen can the rice cooker be given to a charity shop?

  457. While I was in Japan, I hear my favorite use for a rice cooker - to make cake!

    Just get a box mix and make it according to directions. Butter the rice cooker bowl appropriately and pour the mix in. Press start and let your steamy delicious cake bake away! When I made it, I had to do it twice (the cake wasn’t quite done) and two times is exactly what it needed. Frost with whatever you’d like or just start munching if you’re too impatient to wait!

  458. When making rice I like to jazz it up by replacing the water with veg or chicken stock, throwing in some ginger and garlic if making something with an Asian flavor (I cut the garlic and ginger large so I can pull them out when the rice is done). And when I have left over rice I sometimes add a little bit of milk and sugar to it then microwave it until its warm and have it for breakfast 9 if I have them I’ll also add raisins or dried cranberries.

  459. For someone on a college student’s budget, one of the best tips I have to revive leftover rice is to take a paper towel, soak it in water and squeeze until it’s no longer soaking but still more than just damp, and then lay it over the rice.

    Microwave for one minute, and you’re good to go! The steam makes helps the rice come out nice and moist and fluffy instead of dry and crackling.

    If you have some extra time, take out a non-stick pan, put about about a teaspoon or tablespoon of oil (depending on how much rice you have), and then put about half a cup of rice in it. Right away, crack an egg over it to scramble it while the rice is frying in order to make a quick egg friend rice. Add a bit of bit of garlic salt for flavor, or maybe a few vegetables you’ve cut up, and it makes an inexpensive but tasty meal.

  460. If your phone ever gets wet - stick it in a bag (ziplock) filled with rice. The rice absorbs the moisture and hopefully saves your phone =)

  461. A tip to make a bit sticky, for first timers. :)

    I washed the rice.

    Then I rubbed my hands with rice vineager, then I rubbed the rice down, then I let it sit for about 5 mins.

    Put the rice in the rice cooker. And let it do it’s magic.

    the rice should be a bit sticker and h ave a little kick of flavor. :)

  462. One of the things I like to do for a easy tasty rice dish is to substitute a can of premade soup (progresso tortilla soup, or veggie soup or minestrone or something similar, one of the “don’t add water” soups) in as most of the water for the rice, when it’s finished cooking you have a nice tasty rice with tons of little pieces of veggie and meat and other such things already cooked in with it.

  463. I’m sure this one has been on here a ton of times, but it’s definitely helped me make awesome rice (if I have time):

    - Rinse the rise very well
    - Let the rice soak in water before turning the rice maker on for about 10 minutes
    - Let the rice sit for about 10 minutes before serving it

    If I don’t time dinner right and the rice is done too early, I just pour a little water into our piddly little rice maker and leave it on warm. Otherwise the rice will dry out.

    And of course, the trick I heard from a friend years ago, on how to make delicious onigiri: the rice has got to be HOT, HOT, HOT. It’s painful, but I can definitely taste the difference between an onigiri made with piping hot rice and rice that has cooled off to be able to handle, not to mention the difference between onigiri-mold onigiri and hand-formed. If only I wasn’t so lazy.

  464. Well I’m not too experienced with rice cooking :/ but i really want a rice cooker (im so sick of messing up my rice)

    My tip is: Dont buy sushi rice just ’cause it says sushi rice, normally these bags will be more expensive, then the same thing, minus the word “sushi”

  465. I put my frozen bite size cooked chicken in with the rice. By the time the rice is cooked, the chicken has defrosted and is warm and moist. I try to keep frozen cooked chicken and frozen cooked hamburger meat on hand to throw in with my rice. Saves time and meat doesn’t dry out!

  466. I love eating my leftover rice in the morning. Just warm a bowl up and pour cold milk over it and plenty of cinnamon and sugar!

  467. My favorite way to make some delicious rice in a rice cooker (previously the cheap one I had that broke a few weeks back) is as follows.

    Put one and a half parts rice and one part water in the rice cooker. (This means if you use one and a half cups of rice, add one cup of water.)

    Put in a pinch each of salt and pepper, a tbsp of hot chili sauce, a tbsp of red curry paste (Thai kind, in a jar), and a little less than half a cup of coconut milk. Add a half tbsp of salt and pepper each.

    When the water starts dissappearing, add some peas and minced carrots into the mix.

    If you’d like, add some chunks of cooked chicken or shrimp!

    When it’s finished, eat alone, stuffed into a pita or below an entree.


  468. I like to cook lots of extra rice when I make it, because it can be used to make so many quick dishes once you have it on hand, such as fried rice for a quick lunch or dinner or rice pudding as a quick dessert. My daughter loves to reheat rice for he lunch and will put any number of things on top to dress it up, including peanut butter. Thanks for the giveaway.

  469. Be creative with your rice cooker! It doesn’t have to just be a /rice/ cooker. you can steam vegetables, make eggs, even bake a cake in some rice cookers!

    What my mom always done was when she was cooking rice she’d make a steamed egg dish in a metal bowl right ontop of the rice. When the rice was done we have savory seasoned fluffy eggs to eat along with the rice. Yummy!

  470. I love rice.

    My favorite thing to do is to make coconut rice. Using coconut milk as part of the liquid used to cook rice is yummy!

    Just don’t use cream of coconut. It’s too thick and it will all just burn.

  471. Look for Haiga rice if brown rice is not to your liking. It is white rice that still has the germ on it so it still has vitamins and other nutrition (though not as much fiber) but the flavor of white rice.

  472. Don’t forget that rice can be sweet as well as savory! Cook basmati rice with coconut milk and water (a little more liquid than you’d usually use for it), and add brown sugar, cinnamon, cardamom, and raisins. This makes an awesome breakfast treat when you want a change from oatmeal!

  473. I love using broth in place of the water while cooking my rice. It gives it that extra OOMPH! that my family likes.

  474. I love congee, but another fun thing to do is to slightly reduce the amount of water you use, and when the rice and ingredients are done cooking, make little patties and pan fry them with just a little cooking spray. Yummy!

  475. I won’t give a rice-cooking tip, because my rice cooking skills are mediocre at best. But a couple of our favorite ways to use rice once it is cooked:

    For toddler lunches, I stuff popsicle molds with chopped steamed veggies, sticky rice, and a little soy sauce. My little guy has trouble with a fork, but he devours rice like this.

    For grown up rice, I like to heat up leftover rice in the morning, with a little milk, brown sugar, and raisins. Like oatmeal, but better. The rice needs moisture to reheat - I put a damp towel over it in the microwave, but there’s probably a better solution.

  476. I like my rice made with coconut milk and a little water. It makes it wonderful!

  477. Holy fancy rice cookers, batman!

    It’s easy to make fancy vinegars to serve with your rice. Just get some clean bottles of any kind, throw in some fresh herbs (like tarragon, rosemary, etc) or some hot peppers, cover them with white vinegar and let them steep for a few days or weeks. You can keep adding vinegar as you use it, so your supply never runs low! And it’s a lot cheaper than buying the fancy vinegar from the store.

    If you don’t want to wait for days/weeks for it to infuse, you can speed the process by heating the ingredients, letting them cool and then bottling it.

  478. My favorite rice tip would definitely using broth instead of water :) It makes it taste a bit more complex and adds that homey feeling to it.

    Also, I used to make rice with 1/2 tomato juice and 1/2 broth/water. I used to make it for the kids I babysat and they would call it “Dracula Rice!”

    It’s fun to put in a heart shaped mold, too. (If you are feeling girly ;)

  479. Rinse the rice well (I do it several times), it seems to come out better. Also, don’t touch the top metal part! (I have a simple cooker with a cook/warm button) It seems obvious but I did it once, absentmindedly. Probably a better tip for kids than adults :)

  480. I like to put an egg or two in my rice cooker to cook along with my rice or rice porridge. If you pierce the egg first (just enough to go through the shell and membrane), the shell comes off more easily.

    I also use my rice cooker to steam frozen pork buns (char siu bao/siopao) for my bento.

  481. Day-old rice gross and dry? Not good for eating, but good for soup.

  482. Day-old rice gross and dry? Not good for eating, but good for soup. Also, the 20th is my birthday.

  483. I love making rice cooker bread! It always turns out really soft and you do not have to pay attention as closely as with other breads.

    My mom also makes a filipino dish called puto, which is a steamed rice cake. The main ingredient is, of course, rice, but you can use the rice cooker to steam the cakes! It is delicious with coconut.

  484. i pre-cook wild rice, which takes a long time to cook, and freeze in small amounts. i then defrost and add it to brown rice or a pilaf for some more chew!

    i also like adding rice to any kind of soup to bulk it up.

  485. I once tried a “bargain” rice cooker. My experience with it would not make a good tip for rice cookers.

    However, my favorite thing to do with cooked rice is cabbage-fried rice.

    1/2 head of a small cabbage, sliced
    1/4 c. small chop carrot
    1/2 c. mushrooms
    1 cup bean sprouts
    2 chicken boullion cubes
    Water to steam (which is where I think this recipe might work well in a good rice cooker)
    2 cups day old rice
    3-4 scallions sliced
    2 Tbsp. soy sauce
    1 scambled egg

    Cover and steam until cabbage is soft and translucent.

    Interesting food combination, but this is wonderful with swiss steak in a tomato base.

  486. Hello!

    My best riceball, without filling, is three-rice onigiri. It does alright with a filling, too, tho. The main idea behind it, is to combind all three rices at their best texture. At first I’d cook the rices seperately, then add them together as I wanted. Then it sort of evolved into this method. Usually I measure it out in the caps of the rices’ storage container rather than measuring cups, so the measurements are approximate. Feel free to fiddle with the recipe as you like it.

    2, 2 and 1/2 Tablespoons wild rice
    1/4, 1/3 cups brown rice
    1/2, 2/3 to a cup of white rice
    a pan
    salted water for molding

    1) Fill a pan with about three cups of water and boil.
    2) In the meanwhile, rinse the three rices in seperate bowls; it’s okay to let them soak afterward. Remember to drain before adding to the pot, tho.
    3) Add the rinsed and drained wild rice to the water once it’s boiling; make sure the pot’s boiling well and let the wild rice cook on its own for about 10-15 minutes.
    4) The wild rice is usually dancing in the water by now; add the cleaned brown rice. Bring back to a boil and wait another 15-20 minutes (Wild and brown rice always takes a bit; you may want to add more time if you’re unsure or want to be safe.)
    5) Add the cleaned white rice, bring back to a boil and cook until it’s done.
    6) Prepare the salted water while it cools a bit, then mold with dipped hands. You can always add a favorite filling, too. It makes for a somewhat nutty, extra textured flavor that most pallates enjoy.

  487. Man, I love this site.

    Rice tip: if the rice at the bottom of your rice cooker gets brown and cruncy (and you don’t like it) add slightly LESS water before cooking.

    Don’t know why, but it works!

  488. At this time of the year, I have very fond memories of eating my mother’s takikomi gohan (mixed rice, meat and veggies cooked in a rice cooker) growing up in Japan. I’ve tried a lot of different recipes but I’ve never been able to replicate my mother’s cooking. Maybe there’s a nostalgia factor at play.

    Here’s a recipe I’ve tried recently that I really liked.

  489. I am sure my tip has already been mentioned, but if cooking in a pot I always toast the rice in oil before cooking. But… I could really use a rice cooker as well, so I am entering. :)

    Oh, also, I love adding puree’d tomato and garlic with onions and peppers. Instant mexican rice!

  490. While I like to use brown rice as much as possible, I do love basmati and jasmine rice. I’ll also mix wild rice and brown rice together sometimes for a simple but interesting texture difference.

    I’ll use leftovers of any of those in fried rice, but I’ll also bring it for lunch at work the next day. To reheat in the microwave, I’ll sprinkle on a few fingers of water (ie, I dip my fingers in water and then sprinkle the rice), since the rice dries out so much overnight, and then stick it in the microwave for a minute or so.

    I managed to get my husband away from Minute Rice with jasmine rice and a microwave rice cooker. Almost as easy as Minute Rice and WAY tastier. After breaking him of the Minute Rice habit, we started trying other rice recipes, including one that involves pan-frying the rice in olive oil before adding broth. It creates a subtle texture and flavor difference that’s fun to play around with. Here’s the recipe (but we use about half the oil):

    I’ve also been wanting to try making rice pudding in the slow cooker.

    I’m excited to read all the other tips! Lots of great information here (and on the rest of your site). Thanks, Biggie!

  491. Leftover rice is used for soups…or, put in a bowl with milk, cinnamon and sugar. Microwave for a minute or so….delicious dessert.

  492. I like to throw a little piece of kombu into the rice cooker as my rice is cooking…it makes my brown rice a lot more tender but not mushy!

  493. I love using leftover rice to make rice pudding - I generally make it on the stove, with brown rice, cinnamon, sugar, almonds, raisins, and a little milk/soy milk. It’s fun to send off in my kids’ lunches, or eat as a more breakfast. We eat a lot of brown rice for breakfast, here are some of my ideas.

  494. OHHHH that Zojirushi…that would be a dream to win that one! One of my favorite rice dishes is rice pudding. So comforting this time of year when it can be dark, dreary and chilly. I enjoy changing it up; I will make it it “just like mom’s” sometime and other times I love to substitute coconut milk and top with toasted coconut or even give it a more Indian flair also a bit of orange zest can be nice when paired with cinnamon

  495. My favorite rice related dish is of course onigiri! I love making sweet ones with a lump of mango in the middle or some cinnamon sprinkled in the rice before I form them!!

  496. This “rice-related tip” is for uncooked rice. If you have a vase, or jar, or any type of container with a small opening, that is hard to clean: Put in 1 Tablespoon, or so, of rice, depending upon size of container, and a squirt of dishwashing liquid. Add some warm water, then shake vigorously, to clean the jar, or container. The uncooked rice will effectively remove dirt or debris from inside the container. Pour everything out, rinse, and you have a clean container!

  497. My favorite rice dish is some nice rice with a batch of scrambled eggs! Can’t beat it!

  498. I absolutely enjoy OmuRice with ketchup! Thank you for your review and giveaway!

  499. I like yellow rice with gandules best. Hope I win.

  500. My rice tip is for what to do with leftover rice (since I am the type to make WAY too much rice for the amount of people who are coming for dinner). I’ve tried making a fried rice dish before and also making a rice salad. One new idea that I heard was using the extra rice to make stuffed grape leaves. While I’ve never attempted to make them myself, it sounds like it could be a great new project.

  501. My mom makes great yellow rice with chicken. It’s awesome the next day and my sister makes riceballs out of them.

  502. My friend made me this dish, it was called tamago gohan I think. Raw egg beaten into hot rice and it cooks around it. Real good!

  503. I’m not sure if anyone has said this or not (too many comments to read!), but I always let my rice sit for a few minutes after I cook it so the rice absorbs the steam. This makes them fluffier and I think tastier.

  504. Rice tip: To make sushi rice REALLY shiny, cool only in a wooden receptacle with a wooden paddle for fanning out the rice. It really makes a difference! Thanks for the great tips, all!

  505. I haven’t been able to read through all of the comments that are already here, so my tips may already have been mentioned, but here goes:

    I’m a big fan of chicken, mostly because I do not eat fish or red meat. For simple but flavorful rice, I usually use chicken broth instead of water.

    Sometimes I even throw in raw bits of chicken and let it steam using the rice cooker. Typically I’ll also toss in some veggies as well.

  506. I love to make omusubi. My favorite is beef and shrimp. I actually recently broke my rice cooker so this would be a great thing to win!

  507. There are so many tips - it will take some time to read them all! It’s probably already mentioned, but I love to make a rice pilaf using chicken broth instead of water, and tossing in chopped carrots, celery, and garlic. (Or any veggies in the refrigerator - a great way to use the extra pieces after cutting out shapes from carrots!) It makes a great side dish with wonderful colors and aroma. :)

  508. Well, I’m sure someone’s already mentioned this, but going through 500+ comments just simply isn’t viable.

    I love to make rice pudding in my rice cooker, since it entirely eliminates the need for bowls, pots, and all those other kitchen items. You mix in the milk, sugar and salt when you make the rice, and put in the egg, cream cheese or butter, cream, vanilla, nutmeg, and golden raisins (Mmm…). You can also add brown sugar to flavor.

    It’s great hot or cold, and best of all - when you’re done, you only have to clean one thing! It works especially well when you have a rice cooker with a “porridge” setting - which my current one doesn’t have.

    Still, if you want the gooeyness of the porridge setting but you don’t have the right kind of rice cooker, I would recommend using Thai Glutinous Rice as a substitute. After all, it’s used for Mango Stick Rice (which is a whole barrel of deliciousness), so it can definitely be used for rice pudding!

  509. When I prepare rice, I always use chicken broth instead of water and it leaves rice tasting great.

    I always make more than I need so I can use the leftover rice the next day for fried rice.

    Thanks for this great giveaway.

  510. when cooking basmati rice, let the rice soak in the water for 10-15 min before cooking … the rice grains stay separated and just come out better.

    i love making biryani … just toss rice, spices, pre-cooked meats, carrots in the rice cooker.

  511. My favorite thing to do with leftover rice is to make rice pudding! Simple recipes are easily found on-line and it makes a yummy, healthy snack.And you don’t need a lot of leftover rice to make a pudding.

  512. I toss in frozen veggies right along with the uncooked rice. Peas and frozen mixed veg work well, I think because of the small, uniform size.

    I also add liberal amounts of vegetable stock powder to the cooking water.

  513. i’m a culinary student, enjoying dorm living and i have a microwave rice’s what i use for most of my meals.
    i add chopped mushrooms and frozen veggies to the rice than add the rice to a oiled pan and make friend rice! my roommates love it!

  514. The best place to buy rice is at the Asian markets and buy a large bag. You can save money doing this, I just put the rice in a large plastic tub to store. It also makes it easier when I’m measuring — no messing with the bag!

  515. I don’t own a rice cooker so I really need to win one. :) I like to toast my rice in a pan with a little butter before cooking it. It gives it a nice toasted flavor. Also, cook it in chicken stock. Yummy.

  516. heres the third mention of takikomi gohan in the comments! its sooo tasty:

    for 3 “cups” of rice, add 4 tbsp soy sauce, 4 tbsp of sake and 2 tbsp of mirin. add a package of sliced abura-age. then you can add slightly sauteed chicken (about a half a cup or so) or sliced matsutake, or some cooked, peeled chestnuts or a julienned carrot.

    add enough water to reach the 3 cups line. cook as usual! yummmmmmm!

  517. Wow there are tons of good tips/recipes here that I will have to try! I am not sure I can add anything original… my tip would have been to let the steam absorb into the rice but after ten minutes or so, take off the lid and fluff up the rice to let some steam escape so that the rice doesn’t get too mushy, then recover till ready to eat so it stays warm!

  518. Leftover rice is the perfect fried rice.

    For most rise (not risotto) rinse, rinse, rinse.


  519. Don’t be afraid of mixing different kinds of rice to give your taste buds a treat. I like to mix 2/3 long-grain rice with 1/3 sweet rice. The result is a rice mix that’s softer and more aromatic. My kids love it!

  520. Soak some dried shiitake in a bowl of warm water. Chop the shiitake and throw it in the rice cooker along with the rice and the soaking water (the soaking water is the secret!). Add more tap water if necessary (I use the first knuckle method. I forget how to do it properly!). It’s totally fat free and delicious. You can add a sprinkle of soy sauce for more umaminess :)

  521. I use leftover rice to make “chicken hot dish”. I think everyone has had something like it at one point or another.

    Mix leftover rice with:
    your favorite cream of whatever or
    cheddar cheese soup in a can
    leftover cooked chicken
    whatever leftover, frozen or fresh veggies you have on hand
    that sound good at the moment
    favorite seasonings
    salt & pepper

    (my favorite combo to add is fresh broccoli, a can of water chestnuts, and a little lemon zest)

    Turn into a suitable sized dish and bake

  522. vinegar. Some in steamer to prevent scale, some in rice to keep taste “sharp”.

  523. I love using left over rice to make rice pudding. YUMMY!

  524. I mix 1 cup brown rice to 2 cups white rice. Make sure rice soaks in water minimum of 15 minutes before cooking. I think rice tastes better this way. Softer and not so chewy.

  525. when i cook brown rice in my typical rice cooker (that’s why I need one of these fancy ones!) it always bubbles over and makes a huge mess. If i add a bit of chopped onion, or mushrooms, or really any vegetable it doesn’t bubble out! i also measure water with the knuckle method - rice comes to first knuckle, water to second.

  526. mmmmm…i love rice! my only tip is that washing the rice until the water is clear or close to it is soooo crucial! if you don’t wash it the extra starch will make the rice gummy instead of fluffy and perfect.

  527. I live in a dorm, so my (cheapo) rice-cooker is great for more than just rice: cooking noodles and grains, steaming veggies. My tip, I guess, is never to skimp on rice quality: good rice quality = good rice taste.

  528. Rice doesn’t have to be plain rice all the time! I actually love rice and orzo. It’s good to mix it up. Throw it in a chicken stock cube (like everyone else said) and you have a wonderful rice pilaf with a touch of rosemary too if you have it.


  529. My hint is to throw frozen veggies and cooked chicken into the rice cooker along with the rice. After it’s cooked add a little bottled Asian sauce or soy sauce and you’ve got a quick and easy meal.

  530. This is a really simple tip about heating cold rice that some people may already know about:

    When heating up cold rice in the microwave, I like to dampen a piece of paper towel and lay it on top of the rice before popping it in the microwave. I find that this keeps the rice moist and fluffy using a kind of steaming effect.

  531. What to do with leftover rice that you put in the fridge

    At my house, we always make ochazuke with our leftover rice.
    Take the rice from the fridge and sprinkle either ochazuke mix or furikake (both found in asian groceries)and then just pour some boiling water until it just covers the rice.
    Wait 3 minutes and eat! Yum yum!

  532. I use my little rice cooker all the time, and I always make extra so I can turn some into rice balls which I form in my hands with warm rice wrapped in plastic wrap, and the rest becomes fried rice for the next day. I also love that I can set the delay on my rice cooker and have it ready in the morning when I am making lunches for my family. And the steamer basket that came with mine is wonderful because I can throw Bao or dumplings or veggies or fish into the basket and let the steam from the rice cook the rest of the dinner. Less mess and less energy used!

  533. my favorite thing is that after blasting the heat for the last couple of minutes, I end up with noo roong ji, the toasted rice on the bottom! delicious! as a college student, I definitely miss my rice cooker at home.

  534. My half-asian daughter has never liked to eat rice…until I started being more creative. She likes Italian food, like risotto, so I add chicken broth, shrimp, mushrooms, and parmesan cheese to leftover white rice, and she devours it.

    She will also gobble up her rice if I give her soy sauce in one of those mini bento bottles with a cute animal head!

  535. I like to make my fried rice and keep it in the rice cooker to stay warm. Another thing I do is I make steamed chinese hot dogs and salty eggs in a bowl on top of the rice about 30 minutes before it finishes cooking. For morning, I like to make congee and add my tastes inside which normally means fried pork, thousand year old eggs, and sometimes some hot dogs if I’ve got any left.

  536. put salt in the bottom of the pot so it won’t stick ( for the rice not in the boil in bag)

  537. I have a great green rice recipe, a coconut rice pudding & a couple of other tips:

    (green rice)
    in a rice cooker add a little bit of olive oil, minced garlic, and chopped onions until golden brown. Then in a blender put some cilantro, parsley, and spinach along with about 1/8cup chicken or beef broth, and blend until smooth (ratio cilantro:parsley:spinach=1cup:1/2cup:1/4cup).
    Pour the green mixture over the golden brown garlic & onion and add the rice. Let the rice cook for a minute or two along with the green sauce. And add water (your own ration minus 1/4 of a cup) when the water is evaporated and the rice is almost done, add in a can of beer of your choice. Let sit about 5 minutes and serve. You can serve it with veggies and a store bought rotisserie chicken and voila!

    (rice pudding)
    In your rice cooker boil some rice (with your ratio of water:rice minus 1/4cup) and when the water is evaporated, and rice is almost done add 1 can of coconut milk (make sure its the milk and not the watery kind) and let rest for a couple of minutes (until almost evaporated), then add some 2% milk (or your choice) and sugar to taste (the milk should cover the rice) and cook until rice is soft (almost overcooked), the texture should be that of a milky oatmeal. To serve you can add a sprinkle of cinnamon or nutmeg.

    - When washing the rice do not wash too many times or some of the nutrients can be lost.
    - If the rice is not fully cooked, do not panic. It only needs a little more water.
    -try the jasmin rice (my favorite) along with some curry, or along with some stir fry, or in fried rice
    -mix and match rices, and broths. Experiment a little, it will give you many options of what you like and what you might not.
    -In my family every time we cook rice (whether in pot or rice cooker) we sautee the rice in a little of oil and along with some garlic. This gives the rice more taste.
    -to give the rice color, sautee the rice (in rice cooker or frying pan) with a little bit of oil and some paprika/chicken buillion/turmeric/azzafran/etc. And then add the water

  538. My favorite rice tip is to always make an extra batch and refrigerate the leftovers for a few days until it dries out a bit. I then make fried rice with the leftover “stale” rice — something about the resting lets it suck up all of the flavors better.

  539. I use my rice cooker to make quinoa. I also put butter in my quinoa or rice to give them a little kick and smoother flavor.

  540. I have a tip for cooking rice without a measuring cup. When cooking rice on a stove top, putting water in the pot as high as two fingers’ width above the rice is just enough. You would think that due to variety in pot sizes and hand sizes, this won’t work well. But it works for a few cups of rice with reasonable size pots (the cooked rice volume has to be no more than 3/4 of the pot).

  541. What a great giveaway! I’ve got several rice cooker tips.

    -toss in a couple spoonfuls of cracked wheat, millet, oats, or any other grain to boost the flavor and nutritional content

    -I always use the program-ahead setting on my rice cooker to have rice ready for breakfast and bento; or for dinner when I get home from work

    -I love basmati rice cooked on the stove the old fashioned way, but never have the time, but basmati often gets sticky in the rice cooker. I take it out and rinse under cool water as soon as the cooker beeps for perfect basmati rice.

  542. I love cooking rice but i always seem to burn it :(

  543. When eating spicy stir fry, make sure you put the rice on top, because it will make the spicyness less intense and give you a refreshing taste, not an overwhelming one.

  544. Put the whole can of corn(including juices) w/rice and you have a sweet corn rice!!! My kids love it…

    Also, Sweet Potato will steam really well in the rice cooker. I just slice it up and throw it in w/ the rice…Yum

  545. To add flavor to plain steamed rice, use chicken stock instead of water.

    I also sometimes mix the more expensive sticky/aromatic rice with regular rice to improve it without being too expensive.

  546. My rice tip? Mix cinnamon & sugar to make onigiri. My boys love it - it’s the only kind they beg for more of.

  547. I cook rice in some other liquid than water to give it a bit more flavor!

  548. This is so cool. Thanks for the opportunity to win this. Sometimes, I’ve added chopped garlic or a pandan leaf to the rice while it’s cooking for a little extra flavor. I’ve also put fish or meat (already cooked) to reheat in the rice cooker instead of in the microwave.

  549. My tip is having my husband make the rice. He’s so much better at it than me. Does this count as a tip? I really have none since I’m not the rice cooker in the house. Trying to win this for my husband who is a rice addict.

  550. My favorite rice dish is to add coconut milk, salt and pandan leaves when cooking it. It’s fragrant and savory.

  551. I like to add a little low sodium chicken broth to my rice (replacing some of the water). I find it adds flavor and I am not as inclined to put butter or soy sauce on it…hopefully lowering the my sodium intake.

  552. My favorite rice tip comes from my dad, who taught me to make rice: never use just plain water if you have anything else more interesting on hand. He makes stock of all kinds constantly - the last time I was home for a visit, we needed to clean out the freezer for some reason and I swear he must have had nearly thirty little containers of chicken stock tucked in there! But you know, his rice is always delicious.
    We used to have a rice cooker but it got left behind in a move; I so envy my friend’s Zo, I’d love my own!

  553. I read in a book somewhere that to make the best fried rice you should use day old, a little dry rice.

  554. the only tip that I can share for for perfect rice on the stovetop since i’m so broke to buy a great rice cooker! my ratio for a single person but u can multiply 1 cup rice to 1 3/4 cups water and a pinch of salt! bring water to a boil add salt and rice return to a boil. cover let cook for 15 min. turn the range off then let sit 15 min. perfect everytime. man I hope I win!

  555. i like to cook rice with equal amounts of rice and water - put a piece of konbu and a splash of vinegar to keep rice from spoiling - best thing for rice is a SPAM MUSUBI - but sometimes i make temaki (hand rolls) with mayo, bacon, lettuce and tomato - yummy!!!

  556. I love to make congee with leftover rice with chicken broth and lots of fresh ginger.

    Also, a quick weeknight meal is a pot of white rice with regular link sausage (like hillshire farms) and cabbage. I just put the cabbage in the steamer tray above the inner rice pot and top with the sausage so the juices from the sausage flavor the cabbage. That way I have a meat, a vegetable and a starch in one pot.

  557. Warm leftover rice after dinner?? Add a little milk and sugar…. it makes a delicious desert.

  558. I always make extra rice in my cooker (both white and brown) and then later mix them together. I am trying to get my family to get used to both types. I freeze the extra in single portions in ziptop freezer bags so I can micro them at work for a a hot rice dish.
    As a diabetic, I tend to only eat the brown, but I am always on the lookout to get my family to eat healthier also. My current cooker is a chepie $20.00 one I found on sale a few years ago. I’ve been looking for a new one with all the bells and whistles….and these two blow mine out of the water!!

  559. Let rice soak in water for at least 15 minutes after washing before starting the cooker.

  560. I make extra rice when we have it for dinner to use as filler in my homemade dogfood (he love’s brown rice). I’ve never had a rice maker, but own both a Zojirushi bread maker and Ms. Bento love them both!

  561. I try to add additional nutrition to rice by mixing in some spinach and nuts. The spinach can be added to the rice cooker, and the nuts when the rice is done. Also I learned to make rice balls (forgot japanese name) on this blog so now I send these with my son to school with leftover rice!

  562. I use leftover rice that is just a bit too leftover and hard to make fried rice. Just heat some sesame oil and throw the rice in with some soysauce. I add some frozen peas and green onions. Then scramble in an egg. Yumm!

  563. I make rice in bulk and freeze it. I also make huge (10 cup) batches of Fried Rice (with lots of veggies and chicken) and freeze it for my kids lunches. They love it when I make them into rice balls and it’s a great lunch to take on the run, even in the car!

  564. I love to cook brown rice in mine. I use 1 part rice to 2 parts water. Unfortunately the usual way that I cook white rice does not work for brown rice.

    I freeze lots of it so that I can take some for my lunch boxes.

    I also use rice to make jook. Very easy and yummy.

  565. I put a bullion cube in when I cook it!

    I also use the finger rule. Works every time!

    I love how rice is useful in all cultures and is made different ways. It is so delicious plain, but a little bit of soy or a little bit of hot sauce - yum!

  566. There are tons of great tips here, most of mine have been taken but here is one I didn’t see.

    If you use an electric coffee grinder for more than just coffee (I use mine for spices) place a small handful of uncooked rice in the hopper after you are done with a spice. Grind it to a fine power and then throw it away. This will make it easier to clean the grinder and remove any latent smells/oils from the grinder.

  567. I like making rice pudding in my rice cooker!

    Also, I let the rice soak overnight before I cook it.

  568. sometimes I like to put a little tiny tiny bit of honey in the rice, mix it and top it with something like dried cherries or dried cranberries!

  569. tip: i know not everyone likes brown rice so i always serve a mix. i mix the uncooked brown with white and cook them together. i rinse and use hot water to fill the cooker and always add just a touch extra water since brown rice usually tends to need to cook just a bit longer. this usually does the trick and those who fight the (healthier) brown rice don’t ever have an issue with a mix of both!

  570. Add a little butter to the water when you’re making it on the stove instead of in a cooker. makes the rice more tender and it tastes good, too ^_^

  571. the only unique thing i’ve tried in my rice cooker is to cook the rice with korean bean sprouts - no extra water is needed. then afterward, i mix the rice with a mixture of soy sauce, red pepper flakes, sesame oil, sugar and lots and lots of green onion. it’s a simple rice dish but also very hearty.

  572. I once made sweet potato rice in my cooker and made a horrible mess of it. XD

    But anyway, my family loves to take leftover rice from dinner and make it into onigiri filled with canned tuna and mayo. Yummy! And My mom and I make wonderful cabbage rolls stuffed with rice.

    I’d love to get a new cooker with a timer built in. I can’t have fresh rice ready in the morning.

  573. My dad cooked fried rice with egg on a cast iron pan with high heat. This caused the rice at the bottom to form a very crispy layer that’s hard to reproduce with a non-stick pan.

  574. I love your site! Thank you for turning me on to bento (my new obsession)!

    Tip: For fruit sushi, boil your rice with sweetened condensed or coconut milk, then top with fruit of your choice, a la nigri. Stick the fruit on with honey, use coconut shreds as furicake.

  575. I like chorizo in my rice. It’s a wonderful addition!

  576. Substitute some (1/3 or 1/4) coconut milk or coconut water to make yummy coconut rice.

    My favorite tip though is to use a rice cooker and ditch the boiling over the stove method. Rice cookers are pretty foolproof.

  577. I use brown rice all the time.

    I always let it soak in its cooking water for at least half an hour-12 hours.

    After it’s cooked I use the paddle to ‘carve’ in the rice a cross then I leave it for 5 minutes.

    Rice cooked this way is delicious all by itself.

    If I’m lucky and win this comp I would like to donate the cooker to my friend Nao who lives in Californnia.

  578. If your rice cooker has a timer and a kayu setting, you can put rice in at night and have hot rice porridge for breakfast.

  579. I’ve started using rice as a filler - in burritos, meatloaves, etc. It’s a good way to stretch the meat out and use less meat in your cooking - important when you’ve got a “I must eat meat!” husband! :)

  580. Wow, I would love to win either one of these. I mostly cook brown rice, and I guess my best tip is to cook it ahead and freeze, then thaw in the microwave when you need some for a recipe.

  581. here’s a yummy way to use up leftover rice:

    saute some onions and ginger in sesame oil, add the rice and some shrimp paste(available in asian grocery stores)…cook til heated thru

    some topping ideas: chopped cilantro, crab sticks, boiled shrimp, pork cracklings, tofu, sliced green onions, sliced green mangoes, or even peanuts…yum!

    this is inspired by Shrimp Paste rice found in Thai cooking :)

  582. My tip has already been covered, but I always make lots of extra rice and then use the day old stuff either for Gallo-Pinto, (a dish with sauteed veggies, meat if you want, with black beans and Lizano Sauce.)

    Second tip is to mix rice with “caviar” lentils. both cook up at the same time, and the lentils make it a full protein and have a fun “pop” to the dish.

  583. We too buy our rice in bulk, but we reuse gallon juice bottles/jugs to store the rice in. Makes it very easy to pour out for measurement.

  584. Rice tip….well, we are a make and run family so I use my rice cooker to make chicken and rice. A wholesome, hearty meal that uses chicken leftovers to create all new possibilities….

  585. Rice + tuna + corn + garlic powder + mayo = a British-influenced one-bowl dinner that got me through grad school!

  586. I barely learned how to cook rice ever since I moved out for college, and a good tip my mom taught me was to add rice to the pot (here’s the catch she didn’t tell me, the rice has to either be beyond or at the first pinky segment on your hand when inserted into the pot to measure)

    Then add enough water to reach the first segment of your pinky. Make sure to insert your finger right above the rice to measure only the water on top of it. I hope that makes sense, but it made my life easier.

  587. I have never used a rice cooker but I really want one to save time. My favorite brown rice recipe involves gently sauteeing chopped onion and the rice grains in butter before adding flavorful broth and herb seasoning. Bring broth to boil and place rice pot in the oven (375°) for about an hour. Even non-brown-rice-eaters have raved about it.

  588. My tip is for reheating rice. I place a serving in a thin layer on a plate, cover with a wet paper towel or cheese cloth and microwave for 1 min. It is steaming hot and soft.

    I use brown rice mostly which takes a long time to cook so I cook in larger batches and re-heat this way as needed.

  589. Ooooooh, wow, what a cool offer! I’ve never used a rice cooker, but I’d love to, and will if I win. ;)

    I’ve been cooking a lot of brown rice lately, and I have to say that my favorite tip for any rice really is to cook it in broth/stock instead of plain water. It imparts wonderful extra flavor - you can also throw in some chopped fresh garlic or other seasonings. I love to pre-season like this.

  590. I find that having a pot with a lid that fits really well definitely helps. Also, the time on the bag might not necessarily be the time the rice needs to cook on your stove. I usually do the recommended time and then cook more if necessary. Someone also told me it interrupts the cooking of the rice if you remove the lid while it’s cooking on low. I can understand that because it allows steam to release.

  591. Hi, thanks for the fun give away game. I love your website a lot.
    My tip for making a perfect fried rice is to make good white rich first. A 1:3 ratio of short grain and long grain rice gives the best texture for the fired rice.

  592. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity. My rice tip is for using leftover rice heated up in a crock pot to make a homemade soup like chicken and rice with vege’s that can clean out a ton of leftovers in your fridge.

  593. Earlier this year my dad was warned to take more steps to reduce his exposure to things in his diet that affect his gout. One thing he was told was to eat more brown rice. For a Filipino man, this was hard! We were wary of parboiled brown rices, so I devised my own method to make brown rice more like white rice:

    After washing, soak medium grain brown rice for 8-10 hours (overnight), then drain and cook with medium grain white rice at a ratio of 3 (brown) to 1 (white), using the same water measurements as for plain white rice. The rice comes out fluffy and without the chewiness that one associates with brown rice. It is perfect with all Japanese and Filipino dishes!

  594. We don’t have a rice cooker yet, so I don’t have any cooker related tips - but rice is a great bridge to ethnic foods of all kinds for little ones. We have gotten my daughter hooked on all kinds of food simply by serving it over rice or mixed with rice. She’ll eat anything if we call it rice!

  595. I love using rice, it is so versatile. One of my favorite tricks that you can use rice for is putting it in the bottom of salt shakers so that it doesn’t get lumpy.

    When I cook rice, generally I use something other than water to give it a better taste, chicken broth, the liquid from whatever else I am cooking so that the flavors match well. I also always season it with lots of garlic and other herbs.

    Growing up, my mom made rice crust pizza and I loved it. So shortly after I got married I decided to try it out. Unfortunately it did not turn out as good as mom’s, I forgot to cook the rice, b/c on my recipe card it did not say cooked rice. Needless to say the pizza was not edible. It was hard as a rock! Now, it is my husbands biggest joke when I try something new.

    Here is the recipe, make sure you cook the rice :)
    3 Cups cooked rice
    1/4 Cup Chopped Onions
    2 Eggs
    1 Cup Shredded Mozzarella
    Combine all ingredients and press into a pizza pan. Bake at 450 degrees for 20 minutes. Put sauce and your favorite toppings on and bake for 10-15 minutes longer or until the cheese is melted.

    Happy cooking :)

  596. Throw a couple bouillon cubes up in there for instant flavor.

  597. Coconut rice with Sweet Potatoes

    In the rice cooker, put in equal parts of white rice and canned coconut milk. Chop up jicama and onions. Cube sweet potatoes. Toss in pecans or walnuts.

    It’s easiest to cook in the rice cooker so you can walk away from it. If you don’t have a cooker, put it in a pot on the stove and be sure to stir it every so often.

    I came up with this recipe when I was cleaning out of the fridge. It is super yummy and quick to make. Enjoy!

  598. I have a special plastic bowl with tiny holes near the top. It’s great for washing rice and pouring out the water without losing any grains of rice.

    Also, I just discovered steaming half a head of cabbage on top of the cooking rice! Yum!

  599. I love cooking my rice with some stock and fish or veggies on top. Everything cooks at the same time and is so good for you!

    I would love a new rice cooker - my daughter loves to eat plain white rice every day and our rice cooker is on the fritz. Thanks!

  600. My favorite rice tip is just to make sure it’s really well washed. If you wash it until it runs pretty clean then you have less crust, and a lot less bubbling over.

  601. Huge bunch of sauteed kale, onions, garlic, scrambled eggs, maybe some kielbasa — lovely every time. (that’s with rice)

  602. I also freeze rice in 1 cup portions. So handy on busy days. The damp paper towel for microwaving rice works for me also though lately I’ve just been opening the freezer ziploc just a little and microwaving on medium until the rice is hot.

  603. To make chinese sticky rice, I put sticky rice and water (according to directions on bag) in the rice cooker and then lay several chinese sausages on top. Cook until rice is done, then add seasonings to taste (soy sauce, salt) and slice up the sausage. This is an fast, easy, and tasty way to make chinese sticky rice.

  604. If possible use long grained rice b/c it is more flavorful than short grained rice. :)

  605. I get little individually frozen/wrapped Chicken breasts from Schwans. They bake up in about 20 minutes I like to take a jar of LaChoy sweet and sour sauce and throw in a couple of those cut up and put it over rice. Yummy and quick! (What a coincidence, I was just beginning my quest for a rice cooker. I’ve never had one)

  606. I can only make rice in the microwave, equal amounts for 9 minutes makes the best sticky rice (add frozen veggies for a great side dish)

  607. my favorite rice; saute diced carrots, celery and onion in olive oil and butter. Add thinly sliced matsutake mushrooms and saute until liquid has appeared and reabsorbed. Add rice and water and steam as usual. Heavenly!

  608. Between my boyfriend and me, we have 5 kinds of rice to choose from: Jasmine, Nishiki, sweet rice, basmati, and arborio. We love rice! My tip is to refrigerate rice overnight before you make fried rice. This helps the rice grains stay separate and cook up nicely when you fry it. Otherwise it just gets mushy and doesn’t have the same texture.

  609. for a nice beefy flavored rice add
    one tsp dry beef stock or bullion
    one dash worcestershire sauce
    one dash soy sauce
    tbs margerine to
    2cups cooked rice or add to water before cooking in a pan or microwave

  610. Rice and butter is almost as good as Vegemite and toast after you’ve had too much rich food!

    I like to chop scrambled egg, green onion, and fish crumbles into rice. Add black bean sauce or soy! Yum yum!

  611. My favorite tip: make a cheaper version of that boxed rice pillaf by sauteeing a shallot and a tsp of oil in the rice cooker, browing a handful of orzo, adding a cup of long-grain rice, salt, and 2 cups chicken broth.

  612. My rice tip is to make rice pudding in a pie pan with soy milk and sugar, and cook in the oven for a very long time at a low temperature (250 or so) and you will smell it cooking all afternoon and then be a delicious dessert.

  613. My favorite tip: make three times the amount of rice you’ll need for that meal, and freeze the rest for later.

    My favorite not-just-rice meal: Put some chopped spinach, chopped onion, chopped carrot, some parsley (dried or fresh), and a dash of rice vinegar, salt, and pepper in with your rice. Serve with scrambled eggs and/or veggie bacon-substitute for an anytime meal.

  614. Ooh, I’d love one of these!!

    Cook the rice in some kind of stock…I prefer better than bouillon brand…it’s very concentrated and comes in interesting flavors like ham, lobster and turkey!

    Add Lapsang Souchong tea leaves for a smoky flavor to your rice.

    Throw peas, parsley and some butter in when the rice is cooked, but before it’s rested.Let it sit. The steam will cook the peas. Top with some grated parmesan and you’ll have Risi E Bisi!

  615. Oh dear, rice tip, rice tip….right now I am making a big batch of homemade dog food for Cancer Pup. I boil a big piece of beef heart for a while (hours-heart is cheap, cheap, cheap, but tough), then take it out and put it in the fridge. Then I cook a pound or so of brown rice in the heart-broth, along with maybe some carrots or something. When the heart is cool enough to handle, grind it up in the food grinder and mix with the cooked rice. Much cheaper than canned dog food, and while it takes some time, for most of that time you don’t have to pay attention to it.

    I hope this counts as a rice tip!

  616. add coconut milk for a subtle yet delicious & creamy coconut rice!

  617. My rice story is a rice disaster story. I was cooking a full Korean meal for a Korean women’s luncheon group. I wanted to make sure I had enough rice and instead of doing two batches of rice, I tried to do 15 cups of rice in a 10 cup cooker(old fashinioed type of cooker with the spring and heater element i the bottom). Bad idea..the rice on the bottom was fine, but the rice in the top half was still crunchy. I had to dish out the top half…add more water and try again in the cooker..but then the rice was mushy…quick thinking..I added some dashi and some more water and made porridge…it hit the spot for the ladies…they were all impressed that I knew how to make porridge, but they were comforted by the porridge and I became a favorite member of the group for treating them like “sisters” with a humble rice porridge.

  618. fry it in a little oil before boiling

  619. This is a very generous giveaway. Thank you for the opportunity to enter.

    I love rice, especially brown, but have always felt it was a bit of a time-suck to cook (on the stovetop), and so have never had it as often as I would like. A rice-cooker would certainly make it easier to have rice more often!

    My rice tip is; when making a bunch of onigiri to freeze, instead of freezing directly on a cookie sheet, where the slightly moist rice balls will freeze tight, place them carefully inside a large (gallon) freezer bag that is resting on its side on the cookie sheet. Then when the onigiri are frozen solid, just lift the bag off the sheet, open a corner slightly, and remove all the air with a straw (or by just putting your mouth to the bag and breathing deeply :).

  620. My favorite rice dish is super simple to make and sooo good. Just throw one part Minnesota wild rice in with two parts basmati and two or three teaspoons of chicken base and cook (about 40 minutes on the stove.) The chicken base combined with these two kinds of rice has a much different flavor than chicken base has with plain old white rice - the taste is nutty and buttery, not really chicken-y at all.

  621. Wow! Great contest. It looks like most tips have already been covered.

    Don’t remove the lid while cooking. It releases steam and slows the cooking while losing water.

    I also often use chicken or veggie broth as my cooking liquid.

  622. To make perfect rice that keeps its shape (unbroken) and not soggy. Use less water than you normally do, but let the rice and water sit for 10 to 15 minutes before cooking as usual. If you don’t do the presoak, the rice will come out too dry.

    Another tip: rice has a kind of mold that cannot be killed by boiling. This mold is carcinogenic, so not good to eat too much over time even if you can’t taste it. Always refrigerate or freeze leftover rice as soon as it gets cold. Vinegar prevents this mold, so sushi rice can be left in room temperature for a longer time.

  623. I like to stir fry my washed rice with a little bit of sesame oil before cooking it with chicken broth in the rice cooker. My kitchen smells awesome when the rice is cooking!

  624. Tip:
    I’ve cooked rice in basically what amounts to miso soup before.

    It was good.

  625. My favorite thing to do to my rice is to add a half of a diced up onion to a pot of rice at the beginning. By the time the rice is done the onion has basically melted but gives the rice a wonderful flavor.

    My mom grew up eating rice with butter and sugar in it for breakfast. If you use leftover rice from the evening before it is a very quick hot breakfast.

  626. late at night when you know there is an easy way to cook some rice then add a little sugar and milk and enjoy

  627. My family always soaked the rice overnight.

    To give rice a nice garlic flavor, saute the uncooked rice in olive oil and garlic before adding the water.

  628. The best tip I have for rice in general is freezing - cook it in big batches, then bring the temperature down very quickly. I spread it out on a cookie sheet until just cooled, put it into single-serving containers, then pop in the freezer. This leaves you with single-serve containers for lunch or a quick dinner.

    I’m a vegetarian and I hate cooking, so a favorite quick meal for us is ‘hamburger’ gravy over rice: frozen soy burgers (chopped), cooked with a bit of onion (freeze this in small batches too!), whatever spices you like, and a packet mix of low-sodium brown gravy, poured over rice. Mmmm.

  629. To soothe an upset stomach, I take regular short grain rice and make it into a porridge, either in a rice cooker during the initial cook, or by taking cooked rice and adding more liquid and cooking it on the stove. It is similar to risotto but is more soothing on the stomach. :) I garnish with a splash of sesame oil.

    For a heartier rice in the rice cooker, I often will add barley or millet along with stock instead of water. Mmmmm.

  630. When I cook rice, I like to add a bag of frozen carrots and peas near the end. I add butter after everything is cooked and piping hot. Not terribly healthy, but my husband and child love the taste.

  631. The thing I like to do best with rice is make fried rice with the left overs. I keep a bag of pre cut carrots, corn, and peas in the freezer to add to leftover rice. It makes it easy to just fry up some chopped bacon, add the veggies and an egg! Yummy!!

  632. I like to use the water I’ve collected from boiling/steaming other veggies to make rice. It can leave a slight color (fun) and/or flavor (yummy). I have some purple cauliflower water waiting for rice right now!

    Also, don’t be afraid of the warming function! I’ve left mine on for a day and a half and the rice was still yummy! I certainly wouldn’t use it for sushi at that point but for everyday meals it’s great!

  633. For breakfast Rice cakes are great! take leftover rice, add an egg and form into patties in a small bowl [like a toddler size bowl, or small butter dish]. Press in a few bits of cut up things [veggies, kimchi, or dried fruit]. Press everything down real good with back of a spoon into the dish to make a ‘cake’. Then dump the bowl upside down into a hot frying pan [with a tiny amount of oil or butter, optional]. Dump it real quick, making a ‘clack’ noise, so the cake comes out in one peice.
    Pan fry for a minute or two on each side till nicely toasted.
    Serve with chili sauce, or for sweet cakes, serve with honey <3

  634. rice is so very versatile…can be made sweet by adding a little sugar and coconut milk, can be made savory with the use of chicken broth as the cooking liquid(my favorite!) and can be made more complex by mixing up a little jasmine rice or sticky rice to your regular rice and then cooking. perfect comfort food would be cut up chicken that has been marinated in soy sauce with some rehydrated shitake mushroom slices and chinese sausages all cooked together with the rice…yummmmm

  635. Hi, one thing I use the rice cooker for is a warmer. Like on taco night I would have the meat and beans resting in the cooker. Then the taco stuffing stays warm with out drying out for the second round or when it is a football party there is a long time in between time outs.

  636. To add a natural beautiful red color to cooked rice, sprinkle powdered sumac (from the middle eastern section) on the top. It also adds a mild pleasant tangy flavor.

  637. My tip: Make herb rice. My friends at Olive Forge Herb Farm got me hooked on their recipe for herb rice. Mix together 2 tbsp dried parsley, 1 tbsp dried basil, 1 tbsp dried oregano, 4 tbsp dehydrated chopped onion, 1 tsp salt and 1 tsp garlic powder. Bring 2 cups of water to a boil. Add 1 cup rice and herb mixture, cover and reduce heat. Simmer until water has evaporated and rice is tender. Enjoy.

  638. My rice tip: I like to eat brown rice. Not everyone has an acquired taste for it, so I dilute veggie broth and substitute it for the water when putting brown rice in the rice cooker.

  639. So I’ve been stalking this site for a while, and it’s definitely time to say thanks!

    In addition to the nifty ideas already here, I’ve found that frozen onigiri can double as icepacks to keep your bento cool during the day-especially important if you’re faced with questionable office-fridge ethics or cleanliness!

  640. Hiya,
    I still think the most important tip is to let the rice sit ahead of time! I never bother washing it like some cook books say to but I always let it soak.


  641. For perfect rice on the stove, regardless of how much water you use, bring to a boil, reduce heat to simmer, remove the lid and cook until almost all of the water has been absorbed. Then put the lid back on and cook on low until done-completely idiot proof.

  642. I use a chocolate cooker, with the double pot setup, to cook rice sometimes. It takes a long time, but, for some reason, the rice always tastes a little different. I like it.

  643. Wow! Either one of these rice cookers would be awesome to have. I have never had a rice cooker (I’m a college student…) but I do like to make fried rice!
    First, heat 1 tablespoon of peanut oil in a large nonstick skillet over medium-high heat. When the oil is very hot, add some tofu, tossing it frequently, until it turns deep golden brown all over.
    Next, heat the remaining oil and cook red pepper, celery, and ginger in it for 2 minutes. Add the scallions and cook for 30 seconds more, then stir in the rice and tofu. Drizzle on the soy sauce and sesame oil.
    Finally, toss the rice well and cook it for 2 more minutes or until heated through. Gently stir in the bean sprouts. Serve at once, or cool and reheat within 48 hours. Serves 8 as a side dish.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  644. rice tip:

    my kids like “rice with brown and red”

    this means add soya sauce and sweet chili sauce!

    thanks!! Kimberly Chow

  645. I like to make purple rice, with red cabbage, and to save time, I add the cabbage near the end. Not only does the cabbage add flavor to the rice, but the color entices my niece to eat some! :-)

  646. Ok, so i know a lot of people have said this.

    But, when my boyfriend got food poisoning, all we could eat was soup and rice and crackers.

    Too make the rice tasty, I added chicken broth. Came out delicious.

    Also, if you like fried rice, make sure to cook a lot of extra rice (maybe 3-4 cups) and save it in your fridge over night, so you can use it to cook fried rice the next day. It’s so simple and you can just add a few veggies (i buy frozen ones) and scrambled eggs and a simply soy sauce recipe i found on It is yum!

  647. Before you go to bed in the evenings, you can put steel cut oats and some golden raisins in your rice cooker. Set the menu to porridge, and the timer to whatever time you wake up. Some friends did this when I visited them, and I was so impressed by the delicious breakfast waiting when we woke up. I really want one of these rice cookers so I can do the same thing myself!


  648. My rice cooker was the best purchase I made for my kitchen. Perfect for the starving college student. The only thing is I wish I had gotten one with a timer.

  649. I like to cook rice in coconut milk and then add a bit of sugar & cinnamon. It makes such a simple, delicious (and vegan) dessert!

  650. Two tips:

    When my husband is feeling ill, I make brown rice with chicken broth, and add three times the liquid rather than twice for a gruel that he will eat for a couple of days. This was recommended by his Traditional Chinese Medicine healer.

    I love saffron rice, and though saffron is expensive, it takes just a pinch of it, crumbled fine and “dissolved” in a bit of hot water, then stirred into the rice, to make delicious rice.

  651. hello. i like to cook rice with butter and saffron using the rice cooker . i also use leftover plain white rice to make fried rice, adding some thawed frozen peas, corn and carrots. another way to use left over white rice it is to make chicken and rice soup with chicken broth, shredded cooked chicken some ginger, onions and fried garlic.

  652. I love to make rice with beef bullion then cover it with brown gravy. A great alternative to mashed potatoes. Plus, living in Arkansas, we have rice coming out of our ears!(We grow about half of the US’s rice crop.)

  653. Hi, i am a long time reader and i have just begun to pack bento over the past 6 months. I am 12 years old and really enjoy cooking japanese food as a creative outlet. I would so totally want this rice cooker because rice is a total pain in the butt to make in the pan..

    Any ways, my tip is once you have made rice, keep it in sandwich bags on the fridge. Not only does it last forever but you can zap it for 30 seconds and use the bag to make easy onigiri molds. You push the rice into the corner of the bag and flatten it. Then you can add whatever you like for fillings, also.

  654. I’ve added in some pineapple juice (1/4 cup) in place of the water and a tsp of curry powder before cooking. Delicious!

  655. For a quick ‘huevos rancheros’ style snack I would cook plain rice and once my cooker switches from ‘cook’ to ‘warm’ I would open the lid, make small divots in the hot rice and crack eggs into them, then close the lid again while the eggs poach from the residual heat. Once finished cooking, just scoop out a spoonful of rice with an egg on top, and garnish with salsa, black beans and cheese.

  656. OOOOO! I could really use one of these! :) My absolute favorite rice dish (due partially to nostalgia) is “milky rice”. That’s the unoffical title. My Mom has been cooking it for me and my sisters since we were babies. It’s white rice cooked VERY slowly with soy milk (or almond milk) and brown or white sugar. MMMMMMMM. I’m also a huge fan of sticky rice and mango, but I haven’t made it yet!

  657. Pro Tip: keep Rice Krispies on hand (or cook, dry, then toast your own) and substitute them for oats in any recipe. Definitely not as healthy, sure, but they add a crazy texture. My favorite is meatloaf with toasted rice.

  658. Every time I make rice something goes horribly wrong and the rice turns out burnt, crunchy, or soggy. So my number one tip: have your boyfriend make the rice! Of course, if I had a rice cooker, my number one tip might be different! ;)

  659. when making corned beef & cabbage I use the stock/juices and after I wash my rice I add the stock to the rice and when it cooks up it has a delicious flavor

  660. Don’t know if this tip’s been already submitted, but I add all sorts of different legumes to my brown rice. It cooks perfectly in my rice cooker, eliminates the need to presoak the beans, and adds both protein, vitamins, and color to your rice. My rice cooker is specially made for brown rice, fyi -not sure if it would work in the regular rice cooker. Love the website!

  661. Hi Biggie!!

    This is a great give away!!


  662. Mmm - my favorite rice treat is warming up leftover rice with milk and cinnamon and sugar on cold mornings - yum!

  663. Not sure why, but I always throw some salt in the water when cooking rice or noodles. My mom always did that and I never thought to ask why. :)

  664. I was just reading about how to make steel cut oats in the rice cooker. How I would love a rice cooker for both rice and yummy breakfast porridge.

  665. My wife, who is from Louisiana, makes a lot of rice. My favorite things she makes with rice are chicken and sausage jambalaya and crawfish etoufee. She said if she wins she is going to find out how grits cook up in a rice cooker. I love grits, so that’s fine with me.

    Thanks for having this wonderful contest. It’s great that you pass on these items to your blog readers. You’re going to make a couple of people very happy.

  666. For an interesting flavor add a few splashes of saki to the water before cooking the rice.

  667. If you have rice that is too old to use, save it and put it in an air tight storage container. On rainy days fill a mini “sandbox” for bored kids (ones that are old enough not to want to eat it) As long as you keep it dry, it lasts forever.

  668. I buy chicken and spinach sausages from Sam’s and use one link at a time. I peel away it’s casing and slice it in the bottom of a bowl. I add 2/3-3/4 cup of rice to it and top it off with 2/3 cup of still frozen peas and carrots. Cover the bowl with a damp paper towel and heat it for 2 minutes. The veggies are hot and the rice is steamy with the flavors from the sausage.
    It’s one of my favorite “fast” food meals. (I could probably cook everything together in the rice cooker too, but I usually have left over rice from a previous dinner.)

    I tend to wash my rice only three times and never let it soak. The rice still comes out fluffy and tasty. I’ve also been playing with brown rice to white rice ratios for more fiber content.

  669. I love to eat chicken cutlet smothered in curry on top of hot fluffy rice.

    Sometimes I add diced onions and mushrooms with chicken stock to my rice to cook. It tastes good with roasted chicken or pork chops.

  670. I’m broke and only have 2 pots- one stock pot and one sauce pot. When I cook rice in the small sauce pan I throw in a pat of butter to keep the rice water from overflowing onto the stove.

  671. My rice-related tip is to use day old rice instead of freshly made rice when making fried rice. It will not come out mushy.

  672. My Tip:To make a quick and filling meal take about 1-1/2lbs. ground chuck cooked & set aside.Take about 3c rice cooked with some beef broth,mix in hamb,mushrooms,onions,lemon pepper,and just a DASH of pure vanilla.I take and make a batch of bisquits or rolls and have rice mixture over them.Very good & filling meal.

  673. Something that has really helped me pack bento lunches is individually packing leftover rice into plastic sandwich baggies and then freezing it (finally a tip that I could share with my mom, rather than the other way around!). I put a plastic bag into my bento box and fill the bag with leftover rice from dinner, as if I was going to pack it in the box. This makes it already in the vague shape as the bento box, so the frozen rice will slide neatly in the box when I take it out of the freezer (I have found that if I don’t do that, the individual servings of rice I pack in a ball don’t allow the bento box lid to close. This expands the options of what I can put in my bento, ranging from just frying an egg with some furikake to leftover curry from dinner.

    Yayyy for making bentos!!

  674. Rice tip: cook rice with chicken broth instead of water, and add a bit of garlic and ginger. Really tasty.

  675. When I finished the rice and there will have some rice left at the bottom of the rice cooker. I will press the “cook” key a couple of times, and then the rice that stick at the bottom will become rice crackers. I love to eat that so much.

  676. Wow! That would be so awesome.
    (Crossing my fingers)

    My family’s rice maker broke down several months ago and we don’t have money to buy another one. My mom tried to cook using those Asian pot. lol I don’t really help her since I usually burned the rice. =(

    Cooking rice with sweet peas is delicious and healthy.

    It gives it that extra sweet and pleasant smell.

    Another cool technique my mother told me is when measuring the water without a measuring cup, I would use my index finger(no higher than the 2nd dividers) is approximately one cup.

    <3 Hailey

  677. I don’t really have very many rice-related tips. I do often add something extra to the water I boil the rice in to give it some extra flavor; for example, I like to add sazon when I’m making Puerto Rican dishes like my mother taught me, I add chicken stock to give a richer flavor for when I’m making a mixed rice, meat, and vegetable meal, and I especially love to add citrus, though it is mostly for my orange rice stuffed chicken breasts (you put orange juice in with the water and rice). My favorite way to have rice is with sour cream and soy sauce mixed in (especially when I’ve made Swedish Meatballs)! :)

  678. (yes a German blog, but I have an American address!)

    First off, thanks for this awesome give-away! I LOVE rice (and this is only ONE of the reasons I love to read here!) and my pen-ultimate Rice Cooking tip is:

    “The Ulitmate Rice Cooker Cookbook” by Beth Hensperger & Julie Kaufmann

    My ultimate tipp: Lunch in a Box!, which is where I discovered this great cookbook (amoungst oodles of other things!)!

  679. If you Brown Rice in a saute pan with a small amount of Olive oil before cooking it, it gives the rice a nutty taste that is really great.

  680. My favorite way to cook rice, brown raw rice in saute pan, add sauted onions and chicken broth…cook, it is yummy.

  681. oh what good timing, i just bought a discount rice cooker and am thoroughly disappointed! >:\

    RICE TIP: always, ALWAYS season white rice with a bit of salt (to your taste) before it cooks. even a little sprinkle will do. it really brings out the natural nutty undertone flavor of the rice. so many people forget to season and their rice ends up tasting like water. ew. o_O

  682. Even a cheap rice cooker can be really helpful, especially if you like brown rice. Brown rice is incredible if you let it soak for an hour or two before cooking. With my $30 rice cooker, I can set the rice to be done at dinnertime, and it has time to soak with no chance of me forgetting to start it cooking! Of course, who knows what greatness I could achieve with one of those uber fancy cookers!

  683. I used to use the microwave to cook ice in college. using a covered bowl on high for 15 mins. Also, always add some water to refrigerated rice before reheating in the microwave. It refluffs the rice. Unless you’re making fried rice, then dry grains are good.

  684. Perfect rice on the stove top: 1 cup rice to 1.5 cups water for long grain white rice. No presoaking, no prerinsing. Bring water and rice to a boil on medium heat (this will take a while and gives the rice a chance to soak up some water). When it boils put on a lid and turn heat to high for one minute (may boil over a little bit depending how big your pot is but DON’T remove that lid). Simmer on low/med-low for 15-20 min. When you take the lid off you should see little holes in the layer of rice, this is a good sign that you did it right.

    And ta-da, perfect rice! Every time! I usually toss in a boullion cube or some veggies to cook along with the rice. Complete one pot meal cooking, right here.

    Of course, if I had a snazzy automated rice cooker I wouldn’t have to hover around the pot for the first few minutes of cooking. ;)

  685. I usually like to boil my rice in half broth. It gives it a nice flavor without overpowering it. Also, I found that adding a little water before reheating is essential to keeping the rice moist and tender.

  686. A couple of rice things that I do…

    1. When I make sushi rice, I sprinkle a little sweet rice in the pot while it cooks - more starchy - helps rice get even more sticky. I also do this with brown sweet rice for brown rice and wild sweet rice for wild rice & black forbidden rice.

    2. I often cook with broths - chicken, veggie, and beef - depending on what I am using the rice for.

    3. Favorite rice dish - when the rice is done, stir in a can of rinsed kidney beans, a can of rinsed black beans, a cup of chopped grilled multi-colored peppers, and a can of sliced black olives. Sprinkle with Feta cheese while it is still warm. YUM!! I have also added in diced grilled teryaki chicken when I need the protein.

  687. I love making rice pudding with leftover rice and the kids think it is the best dessert ever. Below is a basic recipe to get you started, but I like adding coconut milk and mango to give it an Asian flair:
    Rockin’ Rice Pudding
    Recipe courtesy Tyler Florence
    3 cups white rice, cooked
    3 cups milk
    2/3 cup sugar
    2 tablespoons butter
    1/2 cup raisins
    1 teaspoon vanilla extract
    Zest of 1 lemon, grated
    1 teaspoon cinnamon, divided
    Combine cooked rice, milk, sugar and butter in a medium saucepan. Add raisins and vanilla. Cook for 25 minutes until most of the liquid is absorbed. Mix in lemon zest and 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon. Spoon pudding into a serving dish and dust with remaining cinnamon. May serve chilled or at room temperature.

  688. I’m tired of the uncle bens in the world. give it to me fresh and hot. thank you.

  689. Tip for cooking brown rice, do it in the oven (I learned this from Cook’s Illustrated):

    1-1/2 cups brown rice
    2-1/3 cups H20
    a little butter
    a little salt

    Bring the water to a raging boil, add butter and salt, and pour over rice in an adequately-sized baking dish. Cover tightly with foil.

    Bake for one hour at 375 degrees.

    Remove from oven, remove foil, fluff with fork, then cover with a dish towel for 5 minutes.

    Uncover and let stand 5 more minutes. Serve.

    Turns out perfect every time.

  690. I don’t know much about rice other than it goes great with anything. It is a great thing to make a meal stretch.

  691. My favortie rice recipe adds chopped up mozzarella cheese at the end of cooking time. I would highly recommend this. It makes the best cheesy rice. Add peas, peppers and onions for a great cheesy rice dish.

  692. heres the third mention of takikomi gohan in the comments! its sooo tasty:

    for 3 “cups” of rice, add 4 tbsp soy sauce, 4 tbsp of sake and 2 tbsp of mirin. add a package of sliced abura-age. then you can add slightly sauteed chicken (about a half a cup or so) or sliced matsutake, or some cooked, peeled chestnuts or a julienned carrot.

    add enough water to reach the 3 cups line. cook as usual! yummmmmmm!

  693. When my dad makes fried rice, he likes to color the rice with egg yoke before he fries it up with the rest of the ingredients. Makes it tastier than just frying up normal white rice.

  694. To make easy and simple moroccain rice just add 1 tbs. harissa paste,1 can (drained)chickpeas,1 bag frozen peas,1 julienned carrot,you also can add a few peices of browned off and cooked chicken parts!! I got this fast recipe from my mother in law,who makes the best couscous in the world! So enjoy!!


  696. If you need to reheat rice, I found the best way is to take a wet paper towel, place it over the rice, then reheat it in the microwave. That way it isn’t dry or mushy. Also if you have stubborn kids who won’t eat veggies: finely chop cauliflower and cook it with the rice. My nephews can’t taste this healthy addition.

  697. Try cooking rice with carrot juice. It gives rice a nice texture and flavor. The color is beautiful too.

  698. Whenever I cook rice I include a hefty dollop of butter to make the rice extra creamy and flavorful. For flavored rice, replace half of the water used with a cheap red wine. Recently I made rice in blackberry wine and mixed in chicken, onions, and mushrooms which had been sauteed in butter and garlic, and then mixed in fresh blueberries just before serving. It was amazing.

  699. When I make rice I always make triple so I will have leftovers. I use the leftovers for a variety of things, some of my favorites include:
    1. Mixing a lil bit in with the dog’s kibble. A healthy treat:)
    2. Adding a cup or two to a homemade veggie soup with other veggie leftovers from the week’s meals.
    3. Making ‘rice cakes’ for breakfast. There are different names and recipes for this but basically it’s eggs and (precooked) rice with some salt/pep then fried like an omelet. Learned this one from my Dad.

  700. Instead of using water to cook rice, try using broth instead. No need for butter when you get the overall flavor from the broth instead. And it’s healthier…

  701. To spice up your rice add a couple of teaspoons of your favorite herb before you cook your rice. Cumin is my favorite. If you want you can always through in fresh herbs as well but that always works best when you throw it in the rice cooker halfway through cooking.

  702. Here’s a tip for making yummy India pilaf with your rice: Heat a little bit of oil in a pan on the stove and when it gets hot, add some whole cumin seeds. Let them fry for just a few seconds (less than 30 seconds) until they are just brown. Put the rice and water in the rice cooker and throw in the seeds/oil mixture. Also throw in a bay leaf and a clove or two if you have them. Voila, you have traditional Indian pilaf!

  703. I add vegetable stock to the rice cooker to add flavor. Use a low sodium version for kids.

  704. As an eco-friendly college student, rice is a favorite dish of mine.
    Tip: Steam three servings of rice, while stewing sliced tomatoes and garlic in a pot on the stove. When both are done, mix the rice and stewed tomatoes together and separate into containers to refrigerate for later. It’s a simple way to make several delicious vegetarian meals at once!

  705. My little Jack Russell terrier, Wally is allergic to beef, so I make him chicken and rice for his meals. I usually use 1/2 whole chicken steamed on top of the rice. After it is cooked I remove skin and bones and mix the meat with the cooked rice. He’s 14 years old and the love of my life.

  706. My favorite rice tip is to make some every few days so that you always have some on hand!

  707. My son loves rice for breakfast… He likes it with cinnamon and sugar…

    He also will eat for lunch, if i mix in some cheese… but then again, I think he will eat anything if there is enough cheese added :)

  708. I agree with others in that you should rinse it a couple of times, top it off with water that is slightly less than a fingertip above the rice.

    What to do with it when you’re done? Make several affordable and tasty meals.

    Have the freshly made rice for dinner.

    Rice pudding for dessert - Add nutmeg, sugar to taste and a half cup of milk to a cup of cooked rice, maybe bit of vanilla.

    Chilled rice pudding for breakfast.

    Lunch and dinner the next day - a quick and easy fried rice made any way you’d like.

  709. We eat mostly brown rice but if a recipe really NEEDS :o) white rice I mix in a couple tablespoons of ground flax to the cooked white for fiber and nutrition.

  710. I really like using egg molds to make fancy-shaped rice balls. If you fill them full, they really take the shape nicely, and the shapes are more intricate than rice-ball shapers usually are.

  711. I’m afraid my tip isn’t multi-tasking related, exactly, but it’s saved our stomachs. We have a large household, five adults who rarely cross paths long enough to eat a meal together. By cooking a pot of rice and leaving it on ‘keep warm’ on the counter, there’s always ready food for anyone- throw some rice in a bowl, add some sauce or some chicken, or a handful of leftover veggies, and voila! Instant meal, no matter the time of day, night, or the state of the cook. With a new baby on the way, just being able to not worry about meals has been such a huge weight off my shoulders!

  712. The easiest and best way to cook rice is with a rice cooker.

    “Talk does not cook rice.” Chinese Proverb

    TIP: The steam in the pot is still cooking the rice after an automatic rice cooker switches itself off. The rice will taste all the better for it if you allow it to do so for 5 or 10 minutes.

  713. I like to make a mexican flavored rice. I add raw chicken, salsa, corn, beans and raw rice with some chicken stock!

  714. I cook Basmati rice, which is known is the king of all rices. It only takes about 15 minutes to cook and has the best flavour and texture of most rice. When I did not have a rice cooker I would put a large amount of water in a pot and boil it, once it was done I added the rice, ten minutes later drain the water and leave the rice on low. You will have perfect rice after about 5 minutes.

  715. Yay! I’m so excited for this! My favorite rice tip is to add in a tiny slice of ginger and a pinch of good salt to your rice before cooking. No matter the flavor of what you eat it with it’ll de delicious but won’t compete for attention. Oh, and learn how to wash your rice properly, it makes such a world of difference!

  716. My rice tip for something different than the typical steamed white rice is to mix short and long grain white rice together equally, then steam it. Makes for more interesting bowl of rice!

  717. Hi! Such a great give-a-way. I don’t have a rice cooker but these look fab.
    My tip is to add a bit of agave (sweetner), milk and raisins to hot rice for a yummy breakfast any child or grown up will love! You can also get fancy and add cranberries and nuts….very tasty!

  718. wow, cool contest!

    My tip is something my mom taught me. You can easily hard boil eggs by popping an egg or two (press them gently into the rice) into the rice cooker before setting the cooker to cook. Great for forgetful cooks or busy college students who likes to cut cooking corners (that would be me)

  719. I always line my rice cooker with tin foil to make the clean-up easier after cooking!

  720. My rice tip would be to your rice cooker add some various veggies ( raw or frozen) and a bit of garam masala , curry powder, ginger and or cardamom pods. Once cooked serve with yogurt mixed with cucumbers, red onions and cilantro.

  721. Hi!

    I always cook my rice in broth! Adds great flavor to the rice, if I don’t have broth lying around, I add a bit of lemon juice!



  722. I think that indian dishes, even prepackaged ones, taste fantastic on rice…

    Also, as a quick fix dinner, my dad often puts tomato sauce on rice and it’s rather good when there’s nothing else to prepare :)

  723. I am excited about this, as I am in need of a new rice cooker! One tip for storing uncooked rice to stay fresh is to put a few cloves of garlic in the rice bag. It is a tip I got from my mother-in-law, and it seems to work very well.

  724. I don’t have a rice cooker, but have been wanting one for forever! All of these tips are great. Hopefully I’ll get to put them into practice.

  725. My mom always has me put a slice of apple in with the rice in a sealed container to keep it fresh when stored in the fridge. Stays nice for me.

  726. I have to eat a Gluten Free Diet, so rice is one of my favorite things to eat. I buy all types of sasuages, cut them up and add them to the rice, when it has about 15 minutes left to go. It makes a perfect diner for me.

  727. put a tablespoon of oil so nothing sticks to the container

  728. I like to saute some onions in olive oil, then I use chicken broth instead of water and I also replace half a cup of liquid with either tomato sauce or enchilada sauce. Its always a hit at our house!

  729. Add soy sauce or teriyaki sauce to the water to enhance the flavour of the rice. The amount to add depends on how strong you want the flavouring to be, obviously.

  730. WIth 2 toddlers, weekends are generally a balance of errands, cleaning, & chasing children around the park. In the morning, I like to get a pot of rice with raw chicken & various fresh & frozen vegetables cooking & then leave it on the “keep warm” setting. This gives us an instant, healthy meal ready for the moment a child decides they are starving (or a parent).

  731. I cooked my fried rice right in the cooker too.
    Wait till rice is about half done ( water is boiling) then add asian soy sauce (Pad Thai PASTE also works) and 1-2 eggs whole and mix together and let finish cooking. I like mine hot so I add fresh red asian peppers during cooking.
    Any thing else you like to add also works at the halfway done point. shrimp, mushrooms, baby bamboo, veges, pre cooked chicken etc.

  732. 1 teaspoon butter (optional)
    2 slices multigrain bread
    2 slices cheese
    1 slice tomato (optional)
    Butter the bread on 1 side (or coat the iron with vegetable cooking spray). Place 1 slice in the center of the iron, buttered-side down. Top with the cheese and tomato, if using, and cover with the remaining slice of bread, buttered-side up. Close the lid firmly and cook until golden, 2 to 4 minutes.

  733. Toss in some cubes of japanese sweet potato in the rice cooker before cooking. Sweet Potato Rice! Or you can put in fresh shelled peas with some salt and Pea Rice! Or you can put some soy beans and… well you get the idea.

  734. Funny story: In Japan, putting soy source in rice is considered a bad habit of poor (only poor people would do that and if you do the same thing you would become poor). But, soy source plus butter is considered fine. This reminded me of the lenience of the Japanese culture toward foreigners, foreign cultures…

  735. I buy rice in bulk and store a smaller portion in a decorative metal container that used to hold popcorn. That way I can keep rice on the kitchen counter near the rice cooker.

  736. Rice cooker can be used to keep dished warm, not just the rice. Things like soup, mashed potatoes, gravy, etc. It’s a great multitasker.

  737. If you don’t like sushi rice sticking to your hands while making sushi, just wet them down and you won’t have a problem!

  738. Ok the only tip I can give is one that my Japanese pen pal shared with me about making onigiri. When you are getting ready to mold them by hand make sure that you dampen your hands first and rub salt on them, this helps to keep the rice from sticking and it also flavors it at the same time!

  739. one quick and easy dinner my mom made was to marinate ground beef/pork/or chicken and add it to the rice cooker once half the water has evaporated and place the meat mixture on top. not only does the meat cook but the juices drip into the rice making it all the more flavorful.

  740. I dont’ have great rice advice, I need great rice advice!! Bu, I guess for a “tip” use 1/2 a much rice as you do water for best cooking.

  741. Thank you for a great giveaway!

    My rice tip is adding some dry Wakame seaweed makes rice so flavorful. My daughter loves it.
    Green pea also works.

  742. Well i like to use chicken stock instead of water great taste

  743. The best tip I have is replacing water with soup stocks. (chicken and vegetable)

  744. I love your site! My tip is to use filtered water. I think it makes the rice taste better. I use the filter on the tap in the sink. Thanks for all of your tips!

  745. Plain rice is so much better with just a little chicken or beef broth instead of water.

  746. My favorite rice tip:
    Don’t feed it to birds.

  747. My favorite Rice tip:
    I cook my rice in chicken broth instead of water. It tastes so much better.

  748. You can add 2/3 cup of coconut milk, 1 tablespoon of palm sugar, and 1/2 teaspoon of salt to one cup of cooked rice.

    While the rice is cooking add the coconut milk, sugar, and salt to a small saucepan and cook over low heat until the sugar is dissolved. When the rice is cooked gently mix in the coconut mixture to combine.

  749. wild rice is the best with little veggies tossed right in the cooker. also great is to mix white rice and tuna fish. tastes great and a very inexpensive meal!

  750. We had a brand new rice cooker when we moved into an apartment. During our brief stay there, every electrical appliance we had became roach infested. So when we moved into our new home, my MIL gave us an old one of hers. After a few uses, the lid fell apart. My husband is Japanese so eats rice for almost every meal. So since we didn’t have the money to buy a new one, I just use the lid to one of my pots for a cover and it works fine. One of my favorite recipes for using the rice cooker is to cook the rice as usual, then add some cooked ground meat to it and sometimes some corn. My kids love it and it’s fast and cheap.

  751. I do not own a rice cooker, but would love to one day! My rice tip is for those of you without a maker, but want fresh rice for your bento in the morning. I put my rice to cook…boil, bring to low simmer and cover. I then only let it cook this way for about 10 minutes, I then turn off the fire, and let it sit overnight. When I get up….there is fresh cooked rice for my bento box!
    Sandra D.

  752. I am just starting a vegan diet, but have always loved brown rice cooked with broth of any kind and all different kinds of seasoning from Italian to Indian to Morrocan. Cover a bed of rice with stir-fried vegetable with or without mean and you have a wonderful, healthy meal.

  753. Quick rice “pudding”…grab a bowl of leftover rice from the fridge…add cinnamon, raisins, milk and sugar (as much or as little as you want). Pop it into the microwave for a minute or two and VOILA!

    Sure it’s not as good as baked in the oven, or cooked on the stove for an hour - but it’s quick, easy and almost as good. Great breakfast treat!

  754. Awesome giveaway! I like to keep my rice covered for awhile after it has been on the stove to get a nice texture. Also, as mentioned many other times, using broth instead of water really makes a difference!

  755. Lot of great tips already listed. I have always heard washing the rice several times was recommended, but my tip is to make a wonderful rice pudding. Below is a link to a great recipe.

  756. My husband cooks the rice in our family. I didn’t even know that rice cookers existed until 11 years ago when we met. The rice cooker he bought in NYC while in seminary died this year. We bought one at the warehouse store and it died a month later. My tip? Growing up I really never ate rice without milk, butter and sugar on it. I served it to my kids the other night and they were in heaven. Of course the rice I ate as a kid was Minute Rice! ha!

  757. My tip: make some rice (not sticky), then fry it in a pan with some ground beef, spices, and peppers. Makes a delicious and spicy treat, and works well as a meal on its own.

  758. My tip is that I buy sweet ( or called sticky) brown rice and cook it as I do white rice in the cooker. I then place it in a ziplock bag, score it with a ruler to make 3X3″ squares, then freeze.
    The texture of this rice when defrosted or microwaved is ALWAYS moist and so chewy-good! A great way to get used to eating brown rice instead of white.

  759. You dont have to use water when cooking the rice, you can use beef stock or chicken broth or any other delicious flavor.

    I learned it takes years to get good at cooking rice for sushi.

  760. My favorite use of rice leftovers is kimchi fried rice: saute some kimchi in butter, add rice and kimchi juices, saute some more, add a dash of sesame oil before transferring to plate. Fancy it up with a fried egg on top. Yummm!

  761. Woo hoo, Biggie! Great giveaway!

    I have two tips:

    1. I love my rice cooker, but almost as much I love my rice strainer (type in “sweet rice washing bowl” into Google, with quotes, to see photo). It has small holes in the bottom, none on the sides, except long slits by the spout, where you can strain off the water before you pour out the rice. It’s great for washing rice for sushi.

    2. I found two mentions for kheer on the comments, but no recipe! Here’s my fast way:

    Cook 1 c basmati plus 2.5 c water in the rice cooker, plus several threads of saffron. Remove rice to a saucepan, and add enough milk to cover, along with 1/4 to 1/2 ground cardamom (I usually add a few pods, too). Cook until rice is very soft, adding more saffron or cardamom to taste. Then add 1/2 tp 1 can of sweetened condensed milk, to taste, plus 1/2 c pistachios or almonds and 1/2 c golden raisins. Remember that when the kheer is cold, it will not taste as sweet as it does when it’s hot, so as it’s cooking make it “too sweet”. You can add more milk to get your desired consistency, I usually like mine thicker, like a rice pudding, rather than the soupy kheer I get in the indian place near me (which is still more awesome than anything I could ever make).

    Thanks for the contest, and the great site, biggie! Your turkey ‘meatballs’ are a big hit at my house!

  762. My tip would be that if you put too much salt into your rice while boiling/cooking/preparing it (which sometimes happens to me….. ;-D ) don’t throw away the rice, just take a sieve and rinse it quick under hot water and your good to go ^^


  763. Hi! My rice related tip is this: Don’t be afraid to experiment! A good place to start is the rice/water/salt ratios.

    I hope I win!

  764. Steaming Chinese sausages in a rice cooker with the rice yields a nice and tasty dinner!

  765. Rinse rinse rinse! I didn’t know you should rinse your rice for a long time, and man! What a difference that makes!

  766. One rice dish I like to make a lot is chicken and rice casserole in a pot. Put chicken in a pot with celery and any other veggies you like. Add salt and pepper to taste and also onion salt. After about 20 minutes add rice. Continue cooking. When rice is done chicken should be done also.

    Bon appetite!

  767. Rice porridge (congee), made with white rice cooked in chicken broth, with chopped green onions and soy sauce, is my go-to dish when my stomach is upset.

  768. To make plain white rice (or any rice) tastier, I cook rice with some fried diced white onion, garlic, and chicken stock. Tasty!

  769. Hey Biggie! I eat only brown rice, so here are my tips:

    Brown rice in an hour: In a casserole dish or baking dish put two cups of brown rice, three cups of vegetable stock, a generous dollop of olive oil and/or pat of butter, a little sea salt, and bake in an oven for 50 min. Dried or fresh herbs can be added for flavor; sautéed mushrooms and onions are particularly nice in there as well.

    To me, day-old brown rice is way better in fried rice than white rice — it holds up better in the pan, has a satisfyingly chewy texture, and gives a richer flavor.

    Cold brown rice is great for rice salads — add toasted nuts, dried cranberries, diced raw celery, diced and quickly sautéed carrot and onion, barely blanched, crisp-tender pieces of barely-blanched broccoli or green beans, a dressing of your choice… The possibilities are endless.

    Left over brown rice is fantastic in inarizushi and it is much more filling/hearty than when white rice is used. My favorite simple sauce for seasoning brown rice to use in inarizushi involves brown rice vinegar cooked on medium/med-low heat with sea salt, brown rice syrup, and one or two sliced Thai chiles. The balance should be slightly sweet, slightly salty, slightly tangy, and medium-spicy.

    Make mixed rice! I love throwing green lentils into the pot when I make brown rice. Other things to throw into the rice cooker with my brown rice include: sweet brown rice, millet, red lentils, adzuki beans, cranberry beans, mung beans, urad dal, and/or whole barley. Adding other whole grains and beans is a great way to add nutritional punch and new flavor/texture profiles.


    - J

  770. I love to make what I call ‘Stone soup’ fried rice with my leftover meal and rice the day after.
    Just dice up the leftovers and fry it up with the rice, some soy sauce and an egg.
    Lunch of champions!

  771. I take a 1/2 cup Japanese brown rice I soak it overnight. I substitute a cup of chicken broth in place of water, and then add 1 cup of white rice and cook together in the rice cooker.

    The texture is much more interesting than plain white rice.

  772. When I was young, my doctor prescribed me a plain diet of white rice for what seemed like forever…
    Fortunate for me, I got a real liking for rice with butter and pepper or when I needed something sweet, I put sugar on it instead of pepper.
    Now I jazz it up with whatever I fancy and can afford at the time. It’s good so many ways.
    rice is nice
    like a remedy
    dont forget the garlic
    spicy, plain or sweet
    it’s always a treat
    affordable staple
    and a cup of tea
    comfort food
    rice is nice
    added this list to my favorites, yay! ty

    be well all
    .miss faith.

  773. I like to add 1 tablespoon real butter to prevent sticking and makes it more fluffy.

    A peice of pork layed on top will absorb a lot of the starch, prevents sticking and gives a great flavor.

  774. Don’t just add salt to the water- add your favorite flavorings- from smoked chipotle to ginger to lemon pepper- to give your rice that extra “Hmm-hmm-yummy-in-my-tummy” note.

  775. The easiest way to get flavorful rice when using a rice cooker is to cook your rice with chicken stock instead of water. Yum!

  776. Grandma Sato’s Fried Rice
    This is one of my favorite dishes (probably because I was raised up on it) that my Obachan makes when we visit her. No measurements just wing it and it makes a fast, healthy and cost friendly meal.

    Japanese Rice(uho Rose,Nishiki etc.)
    Fresh, Frozen or Canned vegetables (best vegetable are: green onion, shredded carrots, shredded cabbage, corn but use whatever you have)
    Soy Sauce
    Korean Sun Kim Chi (okay, you don’t have to have this but I love it!)

    Very important: Cook the rice a day before and keep in fridge ovenight so it will be cold by the time you make the fried rice.
    Fry chopped up bacon in large skillet over medium high heat. When bacon is brown, pour out all but 2 T of bacon grease. Add eggs and cook for a minute. Add rice. This is the best part of the recipe: you want to fry the rice in the bacon grease till it is slight crunchy and has a chewy texture. This may take several minutes. The rice will snap and pop. When the rice has chewy texture then add vegetables. Cook for a few more minutes. Add soy sauce to taste.

    The best wasy to eat this is with Kim Chi and chopsticks.

  777. I do not have a rice cooker and I do not like the way my rice comes out on stove.

    My tip is take same measurements of rice and water or other liquid of your choice and mix in a casserole dish(or other microwave safe dish). I add the butter and salt and pepper or other seasonings in before cooking also. Number of servings will determine cooking time (example: 1 cup rice, 1 cup liquid-microwave for 6 minutes. As you increase recipe by 1 cup each, increase time by 2 minutes.) After it cooks for designated time, allow rice to sit for approx. 5 minutes. I now get perfect rice time after time.

  778. My mom is Japanese and she told me that when you make rice, whether it be in a pot, in a steamer or anywhere else, the no fail way to measure the water is to put your finger into the water until it touches the top of the rice, and as long as the water reaches the first line on the back of your index finger, that is the perfect amount for sticky rice. It’s worked for me every time.

    Also, my mom used to freeze rice but before she did, she always sprinkled a little sake on top. She would dip her fingers into a small bowl of sake and flick it over the top of the rice a few times, then she would put it into freezer bags and flatten them.

    I love your site, I just found it today!!!! Awesome!

  779. Oh, I forgot: she also used to give my sister and I rice for breakfast like cereal. She would make fresh warm rice, sprinkle sugar liberally and then poured milk into it. Sounds strange, but it’s so delicious! It was my favorite thing when I was small.

  780. Wow! Gorgeous rice cookers. I save time with my son’s Bentos by freezing pre-portioned rice straight from the pot. You can even use the shape of your Bento container! I use heavy-plastic wrap, line the container, shape the warm rice inside of it and wrap. These little bundles will stay fresh in your freezer for several weeks.

  781. I always use chicken broth instead of water when cooking my rice

  782. I love putting Indian spices in my rice. Sometimes when I am in the mood for something different I put frozen peas and curry spices in the rice pot and let it cook normally.
    So yummy!

    Also, I always rinse my white rice at least 3 times in cold water to get rid of some of the starch…

  783. Use a drop of oil while cooking your rice, the rice wont stick to one another.

  784. I cook lots of brown rice on Monday. Each night I add something different to rice. Veggies with shrimp. Chicken and broccoli. Sauteed onions, mushrooms and peppers. Favorite lunch is brown rice,tuna, chickpeas,basil, red onion and tossed with light vinaigrette.Couldn’t live without a rice cooker.

  785. I presoak my rice in hot or boiling water and add salt to the soaking water for about 15-20 minutes before I cook it.

  786. The thing I missed the most when I moved out for college was rice. This was also the time I found out that most people don’t have rice cookers at home…I thought it was a given!

  787. To take the edge off of brown rice, put half brown rice and half white rice in the cooker. It’s healthier than white rice, but also has the wonderful sticky texture that makes white rice so comforting!

  788. OOh! Treasure. We need something like this in our house. We eat rice like there’s no tomorrow.

  789. I add extra water to my brown rice when I make it in the rice cooker so that the texture is a little more like white rice.

  790. When cooking brown rice in a rice cooker, add extra water and soak the uncooked rice for a while before turning on the rice cooker… you won’t end up with hard rice!

  791. When I make onigiri (rice balls) for my bentos, I do two things before freezing them to make them look nice:

    1. I use large cookie cutter to pack them into a fun shape.