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Posted on Oct 5, 2008 in admin, Giveaway, Thermal Lunch Jar | 12 comments

Winner of Mr. Bento giveaway

Winner of Mr. Bento giveaway


Mr. Bento giveaway winner: Comment #454 (Becca) chosen randomly

There were a whopping 926 entries in the Lunch in a Box giveaway of a Zojirushi Mr. Bento thermal lunch jar (described in detail in my comparative review), so I plugged the numbers into the random integer generator over at The lucky winner is reader Becca with comment #454. Becca writes that she would pack Indian food in the Mr. Bento: chicken korma or saucy butter chicken in the soup bowl, aloo gobi with a rice lid in the rice bowl, plus naan and fruit salad in the side dish bowls. Sounds delicious! I’ve e-mailed Becca with the news — enjoy!

If you didn’t win this time around, be sure to check out the lunchbox photo contest I wrote about earlier; they’re giving away twenty-four Ms. Bento thermal lunch jars and a fancy IH rice cooker over an eight-week period (ending Nov. 9, 2008). Good luck!


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  1. Man, I’m glad you have a winner. I unwittingly clicked “Notify me of followup comments via e-mail,” and received all 926 comments. Yikes! We Lunch in a Box fans sure wanted that Mr. Bento. Thanks for hosting this contest, Biggie. Congrats, Becca!

  2. Gratz to Becca!

  3. Congratulations Becca! Enjoy!

    Thanks for this contest, Biggie!

  4. Grats, Becca!

  5. @1 from notmarcia: Ooh, then your inbox looked like mine for the last two weeks, then! Very crowded…

  6. well, congratulations! And dang.

    Since I’m back looking for lunch boxes ;) any ideas about the Artek At 2300 Unbreakable Stainless Steel Lunch Box or Cooler?

  7. Congrats, Becca! Hope your lunch is delicious.

  8. Way to go! Enjoy the box!

  9. Congrats, Becca!

    Biggie, thanks so much for the link to I had a coffee giveaway on my blog and thought I’d draw pieces of paper out of a coffee pot, until the giveaway got posted on one of those vulture sites that list all the online sweepstakes they can find. I wasn’t about to cut out that many pieces of paper. to the rescue!

  10. @10 from Kitt: Great to hear that the link was useful to you, Kitt! I didn’t want to cut up 926 pieces of paper either, and I’m pretty cynical about the impartiality of these sorts of giveaways in the first place. (You know, “Gee, and the prize happened to go to the author’s sister?”) I like that I can take a screenshot of the results and throw that up on the web to reinforce the evenhandedness of the giveaway.

  11. Ever since I’ve heard about Mr.Bento lunches I’ve been wondering which type to make an investment in- any tips for picking the right one?
    The normal bento’s great for summer, but I always find I want something warmer in the winter months…