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Posted on Oct 1, 2008 in Equipment, Giveaway, Thermal Lunch Jar | 21 comments

Fancy rice cooker & Ms. Bento lunch jar giveaway

Fancy rice cooker & Ms. Bento lunch jar giveaway


Zojirushi Ms. Bento thermal lunch jar

Want to try your hand at winning a super high-end rice cooker or one of twenty-four free Ms. Bento thermal lunch jars? Here’s your chance. Ajinomoto and Zojirushi are putting on a joint promotion through November 9, 2008 that gives away three two-bowl Ms. Bento thermal lunch jars a week for photos of your best packed lunches, and one very fancy 5.5-cup induction heating (IH) rice cooker to the best of the weekly winners. The Ms. Bentos run around US$40 and the induction rice cookers start around US$300, so this is some nice loot to try for. (Read on for the full details.)

The contest allows one entry a week per e-mail address (U.S. residents only), and you can resubmit entries that don’t win in the previous week. Details are at their Lunchbox Photo Contest website. Read the fine print, though. Be aware that by entering, you give them permission to use your lunch photo in marketing and advertising without future consent or payment. (Disclaimer: I have no commercial affiliations with Zojirushi or Ajinomoto.)

Also, a reminder that this is the final week for entries in Lunch in a Box’s free giveaway of a four-bowl Mr. Bento thermal lunch jar I used in testing for my detailed thermal lunch jar shootout review, pitting it against the Nissan Thermos lunch jar. Leave a comment at my separate giveaway post by Sunday, October 5, 2008 with your favorite dish that you’d pack in the Mr. Bento, and you have an even chance at winning. These and other packed lunch contests and blog events are updated on my Lunch Blog Events page. Hats off to the Ichiban Kan store blog for the heads up on this contest.



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  1. I’d give it a try.

  2. Either of these items would happily be used at our house…. LOVE the Ms. Bento!

  3. OH! That is a dreamy rice-cooker!

  4. Hi Biggie! I guess I messed up and submitted my comment for the contest entry twice. Do you know of a way to delete the first one?

    Sorry, and thanks!

  5. Haha, I was totally about to post about this contest, I picked up a flyer at the Mitsuwa in San Jose and scanned it :)

  6. @4 from Angela: I’ll go ahead and delete your first comment; thanks for the heads up.

  7. I love your website!!!

  8. OH me two things ive been lusting over!

  9. Hi Biggie - this is not related to the contest, but I thought I’d let you know that you made it into the Detroit News on Tuesday - they picked up the article from the Washington Post on packing kids lunches. Congratulations! :-)

  10. Sorry, forgot to include the link on my first comment!

  11. @9 from Nicole: Wow, thanks for the link, Nicole! I had no idea that the Washington Post article about kids’ packed lunches & bento ran in the Detroit News — exciting stuff! I’ve updated it on my Press & Awards page.

  12. I’m trying to find cute condiment containers that are EASY to open (and don’t leak). Do you have any recommendations? I bought some super cute ones- but sadly they’re nearly impossible for me to open - let alone my kindergartener. I don’t have any shops close by so that means I have to order my bento supplies online. Do you have any reviews on condiment containers?
    Thanks for any help. By the way, I LOVE your blog!

  13. I would love to get one of this fantastic items.

  14. Hello,
    I just wanted to share my joy of being one of the winner of the 3rd Week with one of my bento picture! I am so happy! So feel free to vote for my butterfly bento… (I am French and recently moved to Boston, and after winning one of these Ms Bento thermal lunch jar, I decided to add a link for an English Translation of my bento blog, so English-speaking friends just click on the link “Fiquo bento in ENGLISH” in the right-hand menu).

  15. Ah, guess I’m out then. I’m a student so pretty much all I ever pack are rice or noodles with edamame or eggs. Good luck to those who enter though!

  16. @ Jo
    I am also a student you know. Just put your rice and edamame and eggs in a nice way in you box, take a picture and post it! You never know…

  17. HI,

    Like your bento ideas.

  18. Thanks for the heads-up about the contest, I just entered! This is a great bento, and I’d LOVE to have that rice cooker.

  19. @19 from Amanda: Good luck in the contest, Amanda — hope you and others are able to win good gear!

  20. good luck to all whose entering