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Posted on Sep 14, 2008 in admin | 8 comments

Bento lunch news


1. Request from Southern U.S. journalist

I got an e-mail from a magazine journalist looking to do a story on bento lunches in the U.S. South. The journalist would like to interview people in the South who make bento lunches, as well as a Southern chef who can speak about bentos. If you fit the description and would like to be interviewed for the article, please e-mail me at lunchinabox (AT] gmail (DOT} com and I’ll put you in touch. Cheers!

2. Bento lunches in the media

The St. Petersburg Times newspaper ran an article on bento lunches last week that quoted recent guest poster Amorette Dye and me, as well as Lunch in a Box reader Sabrina Berger. Sabrina replied to a request for a Tampa Bay area bento-maker that I posted last month — I’m pleased to see that the article turned out nicely for her!

I’m also going to be on New Hampshire Public Radio’s (NHPR) Word of Mouth program this morning (Monday 9/15/2008) at 12:43 pm Eastern. If your local NPR station doesn’t run the show, it should be up on their website afterwards. (UPDATE: Here’s the link to the show podcast.) My first live TV appearance about American-style bento on the local Fox40 morning news went pretty well; I’ll be posting more about it this week with photos.

3. Bento haiku contest at Lunch Bucket Bento

Lisa at the Lunch Bucket Bento blog is running a Haiku that Blog! contest for the best haiku about a specific blog detailed at the link, with the prize being a Parasite Pals bento box and bag. The deadline is October 1, 2008, so about two weeks from now. (I keep an updated list of current lunch-packing contests and blog events at my Lunch Blog Events page.)


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  1. For the journalist from the south…I’m located in Oklahoma and have been making bento lunches for about two months.

  2. Not sure if Arkansas is considered “the south” but I’ve been making bentos for a couple of months, mainly for my husband & 3 year old daughter.

  3. @1/2 from Patti & Becca: I’ve forwarded your replies to the writer; thanks for the response!

  4. Hi, I caught the radio podcast. You were great! Had to send you a comment to wish you a happy birthday. That almost slipped by unnoticed. Hope you have a great birthday.

  5. @4 from Notmarcia: Thanks! As my own worst critic, I think I need to work on it, but do appreciate the encouragement and kind words. So you caught that I’m officially old today? The big 40! :-) I’m looking forward to turning 60 when I get a cane that I can shake when I yell, “You kids get off of my lawn!”

  6. Hiya - I’d be glad to talk to him. I’m in the ridiculously humid South, and have been making bento lunches for about a year. Either way, thanks for a great site, Biggie!

  7. Hi! I’m interested in talking to the journalist as well. I live in Georgia and have been making bentos for my husband, myself and my toddler for two years. I don’t know if it makes a difference or not, but we’re vegetarian so my bentos are a bit veggie-centric.


  8. @6/7 from Rae & Natakiya: Thanks for letting me know; I forwarded your info to the writer.