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Posted on Aug 31, 2008 in admin, Amorette | 16 comments

Introducing Amorette (Sakurako Kitsa)

Introducing Amorette (Sakurako Kitsa)


Amorette“Amorette Dye”, also known as Sakurako Kitsa on Flickr, is a stunningly talented bento food artist whose work has appeared in bento book Face Food, the upcoming book 500 Bento Lunches: 500 Unique Recipes for Brilliant Bento, and media such as the Greek Marie Claire and Hong Kong’s Weekend Weekly. She’s an acclaimed American master of oekakiben, original food art compositions related to kyaraben (“character bentos” that look like cartoon characters). Have a look at her Flickr photostream for a glimpse of her artistic masterworks.

My own focus is more on making simple, speedy bento lunches, but I’m delighted to tell you that Amorette will be guest authoring a series on decorative food art bentos here on Lunch in a Box while I’m traveling over the next week. Amorette will be sharing with us some original techniques that she’s been developing, as well as tips for more complicated and artistic special-occasion lunches. I hope you’ll enjoy the change of pace. Please join me in welcoming Amorette to Lunch in a Box! ~Biggie

Canadian Goose Bento Spa Bento


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  1. Too pretty to eat :) I love your creativity.

  2. Welcome :)

  3. Ooh, her bento are so beautiful.

  4. I don’t know Amorette but enjoy to read here future articles here :)

  5. Cool! I’ve seen that spa bento photo before and just loved it. So creative!

    Welcome, Amorette, and happy trails, Biggie.

  6. Wow! I’m very familiar with her flickr bento art! I know I’m nowhere near her caliber but I definitely appreciate her explaining how she does it. Welcome!

  7. Amorette, I just love your bento art and would like to feature it in an article I’m doing on bento. How can I contact you for permission to run your picture and credit? They really are remarkable

  8. Welcome!! I will be eagerly awaiting a glimpse of your techniques.

    - Krista

  9. How fun! I love Amorette’s bentos. ^^ I like the idea of ‘guest bento-ers’, Biggie. It’s nice to see different techniques. Safe travels!

  10. I JUST bought Face Food the day before! I’m so excited to see this upcoming week!

  11. Oh wow! I love her bentos! Bought face food as soon as I could (had to wait til I went on a trip to the US though…).
    Good luck and good trip!

  12. Oh wow! This is fantastic! I can’t wait to learn more too…

    Now my Bentos looked sooo kiddy… :lol:

  13. Way cool! I’ll be checking this site everyday. Have a great trip Biggie!

  14. Welcome cherryblossom-fox-girl!

  15. Beautifully done here. You really have a touch of art, not only with food. :)

  16. Amorette,

    I am really enjoying your posts and am learning quite a lot! I hope to see more of them. Thank you for doing a mini-series on Lunch-in-a-box. =)