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Posted on May 28, 2008 in admin | 5 comments

Bento contest

Bento contest


Got Bento wall clockPikko over at Adventures in Bentomaking is running a bento contest to mark her bento blog’s upcoming 100,000 visitor mark. Send her a photo of a bento lunch you made and a description of what’s in it, and you might be chosen to receive a grab bag with a bento box and bento accessories. Check it out! (EDIT: Pikko has put up a photo of what’s in the bento grab bag she’s giving away — quite the haul.)

Following up on my challenge to readers to top cassandrasimplx’s really clever song parody inserting Lunch in a Box lyrics into the funny Justin Timberlake/Andy Samberg D**k in a Box song, cassandrasimplx reigned supreme (read her silly song here). To thank her, I gave her a choice of anything from the Lunch in a Box store on CafePress, and she chose the Got Bento? wall clock for the kitchen, to remind her husband to take his lunch with him. What time is it? Bento time!



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  1. @1 from Adan: Glad you like the bento wall clock — I thought her use of it as a husband reminder was equally clever. :-)

    I guess I don’t see a whole lot of difference between a lunch bento and a dinner bento, portion-wise. I mean, they’re both normal-sized meals unless you’re on a specific diet where you’re cutting back on your evening meal size, no? Let me know if I’m missing something…

  2. Yay Cassandra- any song that incorporates the term “food porn” is a winner! Congrats!

  3. @4 from Adan: Oh, I understand the issue with dinner bentos now, thanks for clarifying. Let me put my thinking cap on about what could hold well for 8-9 hours. First off, I’d recommend using ice packs and an insulated lunch bag for your dinner bento from a food safety standpoint. Do you have access to a microwave at dinner?

  4. @Biggie: I do have a insulated lunch bag but a bulky mini-box. I will have access to a Microwave but only for a few hours in the morning when I’m at work.

  5. Adan,
    there are bento thermobags which have a cable on the side with usb. you plug it into your usb and it keeps your food cool or warm, you do whatever you want… i saw it online, and thought it was a very good and convenient idea! Hope i helped ^.^