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Posted on May 13, 2008 in Bento | 30 comments

Missing relative found!


In a follow-up to my earlier post asking for help locating my mentally disabled, epileptic relative, I wanted to let everyone know that he was located on Monday morning in a San Francisco hospital and should be fine.

His brother Jim Lamascus stated, “Bobby Joe Lamascus is safe in the hospital, in serious but stable condition. He’s been in the hospital since Friday afternoon, when he was brought in following an epileptic seizure in a fast food restaurant. One of the hospital workers recognized Bobby Joe after seeing his picture in the news and alerted the authorities. On behalf of the whole family, we’d like to thank the media and the public for all of their help in our search. We’re truly touched by the outpouring of concern and support from the community during this difficult time.”

I spent the day with the reunited family in the hospital; his mother Barbara was tremendously relieved. Hopefully her next Mother’s Day will be a lot less stressful!

Thank you all so much for your kind wishes and help in locating him. The SF Chronicle and the San Jose Mercury News both have updated articles.


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  1. What wonderful news!

  2. I am so glad he was found, I can’t even imagine how awful you felt while he was missing.

  3. Very good news :)

  4. That is fantastic news!!! So happy for you all!

  5. Biggie - what a relief - I’m so glad to hear the good news!


  6. I’m a long time reader of your blog, though not much of a commenter. Just wanted to say that I’m glad your relative was located and is in a safe place!

  7. Oh, I’m glad! I hope he’s OK. He must have been so scared, and your family, not knowing. There are some good people out there.

  8. Wonderful news! Continued good thoughts for your relative, your family & you!
    Thank you for updating!

  9. Oh, thank goodness. I am so glad to hear that he was found.

  10. That is wonderful news.

  11. Thank goodness he was found. I hope for a speedy recovery.

  12. So glad he’s safe!

  13. So glad to hear he was found and cared for. I haven’t been keeping up so I missed the initial post, but my thoughts are with you and your/his family.

  14. Thank gosh he was found!

    My stomach got all nasty feeling when I read your other post, I just felt awful for you and your family, I hope he gets to feeling like his old self and returns home safe.

    So happy to hear the good news he is back!

  15. So glad to hear he has been found and is safe. My husband and I were worried about him. Hope he is feeling better soon.

  16. wonderful!

    did it take from fri to mon for his family to be notified? if it did, y’all might need to think that one through, so you’d be contacted in a more timely fashion if it ever happens again…

  17. I am so thrilled for you all! It’s a sobering thing when you read something like that, and I was truly worried for you. My mother is an epileptic, and I can only imagine something similar happening to her, so I sympathize.

    Best wishes!

  18. I’m thrilled that your relative was found. I read his story in the Chronicle and I was so frightened for his mom. I hope everything works out and that his life returns to normal again soon.

  19. Oh, I’m so glad! I’ve been offline for awhile and had missed the whole story. Hope everyone is okay and breathing easily.

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  21. I’m so glad he’s okay. One of my siblings has severe epilepsy and mental disabilities so I think about this happening a lot:( Does he have a medic alert bracelet? That can be tremendously helpful to strangers/emergency personnel in case of an emergency…

  22. Had to be scary!

    I’m happy he’s back, and hope he recovers very quickly!


  23. Hope he is recovering well. I understand the worry your family went thru!

    My uncle was at a large hospital in the city years ago and they “lost him” after he’d been moved to a ward that didn’t have the doors locked 24/7 (he had Alzheimer’s Disease). We spent an entire night searching for him and they found him in a staircase the next morning-he’d gotten locked out. He was fine but he was immediately moved back to 24 hr care with nurses constantly keeping an eye on his movements.

  24. I’m so glad he was found and is now safe. I know how it feels to have a relative with a mental condition go missing - my grandpa had dementia, and one night he got away while my grandma was asleep. She woke up around 3 or 4 AM and couldn’t find him, so she called my mom. They had to search for him in the dark. He had wandered onto the road and tripped and hit his head and got some pretty serious injuries. Thank God he didn’t get hit by a car or anything! He spent the next several week in the hospital because he had deep wounds, brain damage, and all sorts of stuff.

  25. @24 from eva: You know, the family has given him a medic alert bracelet, but he won’t keep it on. They’re now considering alternatives — this is evidently the first time he’s gone missing like this (he does know how to call his mom from outside).

  26. @18 from marci: Yes, the family and the police weren’t able to locate him until Monday, despite having contacted the hospital where he it turned out he was all weekend. VERY frustrating.

  27. @26 from multiculturalmama: It’s nervewracking, isn’t it? Once people with dementia are in a good facility, though, it’s amazing how well the staff are able to track them with the latest technology. (You know, alarms that go off when they get too near the exit doors, etc.)

  28. @27 from nicole: Something similar happened with my Philly grandfather many years ago when it was just becoming apparent that he had a problem. Thankfully the staff found him quickly, unharmed. I’m so sorry to hear about your grandfather’s injuries!

  29. BTW, thanks to everyone for the kind thoughts and prayers. I’m so relieved that there was a happy ending!

  30. What a relief that he’s made it home safely!