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Posted on Apr 16, 2008 in admin, Shopping | 25 comments

Lunch in a Box comes out of the closet

Lunch in a Box comes out of the closet


Lunch in a Box SNL parody

In my e-mail yesterday I found a note from reader Bear Naff, with a link to a hilarious Lunch in a Box song parody that one of his readers wrote in response to his challenge. This reminded me of an earlier song parody about Lunch in a Box by the The Original What’s For Lunch blog.

My confession is that I did have the Saturday Night Live spoof song “D**k in a Box” in mind when deciding what to name this speed bento blog. My friends and I were brainstorming names, and once we started singing and riffing on “Lunch in a Box” I knew that was it. If you’re not familiar with the song, go to for the Justin Timberlake/Andy Samberg music video spoof, which actually won a Grammy Award last year.

My husband surprised me with a Lunch in a Box shirt for Valentine’s Day, so after reading cassandrasimplx’s song parody below I changed shirts, went downstairs and took some photos in response. If you have a warped sense of humor and feel like slapping together a Lunch in a Box song parody of your own, leave it in comments or e-mail it to me at lunchinabox (AT) gmail (DOT) com by Wednesday, April 30th. I’ll send the author of my favorite song parody a shirt, mug or bag of their choosing from the Lunch in a Box store on CafePress, where my husband got the shirt. (Click on any photo for a larger view.)

Biggie in Lunch in a Box shirt

Without further ado, I present the twisted lyrics that cassandrasimplx came up with yesterday (reprinted with the author’s permission). I love it! (Read on for the song parody.)


Anta, I got somethin’ really special to give you
Close your eyes — get ready…

Boy you know that I’ve admired you such a long long time (mukashi kara)
And now I’m ready to make your heart all mine (Wooow)
You know we’re grown-up now that we’re in junior high
Gonna spring my trap now, adamantite valentine*
A gift real heartfelt, so slip off the strap…
Take a look at this — it’s a lunch in a box (lunch in a box)

Not gonna give you a crochet pig
Amigurumi say nothin’ this big
Not gonna give you some paper flower
Boy this masterpiece is my finest hour
No diary sayin’ “Write what you feel!”
A growing boy needs a wonderful meal
It has to be amazing, a work of art
Somethin’ special boy

It’s a lunch in a box, a lunch in a box da-aring’
It’s a lunch in a box, a lunch in a box boy
See I’m wise enough to know when a boy needs feedin’
And I got just the plan, a taste of how life will be… when you are my man

To all the kano out there with kare to impress
It’s easy to do just follow these steps
One: Find a beautiful box
Two: Pack food porn in that box
Three: Make him eat the whole box
And that’s the way you hook ‘em
It’s a lunch in a box… a lunch in a box babe
It’s a lunch in a box, a lunch in a box boy
Recess: lunch in a box
After school: lunch in a box
Bus stop? a lunch in a box
Mid-day cafeteria a lunch in a box
Over at your parents’ house a lunch in a box
Every time you turn around a lunch in a box
Back room at your part-time job a lunch in a box (a-i-shi-te-ru-yo!)
A lunch in a box…

cassandrasimplx writes, “This is a tribute to the nonsensical-but-poetic words that get strung together in the English portions of anime songs. Not because I ran out of nonstupid rhymes. Really. No, really!”

Speaking of anime, it looks like I’ll be giving a presentation on bento at Anime Milwaukee in February 2009. So maybe I’ll meet some of you there, or at the BlogHer ’08 Conference in San Francisco this July.


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  1. This is absolutely hilarious!

  2. Thanks for that link to I had never seen that before. It’s hilarious.

  3. That is hilarious, and I love the shirt.


  5. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I LOVE THE ORIGINAL AND THIS IS EVEN BETTER BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. There are a few youtube favorites, and that is one of them… hahahahahahahahhahahahaha

  6. Hahahaha. You’re officially my favorite blogger that owns a bento box. Awesome.

  7. lol those pictures are cute, silly stuff biggie!

  8. Hey, Biggie, you’re looking pretty fly! Nice shirt.

  9. Really funny! I had to post you over at!

  10. AAAAhahahahahahah!!!! That’s the best!!!

  11. you know, i was wondering about your blog title and that song. too funny! and that shirt is adorable — props to your husband!

    (if you were looking to make some cash, you could set up a little t-shirt shop…. hint hint lol)

  12. Hee hee. I always suspected that “lunch in a Box” had some lurid, humorous meaning!


  13. @1 from Anele: Thanks, Anele — glad you liked it!

  14. @2 from LaVidaMD: I hadn’t heard of until my husband mentioned that I should try there. I just noticed that the old SNL videos were no longer on YouTube — huh.

  15. @3 from Kate: Thanks Kate! The shirts are available from the CafePress store, BTW.

  16. @4 from Adan: Glad you found it funny!

  17. @5 from Yvo: I REALLY got a kick out of the new song parody — it’s an earworm and I can’t get it out of my head. Help, someone, help!

  18. @6 from freecia: Ha ha, thanks freecia! Quite an honor. ;-)

  19. @7 from Summers Love: The photos were a stretch for me — these are only the second photos of myself I’ve put out there. But that song parody was so funny I was inspired. Glad they went over well with you!

  20. @8 from Rachel: Hey, thanks Rachel! Long time no chat! Hope all’s well up north with you. :-)

  21. @9 from KJF: Thanks Kate! I’m surprised that the Tastespotting folks actually okayed that one — it’s not beautiful food porn, after all. But a pleasant surprise; it led quite a few people here.

  22. @10 from Madeline: Hee hee! Glad you liked it.

  23. @11 from emma: The secret’s out — I confess! ;-) Maybe I should have been clearer; those shirts are actually available at the store linked above. I set it up last year and kind of forgot about it — my husband ordered the shirt from there.

  24. @12 from Darryl Papa-sensei: Guilty as charged, sensei!

  25. omg that is hilarious. I want the clock!!!!!!