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Posted on Feb 28, 2008 in admin, Equipment, Organize, Tips | 39 comments

Blog Event: Organizing Your Lunch Gear

Blog Event: Organizing Your Lunch Gear


Lunch accessories organized #2Anyone who’s accumulated more than one or two bento accessories or lunch containers has probably faced the challenge of organizing their growing collection to keep things accessible without taking over the kitchen. I’ve written previously about my efforts to bring my accessories under control using Ikea organizers, but there are many truly creative ways to organize gear using craft boxes, wall shelves, tool boxes, etc. Will you share your clever ideas? The author of the most ingenious solution will receive my review copy of the upcoming bento book Face Food: The Visual Creativity of Japanese Bento Boxes (to be released March 15, 2008). (EDIT: The event has concluded; read the full round-up with the contest winner and all entries here.)

This is my first blog event to gather lunch gear organization tips and methods. I’ve browsed around some of your packed lunch blogs and seen some great ideas; let’s gather them together in one place! Here’s how to enter:

  1. Post an organization entry on your own blog by Friday, March 14, 2008 including a link back to this post:
  2. Either leave a comment here with a link to your submission, or e-mail me at lunchinabox (AT) gmail (DOT) com. If you don’t have your own blog, e-mail me a summary of your organization method with one or two small photos so that I can include it in a round-up post on Monday, March 17th announcing the winner of the contest.

Lunch accessories organized #1I’ll also accept blog posts written prior to this event. Just add a link back to this post and shoot me an e-mail with the URL.Lunch dividers organized


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  1. This sounds like a great idea for a contest. I don’t think I’ll be participating directly though, as I’m dreadfully unorganised! I’ll be scouring the entries for tips though, lol.

  2. @1 from Modified mummy: I’m looking forward to seeing the entries, too — I know my readers are clever and inventive, so we can learn from each other!

  3. I’ve been meaning to take pictures of my own organization for my blog, so this gives me an excuse to light a fire under my bum. :D

  4. That Laptop Lunchbox post is up on Cool Tools now:

  5. @3 from Sile: Great, looking forward to seeing your setup, Sile!

  6. @4 from Kitt: Thanks for the link that we discussed earlier, Kitt! I should pack another lunch in our Laptop Lunchbox soon…

  7. Hey Biggie.
    I love your site/blog. I’ve always been into Japanese culture. I’ve been meaning to start taking a bento box to school for lunch, because honestly, school pizza is getting old and quick! But now that I’m on a acting/sppech team and we do alot of out of town mets which serve food, but without a job, ten dollars is hard to get out of my mother. I know how to make onigiri with smoked tuna. But I don’t know where to find cute little boxes at or what to fill them with. So do you think you could give me a few tips on where to find a box and what to fill it with other than onigiri.

    Virginia Michelle

  8. What a wonderful mommy you are. Your bento box meals look so appetizing. Anytime you feel like adopting an “older child”, please let me know;)

  9. Good idea this event ! I’m not sure i’m gonna participate, because i can’t keep order in my stuff with only few things, i just reserve a messy drawer for them, but i think i will learn a lot with the other participations !

  10. @8 from Adornments by Milani: Thanks! I guess you’re older than preschool, though, right? I’m going to have to pass on the adoption! ;-)

  11. @9 from Agathe: I’m looking forward to seeing the entries myself! I need to do something with my larger accessories (like rice ball molds and egg molds) at the moment — they’re starting to get out of control.

  12. This looks like fun, it’s too bad all my few bento boxes and supplies are stuffed in a cupboard. =)

  13. I posted about this box I had found at Target on Wednesday of this last week…then you announced this so I expanded my post to cover everything I do organization wise so far.

  14. @13 from Amber in Portland: I don’t know, I’ve seen some well organized cupboards that hold bento gear — I think Flickr user Yurippe (tama chan) will be submitting an entry with her huge bento box cupboard that holds hundreds… Stay tuned!

  15. @14 from Karmatir: This is great, Karmatir, thanks!

  16. I was planning on explaining my setup already when I saw this, so I did!

    I don’t think it’s overly original, but mainly practical. My kitchen is TINY and loaded with stuff, so I had to organize real quick!

    Here’s what I did:

    I just got lucky that my boss (or ex boss I should say) gave me all those empty spice boxes!

    Let me know what you think!


  17. @17 from Willow: I like how you use those Indian spice tins, Willow! Very imaginative.

  18. I don’t have a ton of supplies, but they are somewhat organized…

  19. @19 from Tenae: Thanks for the entry, Tenae! So that’s the 3-drawer Sterilite box you were talking about earlier… Nice!

  20. I added to my spice boxes!

    I’m having way too much fun with this. ;o)


  21. @21 from Willow: Looks great, Willow — thanks! My husband is getting antsy for me to reorganize our kitchen; bento gear is leaking out of the cracks again…

  22. @22 from Nilmandra: You know, I tried submitting my event info to Is My Blog Burning last week, and for some reason their form rejected the info. I sent it to them via e-mail last week, but it hasn’t been included. I guess I’ll try again from a different browser and hope I can use their submission form (maybe the humans are too busy).

  23. Hiya! I uploaded pictures and a short YouTube video on my LJ along with a detailed entry on my bento shelf. Here:

  24. @25 from Rhiannon: Okay, I’m officially dazzled not only by your organization, but also by your cool YouTube video. NICE!!! I may go get a bigger bookshelf for the kitchen as a result of this post of yours…

  25. very interesting event biggie..though I have a series on lunch boxes, I don’t as such have any on gears. Can you check and let me know!

  26. @27 from Srivalli: I love your tiffin lunches! They’re not a good match for this particular event, but I’d like to add you to my Lunch Links page. Does your “Lunch Box Recipes” category encompass all of your tiffin lunches? Please feel free to leave a comment on my entry about packed lunch blogs with any other descriptive info you’d like me to include, and spread the word to other Indian tiffin bloggers if you like!

  27. I am a huge fan of “over the door shoe organizers”. The flat pannel kind with all the pockets you can get at any mega store or home center. I love the ones with clear vinal pockets. We have one on the inside of the pantry that holds granola bars, raisins, cookies and the like.. and one down the side of the fridge that holds most of my smaller bento boxes, my cupcake cups, cookie cutters, and food picks. I even cut one up into smaller parts and tacked the pockets inside cabinet doors to keep track of sippy cup lids, bottle parts and many other small misc. items. It really maximizes verticle space! We use them in the hall and bathroom closets too!(Sorry I can’t up load any photos at the moment due to issues with the digi cam.)

  28. I posted a brief post on my organization - nothing spectacular, just some plastic bins from Daiso, but they’ve made my morning rush a lot more bearable, and my husband doesn’t complain nearly as much when he has to put away the dishes.

  29. Er, link. Sorry.

  30. @30 from nakji: Thanks for this, nakji. I’m all for something that will encourage my husband to put away the dishes! ;-)

  31. @29 from Melissa: Your over-the-door shoe organizers sound really interesting! If you’re able to fix your digital camera issues I’d love to see pictures.

  32. @34 from Willow: Madame Willow, consider your entries received! ;-) Thanks for the entries; I’ll include them in the round-up on Monday with links.

  33. Funny story Biggie!

    I went to Japan town last week sometime, and I’m at Ichiban Kan and I’m looking at stuff, and I hear those two people talking, they are talking about your blog.

    I’m smiling to myself, and walking around, then two different people are in a different part of the store saying “On her blog she said they have bentos and things to go with them.” I directed them to the “bento section”.

    Then we went at Sanko, there’s a lady who’s looking for a donburi box “like she saw on the Lunch in a box blog”.

    You’re a star lady! First time I went bento shopping I heard someone talking about you too..

  34. here’s mine!

  35. @36 from Willow: How funny that you heard shoppers talking about Lunch in a Box! I’ve never overheard anyone talking about the blog and have only been recognized once that I know of (by reader Miss Mary on vacation with her family — in Moritaya).

  36. @37 from Hope: Thanks for the entry! I actually have that same hanging organizer from Ikea — got it for Bug’s room but we took it down (he wasn’t using it). Too bad there’s not a good space for it in my kitchen or I’d put it up in there. Nice cheap organizing solution!

    hi there thanks! this is an oldie i didn’t get to take more pictures

  38. @40 from natesgirl: Thanks for the post, natesgirl. Like your 3-drawer organizers!