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Posted on Jan 2, 2008 in admin | 2 comments

Ask Biggie in the New Year


First off, Happy New Year! In keeping with our general cultural mishmash (and my culinary A.D.D.), we saw in the New Year with Korean-flavored toshikoshi soba before midnight, and ate Puerto Rican-style black-eyed peas and Italian greens on New Year’s Day — all good luck dishes for the new year. Football’s over, so now I’m wading through five hours of Kohaku (Japanese Red & White Singing Festival) on Tivo as I write. It’s kind of like watching the ball drop on New Year’s Eve — a tradition that makes it really feel like the old year has come to a close.

I’ll be trying out all kinds of new speedy lunch tips and recipes this year, so don’t be shy about letting me know if you’d like to see a post on something in particular! E-mail your requests to me at askbiggie (AT) gmail (DOT ) com and I’ll start up a regular “Ask Biggie” column.


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  1. Haouli Makahiki Hou!

    Happy New Year from (visiting in) Honolulu. I have not heard about Kohaku, so will be looking for it on YouTube. We shared some Japanese/Hawaiian New Year’s traditions with my son’s pre-school, cleaning your house, lighting firecrackers at midnight on New Year’s Eve, waking up and taking a bath, then eating ozoni first thing, making and displaying kadomatsu - which I made for the first time this year with bamboo from our own backyard.

    Also, the dollar store here where i used to get all my fun off brand bento stuff is no more ;o
    I guess I’ll have to wait until we visit SF and until th en I’ll have to fantasize about dollar store bento shopping.

    Kung Hee Fat Choy!

    ps: very courageous of you to come out of the virtual closet so to speak, part of the allure of online celebrity is anonymity!

  2. Oh man, I love Kohaku-had never known that was what it was called, though. Now I can watch clips on YouTube! Thanks :)