Ask Biggie in the New Year

First off, Happy New Year! In keeping with our general cultural mishmash (and my culinary A.D.D.), we saw in the New Year with Korean-flavored toshikoshi soba before midnight, and ate Puerto Rican-style black-eyed peas and Italian greens on New Year’s Day — all good luck dishes for the new year. Football’s over, so now I’m wading through five hours of Kohaku (Japanese Red & White Singing Festival) on Tivo as I write. It’s kind of like watching the ball drop on New Year’s Eve — a tradition that makes it really feel like the old year has come to a close.

I’ll be trying out all kinds of new speedy lunch tips and recipes this year, so don’t be shy about letting me know if you’d like to see a post on something in particular! E-mail your requests to me at askbiggie (AT) gmail (DOT ) com and I’ll start up a regular “Ask Biggie” column.

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