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Posted on Dec 17, 2007 in admin | 75 comments

Lunch in a Box wins Food Blog Award

Lunch in a Box wins Food Blog Award


FBA 2007 Winner Badge big

The results of the 2007 Food Blog Awards voting are in, and I’m floored to announce that Lunch in a Box has won in the Family/Kids category! It was an honor to be among such distinguished family/kids food blog finalists as Dine and Dish, Food on the Food, The Great Big Vegetable Challenge, and The Daily Tiffin (where I’m also a contributor). Fat-Free Vegan won the Best Theme category, where Lunch in a Box was also a finalist along with Candy Blog, Eat Local Challenge, and Meathenge. Congratulations to SusanV over at Fat-Free Vegan on a job well done!

A tremendous thanks go to all my readers, friends and voters, the judges who selected Lunch in a Box as a finalist, the award organizers at the Well Fed Network, and everyone in the lunch-packing community who’s supported me over the past year (that’s all of you in the LiveJournal Bentolunch community and Flickr groups for bento boxes, Laptop lunchboxes, and Mr. Bento thermal lunch jars). It seems like just yesterday that my little blog on LiveJournal was just a repository for my posts to the LiveJournal Bentolunch community, until I started focusing on speed bento tips in February 2007 and moved to a standalone site in June. What a year it’s been!

Here’s a full list of winners of the respected award (bask in the link love!):

Food Blog of the Year - 101 Cookbooks

Best Food Blog (Chef) - Michael Ruhlman

Best Blog Covering Drinks - Married with Dinner

Best Food Blog (City) - Becks ‘n Posh

Best Food Blog (Family/Kids) - Lunch In a Box

Best Food Blog (Group) - Serious Eats

Best Food Blog (Humor) - French Laundry at Home

Best Food Blog (Industry) - Michael Ruhlman

Best Food Blog (New) - French Laundry at Home

Best Food Blog (Photography) - La Tartine Gourmande

Best Food Blog (Post) - Gluten-Free Girl

Best Food Blog (Rural) - Farmgirl Fare

Best Food Blog (Theme) - Fat-Free Vegan

Best Food Blog (Writing) - Bittersweet Blog

I haven’t forgotten my promise (threat?) of posting a photo of myself if I won either the Best Family/Kids or Theme category! I’ve taken a baby step out of anonymity and posted a headshot here on my About page, so you can satisfy your curiosity about the face of Biggie if you’re interested. Surprised?

P.S. I’m out of town this week and mostly off Internet, so please accept my apologies in advance for not responding to each comment as quickly as I usually do.


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  1. Congratulations! I’m over the moon thrilled for you - I so enjoy your blog! Best wishes in the New Year!

  2. Woohoo!! Congratulations! My “candidate” NEVER wins so I hope this victory is a preview of things to come! ;)

    Thanks for posting the photo! You are exactly as I imagined only more lovely. You look like the sort of person I’d like to share a cup of green tea, a plate of sushi, and a good conversation with! :)

  3. Congrats on your win Biggie!

    I’m trying to recall if I’ve ever seen you before while shopping for bento things LOL!!! I don’t think so, but I’m going to be on the lookout now!! Woot!

  4. Congratulations!
    I had never been to your blog until I found you on the Food Blog award list.
    I have really enjoyed peeking in and plan on coming back frequently. I can’t wait to use some of your ideas in my children’s lunches. I just need to find them a bento box to carry it in.
    By the way, you got my vote!

    Anne (in South Carolina)

  5. congrats biggie!!! knew you were going to win, hands down~ keep up the great work!

  6. You won! You won!
    I am so happy for you!

  7. Congratulations, and thanks for the link! I’ve been visiting your blog ever since I found it through the Blogher Ads and have seen several ideas that I plan to try. Your award is very well deserved!

  8. Yay for Biggie! I, for one, was excited to see your picture. :D Keep doing what you’re doing, and next year you’ll have “Best Blog of the Year!”

  9. Congratulations! Not bad for a non-vegan :) Enjoy your time away.

  10. Congratulations! Thanks for posting a picture. It is lovely to put a face to the blog, other than my imaginary “Bug” chomping away at bento food.

  11. Congrats :)

  12. Congrats Biggie!

    I found your blog through takoyaki and I’m a new reader of your blog. Keep up the good work. :)

  13. Hooray! Congratulations, Biggie! Wow, to be in the same company as Ruhlman…wow.

    Aww, you had nothing to worry about, your headshot is so cute! Now you’re going to be recognized on the street as the star food blogger you are! :)

  14. Congratulations, it’s great to see your hard work and delicious lunches recognized! :)

  15. Oh, Biggie, I’m so happy for you! :) I’d never voted in the Blog Awards, but I did this time. ;)

  16. Congratulations, and thanks for the link. Look at all of those San Franciscans in the winners list!! You, Sam, Heidi, me… we should all get together for a toast in the new year. :)

  17. Congratulations, Biggie! You deserve it and I’m glad my little vote helped you :). Brave of you to finally put your photo and it’s much appreciated by your regular readers!

  18. Congrats! You totally deserve to win.

  19. Congratulations Biggie !
    I totally enjoy reading all your posts & tips. You deserve to win !! YAY !

  20. Congratulations! I only just found your blog thanks to the Well Fed awards, but now I will definitely keep on eye on it for future posts. :)

  21. Congratulations Biggie, you totally deserve it and I’m happy to hear you getting the accolades you deserve (well, you deserve more, but this is a nice start ;)). Have a great holiday and looking forward to seeing more bento in the new year :)

  22. Congratulations, Biggie!!!

  23. Congrats! I just recently found your blog but I’m enjoying every post. I am passionate about nutritious lunch options for children (especially after working in a school cafeteria) and I love what you’re doing for educating others on healthy & fun lunch ideas! Again, congrats and you deserve it…

  24. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious !

    I voted for you. Along with lots of others of course. :o)

  25. And congrats! You’re one of my inspirations and you do such a good blog. Well done!

  26. Congrats! You really deserve it, and it’s been fun watching you grow from livejournal to this.

    Hope your holidays are safe.

  27. ahhh, congratulations!!! so thrilled that your blog won, since of COURSE I voted for you - this blog is positively fabulous!!

  28. Congratulations! With your passion for this, I knew you couldn’t go wrong ;)

  29. Congratulations! You deserve it.
    Happy New Year and looking forward to a new year full of inspirational posts.

  30. Congrats! I am sure you would have got the award, you deserve it! Merry Christmas and happy new year!

  31. congratulations biggie - great news!

  32. cheers!

  33. Congratulations - it is always a joy to read your site.
    have a great 2008

  34. Let me add my… “Congratulations!” :0)

  35. Congrats!!!

    And thanks for participating in MFH4. :)

  36. @1 from Wicked Good Dinner: Thanks so much, Wicked! We’re finally back from vacation (and back to the Internet — ahhh…). :-)

  37. @2 from Beanbean: You’re far too kind, Beanbean. Happy (and surprised) not to disappoint!

  38. @3 from Summers Love: You know, that happened to me once in Moritaya. A nice woman and her family were shopping there with a printout of my Bay Area bento shopping guide. They asked if I was the Bento TV chick, and I outed myself as Lunch in a Box. Had a lovely conversation with the out-of-town family.

  39. @4 from Anne: Welcome to the bento fold, Anne! ;-) Thank you for the vote; I’m really touched!

  40. @5 from Shie: Thanks for the vote of confidence, Shie! Pressure’s on now to give good blog, right? ;-)

  41. @6 from Cindy: Thank you Cindy! I had my fingers crossed but didn’t think we’d actually pull it off!

  42. @7 from SusanV: Right back at you, Susan! I realized that Best Theme was a long shot once I saw Fat-Free Vegan (your blog) in the running. Very good stuff!

  43. @8 from kopiikat: Best blog of the year would be quite something, but I’m SO satisfied with this one Family/Kids win — more would seem unrealistic.

  44. @9 from Lisa: Bwah ha hah — thanks, from an omnivore. ;-) We had a good trip, but two weeks away is a long time. Glad to be back!

  45. @10 from freecia: I actually posted a couple of photos of Bug last year deep in a blog entry — not imaginary! ;-) I do hesitate to put images of him front and center, though.

  46. @11 from Jessica: Thanks, Jessica — both for the congrats and your regular readership!

  47. @12 from aJ: Ha ha, thanks! Thanks also for the cookbook copies you sent me offline — very interesting!

  48. @13 from Che-Cheh: Mmmm, takoyaki… I’ve been eating so much Oklahoma barbecue over the past week that I’ve developed all sorts of weird cravings for vegetables, fish and rice. Takoyaki sounds great; maybe I’ll make some soon. Thanks for the congrats!

  49. @14 from Sarah: Oh, if ONLY I were in the same league as Ruhlman! I’ll keep dreaming… Being recognized in the street seems pretty unlikely at this point unless I hang out in the bento section of Daiso with my headshot (creepy!).

  50. @15 from Darryl: Thank you, Darryl! Maybe I should actually start planning what I write… ;-)

  51. @16 from oh_mom: Wow, thanks for voting in the Food Blog Awards for the first time, oh_mom! I really appreciate you making the effort, and have been on an “award high” all week!

  52. @17 from anita: A get-together with the San Francisco award winners sounds like a lot of fun, Anita! I’m all in, and will e-mail you privately to see if we can work out the details. We just got back from our family vacation, so are around and available — January is totally doable. You’re on! :-)

  53. @18 from niceties: Thanks a lot! I’ve been on the private side about photos/name/etc. (previous experience with stalkers), but not divulging anything is becoming more difficult as the blog grows and attracts attention…

  54. @19 from Lauren: Hey, thanks Lauren! That’s very sweet of you to say.

  55. @20 from Jody: Well, no pressure to use any of my tips or anything — whatever works for you is cool. I’m the last person to tell people how to run their lives (or their kitchens)!

  56. @21 from juliani: Thank you so much, juliani! Getting the award has tickled me no end!

  57. @22 from Hannah: Congratulations go to you too, on you win for Best Writing! I love your photography too, BTW — count me as a new fan. :-)

  58. @23 from Yvo: It’s really time for me to get off my rear and work on some related projects I’ve been meaning to get going. I hope to have more good news soon! Thanks for your support, Yvo, as always — it means a lot to me.

  59. @24 from Chief Family Officer: Thanks, CFO!

  60. @25 from Amber: I’d love to hear more about your experiences working in a school cafeteria! Dish, girl!

  61. @26 from natalie: Thank you, natalie! I appreciate the support!

  62. @27 from DragonScholar: Wow, happy to inspire (hope I don’t mess it up!).

  63. @28 from Jeanne: It’s certainly been an interesting ride from LJ to this — I’ve learned a lot about blogging this year (I have to confess that I didn’t even read blogs until this year!).

    Holidays were safe, although there was snow and airplane delays yesterday. We even drove around Tulsa right after their severe ice storm — terrible tree wreckage and power outages. I’m really thankful to be home with my family, power, phone service, Internet service, and warmth…

  64. @29 from VeggieGirl: Thank you so much for the kind words and voting (and reading!), VeggieGirl! Hmm, what should I write about next week?

  65. @30 from Melissa: Yay, thanks for stopping by and commenting, Melissa! (Note to others: I know Melissa in real life.) Thanks also to you and Cenk for introducing me to Turkish food years back — San Francisco really is a fun food place, isn’t it?

  66. @31 from suneeta: Thank you for the kind wishes, suneeta! Uh, now I have to be inspirational, right? :-)

  67. @32 from babesmom: Thank you, babesmom! Well, I’m glad that you were confident; I wasn’t at all sure that I’d get it…

  68. @33 from abby: Thank you, abby! I think it’s still sinking in…

  69. @34 from sarahsouth: Thank you for the congrats, Sarah! I just took a peek at your blog — love the “ugly sweater karaoke party!” Har har!

  70. @35 from Charlotte: Right back at you, Charlotte! I really enjoy your site as well — I like your fun approach to getting your son to be adventurous with vegetables. I used to do this thing where each week I’d buy one totally new veggie, fruit or protein that I’d never worked with before, and just dive right in — figure out what to do with it. It was a manageable (bite-sized?) way to expand both my repertoire and palate.

  71. @36 from Mer: Thank you for the congrats, Mer!

  72. @37 from Rasa Malaysia: Thank you, Bee! I hope the Menu for Hope event went well — I just checked the donation page and saw that donations have topped US$86,500!!! Wow!

  73. @48, Biggie, I can asure yoou that the pleasure is mutual :)

  74. Just wanted to say that this is one of the best sites for kids of all ages. Keep up the good work!

  75. Hallo Friend , i like w/ Your posting.